Is Henry right about Arsenal pairing Giroud and Alexis?

With the proud record of being the all-time record goal scorer for Arsenal Football Club and with some other significant records at the club and in the Premier League, Thierry Henry is not a man whose thoughts on anything to do with playing as a forward should be dismissed.

So even though he is no longer working behind the scenes in a coaching role for the Gunners, it is interesting to read in a Metro report his ideas about how Arsene Wenger might want to change things around a little in order to get the best out of the France international star Olivier Giroud and our Chilean star Alexis Sanchez.

Henry was obviously impressed by how his fellow countryman combined with his international teammate Antoine Griezmann for France at Euro 2016 and he thinks that the same sort of se3t up could work for Arsenal, with Sanchez playing the role of support striker rather than being stuck out on one of the flanks.

The former Gunner said, ‘You can see that (Olivier) Giroud becomes a better player when he has people around him.

‘Look how he played for France with Antoine Griezmann. He is very good when he can flick and hold up play – his link-up play is second to none – but he needs players around him making runs behind him.

‘When I see Sanchez play for Chile, he is up front, free. Not on the left, not on the right. That might be something. If Alexis can be used in and around Giroud, instead of being wide, both of them will benefit from that.’

Alexis may not have been at his best for us last season but he still often looked like our most likely chance of scoring and he also tended to come inside a lot due to his desire to score and his frustration about the team’s lack of incision. So I do think that Henry has hit upon a potentially great solution to Arsenal’s lack of fire power at times.

Do you think this strike partnership could work for us this season? And will the boss give it a go?


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  1. Who knows? Maybe he is, Maybe he’s not but what is clear is that with Giroud leading the line as sole striker we are NOT ever gonna see a PL tiltle ever ever again.
    Its painfully clear that we are not buying in anyone else now and with augyst rapidly approaching Giroud is clearly going to be the main option and thats bad news, any combination or something that changes Girouds inability to score the crucial goals is needed as its hitting desperation levels now.
    Still even if it was the soultion to our problem, I cannot see Wenger doing what Henry suggested as its not Wengers Idea and as far as Arsene is concerned he’s the only intelligent man in the entire football industry and everybody else is foolish and inexperienced and have no idea what they are talking about.

  2. Hahaha… That’s not exactly rocket science is it? ?
    Many a fan have already suggested that idea in the past and if you think that wenger will change his ways because of what Henry suggested, you are obviously not from this planet, Wenger is more than likely to do the complete opposite to whatever anyone suggests. ?

  3. Nothing you could ever do to Giroud would ever make him come good just nothing.Its not a formation set up that gets a player to dribble,score,be world class,be dependable,wow the crowd and the like.Its the players’ own ability that makes him do that.Once you don’t have it ya ain’t gat it brother.Read my lips!!!!!Once ya don’t have it ya ain’t gat it.As simple as ABC.So I expect this to be another de ja vu case and waste of time if Giroud and Alexis are paired.I’m even shocked it’s coming from Henry.He should rather be giving us more reasons why we need a new striker and why we would fail if we don’t get the new striker.Forget Giroud’s stats for a moment and judge him by how he plays when you are watching him.You would realize that given the same chances at Arsenal strikers who are not even world class can do better.I want a new striker even if not world class and to be honest its not necessarily a world class striker that wins you a league but just increases the chances of winning it.Peace!!!!

  4. NO NO NO Arsenal Need a Top Class Striker Now end of Story.
    All this dancing around is just Wengers way of wearing down the Fans
    Henry is playing right into Wengers Hands.
    Move On Henry and mind your own.

  5. as the days go by, it seems we were given the same lies as we have had for the past 5 years..

    £100m to spend, and so far we have bought a replacement for 3 debating players (Xhaka), and a player bought to sell more merchandise in the far east, who can forget Inamoto, his biggest contribution was the influx of japanse supporters at Highbuty, and thousands of arsenal shirts sold in Japan.
    as other teams complete transfers, scrooge Wenger is counting his money, and Ivan Gadzidis is figuring out how many more millions he will earn in bonuses from our revenue… no longer a footballl club, now a profit-making business first and foremost..

    RIP Arsenal Football Club !!!

  6. I hear that Bellerin is tempted to work under Pep Guardiola, As news grows about City’s interest in the player.
    The ? could literally hit the fan’s, if we lose him aswell as Koscielny, who has 12 months left on his contract.
    It’s typical how we wait for new signings, Yet the chances of losing key player’s looks more likely than new ones arriving.

    1. Would anyone really be surprised if Bellerin left for Man City or Koscielny left for Bayern Munich?deep down in our heart of hearts as fans we all know that Xhaka will be our only major signing then others will be so-called youngsters with potential who eventually never make it at Arsenal

      1. Latest:
        City offer £43 million for Bellerin.

        Wenger must be rubbing his hands ?
        he will probably ask them to throw in Sagna just for good measure. ? and who knows, Vermaelen could replace Koscielny…. Ooooh to be a Gooner.

    2. Kos contract end date, bild says 2017, evening standard says 2019. What is your evidence that kos only has one year left on his contract?

      I cannot recall this happening before without us fans knowing, ie rvp, walcott, sagna as well as concerns over ozil and sanchez.

      1. No one knows for sure, but the majority of reports say it as 12 months left, as each one of Koscielny’s contract extensions have only been extended by two years.

        Just Like everything else, we can only wait and see.

  7. N
    We need a Top striker
    There is also a difference between playing a few matches in a one month tournament and playing a whole season in the PL
    Giroud has had 4 seasons to show us what he’s got and has performed admirably scoring 82 goals and two 16 goal PL seasons
    But to win the PL we need a striker capable of scoring mid 20’a PL goals

    Again I appreciate Giroud and appreciate his 82 goals and believe he will make a fantastic SuperSub/Backup

    Theo is not the answer either

    We need a Top striker who has scored over 20 League goals in a season ie Higuain, Lacazette

    1. Let me remind you Arsene Wenger is still the same he hasn’t changed people,so stop making these silly lists of players Arsenal must sign because none of them are coming,there’s zero chance of Higuain,Aubameyang,Reus or whoever else being signed by Arsenal as long as Wenger’s still the manager!

      1. WENGER OUT !!! it’s as easy as ABC i know a lot of people don’t want to hear that but deep down, ya’all know Wenger needs to step down before our beloved club can move forward.. It’s Arsenal FC not Arsene FC.

  8. Sanchez > Giroud so Sanchez isn’t the one that should have to adjust. Sanchez did lose some form last season but the season before he was sensational from the position he plays and he will be again.

    This Giroud saga is becoming pathetic. He is good but no where near good enough to be lead striker for a big club.

  9. Like it or not we no longer have the manager or club stature to draw top top players unless we pay through the nose which Wenger won’t. I fear they may be trouble ahead. # over a barrel. #massexodus? S*it or bust for Wenger and the club this window. Make it happen arsene! Ps distraught to find per has been made captain, phase him out or at least into back room staff.

  10. We have the best midfielders EPL and I would go and say outfield players too but we are not using them properly MR Wenger do sent change tactics to suit opponents and never seems to want to change tactics during a match he likes to play safe and sates comfortably converting with his assistance with nothing much than calm sometimes it back fires with losing by 8 goals and that is what drives me crazy with MR Wenger

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