Is Harry Kane injury actually BAD news for Arsenal?

Injury problems are a part and parcel of football, something that Arsenal fans have found out to our cost time and time again over the last decade or so, with the Gunners failure to win the Premier League since 2004 arguably being directly linked to the loss of striker Eduardo in 2008 and then the on fire Aaron Ramsey along with others like Ozil and Walcott a few seasons ago.

This injury to the Tottenham and England international striker Harry Kane, reported by Sky Sports, is nothing like those situations as the spuds are expecting to have him back very soon, perhaps even in time to face Real Madrid in the Champions League next week, but it does mean that our north London rivals will be without their talisman and top scorer for the trip to Old Trafford this weekend.

Only time will tell how this will affect the result but I have to think it hands a real boost to Jose Mourinho and Manchester United just when the pressure was building and the cracks were beginning to show. I still see United as the bigger threat to any chance of Arsenal claiming the EPL trophy this season, especially if Kane’s hamstring problem allows them to not park the bus as expected but instead to get a morale boosting win.

A draw would be the perfect result for Arsenal, of course, with both rival clubs currently four points ahead of us. It may seem odd to suggest that any problem for Tottenham is not good news for the Gunners, but I have a horrible feeling it could turn out to be that way.



  1. Declan says:

    I hope spurs get hammered, again!

  2. Sue says:

    Be interesting to see how they get on without Kane

  3. Salmonella says:

    Kane will be a big loss for Spurs… But even without him they are a good side

  4. Loam says:

    Are we seriously talking about it the title again ? Do you not remember defeats to Watford, Stoke a hammering against Liverpool. We havent scored a goal in two games against last seasons top 4! We were lucky against Leicester Shekaesperes substitutions anyone? I personally want united to win as we could displace Tottenham from the top 4 as injuries to Kane or Ali could potentially ruin them. I think are in a dog fight with Chelsea Liverpool and Tottenham for 3rd to 5th and barring major injuries to key players we should be 4th with Liverpool dropping out

  5. Jaydawg says:

    This is our problem why care about others results and players. Specially spurs players! Wtf. That’s our problem the whole club from the board, manager, players and fans look to other teams to make mistakes. I think Ramsey mentioned it saying the pressure was on for us to get a result the weekend the top 5 at that time all won, really. Concentrate on winning your games and keeping fit and supporting your team, hopefully good results will come and then the table will take care of itself.

    I don’t like this modern day football culture its embarrassing and the culture created and now at Arsenal

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Who else in the known universe doesn’t check their rival’s scores? Who else doesn’t want their rivals to do badly? Please come down from cloud cuckoo land and face reality. Fast getting sick of this wishy-washy, milk and water liberal type mentality! Wake up and smell the freakin’ coffee!

      1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

        There’s a difference between checking the scores and gloating due to other’s misfortunes, hoping to benefit from them.

      2. dragunov763mm says:

        Gunner Jack
        I think Jaydawg reaction is normal. Even for Madrid fans (when Barca was in charge), they felt sick to check the superior rival when Madrid performance on other side was ran down to hill. “We’ve to focus more on our own rather to look at to rival”. Jaydawg is reaching that line. I am, TBH, will check every rival result from ManShit to Manure, from Spuds to L’pool weeks in weeks out. Call that sick if you want!

  6. GunnerJack says:

    I think checking every rival’s result is absolutely normal. Why would anyone call it sick? The sick minds belong to those who pretend they’re not bothered about what our rivals do. In real life of course they do – they just try to make us believe they are goody-goody, idealistic, politically correct little angels who would never wish any bad luck on any of our rivals, want all matches to be played in perfect weather with perfect referees making perfect decisions and everyone in each team smiling happily at their counterpart in the opposing team and helping them up the poor things fall down. ‘Go tell it to the freakin’ marines’ as they used to say in my day.

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