Is Guendouzi’s attitude going to ruin a promising career?

Matteo Guendouzi Transfer Rumours Shows His Value. by AI

Matteo Guendouzi is likely leaving Arsenal Football Club this off-season – and not for his performances on the pitch.

It is a bit of an irony with him — you’d want your wonderkid to be mentally strong and have great leadership qualities. You’d want them to give every bit on the field for ninety minutes, and while Guendouzi might be positionally errant on the field, nobody can accuse him of not being passionate, of not being invested, of not giving his all every time he’s playing.

As a young coach given the keys to the club, it is obvious that Mikel Arteta will want to establish his authority in the dressing room. It is important that a coach is respected and well-regarded by his players and that everyone is pulling towards the same goal. Unity is vital, harmony is key, and Matteo Guendouzi has allowed his hot-headedness to fracture that relationship with his gaffer.

I am a big admirer of Guendouzi’s self-confidence. It may come across as off-putting to some, but I sincerely believe that that self-confidence is needed if a player is going to be one of the best in his position in football. It may be quiet like Cesc Fabregas or Lionel Messi or it may be more brazen like Ibrahimovic’s or Cristiano Ronaldo’s. However, it is unmissable. Confidence is key to elite performance. You are going to be doing things most other professionals dare not. Without inherent self-belief, many a talented player regress into the average.

Good management is wanting to protect or build the confidence of a young talent. Serge Gnabry needed a year of regular football at Hoffeinheim to reach superstardom at Bayern Munich. On the other hand, Reiss Nelson, who also played really well in the Bundesliga at Hoffeinheim has looked frightened at times under the floodlights of the Emirates. That explains all those late 10 minutes introduction. Arteta wants him to come out of his shell and fly as a fully-born player. His last cameo against Southampton was instructive: Reiss Nelson came in and played with great confidence and zest. That is what you want your young player to have.

Guendouzi is an anomaly. He has so much self-confidence that it’s excessive, and almost toxic. Of course that has allowed him to jump straight from Ligue 2 to Premier League football, to debut against Chelsea and Manchester City and win Player of the Month for Arsenal in his first season. It has allowed him to almost will a game under his control at moments this season. He was brilliant against Tottenham, a one-man midfield, dragging Arsenal level through sheer effort and will.

Data analysis of Guendouzi shows that he’s the best ball progressing u-21 midfielder in Europe. In fact, he compares favorably with the likes of Granit Xhaka, Rodri, Thomas Partey in that deep midfield role. Capable of also playing in a box-to-box role and unlocking defenses with incisive passing, Guendouzi has it all.

While still immature at some other aspects of his game, with his overwhelming mentality, Guendouzi is destined for the very top. It is an incredible waste that he has allowed himself to lose his head against the wishes of his coach. According to information from The Athletic, Matteo Guendouzi is not responding well to discipline and is refusing to admit that he has been wrong. That is not the attitude we want at The Arsenal. No young talent in the world should be able to hold a club of our size and history hostage. And this why he is leaving to another top European team.

The rumours prove that elite teams are aware of his talent, but the attitude is unfit for an elite talent.

Good riddance, then.

Agboola Israel


  1. Seriously there’s talent there and like you mentioned, I love his confidence. I honestly think the best scenario is to loan him out to a Spanish team, Villarreal or Athletico.
    Then have him back when this season is behind him.

    O.T. Well aside Saka and Martinelli, I should inform y’all ahead, as someone who follows our academy players and watch them.
    The next talented kid that could be bursting out is Omari Hutchinson.
    He started out as a Left Back, the boy gives pure joy if you watch him play, Omari is probably the most skillful player in our academy. Take it from me, you know I don’t talk bout our academy players if I’m not convinced.
    The boy was the better version of Davies in the league category. Skillful and matured to the point he has be converted into a number 10.
    For like the past two years I’ve slowly and quietly watch him, hoping he earns his promotion soon.
    Remember when Nelson was skillful and very technical for the U23, well Omari all his years in our academy has shown he’s light years ahead skillful and technical among his age group. He’s dominantly a left footer, very sharp left foot but he also uses both foot, only makes use of the left more.
    He’s 17 and
    He’s part of the U18 now.
    Hoping to see him play for the U23 and senior team soon

    1. I watch the Academy teams too via YouTube highlights of U18 and U21 matches and Hutchison is one of many promising players Arsenal have.
      It would be good if Hutchison could convert to RB.

      1. Hello no Ozzie, why would you wanna waste that talent asmt RB? He’s an attacking midfielder now because of his abilities. I don’t see him going back to being a defender.
        We should get a proper RB and unleash the boy soon

        1. Fair enough Eddie. It’s just that I would like to see our youth talent developed through to the first team, because Arsenal apparently aren’t able to buy at the current values. Max Aarons anyone?
          See my comment on Sam Greenwood below.

    2. Totally agree with the loan option but not selling him at this moment. We don’t need a team of cowards but people ready to fight for the team.
      Mourinho teams are made of such players a bit of talent but big egos ready to fight for the team.
      Guendouzi has both the talent and ego. When your teenager son refuges to acknowledge your authority, you don’t throw him outside the house, you just know it the adolescent age disturbing him.

    3. I’ve been following him omari since he was 13.that lad is a way skillful beyond his age…if he keeps it up he’s destined for the top.our own Neymar I dare say

    4. I hope Arsenal manage his contract well. If he is as good as you say Eddie then he should never be allowed to get anywhere near the last year of his contract. Don’t want a Balogun situation.

  2. There is difference between being self-confident and arrogant which is what MG is, another point Ronaldo,Ibra…talk the talk and walk the walk,their longevity, performances,trophies… earned them the right to be arrogant which is not the case with Guendouzy.

  3. His major problem is his attitude……

    So He needs to work on his attitude in order to flourish else where

  4. A good manager or coach should be able to sort out any behavior issues if the talent is there. We need a few spikey players because Arsenal has been bullied around for years. He only needs guidance and he can be a super star. His ability is there to see, he needs a coach to guide him and nurture the traits that will make him better. We have a massive talent on our hands and i fear someone else will reap the benefits.

    1. Super star !
      Bloody hell mate I’ve heard some things said about him but that tops it
      Let’s wait to see all these massive teams that come him for him ,that should tell us what kind of star he will be .
      My betting he ends up with Emery at Villarreal ,made for each other .

      1. A stupid comment Dan kit, you don’t get to join a world cup winning star studded team if you have nothing in you. There are numerous examples out there of players who had worse attitude and disciplinary issues then MG but with right guidence succeeded. Rooney , RVP hell even Eric Cantona. Talent does come at a price, you can teach these things to a talented player but you can not teach talent to an avg player.

        1. Lets not forget Sue, there obviously was something Arteta didn’t like and he was punished but its only media talk at the moment that he will be sold. Every player is yesterday’s chip paper and tomorrow is another day. Nothing would surprise me.

          1. Very true, Reggie. I mentioned down there 👇 about MA’s press conference.. interesting what he had to say about Guendouzi…there’s hope we may see him play for us once again 🙂👍

  5. The only promising talent that I know of that –
    Cannot shoot
    Cannot tackle
    Cannot pass
    Cannot go past players
    One paced sideways passing kN0b
    I see nothing special with him at all and after the Brighton thing he went right down for me .
    Elneny can do what he can do but without the attitude .

    1. Whoever can send Geudouze a message should tell him to just apologize and join the train.From all indications Arteta and Arsenal fans want the lad,He also love the club.It is only a battle of big EGOs.

      There is no shame to say sorry not because you are wrong but just to make peace.Arsenal has been bullied for many years since the days of Viera.

      Every team needs one of such players at least with bigger egos and self confidence.It has psychological implications of the field of play.The young and the weak team mates feel protected believe it or not.Only players like myself will understand.It is part of human nature.( do you feel with your strong brother or someone who can fight and defend you in a hostile neighborhood).the feeling is the same on the pitch.

      Someone tell him to apologize.

    2. And that is why you are not the manager of Arsenal. Some fans like you think they know everything about football. Now I know why the board and club go completely Def when it comes to our fans. Why would you take people who make such comments serious.

  6. No doubt about his talent and still young and a lot more development to come. But if you cannot have a trusting relationship off the pitch then there is zero chance the gaffer is going to play you as he cannot trust the player to carry out his instructions. So when trust has been broken it’s very difficult to mend and hence moving to another clubs seems like the only way forward.

    HOWEVER, I know Arteta is highly intelligent and has no problem communicating. But has he and Arsenal explored all avenues open to him to get Guendouzi back on track. Some of these avenues are his family his parents, his trusted confidants, other player relationships at Arsenal and even a highly experienced professional psychologist who can potentially unlock Guendouzi and establish a rapport and position from which to work from and harness a long lasting and trusting relationship.

    One of the biggest reasons for people like Guendouzi becoming an outcast is their ability to see both sides of the situation and to even go as far as to admit mistakes and even apologise. Because to do this breaks every rule that they live by. I see similarities with Roy Keane who was very difficult to handle and only Alex Ferguson was able to control him for a period of time before even he had to let him go as good as he was he fell out with the Irish squad and came home at the World Cup made references to prawn sandwich brigade. So I think it if you keep someone like Guendouzi you know that they are high maintenance and will always be and will always be a big risk of blowing up anytime. So I think as he’s so young probably best to move him on, it’s just a real shame.

  7. As an older man and fan I take a majorly different view from Al about the difference betwen confidence and arrogance. In my long life experience and not merely in football, but it applies equally in football, when someone is behaving with sheer arrogance as Guendouzi is doing toward his manager , then that shows NOT actual confidence at all but a lack of self belief.

    I am in fact saying that in my considered opinion that arrogance is the direct result of LACK of seldf esteem and NOT the result of true confidence. I want fans to thoroughly understand that point of view. If you look at your own lives and look at those you know well enough to accurately judge, I maintain you will find those who appear to be brash, selfish and overconfident are ACTUALLY lacking SELF ESTEEM. This is the case with Guendouzi. Think about it, becuse IF you truly have natural and normal, (ie non arroigant self esteem), you have no need to show it by being an AR….LE!
    There are many examples of this in younger people in the arts, media,fashion indutry, pop music etc and also in some, though fewe,r older folk, as most older folk have learned lifes lessons through experience.
    To sum up, Guendouzi lacks TRUE self confidence and what he REALLY has is a show of bravado which is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from real self belief.

    Agboola, thearticle writer, is a young man so I would not expect him at his age to know this and therefore I mean NO disrespect to him or his point of view. Food for thought I hope fellow Gooners.

  8. Always overrated for me. Can’t believe we chose to develop him over AMN at CM. I would’ve liked to see how good AMN would’ve been after that game at Old Trafford. He has all the qualities to be a very good CM. He just needs his head to be in the right place. We should sell Guendouzi and AMN should also leave Arsenal for his own good.

    1. There is a reason Kev why 3 different managers did not play him in middle. Also there must be a reason he never got called into the national team. I bet you would not have said the same thing if MG was a product of our own academy. Even a blind man can see he is years ahead of AMN. If a player and manager don’t get along does not mean the player is not talented/skilled.

  9. OT: why are we dittering with Thomas partey? If athletico is not willing to bulge, hence we look elsewhere.
    Amadou diawwara is in the same mould as ndidi of Leicester whom to me is not an out and out DM. On the other hand ibrahima diallo is a real gem, speed, tenacious,good tackler,good passer and has that little arrogance (can’t be bullied kinda) and need I mention he is just 21 and cheap also. instead of wasting time on partey I think we should broaden our options.

  10. Sam Greenwood 18yo forward is getting a medical at Leeds United prior to sale at about £1.5 million.
    Arsenal are selling its future for relative peanuts.

    1. Nothing surprising. That’s the Arsenal way. Looks like Arsenal are holding a yard sale it seems.

    2. It’s actually 3 million… And also, not every player will cut it for us.
      Sam Greenwood is too inconsistent.
      I think the move will help him grow. Hope he becomes consistent and he makes it out there

  11. See the last match with MC before Arteta comes to Arsenal. I guess after one of the goals Guardiola makes a meaningful gesture towards Arteta, I said, he is the weak link.

    Mateo was praised for the first match with MC, but it was his lack of experience that decided about losing.

  12. On Guendouzi, sell.On Greenwood, two great feet but there are better youngsters at Arsenal and Hutchinson is one of them – another Saka. Partey, very fine player but it looks like he will not be joining us so I assume we are working on other options.Finally,AMN, who should not be sold but given a run as a central midfielder where his pace , energy and drive could be invaluable.

  13. Well, Mikel spoke of Guendouzi in his press conference, suggesting he will be integrated back into the squad and given a chance to impress – Impress who Mikel or a potential buyer?Probably the latter!!
    I liked what Mikel said though: “Everybody starts from zero in football. What you did two weeks ago doesn’t matter. Everyone will have the same opportunities.”

    “Yes. [On whether has talked to Guendouzi during pre-season]. He deserves to be treated exactly the same as the others.”

    There’s hope for Ozil yet then 😜

  14. As an older man you should know better than judging people you never met or talked to. Guendouzi had an altercation with his French compatriot from Brighton he knew since they were both kids and true he over reacted and should apologize, players react differently and Arsenal management especially Artera should have done better.

    1. ICW, ALL HUMANS YOUNG, OLD AND INBEWEEN JUDGE OTHER PEOPLE. THAT IS SIMPLE FACT AND IF YOU THINK OTHERWISE YOU ARE NOT THAT BRIGHT. Do I take that you disagree then when I say, which I think, that he has acted arrogantly?

      You will find that a very common view among GOONERS IF YOU CHECK MOST OTHER POSTS ON HERE, NOT ONLY ON THIS THREAD EITHER.

      I suggest you try being realistic, instead of a fake “woke ” type of so called liberal.

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