Is Granit Xhaka trying to find a way out of Arsenal? (Opinion)

Granit Xhaka was a hot topic this summer with Roma believed to be courting his potential signature, before he opted to extend his stay in north London by signing a new contract with Arsenal.

Jose Mourinho was believed to be at the forefront of the move to bring him to Serie A, with many believing the deal was a matter of when, not if, but the deal eventually broke down. Admin Pat here at JustArsenal never believed that Xhaka was ever departing the club despite the strength behind the rumours however (as he keeps reminding me).

It remains to be seen what happened with the transfer, while some clearly feel the saga was somewhat of a joke, with the Giallorossi later splashing a sizeable fee to land Tammy Abraham from Chelsea, proving that our deal hadn’t faltered because of their financial situation.

Xhaka has been seemingly been lobbying for a possible return to Borussia Monchengladbach also, and club chief Max Eberl has now claimed that he has hinted on more than one occasion about coming back.

“Granit had a great time here,” Eberl told Bild.

“The fact that he has a very close relationship with the club and the region makes us very happy. We still have irregular contact.

“He has hinted at this more than once. Granit told me his salary, and I told him to play a few more years at Arsenal and then we can talk more.

“It’s a nice story and always nice when players express themselves like that. When he’s really 32 years old, I’ll talk to him again…”

It certainly sounds as though the player himself is eager to leave the club, despite signing a new deal to extend his stay with us. I don’t believe the fans would try and stand in his way if he was to be clear in that want, and as our team has showed in recent weeks, we can clearly survive without him.

Is it normal for players to talk to their former employers? Would these conversations not be considered ‘tapping up’?


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  1. As long as a player still puts in extra effort in training and in the games, it doesn’t matter whether he wants to leave or not. Xhaka is a model professional and an example to the younger lads, despite his best isn’t enough for some Arsenal fans

    1. “model professional” and “example to the younger lads”…maybe some of your most ridiculous takes ever GNI, which is saying a lot considering your history on this site

        1. so his on and off field antics, regarding flipping off the fans or openly flirting with Roma in the off-season, amongst other things, don’t impact your assessment of his professionalism or his ability to set the proper example for the younger players????

            1. shake your head…this isn’t a chicken or the egg scenario…he’s been incredibly underwhelming since his arrival at this club, which led to some rather obvious criticism, minus the ridiculous nonsense of a few wack-job losers…these unacceptable comments neither justify his actions whatsoever or his rather pedestrian play since donning the kit…interesting that he never addressed these issues until he was attempting to redress his own damning actions, how terribly convenient…it’s clear that you have a difficult time taking things from the micro to the macro level

              1. His poor performance still doesn’t justify the threats and the nasty abuses. There is a fine line between cyberviolence/ harassment and criticism

            2. GAI, you are certainly entitled to your opinions but to say he is a model professional and an example to the younger players is just plain wrong. The last person you would ask a young player to follow is Xhaka. Blatent red cards, dirty poor fouls and a reckless temperament is not what young players should be following.

              1. His actions are appaling sometimes, which only happened after he got the threats and the abuses

                But he always works his socks off and never hides from challenges. The youngsters should learn from his strengths, not his weaknesses

                1. GAI, there is no excuse for his actions, except he is a bad example. You cant use that lemon as an excuse, see him for what he is not excuse him.

                  1. Cheers Reggie, I can only comment so much then Admin will invariably come in and admonish me for even questioning anything that GNI has on offer

    2. Giving away needless free kicks, penalties, sending offs that have cost us games, attitude to the fans, no he isn’t a model professional, he is a bog-standard average player, and will never be good enough for Arsenal

  2. One day not far into the future, sensible Gooners will look back in horror at the wasted years while XHAKA appeared in our team – I could not truthfully call it “playing” –
    and shudder with sheer relief that he has finally gone!

    Sensible Gooners will wonder in bewilderment how and why this immobile tortoise ever came to be here and how three of our managers have been so foolish as to use him as a regular. He was and is an appalling waste of money, of a shirt and a place in the team for a better player.

    For example, ANY player who can move without having to think about how to move first and who can pass a ball in less than ten minutes, without thinking about it first!


      1. Even if there was someone out there willing to take him off our hands, Reggie, I’m sure MA would talk him out of it [again]

  3. Anything I say about Xhaka will sound totally biased but with all due respect I have nothing against him personally and hope he finds a happy hunting ground elsewhere. Switzerland haven’t missed him in holding Italy and qualifying for the next World Cup, Arsenal should also be thinking ahead. The contract extension was decided by clueless idiots, so I hope that for the be sake of both parties Mourinho can get his man and Arsenal Football Club will look to the future.

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