Is it a surprise that the Ox wants to move to Chelsea or Liverpool!

Ox to Chelsea will show you exactly what Wenger did to this football club by Konstantin Mitov

Hello everybody. I’ve been really thinking to myself “is it worth to write an article about this”? Nothing really will change even if I do, but what will actually happen is people will realise very soon the mistake they made, by trusting Arsene once again.

First all I’ll start with a 3:1 defeat at Liverpool prediction. Our defence is a joke, we have lots of attacking players, yet we fail to score against a team like Stoke, and now add our midfield which is slow on the ball and makes a ton of mistakes. We might introduce Alexis back, but I firmly believe he’s just waiting for the time to pass to sign a deal with a better team.

Liverpool have officially taken our place in the top 4. Not by one point, but by a mile. They now have a squad as good if not better than ours and they did it not by outspending, but by putting a decent manager up top. Something we at Arsenal are incapable of doing so badly, we don’t know the meaning of this.

Imagine having a man capable of doing his job. It’s like listening to a terrible guitarist wanna-be, and then giving the instrument in the hands of someone who can handle it. You’d immediately see it’s not the instrument that’s broken, it’s the one using it.

But finally, news suggests we’re selling the Ox if he doesn’t agree a new deal, which honestly isn’t a surprise. I’ve lived through this long enough with players not getting sold, before eventually leaving. And it’s once again the wrong players leaving.

We put the Ox in positions he doesn’t want to play in, just so we give him game time, when he is one of our best players in other areas where we lack power. I’d put him in CM instead of Ramsey and Xhaka and he’ll do a better job and he did last year. But we might as well stick him as LWB although we have 2 good players there.

If I’m the Ox I’d go to Chelsea, because despite the problems they have, they will be addressed. At Liverpool he’ll get a good manager and both teams will offer Champions League football. The spirit in the dressing room is probably far from great, despite what Arsene says, because players are affected by what’s happening.

Ozil is not wanted by anyone, and even he hasn’t signed the luxury contract we’ve given him. I wouldn’t miss him much though I’m not sure even if Simeone was in charge, would he start every game with the attitude he has.

We’re now a well deserved Europa League side and even Everton have showed more ambition than us this summer. Arsene officially destroyed a football club I’ve loved for a good 15 years and he’s done it through consistency, stability and all those things we’ve heard about that pushed us out of the top 4 and into true mediocrity.

And it could’ve all so easily been avoided. Now as the premier league is full of big fishes, we’re paying the price of all this. And even if I assume we somehow manage a draw against ‘pool, which I guarantee Arsene will not allow to happen, this wouldn’t change a thing. Even if you’re not good you might get a lucky strike, but the situation we’re in is years in the making and it will take years to rebuild.

Oh wait, it will take years for Arsene to leave, probably more than the 2 we have to suffer with him, but worry not. After Sunday, a lot of people will start asking questions and Arsene will hide again, like the coward he is. The richest man in Africa wants to buy Arsenal, and he said the first thing he’ll do if he acquires the club is sack Arsene.

This and only this will help us move forward, because I don’t think the fans have the willpower to help an old man that is out of favour leave the club he’s been ruining for 10 or so years!



  1. Uzi Ozil says:

    There was a time In his career I wanted him sold. 3-4 seasons ago.

    Right now, he has improved a bit and wouldn’t want him to be sold but if his mind is made up, then we should sell him..

    1. muff d says:

      totally disagree
      theres a reason chelsea liverpool city an bayern made enquiries for ox
      this is a beast who just needs the right leadership. klopp would make him unplayable

      its funny…no one except teams like palace and aston villa sniffed around for walcott or welbeck
      yet as fans we’re quick to agree to one of our players with the highest ceiling being sold to a rival

      why does ox and sanchez not wanna stay?
      why does mustafi wanna leave after only a year??

      this club really is in the banter era. cant understand my dad wanting to go to the stadium every week to argue with fellow fans and get upset, yet says im the one in denial

      1. Jhud says:

        If he had a brain to go with his ability he’d be awesome..

      2. Blazor says:

        Ox is not that glamorous as he would like to be. At the current stage I wold not mind it if he is gone, for 2 reasons. 1. He will have a better coach to guide him reach his pptential, he improved very little , if any, at Arsenal.
        2. He will never achieve his full potential with wenger, so it will not be fair to keep him at the club where his destiny will only be lose.
        The problem with Wenger is that he creates a dream like senario in his mind and he implements that on the team. For him., all opponents are the same, so he uses same approach for all. Wise managers win against him anytime.

    2. kev says:

      I just don’t know why people think Ox has been useless for all these six seasons.The only season where he was real bad was 15/16 where Wenger stifled his progress.Apart from that season he’s always been injury plagued causing him to have some bad performances.He’s had many good matches but it was just injuries which slowed him down.I also advice people to stop using stats to judge him.We’ve had a lot of statiscally useless players who have been rated and are still being rated by Arsenal fans.All Ox lacks is finishing that’s all.I don’t even think he’s improved like many people say.His dribbling and crossing was always good.His finishing has been lacking.He’s still the same player I’ve always known three seasons back yet people are behaving like he’s improved massively.

    3. kev says:

      How has the Ox improved?His dribbling and crossing have always been excellent.He still lacks end product.If anything he’s become more lucky with injuries and has more games for his development.I hate how people make him seem like he’s useless and now he’s improved.He’s not useless and has not improved.He still lacks end products in terms of finishing.The Ox is still the same player.All dribbling,crossing and no finishing but he’s not useless.

  2. John0711 says:

    As usual spot on

  3. John Ibrahim says:

    It seems that spending = ambition by fans

    Spend 1 billion = very ambitious

    instead of finding the issue and solving it

    Our main issue is we cant score goals yet no fans are interested in having an attacker or a finisher but a CB

    1. John0711 says:

      Spending doesn’t mean ambition but lack of solutions to th same issues shows no ambition
      If you have recurring problems you either fix them internally or you have to sign players unfortunately they cost money. Similar to the tickets we pay for they also are not free

    2. bran99 says:

      “It seems that spending = ambition by fans”, that’s so funny mate.. it’s a very seanseless statement from a fan today. You say instead of finding the issue and solve it, how many years have Wenger failed to find the “issue”? He is clueless and relies on his past glories and some of you here make him God.

      They say the whole world knows what’s wrong with Arsenal every season except one person, unfortunately that one special person holds the key to everything. Now you know “buying is showing ambition” coz even buying the right players is a nightmare to your master, always ends up with flops

      1. Mobella says:

        Well your statement that Wenger is the just show you are one of the clueless one. To be honest all arsenal fans are clueless as to what is actually the problem. We all focused and fixated on Wenger has the problem because his errors, his tactics, his buying and selling of players, and method of coaching is questionable and we loss site of where the problem lies. The problem has always being and will always be those that keep Wenger in the job. Will Wenger has this easy with Abrahamovic of Chelsea or Perez of R.Madrid or Henry of Liverpool. Our problem started when Stan took over.His ideal of success is what Wenger has come to see as success and therefore changed his skill set to what his boss perceives has success.

  4. muff d says:

    wheres the catalyst for change ? where is it?!
    i’ve looked :
    under the bed
    under my girls pert breasts
    in the garden
    behind the sofa (found a tenner woooo)

    where is it?!!!

    1. Hass says:

      I’ve also checked under his girls pert breasts…. definitely not there…

      1. Tas says:

        You guys are looking too high up ?

        1. Tas says:

          We are looking for a pair but down below ?

  5. kev says:

    JUST IN:Arsenal and Inter have not agreed any deal for Shkodran Mustafi.All reports saying so are lies.Wenger has told them he’s not for sale.
    Ox would’ve been sold two to three weeks back when Chelsea and Arsenal agreed a £37.5 deal with Chelsea for his transfer.However,Wenger stopped the board from selling him telling them that he’d rather let him go for free.

    1. xxnofx says:

      Give it a rest kev ,sky are reporting that all partys are keen(now i know who id rather believe).Maybe it wont happen, but dont come on here pretending to know about stuff when you have no idea like the rest of us .arsenal are 1 of the most secretive teams around when its comes to transfers ,we dont even know how much we buy players for seeing as its always for you to read twitter accounts or where ever you get this from just stop it .(LEMAR ANYONE ).

      1. kev says:

        I’m not reporting from Sky.I don’t even watch Sky news.The deal is off.Mustafi is staying.I don’t really care if you don’t believe me about the Lemar deal.The asking price of £55 was met.Man Utd bidded £50 yesterday which was also rejected.Lemar is staying.

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          how about your inconsistent news on Draxler?

          1. kev says:

            Which news on Draxler??Please don’t confuse me with Resource.I’m not the #LACALEMAR guy.

          2. John Ibrahim says:

            then are you #lacaraxler ??

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      Wenger cant let everyone go for free

      Ozil + Sanchez + Wilshere + Ox + BFB + Carzola = 200m

      Thats equate to 1 Neymar

  6. Brian Bowers says:

    Konstantin is 100% right but it seems we are farting against thunder.It is not a good feeling knowing we are again not in the competition simply because the manager wants to convert donkeys into racehorses.Painfull?????

  7. Anko says:

    I think 180 a week is good salary but if we compare it to what Sanchez and Ozil want then 180 is a child’s play and considering he will be signing some years. He will feel he can get better salary from other clubs and he is English, Chelsea and Man City are yet to have enough of home grown. As to weather he will play or improve his career with these clubs, am not so sure. Only few English players have gone to from one big club to another and then become a first team player. So money might be his reason.

  8. hide_TR07 says:

    I think the Ox is now the most threat in our squad. But if he wants to leave, just sell him and get the proper money.

    And if he should prove himself with Chelsea or Liverpool, that would tell us one truth: Wenger can’t make anything out of talented players.

    Look at our squad. Who would want to buy Walcott, Gibbs, Campbell or even Ozil? Their market values are much lower compared with the money Arsenal put in. Businesswise, Wenger is a failure, too.

  9. Frank says:

    I have no doubt that if Arsenal got a new manager at the end of last season and bought 4-5 first team players. Every single player with 1 year on their contract would of re-signed.
    It is Arsene Wenger. He is the reason why we haven’t bought more players in the summer and the reason why none of the players have re-signed since that toxic period last season.
    How the board hasn’t sold off the unwanted players is another issue that I just don’t understand.

    1. muff d says:

      totally agree .
      imagine if we went big for allegri
      dropped 200 mill on the table and kicked all our deadwood out.
      reckon sanchez/ox would say this club is not going anywhere?

      rvp saw it, many others did too

      1. Buddie says:

        Experiment with Wenger, drop the 200 million for him, mandate him to spend all or lose is job at least he’s staying for another 2 years

  10. xxnofx says:

    Cant blame him for wanting out tbh .He dosent want to play in a postion that hes never played ,i remember a few years back when people were asking wenger about poldski playing as a striker and he got upset and said well hes never played there before so he stays as a winger(because people were telling him what to do ) ,and now hes trying to play an attacker as a glorified right back and playing a number of players out of there postion when we have the right players for said postions .also hes been talking about sanchez again and hes bringing up the stadium debt once again (we get it we have a new stadium )time to move on that was 10 years ago now.

  11. denny'. says:

    …Wenger is finished; plain and simple, he doesn’t have anything else to offer the club. Starting from all the deadwoods he likes to accumulate, players dont want to sign new contracts, playing others out of position, since the day they decided to gave him those two yrs,now we are totally and completely finished.

    ……we are talking about competing in the europa league or may be put all our eggs in the premier league basket,but believe me, we are not ready to compete, coz we simply dont have the squad capable and also i doubt even the psychology of our players!, i tell you guys, if we lose today that Wenger out anthem will be back shortly as a result, our season will be over.

    ….then again, these rumours about Mustafi where are they coming from!, coz it seems now we are busy selling players we use very often while keeping hold of our beloved deadwoods!, yes coz why we sold Gabriel though he wasnt good enough, at the same time Gibbs is still around.!!

    i think the best transfer we can do now is to find another team for Wenger, even a loan deal will be good for me, i need to relaxx atleast for one season, tired of him very much.

  12. tobby1983 says:

    If you are a footballer, an ambitious one, at 24, you may have serious considerations before you commit another four or five years of your short carrier to playing under a manager like Wenger!
    These guys know Wenger wouldn’t go, so they can only choose to go to be free of him.
    We fans don’t have that luxury, though.

  13. Paul P says:

    Ask yourselves why did top players like RVP, Fabregas, Henry, Overmars, Nasri want to leave? They lost faith in the manager and ambitions of the club. Arsenal FC has been treading water for at least ten years now, it doesn’t move forward it just keeps going sideways. Only now, inevitably, it’s going backwards. Wenger enables the board and the board enables Wenger, they are not two separate entities. All the time Wenger is there the status qoue will continue. Wenger really is an enigma, it’s a bit like the emperor’s new clothes with him. He keeps telling all those who follow him that he’s wearing an Armani suit. Take a closer look, people. He’s actually stark naked! Fool me once then shame on you. Fool me twice then shame on me.

  14. Atid says:

    If I was any of the players with only 9 months remaining I would ask for a new contract for 21 months with an option to leave next summer for a reasonable preagreed fee if things had not improved. That way you get a pay rise that you know the club can afford, you get to see if you are selected where u want to be playing and you get to see if we qualify for the champions league. Everybody should be happy with that, as they are all contracted to that point anyway all get more money and the club get a fee if they leave next summer.

    1. Frank says:

      I would just leave. Wenger won’t change so if you aren’t happy, just go to another club with more ambition.

  15. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Wenger should play him in Central midfield. He is a truly versatile player. Wenger prefers forcing players to play out of position. OX can play on wings and center. He is one of our best subs

    1. Hass says:

      Rather see us just go back to a 4-2-3-1. Our players are much more suited.

      Bel Kos must sead
      Xhaka ram
      Ox. Ozil. Sanchez

      Why we fudging about with this new formation without 3 fit cb’s is absolutely beyond me. That way our 3 subs is giroud, welbeck and Theo into the forward 3 positions! Every player is in their preferred position…. feel like I’m going crazy here!!!

  16. Atid says:

    The thing for me is in the current formation the ox realistically can only get in the team ahead of bellerin or ramsey if everyone is fit. But when cazorla is fit he walks into the midfield and coquelin marches in too as he works best with Santi. If bellerin gets back to his best then the ox is benched. £200k for a bench warmer? No thanks, especially when young Nelson Reiss could come off the bench and do twice the job for 1/20th of the money. Just sell him, take the £20m plus profit and invest the £35m where it’s really neededand in someone who wants to play for the club

    1. Paul P says:

      Trouble is Wenger won’t invest the money. Also, who they going to get this late in the window? Of will go, but no one else will be coming in.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        Where are the fans when you need them to demand and protest for investment?

        5 days to go to the closure of the window….

        now is a good time to demand and not mid season disruption

  17. Henry Nwachukwu says:

    Why are you all blaming OX? Who wouldn’t want to leave given the state of things at the Club presently. Now represent the best time for any player that wants to leave not just OX. Have you seeing the fate of Debuchy, Walcot, Gibbs, Monreal, Welbeck and even Ozil: no club have come for the services of any of them. Same fate awaits OX if he fails to take advantage of the offers from Liverpool and Chelsea to leave the club. Arsenal is at best a team of mediocre players courtesy of Wenger. Am sure both Lacazete and Kolasinack and regretting their move to the club already. Their performance and value will decline under Wenger on the contrast, OX will end up a better player Conte and Klopp. Konstantine is once again right. I fear for tomorrow’s match, Cech has been embarrassed most playing against Liverpool in the shirt of Arsenal. Liverpool with their intensive and fast football under Klopp knows how to destroy Arsenal. I suggest that Ospina start tomorrow in place of Cech, either of Xhaka or Ramsey to give way for Coquelin, both of them must not play at the same time, if Sanchez is available play together with Lacazete and lastly, I do not understand Welbeck role currently in the team, try Iwobi for cohesion and penetrative play. Giroud should play from the bench as usual to provide option should the need arise.

    1. Gunners says:

      AOC is too inconsistent, no other manager will tolerate his many mistake like Wenger. He is just an overrated British players like many other

  18. Gooner Craig says:

    Why would any player want to be at a laughing stock of a club like AFC? Especially compared to Chelsea (I hate Chelsea with a passion as well, so will probably happen just to annoy me even more) lol I’m about a week away from giving up on Arsenal al until either AW or the board are gone!! Because we all know they won’t change, whether it’s down to stubbornness or (more likely) complete incompetence

  19. Ruelando says:

    I can remember Gnarby having a great two games with us and even scoring and he seemed to getting the confidence to be a part of the Arsenal first team, Wenger then crash his chance by immediately putting Ox back into the team who had been recovering from injury.. Gnarby was sent back to the youth where he then picked up a serious injury. Ox and Gnarby are quite similar, but the faith and loyalty that Wenger had put into his British core have now turn around to bite him.
    For me Ox does not owe Arsenal, but owes Wenger for sticking with him so long. Every member of the British core are fragile pieces of glass that are easily broken, anyone of these fragile glasses that moves on to a different club are going to be in for a shock of reality

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      can also remember fans restricting Gnabry to the bench, few Cup games and prefer a new signings instead

  20. Chambershit says:

    i really find it funny with all you coming here to support the ox now, he has been crap since his overrated price move from southampton. In case you disagree, I’ll break it down into few cases:
    first, he is injury prone (a la diaby type) with 198 games in over 6 years at 24years while bellerin already had over 220games at 22years despite breaking into the first team years earlier than the latter.
    secondly, his end product is crap (less than 50goals in over 6years and 198games) not to mention his chances created or assist compared to players far better and yet younger e.g. lamar, Isco, Dembele etc.
    Thirdly, his contribution against Bayern second leg shows how much possession he loses unlike ramsey and xhaka to mention but a few.

    Wenger had tried to make the best out of him by playing him in all wings possible but he even made walcott looked like a neymar in the right position and campbel looked like a Mehrez on the left wing. what about the midfield, he made wilshere looked like Rivaldo not to mention making ramsey look like Gerard.

    Ask yourself this one question, which role does he really fit in the England squad, I bet you want to ponder now…Please give wenger a break and I wish him all the best of lucks because he is just another glorified king benthner who think he his better zlatan Ibrahimovic and ronaldo put together.

    Please sell him and bring in lamar or mehrez I will even prefer draxler to the ungrateful la van pershit money monger.

  21. Draxler Preis Badenglish says:

    Draxler news?? He want to stay in Paris. Ist Kilian Mbappe comes he can go for 50-60 millions i think. Definitely a good deal for Arsenal. If Mbappe not goes to PSG his price will be 70-80 Millions

    1. John Ibrahim says:


      PSG would want to rotate and provide competition for each other

  22. ZA_Gunner says:

    A few years ago when Klopp was still at Dortmund, I was hoping it was the time for Wenger to step down and hopefully for Klopp to take over, but now we can only look on because he’s at Liverpool.

  23. Nothing changed says:

    As fans, we love to act all indignant what our players want to leave and we pretend they are only doing it for the money, or they don’t know anything about football or they should be loyal to the club (who are not loyal to them).

    There is a long list of players that left and were right to leave and clearly despite me hoping RVP was the last, the likes of Sanchez and Oz and Ozil are also rejecting Wenger’s vision of the future.

    I think if we are fair most of us are also doubting his vision of the future so how can we criticise the Ox for wanting to join a winner like Chelsea whilst our club is being sucked dry of all it ever was by two parasites Kroenke and Wenger?

    And isn’t it self-serving if Ox would be allowed to leave but Sanchez not? Everyone in football looks after their own interest both clubs and players, we as fans are just screwed because our club is not very good at looking after its own interests.

    I regret deeply that we have not learned from the RVP saga and have yet again allowed key players to enter the final year of their contract but I don’t blame the players for not wanting to be part of Wenger’s “vision” of the future. After all, they are much closer to the action than we are and have a better view of what is really happening and a better feel for how realistic it is for us to win a major trophy.

    If it was only about the money they would stay, there is no better place for collecting paychecks than Arsenal ask Theo, Gibbs, Wilshire, Ramsey etc.

  24. Vlad says:

    “I’ve been really thinking to myself “is it worth to write an article about this”? Nothing really will change even if I do” – should’ve stopped right there, Konstantin. No one needs another whiny post from you.

  25. Vlad says:

    Let me spell this for all of you – O X I S A B U M. He’s been with the club for close to 7 years, and he’s got 9 goals to show for it in 130 appearances. Overpriced, overhyped, overpaid, injury prone bum whose best “quality” is bombing forward like a headless chicken trying to take on three defenders at a time. If he’s worth 180k per week, then more than half the squad should be getting paid more. Once again, watch his “contribution” against Chelsea in pre-season game. Losing the ball, trying to track back, falling on his arse – that’s vintage Ox right there.

    P.S. Can we first play the game, Konstantin, or you don’t give us any chance at all tomorrow against Pool? What a whiny loser you are. Must be a “hoot” to hang out with.

  26. Carbon - 12 says:

    This is probably the worst article I have ever read on this site. There is absolutely not an iota of objectivity. My Arsenal FC is seriously in trouble and the biggest problem is we have no fans at all. All are either managers or pundits or both. Even when some of our players clearly show that they have no loyality to the club, we support them against the club. We hate Arsene so much that he cannot do anything right, which is impossible. We have plaid only two games this season yet we have lost the season according to our pundit-managers. Where are the Arsenal fans???

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