Is it either Wenger or Alexis or both to leave Arsenal?

There was no doubt that the Arsenal and Chile international striker Alexis Sanchez was frustrated for a lot of the Champions League defeat away to Bayern Munich in midweek and who can blame him? I do not really like it when any player loses his cool and calls out their teammates during a match but with Alexis being virtually on his own in terms of effort to close the Germans down, stem the tide and get something going for the Gunners, you can understand the Chilean’s feelings.

So with the striker still to decide on, or at least to sign, a new contract with Arsenal, the worry is that our star man could be heading off to pastures new come the end of the current campaign. After the size and manner of the loss in Munich this week following on from the vanishing of yet another Premier League title challenge, Alexis is likely to call it a day in the opinion of the former midfielder and now football pundit Danny Murphy.

He wrote in a report for the Evening Standard that he expects both Sanchez and Arsene Wenger to leave Arsenal in the summer and the only thing he thinks might stop both of them going is if the boss does and Alexis thinks that thinks might change for the better in terms of the Gunners challenging for major trophy honours.

Is it either Wenger or Alexis heading for the Arsenal exit, or both?

Dare I ask which would you choose?



  1. goonerboy says:

    You see,I have thought about this and that’s why it frustrates me that Wenger has made us to lose so many top managers that Sanchez would love to play for,namely, Pep and Klopp even Conte….

    Imagine Sanchez playing for Liverpool,Spurs, city with there pressing style,he will flourish more as everyone will press with him and he will score more goals….

    Imo, the only coach with the pedigree and GOOD philosophy left to manage Arsenal now is former Psg coach…Simeone is good too but I have some reservations…

    I’d rather Wenger and Ozil leaves so we can retain Sanchez BUT if we MUST lose Sanchez to get rid of Wenger am more than willing to deal with that….

  2. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    I will choose none. I want both of them to remain at Arsenal. I also want Alexis to improved on his scoring rate ratio for Arsenal. He has to start doing that in the face of Ibrahimovic now hitting 23 goals in all competitions should challenger Alexis not to be limiting himself to just scoring a goal per match for Arsenal, but starts scoring 2-3 goals per game for Arsenal on regular basis and also gives more assists. So that at the end of this season he’ll beat both Ibrahimovic of Man Utd and Costa of Chelsea to the golden boot for Club and in the Premier League. And also win the PL player of the year award.

  3. frank says:

    Sanchez is going no matter what.

    What will happen if Wenger has already signed a 2 year extension?

    1. Sam, need a striker says:

      Disaster …

  4. Jansen says:

    Sanchez will leave either way. Arsenal would waver too long with appointing a new manager for Sanchez’s head not to be turned by other clubs.

    Wenger will not leave which means Sanchez will not stay. Sanchez wants to win major trophies and wants to play for an ambitious club. Wenger staying could not be interpreted by any serious football fan or pundit as a statement of ambition.

  5. muffdiver says:

    Sanchez is gone in summer. Ozil will stay.

    Wenger will get us to top 4 and stay another 2-4 years

    So glad I gave back my season ticket it’s not even funny

  6. Ramterta says:

    sadly its the one whom we don’t want to leave that would depart.
    But there is one specialist in failure that I know of who will never want to let go of the 8m sum given to him. Couldn’t even be bothered of the greatest arsenal humiliations in our history that we have begotten during our tenure

  7. AndersS says:

    Our season is as good as over as fas major trophies are concerned. We should then really be starting also to prepare for next season. But we are in a situation where our manager has lost the faith of the players and still it almost seems as he gets to choose what his own future is. On top of that our unrivalled star player has an unresolved contract situation. What a mess!

  8. Big G says:

    Being a supporter of Arsenal FC since 1971 I’ve seen plenty of ups and downs along with managers and players coming and going. I’ve a huge amount of respect for Wenger and the job he has done since his arrival but I like a lot of other supporters are fed up with the lack of ambition shown by the board and or manager. Clearly the players we’ve bought are not good enough to be at the level we want them to be or are not being trained correctly or given the right tactics to deal with the opposition whoever that might be. I’m sitting on the fence slightly leaning towards Wenger leaving because on one hand we have a great manager who has done what few others could with the resources available but has gone stale and appears to have no answers while the other side of the coin gives no guarantee that a new manager would bring success. If fans really want to get things going in the right direction again then there is only one course of action that needs to be taken and that is to force out the board by not buying season tickets or merchandise, the club needs to take and fall into decline in order for this to happen. The fans used to boycott games to get what they wanted and it worked but with the global franchise in place this is not likely to happen anymore, I say boycott the whole club until its sold again, get rid of all players who don’t want to fight to win especially Ozil. The only players worth keeping are Alexis and Kos, the rest may improve under new management but who knows.

  9. vinie2000 says:

    Coach should go period. we can plan a hard 3- 4 years to be able to challenge the other 3 big ones in terms of quality players and ambition. If a new Coach starts with a BAng like Conte then that process will take at least 2 years but If not then we have to see the short term not making the POOLS and SPUDS mistakes ( more than 20 years they have not won the EPL ). players budgte of at least 150 millions plus Get rid of those sentimental and “loyal” players who have not shown any improvement at all. send Ramsey , iwobi, theo, gibbs on loan as he did with Jack and all of them will see their place in the squad is under scrutiny but will never happens. I heard Mario Goetza is for sale at 25 million pounds can you imagine Alexis – Abumayang- Goetze or Reus up front? blistering pace with the quality added up? get a monster DM alike Patrick and Rodriguez as Left back. there’s our 150 but priority one will be COACH GONE. we miss the happy ARSENAL days when i left Highbury singing and proud 🙁

  10. arsenalfan1 says:

    Arsene the Dope should go…but of course he doesn’t want to…..what other club would pay him 100 million for year after year of utter and absolute failure, defeat and humiliation

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