Is Hector Bellerin really staying at Arsenal?

Mikel Arteta has made it clear that this is a very crucial transfer window for Arsenal, and there are bound to be some outgoings that will hopefully generate added transfer funds for Arteta to bring in the players he wants to complete his jigsaw.

One of those is fully expected to be Hector Bellerin and he has been linked with many clubs since January, but when Arteta was asked about the right-back ahead of tomorrow’s game again Brighton, the boss said: “Hector is not fit [for Sunday] so he will not be playing the last time. Like everybody that has a contract, he remains here.”

It’s telling that Arteta said “the last time” and not ‘the last game’, and I don’t think that many people can take his words seriously that “everybody who has a contract’ will be staying. Is that even possible?

One person who really doesn’t believe him is the Arsenal expert Charlie Watts, who is adamant that Bellerin is likely to have played his last game for the Gunners. He told his YouTube channel: “People will look at that [Arteta’s comments] and think ‘Oh Hector’s definitely staying’ but I wouldn’t go that far. There’s conversations to be had. Everybody’s in agreement that this might well be Hector Bellerin’s last season at Arsenal. Again, it depends on a few things like what interested clubs there are.”

Even if Bellerin does stay after all, I still find it impossible to believe that ‘EVERYBODY who has a contract’ will stay.

Do any Arsenal fans believe that statement from Arteta?

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  1. It doesn’t matter whether you believe Arteta’s statement or not, because Bellerin will be sold if there’s a good offer. However, we must believe in Arteta’s capabilities in improving our league position next season, because the team can’t perform well if the fans keep complaining about their manager

    1. thanks for that brilliant comment, fortunately their are bunch of others who are yet to invest an ounce of belief in him

    2. What capabilities??? Capability to fail miserably and break all the failure records? So you mean if fans become positive all of a sudden someone who does not have ability in him will miraculously turn into pep or klopp..😂🤣. Being optimistic is one thing but closing your eyes to think storm will vanish is just plain dumbness. You guys don’t even realise the problem and have your head in sand.

  2. Hector Bellerin, thank you for your length of service and your good games as a RB, who couldn’t reliably defend and never learnt to cross well consistently. It is time to move on.

  3. You would sell someone IF you find a better option, which isn’t easy….Hector is young AND experienced…..I think this team will defenitly improve it’s table position next year as we’re better than spurs. BUT are we at the same level as ,let’s say,Man Utd….Wait and see.
    As for the under contract players,we indeed have very good players in Saliba Guebdouzi And Mavro ,so they can make the squad better…..

  4. Bellerin should go despite being good in attacking,he doesn’t know how to defend well

  5. Quite telling that in all Bellerin’s years at the club he never learned to properly cross or defend.

    Shameful on the coaching and shameful on the player. Just another example of complacency and mediocrity at the club.

  6. Sagna and Clichy never got the hype he had yet they both walk into this team and are our best fullbacks in the Emirates era though there were several agendas against them. I’d give a lot for us to have fullbacks like them again. One left and won the EPL at City and the other could’ve or should’ve left for a top team and won something big. If we are to sell Bellerin we must properly replace him else it would be a log standing problem.

    1. Sagna absolutely had at least the hype if not more than Bellerin, at a time he was lauded by some as the best RB in the PL, hence why he was bought by city, what agendas were against sagna??

      1. I’m talking of when they were coming up. He didn’t have as much hype as Bellerin and didn’t live off hype like Bellerin. When he was bought by City he was past his best. I can’t give you prime examples but I remember agendas being against him and Clichy who many say cost us the title in 07/08 against Birmingham yet won’t admit his recovery tackle was spot on and that it wasn’t a penalty.

        1. Ah ok just you didnt specify that, also bellering came from barca and was in an arsenal shirt from like 18 years old vs sagna who didnt join us till he was 24ish and came from Auxerre so of course they wont have the same hype in that regard, but by his prime he definitely had more hype than bellering who’s hype peaked early. And yes I remember the whole clichy fiasco vs Birmingham that’s fair enough but I really dont think there were any agendas against Sagna

          1. That’s precisely my point. Both didn’t have the same hype yet when they were young showed more potential and hype should be based off ability than anything. Imo they were not rated as good as they were here but its cool if you don’t see it.

          2. Oh it’s cool if I don’t see it, nice little jab there mate very mature, it’s not about seeing anything… you didnt articulate your point right at all, and when you corrected yourself by explaining that it was when they were young players I agreed with you and explained why sagna wasnt as hyped as much, so I didnt not see anything… i just explained why sagna didnt recieve as much hype as a youth but he recieved more in his prime than bellerin ever has which is true and you just glossed over to still try to be correct, as well as inventing “agendas against” which sagna never had 👍

          3. That point of mine wasn’t a jab. I was just being honest and I say that all the time when people don’t agree with me because we all can’t see things the same way. Btw I wasn’t glossing over anything. Maybe my point can’t fully be conveyed across through writing but I know what I’m saying else I wouldn’t have said it. I don’t care if you think I’m trying to be right because believe me in the end it is all useless for me. I understand the game very well and don’t need to make myself think I’m right or whatever.

  7. If it’s true that he was persuaded last summer to stay one more year, then I can see him gone. Except there is no good offer to take him away.
    And I don’t think we’d miss him much with the emergence of Chambers and the support of the under-utilized Cedric

    1. YES Aaron but we must stop buying in the Basement and finding loan players. Arsenal need to get their act together

  8. I think Arteta, Edu, the new Arsenal transfer chief negotiator who was recently hired from the Premier League, and in conjunction with the Arsenal board are the ones who will determine which Gunner or Gunners should be offloaded and offload him or them this coming summer transfer window. But I assumed the recommendations to do any offloading originates from Arteta’s table for execution.

    Let us therefore wait to see how things in the outgoings front will pan out at the club during this summer.

    And I don’t think it will ve correct if Arteta publicly comes out to say so, so and so Gunners are going to be offloaded by the club this summer despite that he already knows the Gunners he wants to see offloaded. So therefore, us Gooners can only speculate which Gunner/Gunners us think the club should offload this summer. But based on superior convincing reasons us have noticed/seen to buttress our believes why us believe the club should do the offload/offloadings of a/some particular Gunner/Gunners currently in the team for his/their shortcomings on the field of play for Arsenal.

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