Is it Premier League title or bust for Arsenal boss?

First of all I have a few words to say in support of the Arsenal manager. Having calmed down after being subjected to that ridiculous and frustrating Champions League defeat by Olympiacos, I can see things in a clearer way. And it is true that there is no way Arsene Wenger could have expected his team to perform so badly even with a few changes. He was also right to say that Cech has made a costly error already this season and Ospina has been reliable since joining the club.

That decision was still wrong though and it has put huge pressure back on the bosses shoulders and therefore on to the players. If Wenger had gone with Cech as every man and his dog feels he should have, we would not be questioning the boss so much now.

Even if Cech had made a mistake and cost us the game, Wenger would not have been questioned about his selection. The problem for Wenger now is that the Arsenal fans have suffered a steady stream of disappointments like this and so it does not take much to send us over the edge.

This increasing anger at the man in charge cannot be good for anyone or the club in general and another domestic cup is not going to be enough to calm us down this season. By not signing anyone but Cech and then not picking him in a must win game has put Wenger in a tight spot. And for me, the only way out is for him to lead Arsenal to the EPL title. Do you agree?

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  1. I can understand why fans are frustrated at the moment and the Wenger Out Brigade is in full force. What we all need to realize is that it (Wenger resigning) will not happen anytime soon as his renewed contract only ends in 2017. The board will NEVER fire Wenger, no matter how much pressure the fans put on him, Arsene has simply done too much good for this club, and continues to do so in terms of his consecutive top four finish and recent double F.A cup titles.

    I personally feel that Wenger has earned the right to see through his contract, no matter how successful or not we are in the next two years, there is just NO WAY he is going anywhere until then. But on the flipside (assuming Wenger does not win the league), I think 2017 should be his last year as manager, and the mantle should be given to the ‘right’ person. Arsenal should already be planning as to who would be the next manager to ensure a smooth and seamless takeover and I think this is exactly how it will be executed.

    So until 2017, we can berate our manager as much as we like, and I agree many of you have valid points, but he WILL continue to be our manager for the next 2 years whether we like it or not. so we will just have to deal with it.

    1. the fans have never actually pressure to have Wenger fired…

      is there a massive boycott, stand off etc…??

      none..just online ranting which the board will never take it seriously

      1. That’s because the majority of fans still support Wenger, although I think that number is dwindling. Arsenal fans are too placid to execute this type of movement…saying one thing on a forum and actually doing it are two different things and to be honest most of the fans who want Wenger out do not live in England so all they can really do is vent their frustration online.

        1. true.

          me also from overseas.

          so frustrations only by online,

          we can not act as we could do in London.


    2. Orrrrr when we inevitably finish top 4 and not compete as per, the board can reach an agreement with Arsene and pay his last year up as a thank you. Pretty standard business practice in an instance like that.

      Klopp available, Ancelotti available, Pep not set in stone at Bayern. Any one of them would breathe new life into the club and we could afford any of them.

    1. What?? You’re saying AKB’s aren’t allowed to sign a petition for Wenger to be sacked?
      They’re going to be furious!! Please let them sign it!! don’t be so cruel!

    2. @rocky,

      thanks mate,

      i just signed and sealed the petition a minute ago, you can check the name by Suku Batak.

      maybe little step by step, at least we took our stance in this democracy era,

      like piers said he already said #wenger out, since 7 years ago.

  2. If Arsenal can achieve all of the following then it is a success in my book.
    1. Win a trophy.
    2. It would be great to win the league, but at the very least sustain a serious challenge for the league title till the end. If in Jan or Feb and the title is out of sight, then it is another failure.
    3. Emergence of a new youngster who can get the fan excited.
    4. Champion league place for new season.

    1. The way english teams are not winning or going far in europe is going to cost the BPL that wenger trophy… 4th spot! Champions league will be even harder then with city,utd,chelsea the favourites to take them spots at the end of most seasons.

      1. its great news it will force us to be more competitive in the market and be more ruthless towards players.

        the downside is there will be less chance for people to make their breakthrough eg coqulan

        1. I agree completely but wenger and the board need to leave before we can be ruthless and aggressive in the market and towards our own bunch of players who dont have any fight in them most games.

          Breakthrough stars will always happen at Arsenal we will not give up on our youth because a few big transfers to complete the squad, it will make them better and hungrier to get into a title winning team but to be fair we have quite a few who have came good by either coming through the ranks or bought n made big strides… Koss being one, was a nobody, nacho also. Gab another who imo next season will be well settled. Bellerin our 1st choice RB now n for the next few years. Coq needs a partner (big box-box) to battle along side him (Carvalho, covers cb also) sorry for going on you know what i mean with a few top additions n better ambitions. Im still thinkn chuba could eventually come good for us

  3. If If wins nothing this year, he will move up/out at th th th th season. A mutually beneficial agreement for both parties will be made if his position becomes untenable.


  4. No EPL title should automatically mean retirement for AW…Great manager in the past but unable to change with modern football needs..

  5. It’s looking very unlikely that we will make Thursday night football…In my book, that’s good.
    I think focusing on the League will help with our focus.
    However, even if we win the EPL, I believe Wenger’s time at the club is up. He should leave some god memories in our hearts. ..but with the way he’s going, he’s tarnishing his records. It’s in his interest and that of the club for Wenger to go.
    Spread the word.

  6. Everything has to come to an end. Wengers is coming this season i think, he wont last until 2017 especially when we go out of europe altogether very soon, unless some miracle happens! I think the BPL is the only thing that will see him by summer16 or before if the title is out of sight by jan/feb

    1. Why not it works!! everyone else does it to get better and stronger every season but best of all…. Arsenal, unlike most clubs can spend its own earned money not sugar daddys handing down pocket money! Thats what is so frustrating with Wenger, we had near 200m in cash reserves in the summer and had a strong enough squad for 2/3 Top players on top of cech to be added n the squad wouldve been close to completion… Tranfers after that would be easier to get plus selling some players you have funds for others. We wouldve been set to have a crack at it all this year

    2. But its not only about spending…also important to get your tactics right..
      Read this comment from Olympiakos’s Finnbogason, “The first corner is something we practise on the training pitch because we know they have no man on the edge of the box,”.“When you play against this team you know they’re going to have a lot of the ball. You have to defend well, have the lines tight and use your time when you have spaces. And you know you’re going to have spaces because they don’t want to defend. So our plan worked.”

      Thats football – reading your opponent well and executing a plan that might work, even if you have a weaker team on paper.

  7. I hope Danny and Wilshere come back ahead of schedule we could really use them both right now. Especially Danny on the right wing

    1. Yeah sometimes when game not going in our favour – You look at the bench and dont see any one that can make a difference…

  8. Wenger retiring this season?
    No. he’ll finish his contract.
    I would not be surprised
    if the board extend his
    contract another 2 years.
    As it is all the top teams
    are battling so top 4 is assured.
    The title is wide open.
    Arsenal can win this season.
    I think injuries more than anything
    remain Arsenal’s worst enemy.
    Am expecting an Arsenal win over
    the over rated Man U.

  9. Every man and his dog feels Wenger should have gone with Cech ..feels, not felt. Because I remember you asking is it a bad call before the game and to my recollection almost unanimously Ospina got backed by fans in here. So they didn’t feel back then how they do now, atleast the pundits mentioned their confusion before the game. One man escaped without condemnation from that day was Coq, extremely poor showing from Coq too. Mert highlighted how we had little to nothing guarding edge of box and I do remember feeling that way a numerous times over the course of our last few games. Our midfield has reverted somewhat it would seem.

    Anyways, on to the next endeavour ..PL title. I do feel we are going to go closer this year but I’m not to sure about the luck one needs nor our ability to grind an odd result. Winning it will depend massively on our rivals, they are dropping point now so that is a good sign. As long as one of them doesn’t get a thirteen game streak going I think we will be in the mix. I think last season was the easiest title winner to call. This one not so much.

  10. The truth is wenger has past it. Great manager who has laid incredible foundations for the next phase of progress as a big club. When I mean big I talk bayern barca madrid united BIG. He is too old fashioned and assuming for this era. He did quite well in his early years when david luiz doesn’t get tagged a 5O million prize tag. Even his known attribute of bringing up youth potential is dwindling. Can he tell me why he can’t try out the iwobis, bieliks, kamaras. Plezueguelo in this team? Why gamble all the time with players like arteta who won’t give 20 games a season? We need something fresh and new. A young aspiring manager who understands our philoshopy and can improve on it. BUT won’t jump the bandwagon of quick sacking and wenger gone understandable madness. And really some of this players have let Wenger down BIG TIME. Unto the next one on sunday. COYG

    1. Totally…if we had sign messi, ronaldo or martial….

      They wld be still playing for the reserves then going on loan to other clubs b4 playing for the first team

    2. You’re now criticizing him for not blooding youngsters in a season we should be challenging??
      If they were close to ready he would have sent them on loan. Like Hayden, Crowley, Zelalem, Maitland-Niles, Akpom, Gnabry who are much closer to the first-team than the names you’ve mentioned bar possibly Iwobi, and even he is competing with Ramsey, Ox and Campbell for the spot on the right…
      Arteta is a squad player who’s currently fit. Suggesting we throw in players from the U21’s in a crucial position for us is madness in anything bar a cup game.

      I agree, the suggestions for a change in manager this far into the season is ridiculous. If there’s going to be a managerial change end of season is when it should happen…
      99% of the managers with the philosophy, ambition and experience to take the club forward are at big clubs, why would they leave at this point in the season? The only exception is Klopp, who I like a lot, but if he’s going to be the one who succeeds Wenger, why not give him some time to work behind the scenes with the players, get to know the squad to make the changeover more smoothly.
      I support Wenger as he’s currently our manager. The league position is where I’m going to evaluate his season, always was going to be this season, F.A. Cup or not. But contrary to what people think, I’m all for a manager change if it’s a positive one. But not a knee-jerky one when waiting another season may increase the options.

  11. It’s too funny to me how some guys talk about winning the league. Hahahaha cmon guys , wake up!!

    Arsene can’t win the league. I doubt he could even win the championship. You have to be realistic as an Arsenal fan. Major trophies, don’t even think about them. I love Arsenal but I have resorted to just relaxing and watching our games as I laugh at our flaws and mediocrity till Arsene and the board leave. Oh hey, you should do the same to save yourself from stress.

  12. The Boss has promised Ospina to be starting him for the Cup games before he agreed to stay on after petr Cech was signed. We’ve seen the Boss played him in 3 cup games so far. I think the Boss will continue to honour his promise to Ospina, because he’s not a promise breaker. But wait a minute, if Ospina has performance problem on the field of play like he had in the Olympiacos game, he should be sub with the minimum delays with Cech to stop any further failings. That’s the mistake the Boss did and not for starting him. I believe the Boss will still start Ospina in the Cup games, save our crucial 2 legged Ucl home & away games against Bayern Munich and our return legs home game against Dinamo Zagreb at the Emirates Stadium and away to Olympiacos. The Boss will start him away to Sheffield Wed in the Capital One Cup game. The question of the Boss resigning or getting sacked does not arise and it will never happen because he has become synonymous with Arsenal. He is Mr Arsenal. And he will win the remaining quadruple, haven won 1 title out of the available winnable fifthruple at the beginning of the season. Arsenal will unfailingly beat Bayern Munich at the Emirates Stadium and at the Allianz Arena. And also beat Zagreb & Olympiacos in the return legs to get a total of 12 points and qualify for the knock out stages of the Ucl. So, the Boss knows what he’s saying when he said, Arsenal will qualify for the knock out stages despite those 2 early defeats we’ve suffered.

  13. No one in this club will have the balls to remove Wenger… “He has earned the right to leave on his own terms” is that not what they say?
    Only at Arsenal you will hear “stupid” and such delusional statement.

    Win or not, Wenger will be here next year because he has one year left and more if he wants to. Nothing the fans can do about it…

    They might even increase the seat prices next season especially if we don’t get out of the group stage (£10 millions loss), but it is fines the complaining “mugs” will be more than happy to complete the missing funds.

    We gave Dinamo Zagreb and Olympiakos their best page in the CL history, this is how pathetic this club is right now…!!

  14. No one in this club will have the balls to remove Wenger… “He earned the right to leave on his own terms” is that not what they say?
    Only at Arsenal you will hear “stupid” and such delusional statement.

    Wenger will be here next year because he has one year left and more if he wants to. Nothing the fans can do about it…

    They might even increase the seat prices next season especially if we don’t get out of the group stage (£10 millions loss), but it is fines the complaining “mugs” will be more than happy to complete the missing funds.

    We gave Dinamo Zagreb and Olympiakos their best page in the CL history, this is how pathetic this club is right now…!!

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