Is Guendouzi showing passion or just a troublemaker?

Arsenal loanees not showing the best temperament!

After such a promising start to his Arsenal career Matteo Guendouzi is showing why Mikel Arteta was right to get rid of him again.

Reports in the Mirror claim that he hasn’t changed and he has clearly taken his attitude and issues with him which his new teammates are sick of already. This comes after he had a public spat with his Marseille teammate Gerson not long ago.

Some will see this as passion and pride for the beautiful game, but after continuing with the same attitude that led him to be loaned out I fail to see the passion in this situation.

Can the same be said for his Marseille teammate William Saliba as well? It surely seems that way.

Both players were present in the Marseille side for their Europa League tie against Galatasaray and the game was not without its drama. It saw a first half that was stopped for around eight minutes after flares were thrown to and from both sets of supporters and it took Galatasaray manager Fatih Terim, their captain Fernando Muslera and Marseille player Dimitri Payet to approach the stands and beg for the fans to calm down and stop.

Eventually the game resumed but there seemed to be flares and fire on the pitch as well, as players were not backwards in coming forwards where tackles and fight were concerned.

And two players that stood out were our loanees Guendouzi and Saliba, where Guendouzi clashed with Patrick Van Aanholt and Saliba with the Lions striker Mbaye Diagne.

Van Aanholt also took the problems off the pitch and onto social media, calling Guendouzi out after the referee changed his mind once he checked the VAR monitor to overturn the decision and correctly take the penalty away from Marseille.

Yes, it is nice to see passion from players, but there is passion and there is passion and, in my eyes, Saliba and Guendouzi are not helping their cause of getting back into the Arsenal team. No matter how talented they may be there is a limit to discipline and these two definitely need to work on theirs! Gooners?


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  1. Guendouzie, Saliba, Niles +Nketiah Martinelli all think they are better than they are.
    Hopefully in time they will all find their niche.
    Whether that is at Arsenal only time will tell.
    Ramsdaale, Tomiyasu, White, Tavares, Lokonga and Odegaard have all bought in to the “process”
    But for how long?
    Only time will tell.

    1. Martinelli thinks he’s better than he really is ?
      The lad is getting no chances to show how good he is that’s the problem .
      A little snippet from one of the best managers in world football today .

      The Liverpool boss told the club’s official website: “[Van den Berg] played an incredible game. That’s really difficult to deal with these guys.

      “Martinelli’s pretty much the same age but he’s a talent of the century, he’s an incredible striker, so it’s really difficult.

      This taken from the carling cup game against Liverpool .

      Regarding Saliba ,maybe watch a couple of his games also like a few of us on here have and then come back and say the same thing .

      1. @Dan Kit
        You are swimming in Fallacious Reasoning here.
        That’s Klopp’s personal opinion. Klopp is not the arbiter of Objective Truth / Facts that everyone should adhere to.
        Just because Klopp says so does not make it a more valid opinion than any other manager or person.

        I can cite many managers praising Xhaka but I bet you not many people take the xhaka praise seriously.

        Even Pep hypes up Arteta here and there. But many people don’t take Pep’s personal opinion seriously just because he is world class manager.

        Many many more examples I can give.

    2. @fairfan
      Since when did you come to a conclusion that Martinelli, Saliba, Nile, Nketiah etc think that they are better than they are?

  2. It doesn’t matter whether he just showed his passion or bad temper. If he’d like to work with top coaches, he’s got to be more professional, logical and mature

    He should’ve learned from Kante

    1. Completely agree GAI. I am obviously on his side for what happened at Arsenal but he has to learn to curb his enthusiasm.

      If everywhere he goes trouble follow him perhaps he is the trouble. He might be thinking he is doing it for a noble cause but as you said he has to be logical and mature.

  3. Seems you guys are pouring it onto make Matteo out to be some arrogant hot head over 2 non instances. And now it seems you’re lumping Saliba in the same box. Every other loanee gets praised on here for their excellence in matches. Yet, regardless how well these two have been playing, you manage to overlook that because of some minor bust up. While Xhaka disrespects fans, has bust ups as well as gets defended on here for refusing to get vaccinated, something that not only puts his health, but the health of his teammates at risk. For all that Xhaka gets rewarded the captaincy and several posts on here, fawning over his injury and recovery. Hypocrites much…

    1. Putting talent aside, there has to be respect.

      It doesn’t matter who the player is. I’d rather none of our players acquired a poor disciplinary record. It’s not about being a goody two shoes either but it is about respect for your opponent, your team mates, your manager and your club.

      I’m not being an apologist for Xhaka but from memory he was horribly abused by some fans who took to social media to bait his family. He lost his rag as we all know. However, Xhaka rehabilitated himself- whether you like him as a player or not. I really wish he had been jabbed, but it’s not a criminal offence, just selfish, but that’s my take on it.

      1. @SueP
        Honestly, what has he done wrong? He had bust ups, with two opposition players. And he called out one of his teammates for slacking off.
        Other than that, what exactly has he done wrong? Dude is being drawn over the coals for what?
        The articles starts off about opposition fans throwing fireworks and disrupting the match, then segues into Matteo and Salibas supposed bad attitudes not helping their cause for returning to AFC due to minor bust ups with opposition players. Trying to make them out as some kind of undisciplined animals…

        1. Ceballos had 2 bustups with his teammates while on loan at Arsenal, yet still stayed at the club.

          There is much more to this than what has been reported. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.

          Both Guendouzi and Saliba tend to be outspoken, maybe that is a part?

          I remember an interview where Saliba mentioned discussions with coaches and staff, and how disappointed he was that he never got the chances they discussed. Shortly after he was off on loan. Again.

          1. The catch is always this. If you speak your mind and say what you think, you get trashed by Arsenal “supporters”. If you’re Ceballos, though, it’s different. The only reason why Guendouzi and Saliba are being rubbished and binned off like this is because they are Frenchmen.

            I know, it’s a ridiculous reason, but there is strong evidence that Mikel Arteta has something personal between him and these players. Remember, even before the Brighton incident Arteta hardly played Guendouzi, and he never played Saliba at all. Yet he ships them off to Marseille without a chance to prove themselves.

            In short, the only reason these two are always shipped off to a far-away club is that Arteta HATES them!

        2. NY_Gunner, what you fail to consider is one of the key ingredients of a winning team – Unity.

          Guendouzi is the type of player that will disunite the team(I feel this got worse as he got closer to Ozil). There is a difference between challenging your team mates and being outright rude to them. I believe it is the latter with Guendouzi.

          If i were a manager, he will be nowhere near my team. I am very happy with how Arteta has handled it. If he goes on like this, he will become another Ben arfa.

          1. By the way, i am a huge fan of Guendouzi and i always looked at him as a possible captain for Arsenal. He is very driven. He will ALWAYS defend his team mates. I really love that about him.

      2. I don’t think Matteo was right about the Brighton incident Sue, but if you read about the Marseille incident involving Gerson, I think what he did was the same thing that Cesc Fabregas and Alexis Sanchez were called out for, was in demanding the best from your teammates. Also the next game Gerson was benched. So, I guess the coach/manager stood by Matteo. I understand some people might still have reservations against Matteo but these last few days it seems to have been like a witch-hunt against Matteo, and slowly William Saliba is being included as well. I don’t think recently anyone has quoted anything bad about our club as well. Regarding the attitude part, well the reporter who spoke about the fight between Gerson and Matteo told that people of the region embraced such competitiveness, and the foreign players were the ones not being able to cope up with Matteo. It same thing regarding the Van Aanholt incident. Unless there is any personal abuse involved, I feel what happens in the pitch should stay in the pitch. As there was no indication yet about Matteo abusing Van Aanholt, I feel the way Van Anholt has insulted Matteo, lowkey body-shaming him with that wig comment, don’t you think he is the one we should be angry of?
        Please don’t feel any of this is targeted at you, because I know your opinions are always rational, logical, and morally correct not intending to hurt or mock anyone (unless you really are in a mood to give back lol). Just a general negative trend that I observed on here, which kind of also coincides with how the trend against MA has been.

        1. “Also the next game Gerson was benched.” Very interesting. I would like to hear the opinion of those against Matteo on that bit.

          “I feel the way Van Anholt has insulted Matteo, lowkey body-shaming him with that wig comment, don’t you think he is the one we should be angry of?” Very interesting too. I would like to hear the opinion of those against Matteo on that bit as well.

          1. both HH and NY Gunner make some very good points,the way both MG and Saliba have been portrayed on JA in the last few days went too far,it barely had anything to do with football but more like personal attacks,how anyone who watched the game can blame Saliba for anything is beyond me,he actually showed a lot of maturity and restraint as for MG he didn’t start anything,he just had his teammate’s back,against Brighton when Leno got injured he was the only one to show any concern/passion for him,what does that say about our players?anyway 10M for MG,I know which club got the better end of the deal.

        2. In reply Sid and NY_Gunner

          I deliberately didn’t name Guendouzi as my point wasn’t directed at him. It applies to anyone who puts on a football shirt

          I repeat: I came close to giving up on Vieira and found Keane a poor example and both were great players. It’s not enough to be talented for me. My concern is purely based on any player fulfilling their potential and not allowing regular indiscipline to ruin it.

          1. I would like to apologize for not understanding your comment well Sue. Was a bit hasty because of some work, and with an early matchday today lol. What you said is true, discipline is needed with talent. On that, I agree 100 percent. Matteo should try to curb his enthusiasm. But recently, kind of has been a witch-hunt against him in spite of good performances. Kind of like MA getting blamed in spite of us winning matches.

          2. @SueP
            I agree with you. I was merely asking what has this lad done to deserve the stamp of an “undisciplined” player, as well as the constant media distortion of his every action…

          3. Reply to Sid and NY_Gunner

            It is fair to say that I wasn’t impressed with MG over the Maupay incident and his unwillingness to accept responsibility for his actions. That said, I hope for his sake and his career, which should be a good one, that he can show passion without attracting the wrong sort of attention.

            JA have run rather a lot of articles about him lately, which do rather make the problem seem worse than it actually is.

        3. I wholeheartedly agree. The wig comment infuriated me and, as Guendouzi is still part of the Arsenal, I’m surprised that there aren’t more Arsenal “supporters” against Van Aanholt right now.

          Like if you agree.

    2. @NY_Gunner
      What players have gotten more abuse from our fanbase in recent years than Xhaka, Mustafi, Giroud etc?
      And these players are just honest get on with it type. Xhaka gets abused season in season out just because he is an okay / average player that most managers seems to rate. So fans take out all their frustrations on the guy.

      Did Xhaka just wake up and started disrespecting our fans? Or was it our entitled snowflake fanbase that were abusing him during games and on social media. They went as far as wishing cancer onto his baby daughter. That was the last straw and he bust out like a normal human being.

      But our snowflake fans did not like him standing up to their weak bully tendencies.

  4. Frankly, we should not care, he is leaving Arsenal with an obligation to buy.
    Marseille’s problem.

  5. It’s good to be vocal and show character on the football Field . However, it is ability and humility that takes you to the best places .
    The irony of the whole issue is , as bad as you all think he is , he is being called up by the French National team ATM .
    They see what you guys don’t see.
    The Lad is a leadership material, just needed to be placed a responsibility,
    Then he will know how it feels . I prefer his attitude problem to that of Xhaka’s mediocrity.
    After all , he was right to have defended Leno against a rash tackle from Maupay.
    He is truly a different animal that Emery forged a diamond out of .

    1. I totally agree with you Blaze. A leader that Arsenal has been lacking. Remember guys like Patrick Viera who were of the same mold? We loved Viera for that, so why hate this young lad for that?

  6. I remember someone pointed hus temperament out when he got linked to us. He showed it in a Brighton game and an insider reported that he refused to accept his wrong doing during a meeting with the management.

    He left for Berlin and their coach pointed out the same indiscipline behaviour. Now in OM and still haven’t changed.

    Mario Balotelli worked with top coaches but where is he now? No doubt with the talent he has but he needs to change if he wants to become a top player.

  7. Emery managed Guendouzi for a year and six months without any issues. Arteta can’t handle him. It’s that simple. I’ve said it before. Arteta apologists like what he likes and hate what he hates like zombies, robots or people under a spell. How can someone question Saliba’s attitude because of a minor bust up? Which player ever escapes that? Now the biased writer is trying to defend Arteta for his treatment is Saliba. So everyone shipped out by Arteta has attitude problems? Those guys have been among the best players at Marseille this season and all they get called out for on JA is a small bust up. Guendouzi’s case is even worse as an article on JA yesterday was desperately trying to assassinate his character by continually calling him out for attempting to defend his teammate Saliba. Another non article

    1. Managing temperament is a gift very few managers have. There has to be a reason why some are great than the rest.

    2. @dgr?????
      I can assure you that Shenel is in no way an “Arteta apologist”, so I can now assume from that that you will use any stick to beat him with!

  8. This time I will agree with Jon. Ms. Shenel seems that you only saw the fights in the game and not the performances. Also, have you researched what happened before you took out you posted this article? Jumping on the Matteo hate bandwagon cuz everyone else is doing so as well, lol. The fight with Gerson, next match he was benched by the coach. So that shows atleast the coach supports Matteo. The writer or reporter who spoke about the feud, said the people at Marseille embrace such fiery temperament and they need it in their players. Only the guys who were foreigners are having a teensy bit of trouble buying into it and Matteo is grating on their nerves with his competitiveness in the matchdays or in training. Regarding this incident, shouldn’t you support our player who is humiliated in a social media post, gets called a wig head (don’t know the term Van Aanholt used, something like tearing off your wig or something), when the matter should have stayed in the pitch itself? Also about the thing with Saliba and Nieng, Saliba walked away after squaring off. You can see that if you just read an article here that was posted earlier. (If you wrote this article earlier then I apologize.) Also, Matteo only defended his teammate. Regarding the Hertha Berlin incident that everyone likes to talk about, wasnt the coach who said he was no good, fired over poor results or something? And the director or someone in a high position for Hertha came out and defended Matteo?
    Seems like, in the case of Matteo, people are fixated on only one side of the coin. Thing is, almost everyone knows he may not play another game for us as it might be an obligation to buy. Why do you have to put him down now? Also Saliba. If you cant see what a 6 ft 4 tall CB can do for us, and especially for Ben White, then by all means slate him until we sell him on the cheap and he churns out good performances elsewhere. Both of them performing well for weeks, no or few articles. They had one bad game and about 5 6 articles on their attitude. Thing is, i don’t know about Matteo, but even MA has said that Saliba has a future with Arsenal. So I don’t see the need to put down our loanees as you did. If all that was not your intention, then again I apologize. But it seemed as such as you worded it.

  9. He’s was trying to show his but he doesn’t know how to do it. He was trying to motivate the colleague to do better, but the colleague was upset with Gouendouzi’s comments. The guy is trying to elevate his career but the media is portraying the issue to another direction. Arteta and are too young in their respective positions to realise that.

  10. He was trying to motivate the colleague to do better but he doesn’t know how to do it. Arteta and Gouendouzi are too young in their respective positions to realise that

  11. Bit sad how ‘supporters have turned on Guendouzi and Saliba. Guendouzi is fiery but I remember quite clearly a much worse offence by Xhaka against the very same Brighton when Unai Emery was manager. Xhaka gave away a penalty…….totally NEEDLESSLY, almost deliberately….which eventually cost us 4th place and a European Champions League place. It was such an ignorant, arrogant, shite, needless tackle, and it became clear Xhaka was a reckless THUG. I would rather have a fiery talented Guendouzi that the reckless THUG Xhaka. IMHO.

  12. I kept wondering where people get this report about his teammate sick of him.
    I never see and twit or any video of a teammate of his complaining about him.
    That mirror report about it doesn’t mean is real.
    And if you can send me a link where any of his teammate had an interview criticising him, I will really appreciate it.
    Please stop spreading fake news all over JA
    And to make matter worst some fan believe every news on JA instead of doing there own research.

    Have been following every Arsenal loanees and our Academy players progress and no where have I see his teammate complain about him.
    He is friend with Laca and Auba and you will always see them laughing together and they still comment on each others posts. Or can’t he has issues with them too?
    He had issues with Gerson and they both sorted it out and it was evidence when both hugged each other after scoring a goal in the same match.
    The coach benching Gerson in the following match shows he supported every act of Guendozi.
    His new call up to France national team shows, he’s doing something right.

    Just let him be if you don’t like him.
    Cantona, Costa, Viera, Keane etc has worst behaviour than him, yet they are managed well.
    And if you say he has no talent, just know he has much better talent than Roy Keane and yet a coach get the best out of him.

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