Is it sensible for Arsenal to make no more signings?

With just a few more days left of the transfer window, there are still many Arsenal transfer rumours coming through, despite the fact that Unai Emery said just a couple of days ago: “My focus is on the first match and preparing, and not for the window and the possibility to sign another player. Maybe we need some players to leave because we have lots in the squad, but at the moment, my one focus is on our work.”

We need players to leave? Well Calum Chambers has gone to Fulham on loan, while Lucas Perez has been sold cheaply to West Ham. We are still expecting sales of Danny Welbeck, David Ospina and Joel Campbell, but why would we still expect any more new arrivals? The Arsenal legend Martin Keown doesn’t think there will be any more incoming players, and he thinks that that is the sensible thing to do in Emery’s first season while the Spaniard assesses the current squad’s abilities. “I think it’s difficult for a manager,” Keown told Starsport.

“If you think about it he’s got 22 new signings doesn’t he. He’s got to come in, he’s got to work with all the players.

“He’s got four central defenders there with (Calum) Chambers, (Rob) Holding, (Shkodran) Mustafi and Sokratis. He’s got to get that message across and identify quickly.

“I don’t know whether the money’s there. I think he’s going to have to sell probably if he’s going to buy and there doesn’t seem to be much happening in the transfer market.

“So I think he’s possibly done his business nice and early and he’s going to prepare with this group, see how he goes from there and maybe the next transfer window he goes in again.

“But I think it’s sensible what they’re doing, he’s working with what they’ve got.

“It’s only when the season starts and they play games for real, you work out who can cut it and who can’t.”

Keown was wrong about Chambers, but we also have Mavropanos and maybe Koscielny will return at some point, so do you agree that we should give Emery until at least January to identify the weaknesses in the squad before buying anyone else?



  1. Sean says:

    No more signings will happen unless Stan releases money to get the fans onside with his takeover over of the club today. We need a LB, CB & LW to really compete this year & that’s before we get rid of Chambers on Loan, Perez, Ospina, Campbell & Welbz. Don’t know what to make of no more transfers in other than it will be the same as before if we don’t address the problems to complete the squad. Same ol same ol always 2 or 3 players short of a really decent squad.

  2. John Ibrahim says:

    finally fans get what they always want Wenger out Gazadis out, Usmanov out and 100% Kroneke in…

    you win some you lose some!

    Emery will led us to 3rd place and above this year and possibily a silverware with Europa cup

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I do not think a single Arsenal fan has ever wanted ‘Kroenke in’. Haha

    2. Andrew E says:

      Optimism or pipedreams, we don’t have long to find out!!!

      1. Andrew E says:

        I was referring to John Ibrahim’s post.

  3. JW says:

    I think we should give Emery till the end of next summer to get things sorted out. I think it will take at least until then for him to shape this team into what he wants. I think the moves they are making now are paving the way for him to build the team as he sees best. I think there will be some disapointments along the way, but in the end Arsenal will be a stronger more capable club.

  4. Sheet head says:

    With full overtake of Arsenal by Kroenke, Josh will likely take over and be the CEO. He seems to be development oriented. Things may have just taken a turn for the better fellas ???

    1. jon fox says:

      Josh , like Stan , lives in USA. IF, which is a long shot , Josh moves to London full time and develops a real affection for Arsenal, then we MAY just have an outside chance of getting a tiny benefit from Stan fully owning us. Personally, I think it more likely that the Pope turns Jewish than that either of the Kroenkes falls in love with Arsenal, except as a financial asset. You s to be a lone voice on this site ,thinking otherwise. Care to fully explain the detailed reasons for your , to me , rather odd , enthusiasm?

      1. Sheet head says:

        Well, Josh was around a few weeks and Wenger got sacked/resigned. I interpret it to mean he was willing to loose some £8M (Wenger’s contract payment) for a shot at success. If he were money oriented as we would wish to believe, the logical reason would be to let Wenger run down his contract and save on the money

        1. jon fox says:


          1. ozziegunner says:


  5. barryglik says:

    Sell Chambers Jenkinson Campbell
    Wellbeck Ozil Mkhi Ramsey.
    Buy 5 players CB, LB, 2 AM, 1 winger.
    25mill each.

    1. Marty says:

      Football manager on the computer again…….

    2. snowden says:

      Just like that.

      1. Declan says:

        Yes, easy, in the next 50 hours….

  6. adrian says:

    Emery’s job is to tinker at the edges to get marginal gains on last year’s performances. Don’t expect big signings or a top 4 finish. if they compete more consistently and for longer this year, he will have done a good job.

  7. Auba Arsenal of Lagos says:

    I agree with you sheet head. Josh might just offer us something better & he should give emery another 3year contract @ the end of the season so he can solidify the rebuild. I’d implore fellow gooners to disregard the gloom being thrown around by the media & some of us bcz of kroenke’s take over. We don’t need any pessimism around the team @ this point as it’ll only destroy the club spirit.
    On the positive side this team needs a few more tweeks & we become a team to be envied. Also I have this strong feeling our new mgt structure will be the new standard in the football worlds nearest future.e.g a.c Milan wanting gazidis. Cheers Mateys & here’s to the new & exciting winger that’ll come in by Thursday.

    1. jon fox says:

      Well, I suppose I should not dampen your huge enthusiasm and I fervently hope you are right. However, my head and long life experience, esp in the corporate world, tell me you are being cheerfully naive and making light of the appalling happening to our club today. You are looking increasingly right in your assessment that more and more top clubs will be the “plaything”( my words, not yours, which I accept) of multi billionaires. But that is a disastrous outcome for all clubs thus owned, esp when the owner in question , as in our case, has zero emotional LOVE for the club and wants only the commercial asset. That is ruinous for footballs future and we should all aim to have all our clubs owned entirely by a group of fans , holding shares and with a restriction on ever selling those shares,EXCEPT to other real fans. In the distant future, I believe that scenario is the only way that top football can survive as a mainstream world sport. “Distant”, though is very hard to quantify and we may be several decades from that Utopian ideal. In the meantime, like almost 100% of fans on here, though clearly not two of you, I AM IN DEEP GLOOM.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Your life long experience in the corporate world…
        I can smell a right stink, smells like something that came out a bulls backside.

        UTD are still being sponged from and having to pay for the owners from their profits to the point they can’t spend big?

        Daddy Glazier passed away and since it was passed to his children, the club has turned around and act with ambition again, sometimes children want to build upon what their parents do and not just become a carbon copy.

        I know it was a long time ago for you Jon but think back to when you was younger, did you want to become a carbon copy of your dad? Children have things they admire in parents but a lot of them want to be themselves and not just Silent Stan Jr.

        1. jon fox says:

          You are immaturely rude, as you know nothing of my background and yet insult me. Why do so?

      2. Auba Arsenal of Lagos says:

        Full respect to your opinion Jon,but my conclusions are borne from the reality of the emergence of the so called “Neo-big clubs” likes of psg,chelsea,man city e.t.c they are sugar daddy clubs yea,but there’s no denying they’ve been “relatively” successful.we are tilting towards them.what i however hope will make us different from the “neos” is that kroenke has been part of us for over a decade & I know he’ll want to uphold that class Arsenal has always had as a club.we’ve only lost a few ground of our class on the field bcoz Wenger was stubborn & too proud to admit times have changed.this class will be regained gradually if we can keep the new mgt & emery longer per josh kroenke, I have a hunch this guy will set us on a journey we the fans and his dad will come to be proud of.
        Everyone’s welcome to bash my optimism but be forewarned I’m an incurable arsenal optimist.whatever could have made me argue with rival fans for the past 13-14 years that every season was going to be ours,there’s hardly a thing that’ll get me to dislike my darling arsenal. ( must confess however, that I’ve been critical of the club & players and will continue to do so but this is only borne out of the love for my club & I enjoy every moment of it).cheers Mateys

        1. jon fox says:

          Auba, an optimistic and cheerful answer and who am I to rain on your parade. i firmly disagee about how the Kroenkes will run us but hey, we are all allowed our opinion and you were at least courteous, unlike Midkemma, (above your post). Your passion for our club is delightful and clear. Would that the Kroenkes shared it. But sadly, i think they do not!

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Auba, Midkemma and jon, while the argument about the relative success of Man U and other clubs in private ownership is valid, my concern, jon’s and others is that Stan Kroenke’s past performance as an owner in the USA has led to mediocre on field performance by the teams he owns.

  8. Andrew E says:

    Kroenke owning 100% of our club? I am just hoping it’s a bad dream because this ‘special’ club won’t be special anymore, we’ll just be treated as an American franchise at the whim of a single ‘dictator’. A carbon copy of Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, PSG et al. The legacy and soul of our great club is being ripped out. What set us apart from most football clubs i.e. class, will no longer be the case. Sad days as Wrighty says!!! There will be those who would argue that we may win more trophies but my question is, at what cost? For instance our stadium could end up being called the ‘Walmart’ stadium (Kroenke’s wife is the heiress).

    Could you ever imagine Barca or Real bought up by the Quataris or Americans? It would cause civil unrest and riots in the country.

    1. jon fox says:

      Andrew, Glad to see that you are among the 99% of us on here who fully detest the tragedy happening to our beloved club. I have read just two who disagree and wonder at how they can both be so naively wrong!

      1. Andrew E says:

        Thanks Jon. If the two you are referring to think that Kroenke will suddenly loosen the purse strings are so wrong, he has taken a personal (so he says) loan of £500m to buy these shares which has to be serviced. I hope I’m wrong but I think our club will be treated as a cash cow not dissimilar to how the Glazers have used Man U. For me this has got to be one of the worst days I have encountered as an Arsenal supporter.

  9. snowden says:

    What should not be overlooked is that not one member of the media who are always pronouncing their inside knowledge as to which player is leaving or coming to Arsenal, and are always wrong new about this news item, until it was public knowledge.

    The media hasn’t got so much as a clue about the real world of Arsenal.

  10. DDK3 says:

    Will there be anti-Kroenke protests? For years Wenger was blamed for the lack of spending at the club, now at last we see that Wenger had little to do with it, but he was willing to absorb all the flack for it (unlike Mourinho).

    We have spent 60-70m, after sales our nett spend will be closer to 50m. We have brought in 5 OK players to try and address our problems, whereas our rivals spend our whole budget on 1 top notch player at least. United Fred, Chelsea Jorginho, Liverpool Fabinho/Alisson, City Mahrez.

    This window confirms what I have always suspected which is that Wenger was not at the heart of our lack of chest beating in the transfer market. We need to accept our lot in this premier league life, as long as our budget remains less than 100m in a window we will always be playing catch up and we quite rightly find ourselves where we now belong, outside the top 4, and will remain there for the forseeable future. Emery tactics alone cannot right this ship I’m afraid.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      DDK3 agreed, however the point you make about the different approach of Mourinho and Wenger is very important. As much as I dislike Mourinho, I can’t forgive Wenger for being an apologist for and running interference for Kroenke since he obtained majority shareholding in 2011.

      1. DDK3 says:

        Fair point, but is Emery happy with his transfer budget and complaining about players? Maybe it is too early for him, but at the moment it looks like more of the same.

        I am not sure what is to be gained by Wenger saying we tried to get Messi but he wasn’t keen. We tried to get Lemar, but we couldn’t afford him etc.

        He has now since leaving spilt those beans but what does it benefit us as fans to hear those stories at the time? Would have caused the kind of owner hatred that Newcastle are going through right now.

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