Is it pure nostalgia to want former pair back at Arsenal? (Opinion)

It is Deadline Day for most of Europe’s top divisions, and there will be a number of transfer rumours emerging today, and I’m sure I’m going to split opinion in wanting to see both Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere back at Arsenal.

It is no secret that we have allowed four players to leave the club this month, three of which left on loan, while we are yet to bring in a single new player.

The rumours seem to point towards a central midfielder of a striker being brought into the squad, but we don’t appear to close to landing either currently, but two players who are most definitely available are Ramsey and Wilshere.

Neither has the best injury record, but due to their current situations, there should be value in taking a chance on the pair, and they would help with our issues.

Rambo isn’t a striker, but when fit he definitely gets himself amongst the goals, and the fact that he can play in a number of positions including as a shadow striker, a central midfielder or even out in one of the wider roles has to be a positive for the squad as we look to push for a place in the top four.

Wilshere’s brain is his best asset, with the way in which he can read the game from midfield and control the game. While his signature could well be back-up option, with him currently without a club meaning that we would be able to arrange his signature after missing out on other targets today.

I know I’m enduring a little bit of nostalgia by wanting to see the pair back at the Emirates, but am I alone in thinking both would be good additions to our slim squad, at least until the summer?


Dan Smith – Do Arsenal need to buy a striker for a chance of the Top Four?

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  1. I will forever remember Ramsey’s goal in the FA finals. Don’t care what anybody says, he was a great player for us under the circumstances.

    However, having Wilshire and Ramsey back is impractical, both players are past their primes. Let’s honour them but we need to move on.

  2. If arsenal want to be a serious club, we need to move on, on these two players. Arsenal should be doing better.

  3. I can’t see a reason not to sign jack on a contract. Maybe game by game. . .? We know he’s highly talented we know he bleeds Arsenal. Yes injury prone hence week by week.

  4. Wilsheres brain? To be fair Jack with degrees in physics, mathematics and IT these last 5 years has speareheaded Elon Musks rocket launched Satellite internet serivices programme. .
    Rambo of course was loyal to the bone until made to run his contract down and foced to leave on a free and accept the pittance of 400k p/w at Juve. He like Sanchez another forced out by our club failed at his new club and just wants to come home and play for the club he loves.
    Just sign them up.

    1. where do you get this nonsense from dude?

      Rambo was offered a new contract, dilly dallied over signing it and the club pulled it.

      Sanchez wasnt forced out he forced his way out

      1. wrong Val!!! far more nuanced situation, but I bet you had a funny looking colorful mustache after gulping down all that club created Kool-Aid

  5. Aaron Ramsey is still in top condition. He was our engine and is still 10x better that the Arsenal ‘Nemesis’ Granit ‘Dracula’. Ramsey is no brainer. Jack I would out of love and homage, give a game. At least the supporters could either say goodbye to our local hero, or hope to see Lazarus arise once again. Wilshire and Ramsey make our present midfield look like a bunch of Con merchants. If the club have decided to ‘Throw’ the season, at least give us supporters a little joy. We should show respect and prostrate as worshippers to our beloved and devoted Arsenal men.

  6. I can already feel the panic inside MA and Edu. My prediction:

    Wilshere re-signed
    Ramsey re-signed on loan
    Morata signed on loan


  7. When all else has failed miserably In the transfer dealings to date this window, we need players in, who would play for the shirt… Jack and Aaron fit the bill perfectly and in the areas we need to strengthen.
    Why not a contract until the end of the season, with an option to then offer a rolling contract?

  8. Well, the pair ain’t too bad, if we fail to get any players in, then we can get them in, Moutinho is far other than the pair,

    I really would have loved us to get giancula Scamara as CF, strong, fast with quick feet.

  9. for 6 months i would, we are light in that area and both are limes better than Xhaka, Lokonga and Elneny

    But we have 17 games left to play, i would take JW on a temp deal only – hes more upto speed with MA as hes been training there for sometime and could probably fit in easier to MA ball

  10. “Am I alone” asks PATRICK! The honest answer is NO but you are alone among PROPERLY thinking fans, who know better than to ever go back to failures and perenially injured players.

    In either case it is entirely academic, as if any fan wishes to bet me a tenner that either RAMSEY OR WILSHERE PLAYS A COMPETITIVE GAME IN OUR SHIRT AGAIN,during this season, I will give them £20 if they are correct

    This is effectively a £10 bet, if you wish to accept, at odds of 2/1 in your favour. I advise you not to lose your money!
    Though I am serious about this bet, I write this mainly to make SOME fans aware of how impossible this scenario actually is. It is not reality and I ONLY LIVE IN REALITY LAND.

    1. Wow when you spoke about big money betting I was thinking in the thousands not bloody 20quid lol .
      Professional better 😂😂😂😂

      1. DK, You know absolutely nothing of how , how much and what profit my betting activities stake.

        And yet you in typically brash and ignorant style presume to post your silly words So I throw this challenge out to you. YOU ONLY are now publicly offered the chance to stake up to £10000 on that same bet at odds of 2/1.

        Lets see if YOU have the balls to match your rhetoric. Go on son, make my day! If you have not the balls or the money behind you sonny, then I WILL EXPECT AN APOLOGY ON HERE.

        1. Why would I bet 10000k
          On Ramsey or Jack coming back to Arsenal lol
          You missed my point once again jonny boy 🙄

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