Is it a risk for Arsenal to sign Schneiderlin?

The Southampton midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin has made it clear that he will be leaving St Mary’s this summer in the search for Champions League football, and many pundits are claiming that the Frenchman will be coming to Arsenal rather than Europa League-bound Tottenham.

Last season, the Frenchman was proven to be the most efficient midfielder in the Premier League, and he has been instrumental in Southamptos two over-performing seasons in the top flight. Morgan wanted to leave the Saints last summer, but after a mass exodus the South Coast club have no choice but to block his exit.

The ex-Arsenal star Paul Merson thinks that it would be a risk for Arsenal to buy Schneiderlin as he is not a renowned world star, and he cites the other departures from St Mary’s as the reason for his doubts. Talking about who Arsenal need this summer Merson said on SkySports “…they also need a holding midfield player, but I don’t know who they’ll go for.

“You could say Morgan Schneiderlin, but at the same time a lot of Southampton players went to Liverpool last year and not many of them have cut it,”

“Likewise, if you’re going to Arsenal from Southampton it’s a big, big move, so maybe they need someone who’s already played at that pressure level. I do like Schneiderlin, though.”

On the stats Morgan is definitely a very accomplished player, but Merson is right. If you look at the other players that left ST Mary’s last summer, they have hardly set the Premiership on fire, but surely Schneiderlin won’t turn into a bad midfielder once he leaves Southampton?

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    1. Apparently Southampton players flop when they leave. Lovren is the only real one that has. Lambert has barely played, Lallana has been injured most of the season, as has Luke Shaw. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m pretty satisfied with Chambers. He hasn’t set the world alight, but he’s been decent for a 19/20 year old. Then there’s also Walcott and Ox from Southampton too, no complaints there.

      The one thing that is a little consistent here though, is that a lot of these players seem injury prone.

    2. Because football intellectual Paul Merson says so….hope Arsene listens to a thinker like Merse.

      But seriously, a risk because the Saints players Liverpool got have been poor? Good god what a load of nonsense. Isn’t it so easy to bash a potential signing rather than come up with an actual target? I see Merse couldn’t bring himself to name this “played at the pressure level” DM Arsenal require. Solid punditry as ever.

  1. A risk? Sounds like a Jack Wilshere brigade argument to me.
    This guy has had incredible stats for a positive football playing team that can’t be coincidence. Sign him up and create healthy competition for Coquelin and Ramsey

    1. Thank goodness if Spuds gets him,enough of this player let’s move on better fish in the sea we need a striker and a left back CB

  2. Thanx for the inform Bolly…..
    Now Gunners get it off your heads, Bolly says M Schneiderlin will be playing for our Europa League-bound neighbours.. Hop they mek it…

  3. “he has been instrumental in Southamptos two over-performing seasons in the top flight.”

    Yes he has but it is a TEAM that deserves credit at the end of the day, the teamwork and understanding between players, this is something that may not transfer to a new team… something which us Arsenal fans have seen with players leaving Arsenal. How many players done well for Arsenal and left and then became quiet? Hleb is a good example, he done well for us twinkle toes did how-ever he has not had the same type of career since leaving.

    If you look at what changed when Schniderlin has been intrumental then you will have to recognise that they got Wanyama to sit alongside Schniderlin and that PARTNERSHIP is what has worked.

    Another example of how the TEAM can make the player is Ozil, he has improved since Alexis joined us and we can all see that Ozil performs better with pace around him, teamwork.

    Arsenal have fantastic teamwork, I am not trying to say we couldn’t get the best out of Schniderlin but we got to recognise this. Once you recognise this then you got to question how we would get the best out of Schniderlin, would it be in that holding role?

    Or is their better choices out their who would fit better in our squad doing that holding role who could get more out of the players we already have?

    1. @Midkemma
      Well put. I’ve never been impressed by Schniederlin. Ramsey, Ox, Carzola and Wilshere are just as good at being B2B, which Schniederlin is.
      I’d go for Kondogbia. But if all we’re looking for is back up to “Le Coq”, Lee Cattermole is solid enough…

      1. You comparing Wiltshere with Schneiderlin?????check the stats,goals scored,pass completion,interceptions and you will be very sad to see that they are not in the same league.


          2012-13 season…


          2013-2014 season.

          Not in the same league?

          Maybe you had better chack what you claim before you make wild accusations.

    2. Hleb was never the star of Arsenal, schneiderlin has always been the lynchpin of the Saints midfield and their best player.

      If we get Schneiderlin he replaces coquelin as a more rounded DM, which is needed as there’s no competition there.

      1. You must have wet dreams over this Schniederlin bloke whenever his name pops up Charles.

        1. Oh do guide me Luko….who should I talk about when the article is about Schneiderlin??

          Seems you’re the one busting nuts over there every you see me comment. Get a girl mate your infatuation is sad.

      2. Hleb was a good player, he may not of been the star at Arsenal but Arsenal do play at a higher level, if you can’t comprehend that then i am sorry for you. It isn’t like Barca came in for him due to his form… Oh wait.

        1. Funny how you’re trying to be a smart mouth yet completely miss the part where you fail to comprehend my actual point…..solid work.

          I said Hleb wasn’t the star, compared to schneiderlin, to illustrate how you can’t use Hlebs input as point of comparison. Take our best midfielder from that era (Fabregas), did he go on to do poorly? oh no he didn’t. Schneiderlin isn’t Steven Davis, who looks a tidy player in their system, he’s the centre of the team.

          If YOU can’t comprehend that I am sorry for you…

  4. No it isn’t a risk! He or kondogbia would be a welcome signing for this “gooner”! Coyg!

  5. Bolaise is singlehandedly killing Liverfool @ Anfield today. Guy wont be @ CP next year, and yes he is better than Walcott!!

  6. Today is running of the Preakness in the States. For all the horse and riders–God speed and a safe trip above all.

    tomorrow is getting closer, COYG!

  7. I think we have the potential Bileik as a young DM to start partnering Coquelin from next season? The Boss should first try him in the summer friendlies to see if it will work in the summer business. If it fails. He may sign a 2nd DM. But not the injury prone kind. Cazorla can still play at top level next season? Maybe he will need to be rotated due to his aging. And Arteta should still be around to give occasional helping hand in the Arsenal CAM. DM is no longer good for him. He is often injured when tackling. And of course Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere should be complementing Mesut Ozil effort in the CAM area. So what do we actually need to invigorate the Arsenal midfield in the attacking sense? Aah! I got it. Arsenal need a midfield vibrator? Yes we do. Would they need Raheem Sterling? I should think so.

  8. How about saving the money that would be used for Schneiderlin, keep Cocquelin as DM and groom Chambers to backup Cocquelin or switch him to LB and spend the money on a world class CB to replace Mert.

  9. this means nothing to me, if we buy,him, well and good, if we dont, no problem , but the main problem is us getting a real good striker, its the only position lucking alot

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