Is Higuain ideal Arsenal transfer if Benzema is off?

Arsenal have been linked with the Argentina international striker Gonzalo Higuain before of course, and according to the Arsenal transfer rumours at the time, a couple of years ago, the deal was all but done until Napoli swooped in with a better offer and took him from Real Madrid to Serie A.

Whether that was true or not, the Gunners are being linked with the talented front man again, this time as an alternative in case our reported chase of Benzema falls through. Some reports are suggesting that it is Edinson Cavani of PSG that Wenger will turn to, however, but I think Higuain would be the ideal choice.

Here is a link to a stats comparison from between Higuain and Benzema were both playing for Real Madrid in the 2012-13 season. Man Madrid fans were not happy that they sold Higuain, with Mourinho preferring the Frenchman, as the Argentine actually scored more goals from fewer games and less time on the pitch.

The stats do show that Benzema rated better in assists and creating chances, but is it not a player to finish off chances that we really need? We already have the likes of Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil and all doing the creative side of things. And on that point, Ozil has already had success making goals for Higuain so do you agree that he, not Cavani, would be the right choice for Arsenal?

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  1. If we cant get benzema I would rather stick with Theo instead of signing higuain. We can also try signing pedro but that wont be happening I guess. Still need a DM. And why the heck is welbeck still not back?! He was supposed to be included in the emirates cup squad but still no sign of him. I don’t want us to be risking Sánchez by playing him so soon.

    1. @optimisticgooner
      Agree, Higuain will be a waste of money…he’s a poacher not the deadly striker that we need.
      We need a striker that can score a goal out of nothing..

      1. Many might think that this is my reaction to our loss, but i seriously feel that Wenger is not going all in for his transfers. He should get stuck in and get players we need, no matter if he has to overpay for some of them. At the beginning of the window we all knew 3 positions we needed investing in: GK, CDM & ST.

        GK: Cech is decent, but definitely fading and a gamble. Not everyone can do a Van De Saar. I would have preferred Hugo Lloris. I know it would have been super difficult because they are our rivals, but i am sure for the right amount, like 25 mil, they would have no choice and Lloris would not mind coming under our frenchman’s tutelage.

        CDM: We really missed a boat here, we cannot rely on Coquelin and Arteta. We need a tall, strong powerhouse. I would have kept 2 choices, Carvalho & Kondogbia. I would have preferred doing early business with these as we saw that later Carvalho got injured and Kondogbia went to Serie A.

        ST: Again i would have kept 2 choices and went for a 40 mil bid for both Lewandowski and Benzema and see which gets accepted. If need be i would go up to 50 mil and if still i can’t get them then i would let it go for this window and try and get someone next year.

        1. Cech is now “decent”, not “world-class” anymore????

          Yeah, exactly… Haven’t I seen folks here call Sanchez average?

        2. Wenger to me commits football self-harm. Early in the Window we saw Kondogbia, Carvalho, Imbula all available. Wenger was not interested because in his eyes, and in his eyes only, the team as it was, was good enough to mount a PL challenge. Well first game in and we were stuffed by West Ham’s very own DM. Comical. Now, too late, Wenger may well end up buying a third choice DM in Krychowiak. When Mourinho called Wenger “A Specialist in Failure”, he was right. In both the Premier League and the European Champions League, that is what Wenger is…a failure. A stubborn man who believes only he knows how to win. Sadly in the big trophies he does not know at all how to win. Like I said ‘football self harm

      2. You’ve literally no clue about Higuain then I see. Just a poacher is he? Christ what a load of garbage, guess it’s been a couple of days since watching Giroud have a mare and Theo have no impact at all in 30mins.

        We’re back to thinking Higuain wouldn’t improve our strike force, good stuff. Predictable bunch.

        1. Its transparently obvious that OG and Theo are better strikers than Higuain will ever be Charlie!!!
          At times Im not sure what kills more brain cells, a multiple day bender or reading the opinions of the majority of fans on this forum that constantly overrate our players. OG and Theo for 270K a week as opposed to bidding for Benzema, Cavani, Martinez, or Lewandowski? WTF????

      1. HIguain do not guarantee goals…..

        2 season in Italy and he has yet to cross the 20 goal mark….

        We need a 30 goal striker or at least 25 goal …….

        not to mention he turn down us once…..

        1. No he didn’t turn us down, Napoli bid way above what we wanted to pay and they got a quality ST whilst we got nothing.

          Higuain has scored 53 goals for just a decent Napoli side in 2 seasons, also getting 21 assists….but “he’s just a poacher” apparently.

          1. Enlighten me (a terrible thing for me to say), was it the transfer sum or the wages? I mean did Higuan go to Napoli becuz we could not afford his wages or becuz we could not afford the transfer sum Madrid asked for?

            1. We could afford it all, we just didn’t want to pay what Napoli had agreed with Real. You know how it goes with Arsene at times, he values a player a certain way and refuses to budge.

    2. If the choice between Higuain and Cavani, apart from their price, I’ll choice Cavani instead. What a coincident that both guys were connected to Napoli. Higuain was a fail successor of Edinson Cavani at Napoli. In other hand, Cavani seems not yet to reach his Napoli’s form which made him worldwide famous. But still Cavani is better than Higuain. Has speed, clinical in open play and aerial supreme, and has lethal free kick. A bit harsh on price tag, but surely we can’t expect to get an easy bargaining buying very late at this transfer window.

    3. I just hope that, we don’t end up signing Mario Gotze on the deadline day, because we don’t really need him.

    4. Stick with Theo and do what ? is nowhere as a footballer as most of some guys to make it sounds. the only way i see him being around is because is english otherwise is nothing

  2. our problem is we dont no what we want, we keep linking to all dick and harry, why higuain when he rejected us for napoil, benzema is more skillful than him, if we need striker go for benzema, lewy, or evn Reus

    1. Rejected us? We didn’t match Napoli’s bid mate get your facts straight. We had a verbal agreement with Real for about 22mil, Napoli came in and said 30mil. We bottled it and got exactly what we deserved….no ST.

      Higuain is an idea being put forward if Benzema is not available, bit daft to comment merely to say get Benzema instead….we’re doing that, but this article addresses plan B if you care to follow.

  3. Benzema or Higuain or Ibra or Cavani or Reus or… We are stuck with Theo and OG. Most realistic rumor ive read is Krychowiak. Been so impressed with the buys of West Ham, Villa and Stoke the league is getting tougher and tougher indeed. Crystal Palace and then Newcastle and Liverpool does not sound too good anyway keep the faith COYG we stand by our team no matter what

  4. Don`t know about the rest of you but I`m sick of blogs ending with a `?` question mark.
    How about some answers? (??????? it`s contagious)

  5. Arsene needs to sign a striker asap with giroud it will still be top four we’ll be competing for and any fan who thinks otherwise is deluded

  6. I can’t believe we have not signed a striker up till now. We just lost 3points and it could affect us at the end of the season. We need to pick up so many points this period and d old fool arsene probably doesn’t know that

    1. Shame on you, Arsene!!! You have hacked poor Davindnz account just to come here and say such nonsense.

  7. Be ready for another article titled ‘ Arsenal now going for Chicharito or Arsenal now going for Lewandowski…

    I can’t wait for this window to be shut down. The way we are linked to almost everyone or maybe the media are just making fun of us. Its so frustrating and its becoming annoying.

    From the look of this, I doubt we’ll sign anyone. I won’t expect much so if our unpredictable Manager/board surprises us, then so be it….

    1. ‘Better’ in what sense? We need a CF and Marco Reus certainly isn’t better than either in that position soooo….

      1. he can play as cf played there for gladbach in that pos & can play for us benz deal is difficult + another option would be to play reus on wings & get sanchez upfront

        1. I repeat, he’s not anywhere near as good as Benz or Higuain as a CF. Also, put Alexis there all you like, then what about our LW? We need a CF, not a winger we can shove up top….we just gave a 140k a week to someone for that.

          1. ChaCha, give it a rest. Reus is, at the moment, better than Benz and can actually play as a CF. It’s just that he seems quite prone to injury these days…

            1. Give what a rest? Reus isn’t a better CF than either Benz or Higuain, what’s hard to accept here? He’s a fantastic winger/false ST like Alexis, but we’re talking about a CF – Reus is no more a CF than Alexis, both are a mile better than Giroud/Theo but Alexis doesn’t play as a CF for us does he..

              1. The few times I watched Reus in that CF position, he was very deadly and effective, he’s even better than Alexis as a #9. Benz is an outright #9, but Reus is just better than him, at the moment, ChaCha. If Madrid sell Benz, they’d go for a guy like Reus or Lew.

                1. They’d go for Reus not to replace Benz, but to replace Bale who’d move centrally. Seriously, if you’re trying to compare Reus and Benz as CF’s and coming out with Reus as the winner you need to have football explained to you.

                  Reus doesn’t play CF for Dortmund or Germany, he’s flexible and can play there to a point, but you’re being ridiculous to compare him to someone who’s a specialist in the position and who’s one of the best in the world.

  8. An Arsenal delegation attended Sevilla’s Super Cup clash with Barca to cast an eye over midfielder Krychowiak, who has a £22m buyout

    Krychowiak’s : “There are offers that are simply hard to reject. I wouldn’t turn them down.”

    1. How’s Krychowiak on the ball and distributing? If he’s not a baller then I don’t see us paying 22mil for a replica Coquelin.

      Also, say we do sign him…with a buyout clause fixed all summer you’d have to question why we decided to activate it now and not a month ago. Be amazed if we sign the lad, probably scouting Samper of Barca rather Krychowiak – if scouts were even present.

      1. arsenal scouts have been watching him for the past 18 months would prefer lars bender but kyrchowaik isn’t that bad he was voted the 2nd best cdm in la liga after busquets did well in Europa league as well he is better tan coq for sure

        1. Doesn’t answer any of what I’ve said though, is he technically good, quality in possession, a good passer? i.e. all things Coquelin isn’t, or is he just a better version of Coquelin…in which case no chance we buy him.

          Saying he’s ‘better’ than someone else means zilch if you don’t clarify why.

          1. He completed 1191 passes last season with a pass accuracy of 81%, of which 89% were forward passes. According to Squakwa. Krychowiak will be a massive player for us,

  9. I don’t think Theo will be good enough to carry Arsenal forward. His lightning pace did frightened defenders but sometimes he can’t performed against bigger clubs! I still think we need a terrific striker who really push Arsenal towards the title challenge but of course the whole team must also work towards this goal! Another position will be the CDM which I feel Coquelin need real competition as he was not at his best against West Ham. Higuain is a good player. Having him also not bad but I would go for Benzema or Cavani first before taking Higuain. Hope the Gunners can pick themselves up against Palace.

  10. lets get a proper striker…..lewandoski or Cavani….

    Reus will be a good addition on the LW…to provide cover and competition for Sanchez

  11. You mean the same guy who murdered his country’s chances to win the World Cup and Copa America??? No thanks, if not Benz, i’d stick with Walcott

  12. i wldnt be surprise if Wilshere returns

    wenger will play everyone together….Ozil, Carzola, Sanchez, Ramsay and wilshere

    time for a change….say no to poor tactical decisions…

  13. Walcott £140K a week

    Giroud £100K a week

    Wellbeck £75K a week

    Joel Campbell £30K a week

    Total = £345K a week

    Do we get our monies worth?

    IMHO it was madness, utter madness that both Giroud and Walcott new contracts at those figures.

    Walcott has proved nothing in terms of consistency/goal delivery and except the odd flash in the pan game he could never be labelled as a world class player. Giving him £140K a week is complete nonsense.

    Add to that we have Giroud, Wellbeck and Campbell eating away at the AFC funds while there are numerous players (wingers or forwards) who can hit a barn door!


    1. it annonys when ppl mention 140k per week for theo, we all no is a pure lies, no one nos hw much he earns to say 140 is outragous it cant be, the last time he sign contract extention he was requestin 100k which later ends @ 95k since then he has done noting to increase it to 140 wenger and the board is not that stupid

  14. The few times I watched Reus in that CF position, he was very deadly and effective, he’s even better than Alexis as a #9. Benz is an outright #9, but Reus is just better than him, at the moment, ChaCha. If Madrid sell Benz, they’d go for a guy like Reus or Lew.

    1. I think there is a real possibility that if they do or maybe even don’t sell Benz they will get him.

      They are a bigger draw after all. 10 champs league/Europeans and the biggest club in world football versus us.

      If I was Wenger I would have been sending him flowers from the beginning of last season (he likes flowers). Same with Benz/other top CF/DM

      But I’m not so we will continue to play with what we have I suspect.

  15. only good thing with higuian is is almost guaranteed signing because of his buyout clause, so napoli have not choice but to let him go. but down side is the buy out clause massively to high only way we would pay that is if the board went behind wengers back, and bought him themselves right near the end of the window. even if it was just for massive shirt sales purposes. but wenger would not be very happy about that so that would be out of the question, even if we got him and Krychowiak that s only £85miilion spent that’s the same as last summers outlay. so there wouldn’t be much difference in monies spent really, bar your getting less in numbers wise, but more in quality players coming in. onward and upwards coyg

  16. wenger had better watch his step this season, beacause klopp(and also pep might be moving next summer) is lurking around in the background waiting for the right job to come along, the board should be putting some absolutely massive pressure on wenger to deliver this season. or he is out the door or going upstairs to the boardroom either way he has to deliver something big this season, or the boooos around the emirates will be deafening all season long and he wont be able to go near any train stations at all lol espehcially if he dont spend any decent monies on top class players even if he is getting ripped off buying higuain its something better than nothing maybe. either way somethings gonna happen i can’t see how we can keep carrying on this way, if he is still here next season and hasn’t improved our title situation then the failure is on the boards shoulders. if he is allowed to crack on. and then we now they are as unambitious as him.

  17. Higuain is not worth 60m. I don’t watch him that much but from what I have seen he is nowhere near a 60m player. Market atm is adding value to all strikers BUT that is an insane amount. An amount we cannot pay.

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