Can Harvey Barnes add extra quality to the Arsenal squad?

According to Tony Cascarino, Arteta should not bring Harvey Barnes to the Emirates just yet since the Leicester winger is not Champions League-quality.

According to the Daily Mail, Arsenal, West Ham United, and Tottenham Hotspur are all interested in signing Barnes. The Leicester winger is PL-quality, without a doubt, but Cascarino has expressed reservations about his capacity to push Arsenal to the next level if he joins.

“Harvey Barnes is slightly different (to Maddison) because he’s a bit one-dimensional, but he gets good numbers,” said Cascarino on talkSPORT, as quoted by Leicester Mercury.

“He wants to just go past a fullback and drive into the 18-yard box. He has a nice left foot, and he likes hitting things early.

“Again, would you put him in a team that’s in the Champions League? If you are asking for Champions League money, then they have to be in Champions League teams.

“As much as I like Harvey Barnes, I don’t think he is a Champions League player at this moment.”

Arteta was supposed to try to buy top-class players this summer to bridge the quality gap between his team and Manchester City, and if that’s the case, comments like Cascarino’s make us wonder if a move for Barnes is what he needs.

Anyway, the fact that Arteta has been able to transform average players like Aaron Ramsdale and Ben White into top-tier players over the years suggests that Barnes might experience the same transition and, who knows, disprove those who question his ability.

Do you think Arteta is taking a big chance with Barnes?

Darren N

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  1. Harvey Barnes is a full-season top-notch winger with strength and focus, who can add quality to our squad for both the PL and CL.

    1. I agree – scores goals from different positions and he’s a serious threat on the counter. Just not sure he’s what we need, as opposed to strikers, midfielders and fullbacks.

  2. The writer is confusing himself.

    We got Ramsdale and Ben White for 35m and 50m respectively. They are not average players when you consider the amount payed for them

    1. .. and I don’t thing Arteta have transformed them into better players as claimed by the writer because their current market Valley hasn’t appreciated above the amount we got them, especially White.

  3. One of the few wingers left in the EPL that are power runners and has one hell of an engine. On his day he is quality. Would he a good addition.

  4. Harvey’s Barns is a good player, he’s just not a priority signing for us just now. Defensive midfielder, Versatile right back and an attacking bully are

    Now you understand where Barns fits in the scheme of things

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