Is it finally Walcott’s time to move on from Arsenal?

Theo Walcott is claimed to be a possible departure come January, with Arsenal believed to have told him to play for his future.

The winger joined the club as a 16 year-old from Southampton back in 2016, and despite huge expectations and potential, has struggled to make major waves for the Gunners.

Walcott is currently Arsenal’s longest serving star, clocking up 12 years with the club come January, but unfortunately for him loyalty counts for nothing, as we look to offload the speedster.

West Ham, Everton and former club the Saints are all believed to be keen on his potential arrival, but the stumbling block on any potential deal would likely be his wage demands.

Walcott is believed to be amongst the club’s highest earners at present, earning a reported £110,000 a-week, and the forward would no doubt hope to better his current terms in order to switch.

The 28 year-old has just over 18 months remaining on his current contract, and is said to have been told that he will not be offered a new one unless he can prove he is deserving of one, and with him currently struggling to break into the starting line-up, that may well prove too tough to achieve.

Theo has bagged himself goals in his starts against both Doncaster and Cologne this term already, but his overall appearances are thought to have left little impression on his French boss.

His battle for first-team action has not been helped by the change to a 3-4-2-1 system last term, and he now has to battle with the likes of Alexandre Lacazette, Olivier Giroud, Danny Welbeck, Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil, Alex Iwobi and Jack Wilshere for a spot in the front three.

Is it time Walcott decided to quit the club? Could he earn an extended stay? Will one of his potential suitors be able to meet his wage demands?

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  1. Tony says:

    at his age he should have been a regular player.110k wage is too much for him.player like harry kane earns less than him

  2. Twig says:

    Walcott is suffering because of our change in formation not necessarily a lack of form. Last season he and Sanchez formed a deadly partnership (those two seem to work well together). Then Theo got injured, which gave the OX a chance to take his place. This season he’s our second highest goal scorer despite playing fewer games than our other forwards. Yes, for his career, and since Arsenal fans never show him some love it might be time to move on. A club like Everton or even a foreign club like Wolfsburg or Villarreal might be a good fit for him. I rate him.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Does this report give you some idea of Walcott’s standing in the EPL?
      ‘Now, Walcott is reportedly set to leave the club in the January transfer window with Everton, Southampton and West Ham all keen on his signing.’ Clue – checkout the league positions of those teams.

  3. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    He needs to go. We need to accommodate Nelson into the first team NOW. He is a top top player already at a young age and needs to play in the EPL and not the reserve league.

    1. chris says:

      In our now established formation with 3 at the back etc Theo does not easily fit in. Though he has worked hard on his finishing he is not a great player technically and does not have much of a football brain. Plus he happens not to be big or strong. Nelson needs to be introduced slowly and carefully. He is only 17 FFS.

  4. Uchman says:

    Walcot has over 100 goals for arsenal fc,i don’t think there is any English wiger currently playing top flight football that has scored more goals, the change in formation might not have done him any good,buh for d fact that dude is our 2nd top scorer despite playing fewer games and considering that dude was our 2nd top scorer last season shows his importance to this club,since it’s obvious he has lost d love of d fans who prefers a flamboyant buh less effective player I think he should go to where he will be more valued,i love theo,very cool headed and very hardworking,his records r there for all to c

    1. chris says:

      We no longer have a place for a winger who cannot defend. He cannot fit in.

  5. John Ibrahim says:

    Walcott chances are up…

    hes 29yo and its over

    Wenger knows it and its obvious

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    If his salary wasn’t so high I would have been fine keeping him as he is a good bench player but his high salary could go to someone who really deserves it

    Also, at his age he should be a starter by now.

    Wenger is not good at letting go though

  7. Gunner4Life says:

    Theo needs to up His game.. Yes.. He has scored some goals this term.. But His finishing is still not good enough.. But what were the Arsenal’s board doing during the summer? Should’ve offloaded Him n other such players in the summer itself.. There was a good chance to sell them at a good price.. Why is it that the board wakes up at the very last moment? N even if We do sell.. We all know what replacement We bring in…. #COYG

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Hopefully selling Walcott would give Nelson a chance to shine – but then we have to hope Wenger plays him in the correct position instead of trying one of his interminable and useless experiments and screwing up the whole team.

  8. arsenal4life says:

    In 2009 Stan Kroenke became
    Arsenal’s major shareholder.
    Sustainability became the new mantra.
    The manager who long forgot how to win titles
    brought in a slew of mediocre players
    who play passionless football in a soulless stadium.
    Walcott Gibbs Chamberlain Ramsey Chambers
    Wellbeck Wilshere Jenkinson Coquelin became the
    quintessentially Arsenal archetypes.
    Never good enough to win the league and definitely
    absolutely definitely never good enough to win the ECL.
    The fan base living off past glories, false promises and endless excuses
    are now comfortably numb and immune to the taunts of winning clubs fans.
    Walcott is probably the best of these vastly overpaid
    under performing championship quality pretenders
    all protected by their British quota home grown status.
    A couple of stars Ozil and Sanchez gave hope but
    they both have lost interest and want out .
    A title seems just as far away as ever.
    The 68 year old manager is slowly making changes
    which should have been made years ago.
    Chamberlain and Gibbs gone Gabriel too.
    Wilshere Mertz Cazorla in the last year of their contracts.
    He is trying to nudge others out early.
    Cech 2019 Koz 2020 Monreal 2019 Chambers 2020
    Walcott 2019 Giroud 2020 Wellbeck 2019 Perez 2020
    The club grinds snail speed toward the Managers farewell season in 2019.
    Mr Burns of the Simpsons comes to mind 🙂
    What if he gets an extension?

    1. COYG_CA says:

      . . . “release the hounds!”

  9. Shortboygooner says:

    You people are crazy. The man can do nothing right. Sorry he is a good player. Maybe not sanchez levek but scores more than welbeck and giroud. He is a class back up like giroud is. I am happy to keep hin especialy since sanchez and ozil are on their way out. I am pretty sure if we see walcott go to liverpool or everton he will do very well. He is too good for west ham or saints. Fans need to give him a break. He could have 9 goals in 6 years like a certain ox who just left us

    1. Sue says:

      Just as well as Ox is doing at Liverpool right??!!!!

  10. OxInTheBox says:

    almost 12 years, and he is just not good enough. speed and the ability to sometimes break the oppositions offside trap- those qualities allow him to score. but poor finishing, can’t dribble, losses the ball easy, bad crosses, no football brain- means he is just not good enough. against the tougher teams or against teams that don’t allow him space, he is useless.
    use him to get VVD, give his play time to iwobi and nelson.

  11. john_gatal says:

    he should go lo
    ng lo
    ng lo
    ng lo
    ng lo
    ng lo
    ng time ago

  12. jon fox says:

    When this dreadful Weed Walcott – known simply by the name Weed in our household – finally, and eleven years too late already, leaves, the champagne will be swilling for us. How can such a non productive, bone idle, falling over when a shadow comes near him, injury prone, huge unearned waged player ever be kept at a top club so long, is one of lifes mysteries to me and many of my Arsenal friends, plus all my family. I knew he was a lazy, bone idle weed after his first half dozen games, over ten years ago and have been pointing out this clear truth ever since. Now, finally, most fans have come round to agreeing.

  13. the barrel says:

    Fans are complaining about 110k/week for Walcott, and they still want Ozil to sign new contract worth 300k/week. Walcott is prolific in front of goals than Ozil. They might be all weak in defending, but Walcott’s overall performance is better than Ozil’s.
    Really I dont understand this hatred towards Walcott. Giroud reached 100 goals from 234 games, but instead people can praise Giroud. Even Ramsey, fans can praise Ramsey more than Walcott. Walcott is better than three players that I’ve mention. PERIOD

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