Is Gotze gonna be a Gunner?

Could Gotze be on his way to Arsenal?

Let me start off by saying just how much of a fan I am of Mario Gotze! This guy is one of my favourite current professionals in the game and I would love to see him wearing the red and white of Arsenal Football Club.

Gotze is rumoured to be considering his future at Bayern Munich after finding his role at the club mainly limited to the bench. The 23 year old German international has proven himself on the biggest stages of club and international football and has therefore attracted many suitors, one of which may be Arsene Wenger. Wenger was supposedly interested in Gotze from a young age when he was developing at a rapid rate at Borussia Dortmund. The German star was then a target for the Gunners that summer before he made the move across the country, to sign for Bayern Munich instead and Wenger subsequently had to look elsewhere. However, now with Gotze seeming ready to be on the move once again, could Wenger be looking to sign up his man?

According to many media sources so far this summer, Gotze has been linked with a whole host of clubs. But the latest report from TalkSport is that Gotze would much prefer a move to the Gunners, rather than Liverpool, who are also in the hunt for the German star!

Gotze may not come off as quite so impressive as he was in his Borussia Dortmund days but that could be down to the fact that he is not a regular starter for his current side. Some will argue that he doesn’t start enough for Bayern or Germany on a regular basis because he simply is not good enough for the starting eleven, in terms of quality. However what you have to remember is that these are two sides which are packed with talent and experience, especially in the midfielder department. Gotze is also still young and developing as a player, meaning he still has plenty to learn about performing at his highest levels. This means that Gotze doesn’t quite have as much of a important role as he’d quite like to and therefore understandably he may be looking for a move this summer.

I personally cannot see a move to the Emirates happening, purely based upon the amount of midfielders we already have at the club. Gotze can play a number of different roles, ranging from central midfield, to the wing, to a more attacking midfielder role. However based upon the players we already have for those positions (except for wingers) I’d say Arsene Wenger already has more than enough at his disposal. The way I see it is that if Wenger wasn’t willing to spend big money on another CM/CAM in the form of ex-gunner Cesc Fabregas, when he was looking to return to Arsenal, then he is not going to spend £30 million plus in Mario Gotze, as much as I’d like to convince myself otherwise. With Mesut Ozil also at the club, it would mean there would be competition for one position for both club and country, something Wenger is notorious for not allowing and I wouldn’t want Ozil displaced in the team. The other thing is that although Gotze could play on the wing for Arsenal like he has done occasionally for his national side, he isn’t a natural winger in the sense that he is more direct with build up play, passing and the ball at his feet, rather than the pace, ability to beat a player and to put crosses in as you’d expect from a ‘real’ winger.

In my opinion, even if Gotze truly would prefer a move to Arsenal rather than Liverpool, as the media reports, then I cannot see his wish come true and a move to Anfield does seem more likely.



    1. We already have Xhaka, Coquelin and Bielik for that role, besides Gotze can play as a CM or on the wing he would either compete with the very injury prone Wilshere or with the inconsistent Chamberlain. But having said that, if we buy Gotze then that could also imply Ozil leaving for Munich because he’s primarily an attack minded midfielder

      1. Bingo! ?
        That’s exactly what most of us are fearing!
        But it would be great to have both Ozil and Gotze at Arsenal,
        Gotze is that kind of player who wenger could turn into a striker, he can play anywhere in the front line.

    2. We got Xhaka, Coquelin, Ramsey, Elneny, Wilshere, Cazorla. I say we good in midfield.

      Striker, then centre-back.

    3. We don’t NEED Kante. It would be nice to have him though. Wenger Needs to start playing 2 DMs Coquelin and Xhaka and push Carzola forward.

      Kante leaving Leicester would be useful.

  1. I would be over the moon, if we signed Gotze,
    He is Absolutely world class.

    Come on Wenger, sort this out!

  2. Another sluggish babyface??no thanks!!

    I want/need an animal kind of striker!!!!

    But if we wanna add another winger then I prefer Mhikitaryan!

    1. Mhikitaryan is far better and has better end product. He is definitely the quality we should be after but he isn’t a CF and we have quality already in his position if Xhaka takes Carzola’s position.

      We need a CF but I would still love it if we got him. Far better then Gotze.

  3. jensen was on target against Poland Hope to see him at Arsenal mind you morata did ok for Spain they trashed south Korea

  4. Gotze main position is RW and the logic could be that he could play on our RW. Though I would prefer Ozil to shift out wide and Carzola to shift to CAM. Or visa versa Carzola out wide and Ozil in the middle.

    I wouldn’t like Coquelin dropped for Xhaka but Xhaka’s price tag makes him a starter, so Xhaka takes Carzola’s position. Coquelin is just too good to drop.

    So behind the striker having Ozil, Carzola and Sanchez gives Gotze little game time and having the likes of Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott, Iwobi, Campbell and Ox, why add Gotze to that list because say what you might Gotze in no way is better then Ozil, Carzola and Sanchez.

  5. We could use Gotze as an option on the left whilst playing Sanchez on the right and they could constantly swap along with Ozil. The fluidity in the attack would be unreal however, I doubt this would happen.

  6. Gotze will fit in perfectly at Arsenal!!!

    Wilshere Ozil Ramsey
    Cazorla Xhaka
    El Neny Bellerin Coquelin Sanchez


  7. It’s funny how some say we don’t need Gotze when we don’t have quality back up for Ozil. Ozil plays too many games in a season and also needs stiff competition.

  8. We don’t really play with wingers Anyway. Wing backs yes, but wingers no.

    Wenger mainly uses attacking midfielders out wide that like to cut in. When the chips are down he then usually brings on a couple more attack minded players if not 3 by changing one of the wide men and one or both of the deeper lying players.

    This is why he likes signing midfielders. But let’s not forget his last 2 signings have been midfielders. For me he has already replaced 2 of the 3 he said were leaving. I honestly think toral will be given his chance to replace the 3Rd.

    As for signing another? Just look at what he has available for his holding and attacking midfield right now coquelin xhaka cazorla elneny wilshire ramsey hayden ozil toral chamberlain alexis wellington Campbell Iwobi walcott gnabry, that is 16 players and we are not sure flamini has left yet either, plus Welbeck often features out wide.

    I think it’s more likely the next signing will be a proper striker to compete with or replace one of giroud Sanogo Welbeck akpom.

    I think he might sign another centre back and depending on gibbs/Debuchy/jenkinson we might see a couple of full backs. The final signing might be a keeper if both szczesney and ospina depart. I am not sure wenger has faith enough in martinez, macey, iliev, Huddart or Keto just yet.

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