Is it now time for the Arsenal fans to judge Wenger?

Is it time to judge Wenger now? by Konstantin Mitov

The Europa league. Pathetic, shambolic. The end of Sanchez and Ozil. Where are the AKBs now? Judge him in May, they said. And I am ready for the hammer of Justice.

It will be a disaster of catastrophic magnitudes if he stays. The worst thing is he will. Just look at the state the club is in. No idea of the contracts of the 3 most important people at the club. No top 4, fan protests, and complete inactivity from the board.

Incredible. We don’t react to situations on time and that’s why we are 5th. Well deserved too. Next is the FA cup. We go there in good form, but so do Chelsea and they will beat us, but hopefully this will push change.

This summer will see all the wrong changes. Even if we replace the coaching staff it’s just throwing dust in our eyes. New yes man and no real change. The transfers will also speak volumes.

This is the biggest downfall in so many years. This is the result of ignorance and arrogance. The product of never caring for winning. This is well deserved and I only hope it triggers change. In 2 weeks time the devil’s new contract will be announced and that will be the end for me.

Until he leaves, nothing else matters like Metallica said. Top 6 will now be Wengers new top 4. The fa cup final is the last game where you can say Wenger out one last time and show we mean something.

Sadly if we were to change him, the media would’ve surely known. I am desperate for change. This is the best chance to get rid of him we’ll ever get. If he doesn’t leave, expect nothing, cause that’s what you will get.

Time to sack sentiment and clear the Deadwood like Ramsey, Walcott, Gibbs, Mertesacker, Giroud and so on. It’s a long list. Time for a rebuild, a fresh start. Hopefully with a new manager. Unlikely though.



  1. twig says:

    It has been a wonderful 10 years (1996 – 2006) Wenger. But now, it’s time to say goodbye.

    1. Joe says:

      If the board has any real interest in making the team great again,they will give Allegri whatever he wants to manage Arsenal and give a once revered manager a dignified send off.

      1. Wolf says:

        hear hear

  2. John0711 says:

    Bye bye wenger no more lies say Ta ta and enjoy the final we will give you a good seeing off. If you care about the club leave

    1. Jimbeam says:

      I just read the whole transcript of his after match interview and all i have to say is

      Arsene you are one arrogant SOB. Probably the worst i’ve ever seen. Your narcissism can only be matched by Drumpf.

      1. Tony says:

        Seriously, that man is damn too arrogant…still putting the blame not himself but on fans and their pressure on him…this will just go a long way to show that this team is no way close to taking a leap for change to occur

  3. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    You know it’s Super Sad times when the actual Europa league were welcoming Arsenal fc to the competition after the end of today’s games, with full logo and a see you next season message. ?

    1. Admin says:

      That was a spoof account!

      1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

        Lol it looked good to me Boss ?? did your spam detector detect that Sir? ??

        1. Admin says:

          Check how ‘EuropaLeague’ is spelt in the user name on Twitter……

  4. khangunners says:

    One of the fans who had has enough is the author konstatin. Just reading his articles you can tell how much the guy is hurt. Sadly we hve some fans who are in a dream and cant see that we are in a shock state at the moment…its shocking to say the least. If use mathematical terms our k (downfall ) is now bigger than ever. We need a miracle to sort this mess. I recall one press conference where wenger was saying we need to try europa maybe we hve a better shot at winning it. It shocked me coz at the time we were in a good position in the league and europa was like a wrong dream. Forward to today and boom we are in europa and wenger is on the verge of signing an extension. Will we sign the players we need

    1. Vlad says:

      Hurt? No, Konstantin is not hurt, he’s just downright crazy. The guy is mental, and I’m not sure even lobotomy is going to help in this case. He claims to be an Arsenal fan, but he’s far from it. He has a huge hard on for Wenger for some reason, and my guess it has something to do with daddy issues. He broke the rules of this forum several times, and I can’t believe he’s still not banned.

      1. Elliot says:

        So because Konstantin has an opinion, he has daddy issues, has a hard-on for arsene and he’s mental? I actually quite like articles Konstantin posts and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Even if you don’t agree with him, you could at least respect him and not bash him for speaking out.

  5. Kieran Daly says:

    Once again KM you are spot on. We all know that the club is in serious decline and although I hate to say it , it would have been a travesty if Arsenal had pipped Champions League like so many, many other seasons.
    Perhaps not being there will make them realise that they have to fight to be there.
    As for Wenger , I have gone past white hatred and just hope that when he manages next year that the club will start bringing in major appointment’s that will start changing the club for success. Wenger out is really the very, very simple answer but I think we need to wait 12 months for it

  6. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Wenger blamed the hostility of his future on Arsenal’s failure.
    Yup, his switching the blame onto the fans… Again!

    1. philpalmer17 says:

      Didn’t walk round in honour of the fans after the game either did he?

      1. RSH says:

        he had no wenger trophy to flaunt this time

  7. Arsenal will never soon be in the UEFA Champions League.

  8. vinie2000 says:

    Kostantin, I always agree with your articles as it is the way i think about our beloved club.
    people are pointing out that is Kroenke’s fault but the reality is Koroenke did not buy yaya Sanogo, Kallstrom, Park Yung and last year Takuma Assano ( loaned to germany ) to mention few of the average players got in transfers.Kroenke gave 100 million last summer so why not going for Abumayang at that time for 60-70 millions or Lacaztte ( 40 – 50 reports in Spain indicate he’s going to Atletico )and another 30-40 millions for DM ( we got Xhaka but i believe next season the guy will be much better ) so the lack of reinforcing the Key positions needed is his fault. We got Lucas a decent player and he’s been rotten to the bench or ignored all season long preferring the lamppost up front. tactically outdated, benching Alexis v Liverpool , mving Alexis to the wings for 7 games when he was scoring free so OG ( 1 goal every 10 games ) was our main aerial target. defeats against Palace, Watford, West brom to mention horrendous games. the scout team is the worse in Europe never find someone better than the ( injured prone kept for many years , overrated like Ramsey and theo ) , letting our best player contract run out, NO AMBITION TO KEEP HIM. Guardiola said just last week. Bayern or Barca would have sacked him If he did not deliver the title but Arsenal keep faith after 13 years in Arsene. Kostantin, we need to get united. there is not hatred towards Wenger but it is time he GOES. deadwood out and let’s start again. we can not be afraid of changes we need to be patient with a new coach, were not we for 13 years? keep writting my friend, some like it some do not but it is the fact we have become laughing stock in EPL and Europe.

    1. Lexynal says:

      But Wenger bought Henry, Viera, Van Persie, Sanchez….

      1. RSH says:

        nobody said Wenger was never a good manager, but he has failed to keep up with the game. It’s clear as day. And are we really giving him credit for scooping up Sanchez? He started for Barcelona, you don’t really need to have a keen eye for that.

  9. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    I’m trying to imagine Sanchez and Ozil playing in the Europa league ?… ?… ?… ?… ??nah, I just can’t see it, I’m afraid.

    1. Vlad says:

      If Ibra and Pogba can do it, so can those two.

  10. JamButWhiner says:

    The AKB crowd have been brainwashed into being short term thinkers. If there is a bad result Wenger says nothing about its cause (because he might not know it) but instead says “we have to respond in the next game”, pushing the focus one game ahead. More often that not the next game didn’t provide a response.

    Now the AKB fans will try to focus on the next thing, the transfer window and a “rebuild”. All pipe dreams. They have a problem though because of it not so easy to blame Kroenke (although he doesn’t go without blame for failing to see Wenger has been left behind). It was Kroenke who gave Wenger 90 million this past transfer window, it was Wenger who said he didn’t need anyone the summer before. We have one of the highest wage bills in the PL and we all know not a single player signs a new contract without Wenger’s blessing. So Kroenke is of the table for the poor results on the pitch. Hell, Wenger even admitted at the beginning of the season that this was one the best squads he has had in a long time. Yet failure was equally assurd as every other previous season under his management in recent history.

    Whether Arsenal finished 4th of 5th to a real Arsenal fan would not have changed the realities of Wenger’s failings and his failings are not from the last 10 meaningless games, no they are over the last 3-5 seasons and arguably longer. Thisd is top sport, this is football, today if you don’t deliver and held onto your job for 5 years you have been paid every opportunity to show what you can do and you don’t deserve more time. It is not complcated.

    On the other hand the true Arsenal fans have not been brainwashed and look at Wenger’s performance over a period longer than 1 or 10 games and what they see is that Arsenal have made no progress on the pitch, showing the same mental and physical frailties they have for a long long time with their competitors with fewer funds and lower wage bills leaving Arsenal in the dust.

    Wenger has to go it is becoming embarrassing and pitiful. Not because of the last 10 games or this poor season. No because he has had more than a fair chance to prove he had not lost it but failed.

    Be gracious mr Wenger and step aside with all your wealth and give an other manager a chance, we as Arsenal fans don’t care if the other manager is no better than you, we just want to see a fresh face with fresh ideas and ambition. We fully realize that after you leaving the team out of the CL and without any world class players that the next manager might need years to bring us back to where we belong but we accept that because it is the reality. What we can’t accept is you collecting an other 8 million for playing Ramsey and Giroud.

    1. JohnSouttar says:

      It is a great club, always entertaining, with a brilliant manager – it is now worth over £2billion but our home games have no home advantage. If you boo at half time you may be there for something other than our great club can give you and that is what has brought us down, caused our captains to leave just when we were poised to triumph and enabled their new clubs to win those cups instead. What decent manager would want to come to us and get cut to pieces week after week whether we hit the top 4 for 22 years running and live in the top 16 European clubs? What decent players will come if other clubs will actually support them? But you see I have been an Arsenal fan since the 1950 ’s and remember where we were before Wenger.

      1. jacksparrowww says:

        Will Wenger be at Arsenal forever? Deluded fan, change is the only constant thing so its time. # wengerout

      2. JamButWhiner says:

        Then you surely must also remember George G? He brought us more PL per year in charge than Wenger did. It is putting your club down if you tell yourself that Wenger is bigger than the club and if you blame the fans for the results and not the manager and the players. Arsenal was a great club before Wenger arrived and will be a great club again long after he is gone. Arsenal is much bigger than Arsene and one day you will remember that too.

        Arsenal fans are no better or worse than Barca or Bayern or any other club’s fans. The only difference is that they don’t ask their manager to be fired after one poor season or less like at those clubs. No Arsenal fans stood by their manager for the last 13 largely barren years where we failed to win another PL. So please don’t blame the fans that are plain ridiculous.
        The fans are being mugged by Arsene and the club and pay the highest ticket prices.

        If you think we won’t be able to attract good plays or managers how do you explain Spurs? They are nowhere near as big a club as we are but they managed to attract a young talented manager who developed and attracted players talented enough to get into the top 4 and compete for the PL title a lot longer than we have for the past two years. I won’t even mention Liverpool.

        The top 4 is not the end all be all. Chelsea was out and got back in it and I for one don’t doubt that Man U will get back in it as well, Liverpool is back in it. Phases of success come and go, Real Madrid just won the La Liga for the 1st time in the last 5, the difference is during that period they kept trying with investing in their squad and changing managers.
        Liverpool had a long period of underperformance and financial difficulty now it looks like they are back and not in the least because they found a hungry manager.

        Had Wenger left after his last PL title and allowed us to recruit Pep or Klopp, chances are we would not even have dropped out of the top 4. Now we face a prolonged period out of the top 4 because of Wenger and the state of this squad. But that is ok so long as we try to get back by starting a new journey with a new manager. These Arsenal fans are used to support their manager had we signed Allegri we would have given him time. Even Pep needs time.

        What is unacceptable is not to remember the past 8 years and not ask why another year of Wenger in charge would give an other result. What is even more unacceptable is just be happy with a top 4 place.

    2. JembutArsene says:

      We should focus on the next thing, the transfer window and a “rebuild”.

      1. Janssen says:

        Hahaha! Yes, should we sign Lacazette or Griezman? Or should we be really ambitious and sign Aubamayang?

  11. bran99 says:

    Midkemma is always the first to reply to KM’s articles, where is he hiding today? Or you just woken up from your sleep dreaming of winning the UCL with your master? Your dream Ian over man, Europa is the new CL, Thursday nights at the emirates.. damn you AKBs, hope you are happy now

  12. Trudeau says:

    Everybody is talking about what a great year the Spurs have had. Here’s a question – if they repeat their last two seasons for another six – i.e. eight years of CL football but no trophy, do they become the laughing stock of Europe and fire Pottechini?

    For the record I’d like to see Wenger replaced by someone with fresh ideas but can we calm down on the vitriol? KM you’re on about eleven right now, try dialling it back to a six or seven.

  13. ojay says:

    Wenger and the club are unbelievable.just pathetic.we have become the biggest joke in football.sad times to B a gooner

    1. Trudeau says:

      That line – Arsenal is the biggest joke in football – gets thrown around a lot. I think it is probably true, mainly because there are Arsenal fans who keep saying it and most rational football fans would say “look at those Arsenal fans with their sense of entitlement, they are the biggest joke in football”

      1. ojay says:

        But it still remains the fact.we are the biggest joke in football.I have no recent bragging rights whatsoever amongst other club fans.i have to revert to the past anytime I want to brag about my team.poooif

        1. RSH says:

          even Liverpool don’t have to go far back as us

        2. RSH says:

          but we could be spurs… And that just shows how low Arsenal are going… We have to compare ourselves to spurs to make us look good.

        3. neil says:

          two fa cup wins in last 3 years and another final next week
          someonr just wrote that Arsenal fans seeemed to think theyre entitled to win every year and shout abuse at the managers and players at the same time..
          sadly a lot of young supporters now at Arsenal with this get rich quick mentality and who have never done anything in their own lives

  14. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Face the facts lads, Wenger is now willing to except change to remain in charge. Maybe that’s why he delayed signing his new contract because at that time (last year) he didn’t agree with it, but now he knows that he has nothing to bargain with and with plenty of ?? splurged on the fan, he is now ready with cap in hand, to sign to the boards wishes.

    The positives were our usual late winning streak, which just goes to show that qualifying for the champions league is the only thing that this regime will fight for. As sad and horrific as that may sound, it’s now a fact that achieving the bare minimum is all that counts @Arsenal.

  15. Thierryzil says:

    Ouch! This is my worst season as an Arsenal supporter. The ridicule from fans of the tiny totts burns into my skin.

    Whether others want to admit it or not, truth is sticking with Wenger shows we have no ambition. Wenger has lost his hunger.

    I so envy the spuds with Pochettino right now. He’s turned Dier into a beast in midfield alongside Wanyama. If we had Wanyama, you can bet Wenger would turn him into a vegetable.

    Our rivals are on the up with hungry, class managers and if we don’t fix our end now that we still have the chance we will be in real danger soon!

  16. ArseOverTit says:

    I had judged Wenger long before he specified when we could.

    wenger can be found guilty by me and others but there are far too many others willing to bail him out. You see he is good for their racket and we the true fans are the ultimate victims.

  17. odein4 says:

    I still love you Wenger u sure know best, seeing Walcott, Ramsey, Giroud, Matsacker, Gibbs n U as the coach in d europa would be interesting to watch… Arsenal Fans in England should share d blame, u stood by this failure for far too long allowed the rot to spread now even some fans feel 4th is OK n that Wenger is a messiah… now d fall starts cos it’s going to get worse

    1. stubill says:

      And which far-flung land are you from?

      1. odein4 says:

        Hey Stubill I stay awake far in Japan sometimes by 5am to watch matches n then we play like a bunch of kids n after d match Wenger either blames d weather, pitch, D referee, D fans inability to support d team, fatigue n Even d color of the jersey for d teams poor performance.. for my health I have started supporting Madrid as I can’t stand to support any other team in England n as far as I know Arsenal ain’t qualifying for d Champions League anytime soon… u guys in England supporting Arsenal are to be blamed too u accepted Mediocrity for far too long n it has become d standard at the club…

  18. gmv8 says:

    At this point in time, I think we should concentrate our ire more on Kroenke than on Wenger. Wanting Kroenke out is something that unites all fans, together we are stronger and Kroenke has been responsible for a lot of where we find ourselves. He could’ve helped towards the building of the stadium than rather buying another ranch, but no, he humiliated us by making us sell our best players to make the payments.

    Kroenke is at his weakest for a long time, lets chant the ‘Kroenke out’ song at Wembley, he will be there and it will be beamed around the world. HUGE embarrassment for him.

    1. odein4 says:

      How do u think we can achieve that? We couldn’t even take Wenger an employee of d club out n u are suggesting we kick d major share holder out.. Arsenal failed as a club as soon as it started d business model preferring money rather than success on n off the field n fans accepted it allowing mediocrity as a standard… now 6th place will be accepted as d new standard with fans agreeing that it’s good

  19. philpalmer17 says:

    I’ve said for past 2 years get Allegri

  20. MPDwn says:

    Kroeke needs to leave. Or both he and Wenger will stay.

    Wenger, I loved you, but you have destroyed your legacy…

  21. Clergy says:

    It’s really painful and humiliating to see Henry go to Barca and win the Champions League, Clichy and Nasri go to City and win the league, RvP go to Man U and win the league, and now Fabregas has gone to Chelsea and has won the league. Interestingly, all these players won nothing under Wenger but became pivotal in their new teams winning titles. This says a lot about how Wenger brings the best out of his players. It’s humiliating seeing Fabregas being the latest ex Arsenal player to win the title with another club, so humiliating.

  22. Vlad says:

    First and foremost, good win… and with 10 men nonetheless. Secondly, F OFF, Konstantin.

    1. kklin says:

      Do u honestly think arsenal won against everton because they were the better team or simply because everton played like they had nothing to fight for?

  23. Vlad says:

    5 wins in a row; 75 points (more than last season when we finished 2nd); beat Soton and Stoke away; finally beat Mou and his billion dollar squad; and still have FA Cup final to play. Yes, other teams have improved, but so have we. New formation was probably introduced a bit too late, but we’re going into the summer in good form. Don’t care much about not making CL and playing in Europa league because we’re not quite on par with the likes of RM, Juve, Barca, and Bayern yet. But you can say the same about Chelsea, City, Spurs, and Pool who will not get a sniff at a CL crown. So yeah, nice article, Konstantin. Go and hang yourself because Wenger is staying, and so are the loyal fans like myself.

    1. Janssen says:

      I forgot we beat Soton and Stoke away. Our season was a success now. Hope we can beat them again next season. Maybe we can make that a trophy for a while until we get back into the top 4?
      We can call it the SotonStoke trophy and it will be symbolic for a good season.

      How far have you fallen, Vlad? Mentioning the Soton and Stoke games as prove of our great season?

  24. Vlad says:

    Wenger is not the enemy, and I can’t believe people don’t recognize that. Kroenke…that’s the devil who doesn’t care about anything but money. So pray that he sells his stake in Arsenal to Usmanov. If he doesn’t, whether Wenger stays or goes is irrelevant.

    1. G-Force says:

      Errr, you might want to tell that to your god, Ar$ene lol. All you Wenger loyalists still trying to deflect the blame from your him to Stan need to do yourselves a favor and see his post-match interview:

      “I respect Stan Kroenke a lot, he’s not at fault if we did not reach the Champions League tonight,” Wenger said. “It’s the technical department that is responsible for that. I don’t see what he has to do with that.”

      I don’t think I need to elaborate more as it’s the same old story season after season with this clown manager in charge. Time for change!!!!

    2. RSH says:

      hilarious. You are right about Kronke being an enemy, but for the wrong reasons. And the reason is he hasn’t demanded a clueless fossil like Wenger to be sacked. If he had any ambition Wenger would be gone. You complain about Kroenke so much, what exactly has he done that is so evil? He HAS given Wenger money. We spent a ton last summer, we have Ozil, we have Alexis, we have one of the highest wage bills. An owners two main objectives should be to make sure the finances are in order, to keep the club on the level of the competition, and to make sure the culture of the club maintains a high standard. And Kroenke is a HUGE failure in the latter department because he lets Wenger do whatever he wants and demands no trophies from him. All he cares about is money. BOTH of them need to leave. Even if Usmanov was to take over, Wenger would win nothing. Wenger is buying players, he’s just an outdated, clueless manager and his time is up. Wake up and see that.

      1. Vlad says:

        If I don’t do my job, I get fired. That’s how it works. So when Kroenke pays Wenger 8.5 mil /year and he still keeps him around, rest asure that he’s doing his job, and he’s doing it well.

        1. JembutArsene says:

          Kudos, Vlad.

          Truth’s always hurting them the ignorant angry mob with no reasons.

    3. odein4 says:

      Man u amaze me u have accepted Mediocrity also Pls wake up the man owns major shares n I personally think he loves d money he’s getting n so does Wenger… take a good look at the club n be happy cos next season you will be fighting for 10th position under Wenger…

    4. Janssen says:

      Of course, he cares about money but he also gave Arsene 90 million to invest and supports the fact that we have one of the highest wage bills in the PL. So I am afraid you can not blame Stan for our sorry season unless you believe and other 20 million or so would have gotten us the PL title.

      The fact is you can give Wenger 1 billion and the result would still be the same. I know it hurts and I know to some people change is scary but it is coming one way or another because Wenger won’t live forever.

  25. Arsenal real fans vote with your feet.

  26. John says:

    Of course Wenger knows it is time for him to be judged by the fans…..or rather his options to delay what we all know is done….finished……a new contract……..he wants to minize the backlash…..he is speaking in soft tones…..sort of appealing for another chance…..but the man had his chance……..double figures of years without any EPL nor champions league trophy…….the man is not a good coach…..inflexible…..deluded……..can’t cope with the change in football now……Arsenal should not lose games……..even if they are unable to win………ask Moutihno……..get some ideas from him……..he draws or wins……most of the time… is all about strategy………something happened in December……..bull…..that’s why you get paid over £8million for… solve those problems……..Wenger out……….I will contribute to his planre fare or train fare through the Chunnel back to Paris anytime……..lets force this man out……then force kroenke out after……..both love an underachieving team that makes money due to past history……..

  27. John says:

    Why do some fans blame the British based fans for not doing enough to push Wenger out?…..I live in Canada……and I still watch Arsenal games on the tube……and it still hurts when they lose……please raise your voice as loud as possible…….to get these two men…..Arsene and Wenger……out of our club……..we all suffer when Arsenal loses………if fans raised their voice in Aussie……and USA……..we all should raise our voices……get the two losers out…..we want Allegri or someone better than Wenger……Wenger should have been fired after the first Liverpool game……or latest after that Bayern humiliation……

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