Is it really worth paying that much money for Caicedo to be a reserve?

Do Arsenal need Moises Caicedo’s services? Of course they do. I know it’s ridiculous to say Arsenal doesn’t need Moises Caicedo, but Tim Sherwood’s claims may change your mind. Caicedo, according to the Premier League legend, isn’t that good, and paying the sums Brighton is demanding is ridiculous when there’s a cheaper option like Tielemans. Interestingly, he added that Caicedo does not start if all of Arsenal’s midfielders are fit.

“When everyone’s fit, he doesn’t play. We dug out some highlights of his game there,” said Sherwood on Sky Sports.

“Do you see £70 million in someone who can run around and tackle? His passing range ain’t fantastic. He scores one goal in a blue moon.

“For me, it’s an awful lot of money. There are better options out there for Arsenal, Tielemans.”

The big question in Sherwood’s claims is whether Caicedo is a sure starter if he joins Arsenal. Yes, he may not be, but one could argue that warming the bench and collecting silverware is preferable.

Furthermore, Arteta hasn’t had the luxury of rotating his squad because some of the backups have been questioned. Caicedo, if he joins, will be similar to Trossard in that if he impresses in training, he will have a chance to make the starting lineup every now and then.

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  1. It’s almost like you don’t buy a DM backup for passing range and goals…

    We need him because Partey is injury prone, Lokonga is too raw, and no one else has the attributes of a good DM in the team – positioning, running, mobility, tackling, and interceptions.

    Bonus is he can backup Xhaka as well, not that he is ever injured or tired.

    Tielemans is much cheaper, but he’s also only a backup for Xhaka and would do no better than Lokonga as a DM. We can wait till summer and get him on a free to bolster the squad depth for good business.

    1. Arsenal needs a back up DM, unfortunately the whole world knows this and will definitely want to take advantage of our situation.

      That’s the price you pay for being in the position we are, I mean city paid 100m for Freakish and he rarely starts.

      Partey and Zhaka are also in their 30s so Caicedo is not only needed for cover now but will be in the team for much longer.

      Yeah, the money is much but except we can add to it and get Rice now (which is very unlikely) we have got to pay for him.

      This is a rare chance to be Champions again

      1. Agree Xhaxa & Partey are 30ish. Caicedo & Rice would be with us long term & starting. Could sell Xhaxa coz Vera & ESR can slot in there. Perhaps even sell ESR.

      2. Not so much the Grealish transfer its the Mudryk one thats really inflated the market + what they also paid for Fofana,Cucurella,Chilwell. List is endless.

        1. Malo Gusto €30M
          Noni Madueke €35M
          Mudryk €100M
          Cesión de João €11M
          Nkunku €60M
          Badiashile €38M
          Fofana €12M
          Andrey Santos €20M
          Fofana €85M
          Auba €12M
          Casadei €15M
          Chukwuemeka €22M
          Cucurella €62M
          Slonina €12M
          Koulibaly €40M
          Sterling €50M

          Chelsea are ruining football

          1. As well as their future ability to stay solvent !

            It does not take any sort of genious brain to foresee that so MANY players on extremely high wages, many for a great many on contract years to come,when only eleven can play at any one time, will certainly led to massive player discontent down the line.

            Followed by players wanting out, but losing a massive amount of their original transfer value , while others will happily sit, Ozil and Auba style,and play little, all the while continuing to bleed the club financially.

            It could not happen to a more deserving club and as such should be a matter of rejoicing for we Gooners.

            1. There will definitely be a clear out at Chelsea this summer.unlike us in the recent past,they have valuable assets.i wouldn’t be surprised if they were to recoup most of even more than they spent.

  2. Can only see same scenario as mudryk situation happening we talk and talk and then last min chelski come in with the offer Brighton want and game over then werere scrambling around on last day to get a cheaper option!

  3. Ben White has the attributes to be a more than useful DM and, regrettably, on this occasion I have to agree with the views of Sherwood.

    1. I agree with you, it’s not like we are devoid of options.
      White can play as DM, Tomi in as RB. Personally I like Bamba; good DM skill set, better dribbling than Caicedo and half the price or less.

      We avoided getting rinsed over Mudryk, why step up and let Brighton do the same?

      Go after Bamba hard in this window and get Rice in the Summer and the squad is ready to challenge for all the trophies.

      1. Not surprisingly I agree with you D, especially in
        reference to Bamba. If the young Italian was doing the
        business in the Championship or at a bottom half
        PL squad he’d already be an Arsenal player @ half
        the price of Caicedo. The current league he applies
        his trade in is the ONLY reason Arsenal haven’t bid
        on him in this window.

        I do like Caicedo and at this late hour in the window
        I venture to guess AFC will be forced to meet
        Brightons evaluation. If Brighton are holding out
        for an additional £10-15M why wouldn’t AFC be willing
        to move on from ASL and Holding to make up the

        1. ACE
          We have similar opinions on many topics, glad to see the same with Bamba. Perhaps Lokogna swap plus some cash on top?

          Arteta and Odegaard seem frustrated with Lokogna’s recent performance, and the young man hasn’t improved over his time here.

          Doesn’t appear to have much of a future with Arsenal so a swap makes sense while he has some value.

          I’m a bit biased towards Bamba I admit, and don’t think Caicedo is that much superior in terms of talent.

          If 80 million spent on Caicedo, unlikely we’ll ever see a profit on future sale.

          Bamba can produce like Caicedo, but only cost 30 million, so room for profit on future sale if needs be.

          Getting rinsed by Brighton leaves same bad taste as Mudryk and Donesk.

    2. Absolutely agree with TS !!!! I’ve be saying it all along. This guy is a slightly better version of Francis Coquelin…….which is okayish, and I don’t see what all the fuss over him is all about. Give me Amadou Onana over him everyday, he can cover for both Xhaka or Partey, probably for both at the same time(sic), he’s so mobile and all action, and is absolutely a monster attacking corners, free kicks and loose ball just bouncing around in the penalty box, both offensive and defensive. having said all that, If Arteta thinks this is what he wants, Then the bosses just need to spend the damn money .

  4. If we pay 70-80m for either Caicedo and or Rice, neither are coming as backup.
    The first one in is a replacement for Xhaka primarily, who remains WAY too slow in movement and thought for this Arsenal team. One look at a Partey/Caicedo partnership will show everyone just how good we can be with two proper central midfielders, even though Xhaka has had a ‘good’ season by his standards.
    If we do genuinely want Caicedo and Rice, it’s the two of them who will form our centre midfield going forwards. Parteys age and injury record mean he can’t be relied on so I suspect he may be sold (if we signed both Caicedo and Rice)

    1. U know in million years none of them is benching xhaka,no matter how we rate declan rice he ain’t sending xhaka to d bench neither is caicedo unless partey is injured n behold n told d moment u sign them partey he ain’t going on injury

  5. Can’t understand the logic in the article….whoever is signed should be genuine competition for a starting spot. I’d rather sign 1 or 2 good players in a window the 3-6 players that are average.

    MA and Edu just ask for money the whole time with little regard for trying to balance the books of the club. If you consistently sign 1 or 2 really good players every window that means you can start selling good players too after a year or 2.

    Our current strategy is loan out until worthless or contract ends.

    1. We do have players to sell. Mari,Tamara,Balogun, AMN,Holding & probably Tierney. There’s income to get Rice.

      1. Barring Tierny, we’ll probably get 25 mil for the rest, you should che k their contract expiration dates bud.

  6. I can see sherwood’s point, although I think there’s lot more to caicedo’s game than that – his passing abilities are good, if unspectacular, his destructive game is superb, and his ability to sort out tricky situations with a bit of skill in tight areas would lend itself well to the position we’re looking to cover.
    Regarding tielemans – I’d rather overpay for a very good player that will help our cause than get a cheap option who might not. This is kind of how I see it: I think tielemans would at least start well if we signed him, but he wouldn’t provide good cover for the DM position, which we’re really desperate for.
    For me, caicedo is the right type of player, I’d just be hesitant about paying so much to get him.

  7. Very funny article, partey likely injury, we need back up, lokonga is shit, partey likely to be fit for everton, we do not really need one, Really?

  8. Caicedo is a very good player who would provide genuine competition for Xhaka and Partey.However there comes a time when realism has to step in particularly when you are dealing with a highly efficient , cash rich Club like Brighton who are under no pressure whatsoever to sell one of their main assets.Last season they sold a very average left back for around 55m to a wealthy Club who were desperate for cover in that position.I do not want Arsenal to become a member of the “silly” Club when it comes to financial matters.The alleged offer of 60m for Caicedo represents an unjustifiable premium for a guy who cost only 4m 2 years ago.Instead of paying way over the odds ,we should be improving our recruitment/ scouting system to unearth hidden gems at the outset.Why, for example did we pay 30m for Veiria who is talented but clearly not up to the physical demands of the EPL when we already have an equally talented young lad in Patino?I accept we need a very able, dedicated DM to back up Partey but Caicedo is not that guy at the price quoted.The young Italian, Bamba is the guy to bring in it at all possible .Not only is he a genuine DM, which Caicedo is not, but his release clause is I believe around 30m euro.

    1. Of recent is there any club winning throphies that actually depend on an efficient scouting system to unearth hidden gems, chelsea is almost closing on our overall throphy hall, the game has changed and most arsenal fans do not realize it, wenger was late to realise it, if Arteta had not gone on a spending spree to change the whole outlook of the squad we definitely would not be in this position with the team he inherited, your suggestion depends on our target for each season, be a brighton or win real throphies and be successful. Definitely if u do not spend big, you cant win bar what leceister did, which happens once in a hundred uears

      1. This is our time to win a league we have not won in years, we must do everything to acheive this goal, or be prepared for a resurgent chelsea, man united and maybe liverpool, who could have way more better squad in size and quality.

    2. I agree with virtually everything you’ve said. I dont want Arsenal to be one of those clubs. And I worry a bit about the impact on both Partey and Xhaka if they know that Caceido and Rice are both coming in.

      Having said that, it’s not my money and Arteta and Edu have got most of their transfer right over the last two windows. So who am I to argue? Although, if I was so inclined, I’d argue the case for Sander Berge who is probably available for less then half of what Caceido is quoted at, which seems more sensible for cover. Bamba for me is too raw to expect to step in right away which is what we need.

      1. Brighton are taking the mic.i have no problems with them making heavy profits but come on.if you look at the players they sold to “bigger” clubs recently, I’d say only White was worth the money and most probably Trossard too.i mean Cucurella/Bissouma…have been disappointing,no offense but playing well for Brighton doesn’t mean that the players will automatically make the step up.

    3. Grandad.
      I agree with your reasoning. Paying that much for a guy, who we can’t guarantee will do a better job than any of our existing players, does not seem like a good idea.
      The notion, that if we don’t buy him, we are not doing everything we can to win the title, is just silly.
      You can just as well say, if we spend money more wisely, we will be better off in the long run.
      Winning the title this year, depends on our current squad, who is functioning 100% together, to be able to continue like that this season.

      1. Some appear to honestly believe if we don’t win the title this season, then we will not in the foreseeable future

        I am far more optimistic than that, as I see MA here to stay for the long term and we have a squad that is rapidly improving and a man in charge who is up there with the worlds best.

        So I look forward massively TO NEXT SEASON, AS WELL AS TO THIS AND TO MANY AFTER THAT TOO. Some seem to “think”( I use that word in quote marks deliberately),that it’s now or never. Bunkum!

        1. Exactly Jon
          Some fans said last January it’s now or never to be back in the top 4.
          12 months on?
          Which Arsenal fan has top 4 as a target for this season?
          What the Kroenkes, Edu and Arteta are building is much bigger than this season.
          We now have healthy foundations, the youngest squad and manager and are top of the league half way through the season.
          This is a squad that can potentially win a the premier league and the Champions league in the next few seasons.

    4. Sangare from PSV wouldn’t be a bad option either.
      The massive Ivorian is a near TP clone IMWO and
      has extensive experience in both Europe and for
      Cote d’Ivore.

      Although PSV is currently 3rd in the Erste Divisie
      title race and probably wouldn’t entertain the idea
      of selling one of there better plays a cheeky £40-
      50M from Arsenal might test there resolve.

  9. Pls get me Rabiot, that money is just too humongous for Caicedo… And I really do not think the kid as a player is worth that fee..

    1. You guys are missing two very important points. First we need a DM who can cover for party when required and second who is already EPL experience so can hit the ground running. If we were not in title race and were planning for future you would have seen us go for a cheaper option abroad but at this moment circumstances are different and we need to act accordingly.

  10. Caicedo is a very good player and I have said it here sometime that he will be a good replacement for Partey. His age also fits the profile we are currently looking at. He is already playing in the league and you can expect him to hit the ground running. However, I really doubt we can sign him because of the involvement of Chlesea as they will just outbid us as soon as Brighton gives the green light. Wish we could get a loan move for Palhinha or any other good DM in the league. It will be too risky to look abroad for such an important position at this stage, when we don’t have time to waste on a player to adapt.

  11. If we want to compete with Man City & Chelsea we need a strong bench we cannot depend on one player being fit all the time it will eventually lead to injuries. Elneny is leaving next season he only had 1 year extention on his contract so are a lot of other fringe players

    1. Is this a serious question?

      JM doesn’t possess a defensive bone in his futbol body.

      He isn’t a DM, never has and never will

      1. ACE, frustrating though fan lack of basic football knowledge can be, we have to remember that some on here do not have so many, or even any at all, TV opportunities to watch our games as we who live in Britain do.
        Some will therefore not know all Prem players and their abilities, as many of us are lucky enough to be able to do.

  12. The first thing to note, if one is perceptive, is that the word”reserve” though not appearing at all in the article, is wrongly used and prominent in the headline. Sigh!

    This is an important point to make, as the old fashioned term”reserve” is no longer correct nor appropriate when used about a first team SQUAD.

    It would only be true, if in a fantasy football world, exactly eleven players played every single game each season.


    In no realistic use of the term can CAICEDO ever be regarded, IF he arrives, as a so called “reserve”!
    The whole idea of having “reserves” instead of a quality and deep SQUAD, is passe and no longer viable.

  13. Only a SHIRTSIGHTED person would think we are overpaying for Caicedo. His profile fits our system perfectly. It would be shortsighted to think we are overpaying for a 21 yr old who ticks all boxes. Rather pay the 80 mil right now, give him a 5 yr contract with an option for one thus solving that position for a solid 6 years! Plus we might keep him for an even longer period of time! Now spread the 80 mil over 6-8 years and give your head a wobble. We could ONLY be overpaying if Caicedo was say,28,29,30 or even 31. But for a 21 yr old with bags of talent and who suits our play perfectly? Same with Mudryk, there’s no overpaying there if it’ s young talented player.FOCUS ON THE BIG PICTURE GUYS! Think like a smart bussinesman!
    PS: If we are not willing to meet BHA’s valuation I suggest we move on early and stop wasting everyone’s time. I hope Mr. Edu Gaspar is listening.

    1. values him at around 30m, so it is not a question about whether we are overpaying for him. It is a question of how much, we want to overpay.

      1. It’s not like house price, players price change dramatically. I would not take as a standard. Player price is driven by so many things including situation of both selling and buying club.

        1. The price is what a buyer and a seller agrees to.
          The value is something completely different.
          If we agree to pay a price more than double the estimated value, it could in theory be worth it.
          But it could easily be a huge waste of money.
          So much here depends on the “theory”, that:
          1) If Partey get a long term injury
          2) Caicedo is ready to replace him in a better way, than any of our current players
          3) Or he is already able to strengthen our team by replacing Partey, even if Partey isn’t injured
          4) The money we spend on him, couldn’t be spent more wisely now or in the summer

          Obviously Arteta and Edu will know best, how far, we are willing to go.

      2. Fair enough. BUT if you ask me I’d prefer the bigger picture/market realities than let transfermarket influence my decision. I still think 80 mil over 8+ years is fair value IF the analytics and Arteta think he’s a perfect fit for the team. Why pay 40 mil now for an average player then be in the market again in a season or two when we can pay 80 mil and get done with this for nearly a decade?

        1. Our current team is built om players brought up through our own ranks and additions bought for much less than 80m, developed and coached into a well functioning unit.
          The theory that we can buy ready made players to go straight in and replace our best performing players, is a tempting prospect, but may not be anything more than a theory.
          And if the high price limit our possibilities to add 2 other players in the summer, it may be the wrong decision.

  14. I don’t get fans if we don’t go out and buy Party’s replacement then ppl will say that is why we did not win the title if GOD forbid we don’t. He is young and has all the attributes required plus trust the club as they have done fantastic work. When will ppl understand we don’t need Tielemens, he is not arsenal material and is not a DM. This obsession with Tielemens is getting on my nerves.

    1. Arsenal should go and buy player not someone like lokonga, this is the only opportunity Arsenal have to win Epl

  15. If we weren’t top of the league with a genuine possibility of winning it, I would say leave it. BUT, we have a chance, Parthey is injured, Lokonga is not good enough – we are DESPERATE for a DM. We don’t want to look back and think we blew it because we didn’t pay up.

  16. All the big clubs spend big money, are we not a big club? Not every signing we make is going to be a bargain like Martinelli. Just for some perspective Man Utd bought a 30 year old Casemiro for £60M, with Caicedo we would be buying potential but someone who could go straight into the starting lineup in place of Partey or Xhaka without a drop in quality.

  17. I think we should pay the release clause of Zubimendi. Which may be our last resort. Zubimendi as DM and Lokonga as CMD.

    1. Zubimendi is not leaving La Real in January, he’s already said it, maybe Arteta should call him.

  18. Red Herring? Sherwood and other are the last people that want to see arsenal win the league. He said they dug up video of caicedo not looking good but did they dig up the video of Tielemans not running back in the arsenal game (if you didn’t see it, it worth searching for). We have an unbelievable chance at winning the epl and by gum we have to seize upon this opportunity!!!

  19. Oh yes

    Step 1: Complain about lack of spending and investing in the squad in an inflated market
    Step 2: Make a bit in an Already inflated due to Chelsea and The pl money + mid season transfer window for a young player playing well
    As expected price will be high

    Ppl who complain about lack of spending: this is crazy, why are we spending so much blah blah blah

    Scenes: xhaka injured, tp injured we lose games and don’t win the league

    Mr kit – arteta is dumb we had the title in our hands but because we are not willing to spend money we didnt win the league nor will we ever win

    1. Not sure why you have bought me into your silly post ,but I would suggest you go back to that 2 bit Arsenal fan site you so shamelessly tried to recruit for .

  20. Heard this perspective from someone and thought I would throw it into the discussion. Is it possible that Brighton have already agreed to sell him to us? Whether that is for the £60M bid already made or a higher offer that is not out in the media yet. When you break down Caicedo post and look at some of the key wording, it sounds like a farewell letter rather than a plead for the club to let him leave. Maybe the club didn’t want anything announced until they get a replacement in, Haidara? As that might affect the price they have to pay. You might say why wasn’t he in training and played against Liverpool? Well you are not going to risk injury to a player you are about to sell for big money.

    1. Its an intelligent thought, whether or not it comes true.
      I like posts that show someone thinking before writing. And I WANTED TO TELL YOU THAT!

  21. DM is not being bought as an back up but to rotate with
    Don’t sell ESR….there’s a very very talented footballer in him….Give him till next season on

    I won’t be surprised if Arsenal buys a player no one though of

  22. He is an investment for the future at tha age. Either way, I don’t see this one going over the line and I honestly hope they spared some eggs for another dmf basket.

  23. If we don’t sign a DM during this window we will be one injury from potential disaster. Last January proved how easy it is to slip up. If we can get Caicedo, and we may well get him, we should do. If we get a strong DM we will win the Premier League.

  24. Nothing against Caicedo and his impressive or unimpressive stats. No backup player is worth £70M in that position. Arsenal should spend smart elsewhere. This Chelsea transfer effect has produced a chain of abomination.

  25. People thought the same about Ramsdale, which I always thought strange.

    A real lack of critical thinking suggesting that a self-sufficient club would spend 70 million plus on a backup DM. Clearly the board are looking at the bigger picture – we are desperately short in central midfield, Party is injury prone, and both he and Xhaka are around 30 years old.

    1. Add Mohammed. We are looking at Moses, Jesus and Mohammed. Moise is worth the 100m. He is the closest in style to Partey in the dm position. Partey will rotate with him if necessary. We can play a double pivot dm in some games. Arteta will use him from the bench to cement wins. Currently Holding plays as a specialist game closer from the bench. Caicedo will be a better closer. It allows the team to defend and counter attack much better with both dm with one a specialist closer.

  26. We need caicedo more than ever because our DM anchor will not be that strong in next two seasons, because Xhaka and Partey are already in their thirty’s and we will not wait until their career is finish in Arsenal before looking for replacement,now is the the time to introduce their replacement gradually to the team for proper breeding into the system because it will some time for them to click.

  27. The term backup player is no longer applicable to the current type of football played now. Teams sign players that fit into their system and typically prefer to have 2 players per position. Now teams have a bench not a backup. Some players are closers of a win. Caicedo is similar to Partey. Arteta can close down wins by bringing one of them from the bench. Currently it’s Holding. We can set up defensively for some games too. We do need another. Lokonga is not a dm. Arteta should be playing him in the right position if we sign Moise. That means caicedo and lokonga can form a partnership for some games. Arsenal does the huddle throughout each game. That’s from football and basketball.

  28. Think about MC, MU, Chelsea, Liverpool. Think about the big teams!!!
    Are B. Silva, Foden and J. Alvarez a reserve? Are Fred, Malasia, Garnacho a reserve? Are Fofana, Chillwel, Aspicueta, Mount, Harverst reserves? Are Tsimiscas, Elliot, Nunes, Henderson reserves?
    They enter the game when needed, sometimes they start some sometimes don’t. In our case we lost Partey, Xsaka we are dead!!! Caicedo is an alternative for big games. Think BIG please!!!

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