Is it better to finish the season behind closed doors or to wait until fans can return?

The Premier League has been on lockdown due to the outbreak of the coronavirus

The virus has ravaged through Europe and continues to spread very fast among the European nations.

UEFA has decided to postpone its Euros until next year to allow clubs to finish their fixtures.

This means that the Premier League would have to decide if they will complete the season with no fans in the stadiums or wait until mass gatherings are once again allowed.

I think this is a tricky situation and I don’t envy those who would have to decide the fate of the game.

However, I think it would be fine if the Premier League season can be ended with teams playing behind closed doors.

It would be boring for the players on the pitch and spectators watching at home, but I do believe that it would be the best option because this season has to be concluded.

If this suspension lingers, the season might have to be cancelled and that would be too much for fans of the likes of Liverpool and Leeds United.

Arsenal is also fighting for a European place and the cancellation of the season would mean that they would get an automatic return to Europe, but I still think that it won’t be fair on the other teams.

The ambience that the fans bring to the stadium would be missed and some teams that rely heavily on their gate fees would suffer financial losses, but this season has to be finished and the earlier, the better.

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  1. I find it difficult to believe that any games will be played to complete the season. The height of the virus is predicted as end of June and then another tree months to get back to any type of normality, that’s October/November. If the season is not finished as it stands I think the best can be hoped is some kind of closed doors scenarios .

  2. Matches being played behind closed doors seem to be the only viable option. Of course there are financial implications, but it cannot be helped and the sooner the season gets over the better.

  3. I agree also. The Australian Football League has just played its opening game for the season at the MCG. Normally a match that attracts 80000 or 90000, it was played behind closed doors. No atmosphere of course, but the game got played and was broadcast on free to air tv. Providing players and support staff are virus free, I see no reason why the EPL cannot do the same and get the season finished.

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