Is Henry trying to get back into Arsenal’s good books?

Thierry Henry has been full of positivity towards Arsenal in his comments last night, but is this because some fans have slammed him following the Alexis Sanchez move?

The French former striker has been credited with playing a part in persuading Sanchez to quit the club in favour of Manchester United, and fans have begun to delve further into the former stars actions this term.

Henry has now moved to praise Ozil, and urged him to step up in the absence of Alexis.

TH said: “He [Ozil] has to make it his team.

“Alexis Sanchez is gone. If he plays all the time like he did against Crystal Palace, he’s unplayable.”

The Frenchman didn’t stop there however, and further went onto keep his words positive in the wake of questions on the German’s current contract situation, and defended the club’s questionable actions.

“At the end of the day we are a serious football club with responsibilities,” Thierry said.

“We want to spend the money we can afford. The maximum we can afford we do, but as well you have some decisions to make.

“Are you responsible in your management or not? If you can’t afford you have to say no, we’re sorry we can’t do that.”

For me our club legend is trying to repair bridges with his comments, as we certainly haven’t heard many defend the Arsenal hierarchy when it comes to paying what is necessary in order to keep the club moving in the right direction, and the fact he himself just told Ozil to ‘make the team his own’, shows that he believes he is an important cog in our set-up.

Is Henry trying to mend bridges or do we think he was simply giving his honest opinion? Has TH’s actions this term angered any of you?

Pat J

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  1. I think Henry is just scratching the surface of management. Look at Zidane, Gatusso, Bergkamp, T Adams, management is not as easy as it looks. Props to players turn manager like Ancelotti, Pep.

    1. Ancelotti and Pep have always managed clubs that already has good players and have huge funds to spend

    2. Zidane did well initialy, he just needs to refresh his squad, I like Barcelona so, I like the state of Madrid now though..

  2. The best chance to get into a top manageable position is with Arsenal. He’s just trying to inch himself into the board’s good books.

  3. Henry said he never told Alexis to leave innit
    Alexis was just making an excuse that Henry left for Barca but we all know Alexis left for Money. Henry left after helping us to go to a bigger club he dreamt of playing for. He left on good terms. He even came back to help us out.

  4. Sanchez gave his best for 3 years
    at Arsenal in fact for two years
    he single- handedly kept the
    club in the ECL.
    He only left for City because he wanted to play for a club who
    wanted to win the PL and we all know Arsenal is about top 4, not winning.
    Why should he stay with mediocre losers?
    So he tried for City.
    But Arsenal F.C. callously and blatantly butchered
    his chances by deliberately killing his transfer twice.
    Arsenal essentially stole a PL winners medal from Sanchez.
    He never wanted to go to United but by now hated by the fans
    he had no choice but to accept Man United’s late offer.
    United threw money at the deal. Sanchez did not ask for it.
    He was going to be on mega at City anyway.
    You don’t need Henri to tell you Stan an Arsene are the top 4 masters.
    All Arsenal fans can tell you that this past decade.

    1. well its quite obvious we cant compete with moneybag City

      City can spend 200m alone on defence in 1 summer…

      since Pep arrival over 300m spent and 17 players signed…

      if there isnt any FFP….City would have the financial power to sign Mbappe, Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi and etc….in 1 window

      1. Please read this:

        Arsenal is the second richest football club in the world, yet they cannot compete with Real Madrid and PSG (both are poorer than Arsenal) in buying world class players like Bale and Neymar.

        1. 2nd richest doesnt mean you have lots of cash..or generating heaps of income….

          running a football club has other expenses and maintenance bills to be paid as well…funds are not just soley focus on signing players like 100m here and 200m there

          its not easy as it seems….

          a club like City has huge funds due to their source of funds and wealth from petrol income earnings which is huge and hence they could spend freely

          get a job in the corporate world and you will know

          1. You sounded like an Arsenal public relation officer 😀 . By the way, I am currently working in UAE, the country that owns Manchester City, and I can inform you that their “petrol income earnings” are not dependable anymore.

            Started from the 1st of January, there are taxes for the food here and the Emiratization is going much stronger (prioritization for Emiratis, like the FA’s homegrown player rule in England). They fired a lot of foreigners from their national petroleum company, because they have to provide jobs for their youths.

            If you think oil rich countries like Saudi, UAE and Qatar still “can spend freely”, you have to work for several years in UAE and see it for yourself. With the highest ticket price in England, world class stadium, abundant money in the bank and world class training facilities, Arsenal should have been able to get players like Suarez, Lemar and Aubameyang easily, if they really want to.

        2. I think after the emirates debt, management is trying to avoid that scenario again, so they have a budget, most of these other big clubs are in debt, kroenke won’t spend his own money, like the Chelsea guy, or man city guys, so funds are kinda limited to what we generate as a club..

          1. Yes but what about all that reserve money, ask me, that’s being too cautious when you have a 60.000 seater along with advertising agreements in place (plus billionaires on the board). Why do they have to have all that to fall back on, other clubs use every bit of their resources and then some, that’s how utd got the running start on everyone else. Also it seems like when we get a player in, we divvy up how much it’s all gonna cost in one go, when in reality it’s over a five season period or there about’s. We do be like, well we spent about 100m (90) in this window, but that’s never the case.

          2. FGS if we only spend the money we have in the bank ( 360M) its enough to be a serious chalangers for the CL and win it, I think they the management don’t mind the negative press as they say “any news is good news” in the advertising business, ask your selfs which other club gets more media than Arsenal and who has the most live matches on TV,

            I’m not quite shore what they are up to but football comes second to our club

    2. Excellent writing. Most fans have to grow up before condemning the ex-players they called “traitors”.

      Instead of blaming the ex-players that have given us many trophies (Van Persie – one FA Cup, Henry – two Premier League titles and three FA Cups, Sanchez – two FA Cups), they should blame the most CUNNING football club in the world, Arsenal.

      Remember how Arsenal have fooled their own fans blatantly and repeatedly, by deliberately destroying the player transfer:

      – Luis Suarez: The ridiculous 40 millions plus 1 poundsterling offer.

      – Thomas Lemar: Intentionally dragged the deal till the end of the transfer window, even though both the player and Monaco seemed to have agreed on the initial agreement.

      – Aubameyang: The way Arsenal deliberately dragged the deal down like this, reminds me of how they pretended to want to purchase Suarez and Lemar previously.

      1. Suarez offer was a little ridiculous for the plus 1…not sure whos idea is it….

        Lemar deal apparently was Monaco keep increasing their demands from 40 up to 70….probably due to Mbappe, Bakoyoko and Mendy inflated prices….hence the deal keeps dragging on…

        Aubameyang deal is still being negotiated…….no one knows whats going on behind the scenes…..

        This is not Fifa18…..transfers dont materialise easily…

  5. Henry, Vieira, Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, Sanchez and the other ex-Gunners do not owe any explanations. The fans should imagine if they were in the same position as the ex-Gunners.

    Suppose our service is highly needed by our current company, but we resign because there is a bigger offer and a better career path in other company. The boss of our current company would be pissed if we reject any promotion he offers to prevent us from resigning.

    Tthe same case applies to the players, they have a very short career as footballers. The fans should cherish the time they spent at our beloved club and keep moving forward with the new players.

    1. I was gonna give you a bit of a speech about character and loyalty in men like T Adams, J Terry, & S Gerrard. Then J Terry fukked it all up on me.

  6. The trouble is Ozil is playing in a way that deserves parity with top earners in the league and he is clever enough to see what a free transfer wage will pull in. I believe Ozil would not move anywhere for money alone, but I fear he could go to utd because of Mourinho links. He’s an improved player lately with the way he keeps showing himself for the ball when we need him to. I’m not sure fans would be happy if it’s Auba Mkhit coming in for Ozil Alexis, that would seem like we have a ceiling and are nowhere near catching up on the biggest sides.

    1. I will not blame Ozil if he wants to run his contact down, either for gaining more interests from the other clubs (as there seems to be none in this transfer window) or to get an extravagant salary like Sanchez.

      In my opinion, he is not worth 300,000 per week if he is playing well lately just for the sake of getting massive salary increment from Arsenal. If these players are true professionals, they should always try to give their maximum effort in the field, starting from day one when they joined Arsenal.

  7. I have no doubt about Henry or any of our legend’s love for the club. They are probably as frustrated with Wenger as we are or at least some of them and that is precisely because they love the club IMO.

    Henry will not have advised Sanchez to leave. IMO only a fool would believe that. He will probably understand it but that is a different issue. Many of us understand that not all world class players will put up with Wenger and this club’s lack of real ambition.

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