Is it now or never for Eddie Nketiah?

This week Arsenal’s Eddie Nketiah captained England’s Under 21, got a hat-trick inside 10 minutes, scored the following game and is one goal away from equalling Alan Shearer’s record for his country’s under age group. By Dan

Arteta has always stressed that everyone will be judged by form not reputation(apart from Ozil), so it makes sense to take advantage of any momentum the striker might have from International Duty.

Considering Lacazette’s lack of preparation, this weekend could be a huge opportunity for Eddie.

For any graduate from our academy starting in the Premiership, it is a big deal, but there are different rules if you play up front.

Where as Reiss Nelson and Joe Willock can get away with having flaws in their game, a centre forward is mostly judged on the chances he misses or converts. Especially when you consider he’s an old fashioned striker, based on he does most of his work in the penalty area, hence the comparison to a Ian Wright, unlike a Laca who holds the ball up or Auba who works the wings.

The 21 year old can boast 3 goals in 21 League outings, but that was at a period where the campaign was largely a write off.

With some Gooners now predicting a title challenge this will be the true test of if he can handle the pressure of playing for a club our size. Even if I personally think it’s ludicrous to suggest we can make up a 43-point gap on Liverpool based on two signings, there is no doubt you do need mental strength to play for the Gunners.

You don’t score in a few games for a Newcastle, it’s not the end of the world, any drought at Arsenal, it gets talked about and debated.

That’s why I think a loan to a mid-table club could be beneficial for his development. He doesn’t need to prove his talent, he wouldn’t have made it this far without it, but what seperates a player from being at a mid table club to a top four one is coping with the demand to win every week, and in Eddie’s case, to score regularly.

Arsenal often create plenty of chances during 90 minutes so it’s not like Nketiah wouldn’t get a chance to score goals at the Emirates. As much as I see that he’s a poacher, he’s also missed big chances in matches.

I just need to see if he has the personality to be at this level. Unlike a Saka he plays like he’s grateful for the opportunity rather than believing this is his stage.
I just sense it’s now or never for Eddie, and if you really believe his time is now, he’s 150-1 shot for the Golden Boot.

Has Nketiah done enough to warrant a regular role in Arsenal’s first-team?

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    1. Well said Goonerboy. We forget he is still young. He is definitely moving in the right direction and he will only improve more so its not NOW or NEVER. The lad doesn’t need that kind of pressure. Let him continue to grow and shine….

    2. It’s also the EPL and he’s also playing for Arsenal where you have to take your chances and make an impact. There is so much young talent in the league and Eddie is lagging behind the best of the best. He should be trying to take Laca’s starting spot this season honestly.

    3. hes young but he needs regular football to improve…

      at 21 yo he cant be a bench warmer for long periods of time….

  1. I like the kid, but he wont make it. Knew it as soon as Bielsa didn’t want to take him back.

    Emotions aside, Eddie isnt good enough for Arsenal. Hope he proves me wrong

    1. U think he won’t make it, just because Bielsa won’t take him back?… that’s a funny way of making assessments or drawing conclusions. Did you have the same feeling after Pulis’ statement about Gnabry?, and shouldn’t Nketiah’s scoring record for England U 21 account for anything in your assessment?, he’s young and has a lot to learn. It’s good he has Aubameyang and Lacazette as mentors, so….. I hope he works hard and proves you wrong (on that we agree 🙂)

      1. You clearly dont know who Bielsa is do you. Leads was the perfect team for Eddie to learn and hone his skills, since the way Bielsa plays his teams are the way great managers today try emulate.

        Bielsa thought Eddie didn’t make the cut for his team(which was in the championship mind you), which should be big alarm bells already.

        You really need to take emotions out and think about it like this. For our young striking option would you rather we gave opportunities to Eddie or Martinelli? Who’s a better prospect?

  2. I wish the lad well but I don’t see what strengths he can build on. He is not especially fast nor skilfu l- just OK. He is not a great taker nor maker of chances – just OK. . I believe his career will be at Championship level.

  3. He will improve this season. Arteta will have spoken to him about what needs to be improved on. Arteta doesn’t need to point on him on the influence he had on sterling and others which improved their game. The way city have gradually brought foden through is the correct way , gradually . Cutting out mistakes , improving decision making and being more effective . It’s the same that these young arsenal players need. The damage caused by Emery who had no game plan and offering no direction to the young players is evident in guendozhi who after a few bright months just became a player of actually doing nothing. Wenger would play these youngsters as he knew they were ready and could handle it.

    Nketiah can still learn from aubemeyang, lacazette and those players such as pepe, willian etc .

  4. Utter nonsense . Go look up games Eddie played at Leeds. He either scored assisted or impacted those games . Most times he was more effective than bamford . The coach preferred bamford . Every coach has a preference . If it was left to you Henry wont have been a striker , Kanu would never have succeeded etc . It is insane to say someone who is about to beat Alan Shearer’s record wont make it .

  5. Needs to improve. As he is right now he’ll be a bench player for Arsenal at best, which I’m sure that isn’t what he wants. Hope to see Eddie work hard and make some real progress this season. He will also have to compete with Martinelli when he comes back to fitness. Eddie must push Lacazette and make an impact with the chances he’s given. Way too often he is missing goalscoring chances he simply cannot afford to be if he wants to be a regular in this side.

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