Is it okay for Arsenal fans to start questioning Emery now? Plus ca change….

Is It Time To Question Emery? by Dan Smith

When I predicted we would lose in the FA Cup I was accused by one reader of, “if you were a true Gooner you never say we will lose”. The same happened when I guessed we would be defeated at Liverpool and West Ham. This article is not to say I was right, predictions are just that, one person’s opinion based on their knowledge of the game. I’m no less a Gooner just because I write what I feel. Saying there is nothing wrong with your club makes you no less loyal, something I expect from a 12-year-old who can’t bear to hear there’s any issues at the Emirates.

I would love to to be able to type weekly that we will win the title under Stan Kroenke, so don’t think it doesn’t hurt to have lost my faith in the Gunners. Only by voicing our concerns, hoping they will be heard, will it ever change. For example, I always judged Unai Emery as being a cheap option rather than an appointment to make us champions. In big Champions League nights he was tactically naive, which is why he wasn’t going to get a new deal at PSG. Yet in the summer, it was taboo to say he wasn’t good enough, even though I heard very few Arsenal fans last season saying they want him to replace Arsene Wenger?

Then during a 22 unbeaten run which led to 5th I dared question why we were showing off, making out Emery had done something Wenger couldn’t, by …. drawing with Liverpool at home. Watch Arsenal Fan TV to remind yourself how cringy we acted. Some fans even made history up. For example; Wenger never would have taken the Europa League seriously unlike our new boss (Wenger also won his group …. With more points)

So, is it now okay to criticize Emery? Not call for his head or put him under pressure, just point out when he’s culpable. At Anfield it was our defence at fault, at the London Stadium it was the players attitude – but the reason we are out of the FA Cup? 100 percent Emery.

I said the Spaniard out-thought Sarri last weekend, but it’s only right to point out when the opposite happens. The second half on Friday was the same movie we seen for over a decade. Us chasing an equaliser, too many passes, searching for the perfect goal, before being hit on the counter. Naiveté we seen a hundred times in this fixture.

Arsene Wenger would be outsmarted by a Sir Alex Ferguson or Jose Mourinho, leading some to insist age had made him stubborn. Emery on the other hand was up against a rookie manager, a novice at this level. A manager whose only success was in Norway getting the better of a guy who’s worked in various big Leagues. During this bad run he insists Iwobi is more creative then Ozil, and that we didn’t need to keep Ramsey.

We are 5th, out of both cups with only the Europa League to fight for. You know; exactly the same scenario which led some Arsenal fans to verbally abuse the greatest manager in our history. How long can you keep saying Emery inherited a mess?

Things change yet always stay the same.

Dan Smith


  1. gotanidea says:

    I think Emery had a good plan for the FA Cup match, but unfortunately only the players can decide whether they want to go the extra miles or not. I don’t think Guardiola, Allegri or Klopp would win any big match if their players’ commitment/ motivation level is low

    Emery is not a cheap option, since he won three Europa League titles and one Lique 1 title. If Arsenal wanted to go for a low-budget option, they could have hired the likes of Mauro Silva, Javi Gracia, Nuno Santo, etc

    I thought the majority of the fans agreed to give Emery one free season and be patient. Let’s wait until Emery gets his own pricey players and big transfer budget

    1. Taj aziz says:

      Not with kroenk around we will never get a wining budget

    2. Pat says:

      Gotanidea I disagree with you on the plan. Emery had a good plan but Man U had a better plan. And Emery did not see the reason to change his approach once he saw what Man U were up to until we concede two goals. A defender can not vacate his position for opposition attacker to occupy and it was difficult for our manger to spot. Emery doesn’t understand keeping the house tight (our defence) so that thieves do come in to steal goals from us. It has happened too many times this season already.

  2. John0711 says:

    I think Emery had done a 6/10 Job so far with what hes got.
    Leno is ok better than Czech at the mo
    Sok arguably our best CB maybe holding
    Lich past it
    Torriera is quality but needs a break however we don’t have anyone to replace him
    Gendo looks a real find

    what we have left
    Xhaka need selling ASAP average as f@ why is he played no matter what
    iwobi a tryer but won’t ever help us achieve our goals (top 4)
    Auba his GS record is amazing but his all-round play is average, however, why is he played on the right, should have spent 50m on a CB
    we have a few issues without money we are going to sink no matter who is in charge so if you wish to vent SK is the target

    I have a feeling top 6 is fine with SK and nothing will change until we drop out of the top 6 and i cant see that

    1. A.ball08 says:

      Couldn’t agree with you any more on your comments bar the rating of the manager.
      I believe we are presently punching above our weight and 5th behind 4th place by 3 points is a miracle considering the players he has inherited and most important of all the mind set of the players. To many are were in the comfort zone and some still revert back to it
      He.needs at least 2 to 3 window to change thing around but unfortunately he hasn’t or won’t be given the funds to attract top quality.players, which will take longer.
      In my opinon 7.5 is what I would give h For now on where he has got us so far…

      1. ken1945 says:

        A.ball08, regarding the”players he inherited”.
        Well, those players won the fa cup three times in five years, qualified for the CL eight times out of the previous ten years and were bought with the same budget restraints that UE now finds himself in.
        If they could do that under AW whilst in their comfort zone, why can’t UE at least replicate that success, especially with the five new signings?
        The time has come to judge UE on what he has personally done and changed, without trying to fob of his failure to, at the very least, match his predecessor.
        That doesn’t mean that he should be sacked, just judged and I would say below par.

        1. John071- says:

          Ken please check your facts
          Have not consistently won CL qualification
          These are the players UE has inherited who don’t deserve a shift
          Throw in
          Kola who can’t defend
          You have half a team which which Laos quality
          EU imo is doing as well as can be expected
          I feel sorry for wenger as he left under a cloud where as he should have left years earlier as a hero

          1. jon fox says:

            PRECISELY ACCURATE ON ALL YOUR POST. Emery has not been given a fair crack of the whip, even by many older regulars on here. I find that a disgrace. They should grow up, see the tsunami of injuries he has had to deal with and no proper money to buy top defenders , so has to make do with Wengers failures and even many of those are injured. Goodness, how those snowflakes panic, even the older snowflakes who ought to know better.

            I don’t know what these panickers expected with the dross left behind and no money avail. I at least am realistic and am content that we have our fight and grit back. It will take time to put things right and I do NOT mean a measly 5 months.

            1. Dan kit says:

              While I agree he should be given time ,his defensive setups are absolutely shocking ,even with injuries and not having 1st team players available there’s no excuse to our defensive side of the game ,sometimes he looks lost standing on the side lines .tberes no excuse not to have a sound solid back line ,that’s how these small teams in the prem survive.
              Ofc he needs time and money but how much time should he be given? Suppose it also comes down to the owner else it dosent matter who’s manager as we all know money rules the game these days and that is a fact ..

            2. ken 1945 says:


              Read my post and it is an obvious generalisation of the playing staff that AW left for UE.
              If I thought that it would lead to bold headlines about THREE PLAYERS not competing in the CL consistently, then I would have named every single first team player who had played, but if that works for you then so be it.

              Funny how you ignored the remainder of the playing staff and the fact that they actually DID qualify for the CL two seasons previously AND won the fa cup the season before UE took over.

              Since then, UE has brought in FIVE new signings to, supposedly, IMPROVE the the squad.

              You continually call these AW failures, but SIMPLY CANNOT EXPLAIN HOW HE WON 3FA CUPS AND CL QUALIFICATIONS WITH THEM..

              Let me ask you ONCE AGAIN HOW DO YOU THINK HE DID IT? And let’s seen if I can get a coherent and consistent explanation.
              THIS IS THE 6/7th TIME OF ASKING, SO I DON’T HOLD OUT MUCH HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              So kid gloves off Jon, just answer the damn question!!

              1. John0711 says:

                Ok il break it down so u understand ken
                Leno is better than Czech
                Sok Is arguably our best defender
                Torreira is our only DM mainly due to the failure to sign a DM for ???????
                Gendo is a very good prospect
                I agree lich is past it but 4/5 ain’t bad

                And just a point there are more players signed by wenger who still
                Hold The club back

                1. Ken1945 says:

                  So, will we win the fa cup this season, will we get to the Carabo Cup final, will we finish in the top four, will we win the premiership, will we get to the europa cup semi final?

                  Surely with all these improvements in players, the squad must be better and yet, for reasons only UE can explain, three of the five are already beyond our reach.

                  Still doesn’t explain how AW managed to win the fa cup, get to the Carabo cup final and the europa cup semi final in his last two seasons, with all the deficiencies you have seemingly highlighted does it??
                  Those facts don’t seem to fit in with your analysis of holding the club back, rather a tale of pulling the club forward.

                  1. Th14 says:

                    I never thought about it that way Ken. You may be right all along. Unai isn’t doing anything of note. We still have the same problems as under AW so where is the improvement?? The same feat AW achieved with the squad, Emery is struggling to replicate them even with his new additions that are supposed to propel us into greater heights

                  2. Ackshay says:

                    2 seasons ago man city, liverpool weren’t that strong. Wenger got slaughtered for saying that top4 was like a trophy because for most of his reign there were only 4 candidates. Its like saying look i’m came 4th in a 4 person race lol

                    Now its a 6 team race for 4 places so even big teams like manu or chelsea. Be honest did you ever think man utd had a chance to be out of top4 for most of wenger reign ?

                    1. ken1945 says:

                      Ackshay, two seasons ago City weren’t that strong?
                      Liverpool either?
                      Yeah ok, I’ve been watching a different league.

                      As for thinking if utd had a chance to be out of the top four, check the positions to answer your question.
                      As for “most of Wenger’s reign” we actually ( 20 of the 22)were in the top four, no thinking required there, just pure unadulterated FACT.

                  3. jon fox says:

                    Ken, IT REALLY IS LAUGHABLE HOW YOU KEEP PARADING Wengers last three cup wins as though he had won the title three times. Or the CL, AS IF!!! Now THAT would be great, IF he could repeat in the modern era what he did way back in his first wonderful decade. BUT, of course he could not. He failed to even challenge for the title since 2008 and to win it since 2004, 14 LONG YEARS AGO or to put it more realistically, 13 years and 7 months MORE than Emery has had. For someone who has preached loyalty to a relative failure in his last decade , you seem remarkably able to criticise the new man after a mere five months. Could it be because his name is not Wenger? Because that is how it seems Ken. If we examine those cups we were lucky in the Hull final with that ref decision for Kos’s equaliser which cost Hull the win. We had two non league clubs to play the year we beat Chelsea. Yes , credit for beating both City and Chelsea. Shame we could never do it in the league though. My point is that cups are a lottery and prove little . Great to win but it isn’t that brilliant, BY ITSELF COUPLED WITH FAILURE IN THE LEAGUE, at the level we play , esp with NO TITLE FOR AGES NOR EVEN A CHALLENGE.

                    When Emery has had a chance to get his own players in and a fair chance, say three years, not 22, just 3 years, rather than five months, andf if He has not done well, THEN and only then will it be fair to question him. To get that 22 matchb unbeaten run with THAT defence is little short of miraculous. Mind, he had most of the defence fit back then , The came the injury tsunami which wrecked our shape and system. But we at least have fight and grit, something sadly missing under WENGER FOR MANY YEARS

                    The bitter truth is Wenger failed in his last decade and you won’t face facts , so you keep trotting out that old overhyped (by you)canard , the cups as if it was enough. It is not.

                    1. ozziegunner says:


                    2. Sarmmie says:

                      This is not about getting his own players, there’s no such stuff about getting ur own players, tell me what does he need?
                      last season we scored a lot of goals with iwobi, ozil, lacazette and Giroud who’s not as good as the aubameyang that replaced him but we also conceded a lot of goals cos our team lacked a tough tackling midfielder and a good defence

                      Emery got a tough tackling midfielder and signed a player in the central defender who’s arguably better than all those we used last season

                      But lately we’ve been finding it difficult to create chances not to talk of converting them into goals. And our defensive record dz season is worse than that if last season, we’ve conceded more and had less clean sheets, you can confirm that yourself.

                      All I’m saying is, there has been no change and there’s no sign of it yet despite the fact that he got some players in our worst area last season, which is defending, but we’ve conceded more goals and our attack doesn’t create chances like before.

                      So these are the questions,
                      1. where are we going?
             much time should we give him? should we give him 22 years cos that’s how long his predecessor used?

            3. Oplk says:

              Agree with you we shouldn’t write him off just yet but we can however criticize him for his weird line-ups, subs and his offside trap defending. That will just screw you in the PL.

          2. Red and white says:

            Well imo i think Sven got the boot for Auba(not needed as laca is more clinical) Socrates Mikhi all 30+ discards from Dortmund,lich , expensive Leno – all misses, hit was Torrera, to be seen Matteo and Mavo.xhaka and mustafi were wengers errors agreed, so why does he play them. I remember he gave the board a dossier on the players during his selection interview.Remember talk is cheap, this chap is more clueless than Wenger.Cannot ease some reserves into the squad.his coaches are all bull _____ and we just got to be content with top 6
            Next season will have to be content with top 10 as wolves Watford WHU and Everton will strengthen in the summer. Sometimes i think seeing this mess Stan is not confident of investing in this club as he has seen wrong players signed over the past 2 to 3 years.I know i’ll be thumbed down, but Stan has to first get a good coach like simeone or max. Allegiri and then invest in the club.

  3. Durand says:

    I posed same question in previous threads. Emety was brought in to do what exactly?
    1. Fix defense? Nope, actually wr are worse. Hard to believe, but even with new players Emery has made it worse.
    2. Coach up underperformers? Xhaka, Mustafi, Kola, still make same rash, naive mistakes repeatedly. Didn’t we bash Wenger for that?
    3. Coach up youngsters? Iwobi still same; different year, different manager, still lacks decisiveness and end product.
    4. Rather see youngsters at CB not Xhaka out of position. Bashed Wenger for that too. Hey, maybe 6th or 7th time a charm.
    5. Tactics? Like going to Anfield and playing like we’re City or ‘pool; result 5-1. Tactics like going to West Ham, 5 in the back with 2 DM’s and STILL get outscored. Seriously.
    6. Brought in to pick fights with players? Freeze out Ozil, bring him on for 25 minutes in a lost cause, and then Emery acts like his spat is now somehow justified?

    Let’s rember he got ran out of PSG; massive transfer kitty, no real league competition, only expected to achieve glory in Champions League.

    Emery picked fight with Neymar, lost it, humiliated by Barca comeback where he floundered berift of ideas to stop them.

    And we Expect Emery to do what at Arsenal? Pick a fight with Ozil?

    I know, I know, injuries, poor squad, no money, needs time, needs his players, blah blah.

    How about do a job as a coach. Just coach up somebody, anybody at anything.

    1. Jah son says:

      Am warning you mate only because I like your post. Your going to get eaten alive for your views

      1. Durand says:

        Thanks Jah, I’m well aware. I’m just trying to be my consistent self. I was critical of Wenger for his failings, so I think it’s only fair to treat Emery the same. Lichtsteiner bashed even tho he’s new, Xhaka bashed when he came, Elneny, Kola, Mustafi, etc. the list goes on.

        Yet the man who picks players, tactics, trains, and coaches gets the kid gloves treatment? Not from me. I’ll hold him to the Arsenal standard. He’s looking all 6’s and 7’s with tactics and selections, and if players fail him STOP STARTING THEM.

        Bench Xhaka and start AMN; didn’t he boss midfield before against Utd? Put Pogba in his pocket and get congratulated by Pogba for it? Lich is rubbish RB, AMN lacks the defensive instincts to play RB, so why not try Jenks? Not like we would be worse defensively.

        We lack wingers, so change how we play; don’t keep running out Iwobi, Auba on wing and expect something different. Or freeze Ozil for “tactical reasons” then play with no apparent tactics other than run around, pass sideways, back passes, and expect Iwobi to carry the load.

    2. Kay says:

      It’s easier to do the coaching job with mouth. If Ozil can give half the commitment Iwobi gives in matches, he would be a starter and we wouldn’t be where we are now. Until this crop of players are sold off, don’t expect much because they are set of over pampered guys without any motivation, no winning mentality, no desire to be champion. Look at Theo, and a few others that we were expecting much from under new coaches, they’re not doing any better because of Wenger mentality. ‘our aim is not to win the league, just go there and do your best and the result will take care of itself’. Watch there body language every game with the exception of the new recruits, they are not bothered. As much as I can’t fully make excuses for Emery, those players need to step up or be show exit door. Only Laca, Toreira, Leno, Papa, Ramsey, Iwobi Guenduzi, and those young goons worth keeping, otherwise it will be same story every week.

      1. jon fox says:

        I am no great fan of IWOBI but he ALWAYS gives his all, unlike Ozil.

        1. ken 1945 says:

          Jon, sorry but I have just read a post you sent me in the last item, chewing me off for not replying to you directly.
          I apologize for not picking it up, but have now answered in full.

      2. ken1945 says:

        Kay, how many minutes has Iwobi played versus Ozil this season?
        A 25 minute”cameo appearance” by Ozil has apparently got us knocked out of the cup and UE, it seems, sees this as justification for picking Iwobi before him and also choosing Ramsey, who could be leaving in five days time, in preference as well!
        Where is the sense in that kind of selection and, if you were Ozil, what kind of message would you be getting from that?

        1. @Ken1945
          Well, seeing that Ozil was already being sidelined for both Iwobi and Ramsey months before his “25 minute cameo”, I’d say it’s a safe bet that the cameo is not Emery’s justification but merely a reminder. The reality is a large number of Arsenal fans and most of the Germans themselves were already blaming Ozil for their problems even before Emery came into the picture and you know what, maybe Ozil is the problem! Please tell me you did consider that?

          1. ken1945 says:

            QD, have you actually thought through what your suggesting?
            Are you saying that UE brought Ozil on for 25 minutes of a cup game against United merely as a reminder?
            You actually say it’s a safe bet that, in a game we are losing by 2 – 1, he decided in his wisdom to do this?

            Well, I can honestly say I have never heard or seen a suggestion as ridiculous as that in my life.

            While I’m struggling to come to grips with that pearl of wisdom, I noticed that you have claimed another piece of “reality”.

            A large number of Arsenal fans and most germans were already blaming Ozil… what for exactly?
            UE hasn’t been playing Ozil, so what is he to be blamed for?
            The germans were knocked out of the world cup after dropping Ozil, despite the manager saying later that it was the team at fault, not just one man.

            Maybe Ozil is the problem, but your priceless example of UEs tactics and strategies for using Ozil on Friday evening makes me think you should stick to guessing olayers salaries, at least they were a possibility.

            By the way, a large number of Arsenal fans aren’t blaming Ozil and what the Germans have to do with our club and it’s decisions I fail to understand.

            1. @Ken1945
              Oh my logical is flawed? Let’s go through yours then, you believe the “25 minute cameo” is justification for Emery benching Ozil over Iwobi and Ramsey. So what do you think was his justification for benching Ozil for the many months before he even played on Friday for that 25 minutes? Because UE has been leaving Ozil out for several matches so surely are you saying he was simply doing it out of spite/a hunch/reflex and it is only now that he has got his supposed justification more so from a 25 minute cameo? How about the 45 minute cameo versus Brighton? Wasn’t that a justification for Emery? That is why I say this 25 minute cameo was simply a reminder to Emery regarding why he leaves Ozil on the bench. Secondly, you say “UE hasn’t been playing Ozil, so what is he to be blamed for?” Have you been on this site ? Ozil has been blamed by a lot of fans whether he makes it onto the starting line up, bench or not, deservedly or not, whether you want to accept it or not. Thirdly, you say “Maybe Ozil is the problem, but your priceless example of UEs tactics and strategies for using Ozil on Friday evening makes me think you should stick to guessing players salaries, at least they were a possibility” Can you please quote me where in the heck I talked about these supposed priceless examples of UEs tactics and strategies for using Ozil? Lastly, you ask, “what the Germans have to do with our club and it’s decisions I fail to understand”. My point was if the Germans were also blaming Ozil in the world cup, for whatever reason, why would you not consider that Ozil might actually be a problem wherever he plays. Did Ozil leave Real Madrid willingly? No, I remember him saying he has no intention of leaving Madrid, right before he was kicked out and sold to us. So even in Spain, Ozil was beginning to become a problem. Mourinho previously had clashed with him over his workrate while Uli Hoeness outright called him s**t. So again, have you considered Ozil might be the problem? If not, please stop thinking about salaries for a second and consider that Ozil might actually be more of a problem for this club than an asset.

              1. ken 1945 says:

                QD, first and foremost I owe you an apology.
                My reference to players salaries was uncalled for, childish and way below the standards I set myself when debating.
                There was no call for it and I hope you accept my apology.

                Right, on to proper debating and your reply:

                I am really confused by this, as you seem to be saying that I feel Ozils cameo performance is why this justifies his role as a substitute while Iwobi and Ramsey started.
                Reading your original post again, that’s not what you said and, just to clarify, the complete opposite of what I think.

                How anyone could blame Ozil for a 25 minute performance, when the previous 65 minutes were a complete disaster, is beyond me.

                Again, you then say that UE bringing him on was not justification but a reminder….a reminder of what?
                You clarify this by saying”it’s a safe bet”and I still find this unbelievable.
                So, in your view, he didn’t bring him on to try and win the game then? He just needed to remind himself what Ozil can and cannot do is that it?

                Next, the fact that UE has benched Ozil more than he has played him is his decision as manager.
                That doesn’t mean that we have to accept it does it?
                I always try to justify my own views without the aid of other fans as back up. But as you once again quote the “lot of fans” as a guide to your point of view, why do you seem to ignore the many fans on here who don’t agree with the treatment of Ozil?
                I suggest you look at the responses to piers morgans effort to compare Pogba and Ozil and the response of Arsenal fans who don’t use this site (mores the pity)if you really want to see what a lot of fans think.

                Thirdly, I knew exactly why you quoted the germans and asked what the relevance was to UE and Ozil.

                Your explanation of Ozil leaving RM as proof of his being a problem.
                So, following your logic, any player leaving a club to join another is proof that he’s a problem then?
                When we signed Aba, he was reported to be”a problem”, so does your logic apply to that player as well? Should we have signed him?

                The german national side had just been humiliated in the world cup and needed a scapegoat.
                Hoeness chose to attack Ozil, who had just been voted Germany’s player of the year yet again (people forget this fact).Jocham Low came out and publicly criticised Hoeness for this, as did Merkel for the subtle racial inuendo that this outburst from Hoeness contained.

                Mourinho? Well QD, after watching him during his disastrous spell at utd recently and his man- management skills, we really have definite proof of what professional players think of his views, just look at what a relative novice has achieved at utd since the chosen one was sacked. The latest being, of course, the destruction of UEs team that had Iwobii and Ramsey in from the start and resulted in yet another trophy slipping away from the club.

                So, in summary, do I think Ozil is the problem?
                He certainly is in UEs view and that’s the problem!

                1. Th14 says:

                  Ken do you agree that the name Ozil doesn’t strike fear into the hearts of the opposition? With 25 mins left to play and our talisman Ozil coming on, I expected a different outcome.

                  This was an opportunity for Ozil to make a statement, show Emery that he’s wrong dropping him on the bench, the stage was set but instead Guendouzi was the one who looked more likely to be the difference.

                  What other notable contribution did Ozil have in that game besides being indirectly responsible for the 3rd goal we conceded. I can remember 2 positives from Guendozi and he had the same 25 mins as Ozil.

                  We need better than Ozil, we need a player that can live up to the burden of being our talisman. We need to support Iwobi

                  1. ken1945 says:

                    The 14, so you expected Ozil to come on and change the game?
                    Why? You’ve been lambasting him at every opportunity up until now, but suddenly you see him as our talisman?
                    UE certainly didn’t, otherwise he would have started with him. His one redeaming action was to realise Iwobi wasn’t going to do it, but he should have made the decision at halftime though.

                    The game was done and dusted by then, utd were 2-1 up, sitting back, quite composed and just waiting for another gung ho attack for the third goal.
                    It duly came and you then single out Ozil for, indirectly (?) being responsible for the goal.
                    Weii then, was Iwobi indirectly responsible for the previous two goals?

                    I am quite aware of your feelings regarding Ozil, so why has he risen to the heights of our talisman?
                    UE certainly doesn’t think so does he.

                    As for the burden of being our talisman, I agree with you, Iwobi certainly is a burden.
                    I really cannot see him striking fear into the hearts of the opposition, rather the corner flag as that’s where he invariably ends up.
                    Still, as long as he wears the shirt, he gets my backing, it’s a burden I have to bear!!!!

  4. inkfight! says:

    Not a big fan and he’s far from perfect – like Wenger he is also working with his hands tied behind his back (No support in the transfer window). However, Emery does deserve at least till the end of the season before we can truly pass judgement.

    1. Durand says:

      Difference between us and “big” clubs.

      Man utd change managers like people change underware; result is they’ll finish above us. Again.

      Barca win league, cup, CL, 5 trophies in 3 years but still couldn’t beat rival Real Madrid. Fire manager and they’re tops again back on pace. City get Pep, Pool get Klopp, Utd fire Jose and better us with new guy with little big league experience. He gets most out of his players, Emery gets same old rubbish sh!t from ours.

      We blame money, injuries, players, defense, etc..

      But don’t blame manager who fails to do basic job of coaching up players, improving youngsters, and correcting long standing issues like defending and repeating bush league mistakes.

      Didn’t we flog Wenger for all the same? But Emery needs time?

      If the recipe sucks, letting it simmer for more time won’t improve the flavor or taste. Our lost decade proved that, aye?

      1. ACE says:

        Always seem to agree with your sentiments
        Durand, and after last night’s predictable,
        shambolic performance I’m yet again at my
        wits end when it comes to AFC. In regards to
        Emery, I personally think that he tactically has been exposed on far to many occasions this season and last nights clusterfuck played right into Manures hand. Every Arsenal fan with a
        functioning futbol brain could see that Manure
        set up tactically to concede meaninless
        possession and then hit the Gunners on the
        counter. With Saed, AMN predictably out of
        position and Mustafi providing his normal
        moments of madness, Manure capitalized
        on the break and put the game to bed. Why
        did Emery decide to bring Iwobi back in the
        side when his omission last week produced
        one of the best Arsenal performances of the
        season? Why wouldn’t he realize the
        importance of harassing Pogba, Herrera and
        company with a triangle of Guendouzi, Xhaka
        and Torreria? Iwobi has his moments but he
        isnt capable imho of being that consistent
        difference maker in the final 3rd of MASSIVE
        fixtures. You cannot concede the middle of
        the pitch before the fixture starts hoping that
        a certain player who doesn’t always feature
        and has a history of poor finishing and
        decision making will come good in spades. Its
        utter madness.
        WTS I do think if Arsenal are able to bring in a
        natural winger like Perisic, Suarez or both on
        loan and a capable CB(Jonathen Tah fron BL)
        in the next week it could drastically change the system employed by Emery and bring some consistency and cohesion to the 1st team set
        up. What I would like to see.


        Nacho and Jenko would be able to concentrate
        on there defensive responsibilities and allow
        the front four to provide the offensive impetus.

        1. Durand says:

          Careful ACE, I seem to be in the “plastic” minority and have unnecessarily stirred the pot by questioning Emery. I’m coming to realize that

          Questioning Wenger was ok
          But questioning Emery is not supporting the club.

          We agree on much, but wanted to offer you fair warning regarding your stance of agreement with me.

      2. Jah son says:

        Mate your cooking

      3. Break-on-through says:

        Wenger got time, loads of it. Emery has not, the two situations are nothing alike in that regard. Wenger had his hands tied, but he spent allot more than Emery did, who’s barely in the door. It is ridiculous to expect a manager to come in and have this Arsenal side, spend that money, and rival challengers for biggest prizes, utterly ridiculous. If they expect us to try and get back into the CL, and improve with each season, well then what’s the problem. This is just a reminder of how poor our fans can be, but I am suspicious with them as it seems to be online fans, could be loads of other reasons for this stuff being said about Emery. Fact is, he inherited one of the worst defences in the league, and has not got the financial support, nor enough support in general it seems.

        Fans having an issue with Emery because they are Ozil fans, this is a really poor fan. It is in Ozil’s hands if he wants to play in an Arsenal shirt, he knows what is expected, give it all for the shirt.

        1. ozziegunner says:


      4. Kay says:

        Wenger had 22 years, he has not spent 22 months. Remember Klop’s first season despite the caliber of players he inherited? Wait till the summer to judge. This is football team, club and coaching job not some construction job,let’s be realistic.

        1. Durand says:

          At least we got a sense of what Klopp wanted and expected. Pressing, direct play, speed in attacking, and sharpness around the goal.

          What’s Emery’s style? How about tactics? Philosophy? All I’ve gotten is running around and preferring to win 4-3 than 1-0. Does he prefer width and rely on wingbacks? Maybe prefers settled defense with a back 4?

          Klop and Pep had a style when they came, took them some time to implement. Just wondering what Emery’s is. “Hard working” is all I’ve heard; doing what? Who? Where? For what end?

          1. Break-on-through says:

            It took Klopp and Pep time to implement?, but what, Emery should do it now with whatever players he inherited?. And god forbid one of them should not fit that style and he be a huge name, because fans know best, they want that big name playing and want the style implemented. He (Emery) needs his players just as Arsene wanted his own, just as Klopp needed his, and Pep who inherited a title winning team also needed his own.

            1. jon fox says:


              1. ozziegunner says:

                Plus Emery started the season with two long term injuries to CB’s in Koscielny and Mavropanos, has subsequently lost three players to season ending injuries and elsewhere the Club has been a revolving door between the llaying field and the treatment room. In addition the owner Stan Kroenke and the board will only provide funding for loan deals. Arsenal is lucky it has Lacazette and Aubameyang otherwise it would be a lot further down the table.
                Unai Emery is doing a good job to keep Arsenal where they are with the injury issues and the imbalance in the wage structure within the squad.
                Emery is a well creditialled coach, who is highly respected by his peers.
                Should Emery leave or be sacked the question remains; who would be prepared to follow him to the Emirates given the quality of the squad, the transfer budget available and the fact that Kroenke does not supply financial support to the Club.
                Arsenal can as pthers have said be like Manchester United lost Ferguson and churn through managers; however it should be remembered that Rogers thrugh to Mourinho were supported in the transfer market by more money than Arsenal will provide.

            2. Durand says:

              I don’t disagree with you. Merely wondering what is Emery’s style apart from playing out from the GK. Klopp’s first year was forgettable with his dross players, but you at least saw his style and what he expected them to do, right?

              I’m not suggesting we sack Emery, merely asking why Emery hasn’t cut out repeated mistakes from Xhaka and Mustafi? Surely you agree right? Or if he wants Iwobi to be the creative outlet, why not help him improve his decision making and finishing?

              If big Sam can help bottom feeders stave off regulation, surely 3 time Europa league champ Emery can help our defense?

              Emery needs money for his players, I agree with you and Jon Fox 100%. But if those players are 30 yr old Banega and Nonzi, I’m not feeling confident.

              Mistake paying £35 million for Xhaka at 23; how about £20 million for 30 yr old Banega? Just questioning Emery as is normal with free thinking individuals rather than blindly following a manager as many did for our lost decade.

              I’m not eager to so quickly give another manager a free pass or blank check; didn’t work out so well for us last 10 years. Is it too much to expect a manager to prove themselves? Apparently so.

              1. ken1945 says:

                Is it also asking to much to at least replicate what was achieved with the “dross weedy uncoached, lazy, overpaid, overpriced players inherited”, along with the five new signings?
                Everything that AW was being castigated for is being repeat by UE.
                Wasn’t it supposed to be a new, accountable set up?
                Like Durand, I’m not saying sack him, what is required is a questioning of what he is actually trying achieve with his tactics.

                1. Durand says:

                  Ken just wondering if you see what I see. People were castigated for being an “AKB” yet now everyone is expected to be EKB (Emery knows best) or one is at risk of being labeled plastic.

                  I find it funny that AKB was considered not putting club’s interests first, yet in less than 1 years time EKB is deemed proper.

                  Funny how much things change yet stay the same. We’re the consistent ones yet get mocked, and those who slated AKB’s are all too eager to sign up as EKB’s.

                  Just wondering if I’m the only one to notice the irony or hypocrisy.

                  1. ken1945 says:

                    Durand, it’s exactly as you see it and that’s what the frustration was for me during the ridiculous juvenile name callings of wobs and akbs!
                    Like being in a children’s playground, full of petulant bullies.

                    If one tries to question and/or understand something, then out comes the knives.

                    Sue questioned why Ozil was blamed for all the ills currently being unravelled at the club and she was told to stop being boring and lying.
                    What the hell was that all about?

                    There seems to be a current of” join the club or else” theme running around here and that’s why Admin is so important when he let’s the different opinions express themselves.
                    That’s why this site is second to none.

                    The really dumb thing is that we all want UE to succeed, but some of us are willing to question his abilities regarding this.

                    Midkemma was clearly questioning this situation and got roundly criticised by most of us, you and me included.
                    His posts made me THINK about the situation and I am not sure if some on here are ready to do that simple thing.

                    But surely, debating and digesting other people’s views is how one can broaden one’s own horizons?
                    Not by trying to belittle another person with accusations of stupidity, naivety, age or having their own views that might differ to theirs?

                    Anyway, I admire your tenacity and ability to argue your point and I’m glad that, on this occasion, we see eye to eye.
                    Not very nice to be classed as the villain, but it will all come out in the wash as they say.

                    Any ideas on how AW achieved those results with his dross by the way? Looking forward to seeing Jon’s response ( if it happens).

                    1. Durand says:

                      Ken glad we agree on the situation, and stay consistent in our thoughts and not changing with the tide.

                      I responded on previous thread (see one regarding player ratings in FA Cup) in regards to 20 top 4 finishes and my thoughts on how Wenger achieved it. I put forth an opinion based on my limited (12-13 years) following the club,.

                      It was long winded for which I apologize, but summation was level of competition decade ago versus how influx of tv revenue has changed the landscape.

                      I hope you read it and perhaps we could discuss more after you read.

                      Lastly I hope our discussion doesn’t kick off a repeat of AKB vs WOB nonsense. However I fear my EKB comment may have stirred the pot with the hypocrites who can’t grasp the irony.

  5. waal2waal says:

    lot’s of passion in you’re narrative @Dan – we can revel, rant, or criticize the coach as much as we want but its the players that are meant to be carrying out his plan and executing his instructions. what we saw last night was disorganized and complacence coupled with fear and derelict of duties. At times the game was held up for far too long – and when Sokratis was wreathing in agony emery ought to have made the decision to haul him off quickly so as the momentum we picked up would remain (we had experienced around 60% possession at that point).

    At some point we need to stop comparing this coach to wenger and allow him to impact games with his own personality – to roll out wenger comparisons when the game has changed as well the bar been set even higher. Yesterday i allowed my heart to rule my head by backing us to win 2-0 as well as 3-0 – for all our enthusiasm nobody can predict the risk of players sustaining injury which is totally unexpected. Injuries occur and for this reason we should reflect and show that one thing this coach does not need is the weight of our increasingly expectant and hard to please fans as an eternal yoke around his neck. We pick ourselves up we brush ourselves over and we start again – the cause of any deficiencies with arsenal is more to do with Stan not Unai.

  6. Grandad says:

    While injuries , particularly to Holding, have contributed to our poor performances during the past .2 months, Emery is not immune from criticism and rightly so..Tactically he appears to have switched to a flat back four which I welcome, but unfortunately his full backs are still playing like wing backs bombing forward with little regard for their defensive responsibilities.Against Chelsea they were more disciplined, which contributed to a good win, yet against Man Utd they threw caution to the wind and we suffered accordingly.Emery needs to sort out this glaring tactical weakness without delay as our centre backs are simply not good enough to cover for full backs .Until we bring in better quality centre backs and full backs I’m afraid we will continue to leak goals.

  7. Samerako says:

    Jesus Christ , I thought I was the only one thinking that…glad to see there are still a few Arsenal fans who think for themselves not to mention show the respect owed to AW. That is not to say I don’t rate Emery , but i refuse to be drawn in this unconditional “support the manager ” and ” we wanted change ” song . Needless to say , nothing will change unless the club changes its transfer and contract policies …

  8. ForeverGooner123 says:

    I will judge him at the end of the season
    So far he is getting similar results as Wenger did but has been an improvement
    1. He bought good defensive midfielders
    2. He has slightly improved a team that was created by Wenger
    3. He doesn’t wait until after 70 minutes to sub players

    I can’t expect heaven and earth from a team of mostly average players but I expect us to improve from last season. I will judge him by how we finish the season. He deserves a whole season

  9. ThirdManJW says:

    Well let’s give Emery a little more time please, it’s not as if he’s gone 14 seasons straight without even challenging for the league, now is it?

    1. jon fox says:

      No . But he has gone a whole 5 months and that is more than enough to panic some fools on here. What on earth did they expect with the Wenger dross left behind, no real money to spend AND a plague of injuries, mostly longterm ones. Totally unfair and potty criticism of a fine coach with a fine and RECENT CV. No 14 years of non title challenges for Unai, yet still he is slaughtered by the fairweather panickers on here. Not me though!

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        I completely agree. He inherited a mess, and maybe not even 4 transfer windows can sort it out, given how much money the previous regime wasted. The Ozil situation alone may take 2.5 years to sort out, unless someone is stupid enough to buy him from us and pay that insane salary!

      2. Mwsupporter says:

        5 months Jon, really, have you been asleep for a while it’s actually 8 months he joined in May, but hey let’s not focus on facts.

  10. we are saying emery has bad players.
    but this is an additional of those that won 3 fa cups.finished 2 nd 4th.

    lwobi can’t be better than oZil even when God is in deep sleep .

    guedinzi like wise is below ramsey .

    stop freezing oZil .

    finally how many players hv man.u added since Jose”s departure.

    ue shd know the grace period is over.

  11. Trudeau says:

    Emrry is doing okay. Rather than criticise Emery for not doing more with the squad, maybe, just maybe, we should be recognising that Wenger was never as hopeless as many felt. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased Wenger left, we needed a change. If for no other reason than to make fans realise that Arsenal’s problems don’t start or finish with the manager. Got to look higher for that.

    1. Durand says:

      Sensible post, manager can only work with money and players available to him. But is it to much to ask a manager to show player improvement? Saka is better than no winger at all, if only for 10 minutes. Can Jenks be worse than Lichtsteiner at RB?

      Surely anyone is better at LB or CB than Xhaka? If Xhaka gets another start at CB ahead of recently healthy Mavro, can we question Emery then? Or if Lichtsteiner gets the nod ahead of Jenks at RB are we plastic if we moan?

      We’re clearly in a rough patch with injuries, but Mavro is back and Mustafi is still upright, isn’t that something better than Xhaka at CB? Surely Jenks can offer something more than dead-legged Lichtsteiner at RB.

      Just honest questions, not damning the manager.

  12. John M Hedges says:

    Emery not only came cheap he is a big Fraud. No wonder Gazidis got out of the way by going to AC Milan!!! He won three Europa Cups and Leicester won the Premier League, that’s football. His man management of top class players is woeful. Neymar and Ozil the most recent two. At PSG it was him or Neymar so they quickly got rid of him. Commendable he tries to speak English but neither the media nor the players understand a word he is saying. His tactic of “la cucaracha” one step or pass forward and two back puts pressure on the defence in our own half. He has no clue how to implement playing from the back nor when it should or shouldn’t be done. No wonder we have mostly been behind at the end of the first half. Ironically Kroenke has been sold a “Fake”.

  13. Dan says:

    Emery is not the manager to bring back the good times needs to find room for ozil who is our most creative player yes he is a luxury player but build a team around him to allow him to play to his strengths and you will see a different player and team he dosnt need to cover every inch of the pitch give him the free role and let him create chances for others you will see a huge difference in the results!!

  14. Wolf says:

    The problem here isn’t UE it’s Stan Kroenke. He’s holding bk the clubs progression.

    1. Raja Danish says:

      You are right he is the cancer for arsenal. Aliko Dangote must make a bid in this summer to buy our great club and spend insane money to bring us back to glory days aka invincibles. Plus Dangote is an arsenal fan so he will make sure that right money is spend on quality players and not a penny pincher like stan kronke he will definitely invest in arsenal he will bring arsenal back to glory and i think if Emery is given the money and the players he wants just like other top managers in PL like Guardiola and Klopp then he can give them run for their money. Its just the owner who is unwilling to spend.

      1. ozziegunner says:


  15. Raja Danish says:

    When will stan kronke leave arsenal please this is enough. Its painful to watch arsenal these days with no money to buy quality we are turned into an average side and mind you this is club is in the top 10 list of richest clubs and with such a famous club we are and with history we deserve alot better than this atleast. I think we will not become a top club again unless stan kronke leaves or sells his shares to a new ambitious owner that will be willing to spend huge money on any player that manager wants so i think the supporters in uk need to make a strong protest in london and in emirates stadium and bycott matches unless stan kronke sells his shares. I share the pain with my fellow gooners all over the world. Pray that stan leaves and sells his shares to a new ambitious owner as soon as possible. COYG!!

  16. Sue says:

    Can’t believe West Ham just lost to Wimbledon (my nephew isn’t happy) Everton lost to Millwall, although Millwall’s 2nd goal went in off the guys arm!! Tut tut Michael Oliver!! The magic of the FA cup hey (but not last night)

    1. Raja Danish says:

      Sue bro when wil this stan kronke aka penny pincher leave our great club?? Please this is enough now we fans have suffered alot in the past 10 12 years and still suffering.

      1. Sue says:

        He isn’t going anywhere Raja…

        1. Raja Danish says:

          Thats very bad for us fans bro.. i am tired of him enough is enough we need a new owner he is a cancer to arsenal and he will not spend any money in transfers he will not invest in arsenal. We need a new and ambitious owner like Dangote who not only is an arsenal fan but he will spend huge chunk of money on transfers what the manager wants so he must has to buy arsenal in summer at any cost.

          1. Sue says:

            That’s wishful thinking Raja! Unfortunately it’s not going to happen!

            1. Raja Danish says:

              Then bro we will not win any trophies we will not be a big club anymore that is hard pill to swallow. We need a big change in ownership please

              1. ThirdManJW says:

                If you think the last 11 years were bad, just you wait, because Stan now owns 100% of the club. He can do whatever he wants now. I think I am right in saying that he doesn’t even need to hold AGM’s anymore…not that he EVER uttered a word anyway.

                1. ozziegunner says:

                  So right, ThirdManJW ??

    2. ken1945 says:

      Sue, enjoy the game against Cardiff.
      Have you seen piers morgan post comparing Pogba to Ozil last night?
      The reaction from the Arsenal fans to his post is really revealing and should give you hope that the majority of fans do actually support Ozil and question UEs treatment of him.

      1. What “treatment” are you talking about? So when Ozil is benched because he does not fit into the coach’s plan he is receiving some kind of special/unfair/undeserved “treatment” but when it’s El Neny, Lichtsteiner or someone else getting benched the whole season because they as well do not fit the coach’s plan that’s just regular benching that the coach is allowed to do? Does Ozil’s contract say he cannot be benched?

        1. John Wick says:

          Exactly QD! I hope this Ozil situation is put to bed soon! Like Wenger, Ozil divides opinions with fans.. I personally think he should be sold, I have nothing against the man I just think he’s an expensive luxury we don’t need.. we need fighters in this team. Ozil only turns up now and again that’s not good enough.

        2. ken1945 says:

          QD, did you read the comments?
          That explains the treatment I’m talking about, so maybe you haven’t had the opportunity yet?
          Nothing to do with benching or substitutions, just a man management situation.
          Anyway, if you don’t want to read that article, try Ian Wright’s take on the situation, another club legend.

      2. Sue says:

        Thank you Ken! Hopefully they’ll play better than when i last went (against Wolves.. you know how bad that was!!) Yes I saw it.. was quite surprised by the reaction!! There are some out there!! Becoming few & far between though!! ?

  17. Tom says:

    10 players out for awhile during various parts of the season. In and out
    3 out for the season
    Losing head of recruitment next month
    Tight transfer budget
    No room to increase player wage budget

    Unai is 46 yrs old and even with all the experience, he is allowed the chance to learn this new league.

    Questioning him is fine, but in context of what he is working with!

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Tom, well put?.

  18. Grandad says:

    I agree wholeheartedly Tom.My only criticism of Emery relates to the way he appears to set up his full backs as wing backs when they need to focus first of all on their defensive responsibilities.On a number of occasions against Man Utd Kolasinac was not within 30 yards of Lukako with disastrous results.Surely the Manager must be accountable for such “tactics” or is this old man being unfair?

    1. TOM says:

      Nice to hear from you G. I agree. The full backs need to be accountable for their mistakes, equally the manager needs to manage them and be accountable for his/their errors. My concern is Niles and Kolasinac are not full backs – so naturally want to play like wing backs, whether that’s unai’s decision or the way the match played out I don’t know (although I hear unai is firm on his views to the players so yes likely his call). One thing I did notice is how in the first half Niles was good at full back and less so in the second, while Kos was better in the second and worse in the first…coinciding with both playing along the line of the managers box.

      This is the bigger issue for me. Mentality of the players have to change. Being good on the ball, ability, talent…etc is not enough. This point probably leads us back to Ozil… But keeping with your good point, the manager is accountable for the errors. I just feel the players getting away with this current attitude of care-free application which stems from ‘we are free following Arsenal…’

      But I could be wrong. My biggest concern with the tactics was that United lured us in and no one, including the manager could work it out. On that front, it feels like nothing has changed.

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