Is it still too early in the market or should Arsenal fans panic?‏

Are Arsenal too slow to Act? By Galen

Having read the comments from most Arsenal fans across the globe from Asia, Africa, USA, Latin America and of course our UK fan base, the big topic is should we start panicking? Truth be told I will be deceitful If I said I wasn’t worried by the situation surrounding our rivals.

A few weeks ago every article was about Morgan Schneiderlin and suddenly some fans are saying he is not good enough. I think that we need to learn to be good losers and not say opposition players are overrated. I read people saying Bastian Schweinsteiger is past it at the age of 30. Really? We have Flamini and Arteta in our squad and we are making jokes about one of the greatest central midfielders of this generation. I honestly wanted us to make our signings before the plane departs for our Asian tour but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Man United made 3 good signings in 2 days just in time for the tour.

The Manchester United manager thinks the transfer window is too long “I find it ridiculous that the period closes so late. For managers this period is the most difficult time. I wanted my targets identified before we go on pre season tour.”

So why has Arsenal not signed more players? Mr Wenger said upon landing in Singapore. “That doesn’t depend only on us, it depends on whether we can find them, but if we can find one or two players we will do it.”

A part of me is saying I should exercise some patience and we are just on the 13th of July, 2015. Another part of me is saying I should be worried because most of the players that were linked to have all signed for different clubs.

Schneiderlin, Imbula, Kondogbia, Dybala, Vietto, Martinez, Mandzukic etc. You now have us linked to the likes of Vidal, Lacazette, Benzema and Reus. Nothing is impossible but I believe this are very difficult players to sign. Should Arsenal fans be worried? Because with the way our rivals are improving we could be fighting tooth and nail with Liverpool and Spurs for 4th position next season. I hope I am wrong.

In the last few days fans have been saying that it is very difficult to improve a team like Arsenal. But I don’t think so. I honestly think it is difficult to improve Bayern Madrid and Barcelona. I am sorry to sound negative but Arsenal are not in that category. When was the last time we finished 2nd in our league? When was the last time we reach the quarter finals of the champions league? Suddenly everyone is making Cech signing to look as if we have signed Messi and Ronaldo. Its incredible how our fans can sometimes get so deluded.

I hope Mr Wenger has a better plans. I hope Jack, Ozil, Theo and Giroud are not like new signings. Because I have read somewhere that they were injured and they will be like new signings. Somebody slap me.
By Galen Sona

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  1. It is not too early and it is not too late. There is plenty of time to do business and plenty of good players out there that can improve our team. It really all depends on Arsene. He could buy someone this week or wait until midnight of the 31st. I personally would have preferred to do the business earlier and taken the new players to Singapore.
    But what do i know, I am not getting paid 7m quid to make these decisions…

        1. Trust me, there are somany blank pages on that diary…… I had to skip well over 10 pages L()L

    1. we are known for surviving Terrific transfer windows, why should we die of panic? L()L

    2. We should start having panic attacks,we should start having nightmares about Scwheni and Morgan improving manures midfield to the limit.

    3. Wenger as many manager would like to wrap up deals early and let new player gel with the squad.
      The sign is good that he shows his ruthless in buying a 33 years old for 10M even we already have pretty good players in that position.
      We are slow to get our targets comparing to Man Utd, Man City is that we are waiting for things to happen (player want to leave, clubs want to sell at right price) – rather than forcing things to happen – Man City pay over the odd for Sterling, Man Utd offer 275k/week to convince Schweisteinger to leave Bayern, 29M for a DM. I had followed Arsenal long enough that we have pretty strict wage structure (the belief of football as a team sport and squad harmony is important) and we never pay over the odd for player or greedy agent – which in turn can help us to get the best value for our money
      All in all, whether it is a smart move, we should patiently wait until end of the transfer window.
      Seem like more people getting stress after Man Utd bought 3 players continuously. Yeah next season Man Utd squad will blow us away … in FIFA 2016. If thing continue to go as it is, they will have new GK and CB come August – so their back 6 – 4 of them will be new players who never play with each other before, 3 of them (Darmian, Otamendi?, Oblak?) never play in EPL. They already have a new big name CM and possibly new ST to make it 6 new players who may be all starters (if Van Gaal plays his favorite Depay it will be 7) – Good luck to ‘genius’ Van Gaal to find the cohesion and balance in the 1/2 half of the season. I will laugh so hard if Man Utd crash out of CL qualification.

    4. I think the horse has bolted on this one – whether we should panic or not appears academic – the panickers on here are panicking in full view of the world. The less nervy are sitting tight.

    5. AFC fans been panicking since the the last whistle of the last match. Especially on here…

  2. “I wanted my targets identified before we go on pre season tour”

    “My targets” identify all the players you want. That line says it all really. There your targets not the clubs.

    Just think bigger the club won’t move onto the next level signing Schneiderlin. A very good player but it’s a sideways move with the squad we have.

    1. So lets get bigger players! How is Vidal or Cavani or Lewandowski for you. They are not sideways moves are they?

      I understand that as your squad gets better, you have to find better players to make a difference, but we are not as good as you think. Third in the league, Lost to Monaco in the CL. We still can use a lot of improvement to get to Chelsea or City level. United saw this and they already bought four players and improved their team.

      Bring in Vidal and Lewandowski and then you can claim that most players we buy would be sideway moves.

      1. Morgan a sideway move???are you kidding yourself??? Dream on.just wait and see how tremendously manure will improve.we should have made that sideways move.we are so good at acting like nothing is going wrong

    2. Another classic AlanFrank B.S.
      You will do anything to justify Wenger…including saying sh*t like Ramsey and Wilshere are better than Pogba. Hard to take anything you say seriously.
      Schneiderlin was not a sideways move. He would have been an improvement to the squad.

      1. K-O0ol – classic Alan Frank here.

        How was that comment in any way justifying Wenger. People seriously interpret things the way they want to to make retarded points that includes your comment Jimbean.

        Schneiderlin an improvement to the squad. An improver,net to the squad is a sideways move in the “think bigger” comment I made I’m thinking more players to improve the starting 11. Everyone like to say how were no where near the likes of Madrid / barca yet they cry over player’s who would improve the “squad”.

        As for Ramsey at this time like I said as good as Pogba. And Wilshire has the talent to have just a big a career as Pogba. Having an argument about it now is pointless. But in time this comment will be proved right.

  3. You know how I survive the transfer window with Arsenal?
    I have little or no expectations…so, I’m never disappointed. Try it. ..It works. No need for panicking. 🙂

    1. Why have little or no expectations??? Ozil 2 summers ago Sanchez and around 80m spent last summer. Gabriel in January. Cech already this summer. Definitely no need for panicking but times have changed i’m 100% sure at least 1 more top player is coming this summer.

        1. One player is not enough. We need two top class signings,anything less and we are in trouble to even finish fourth

  4. I hope am proved wrong but the more I think about this, the more factual it gets.
    “AW is happy to steer the club to third or fourth place in the EP league”. The challenge for first and second has become insurmountable for him. The money involved for a good challenge is in head spinning amounts. We as fans should just enjoy the classic football presented to us by AFC each weekend and curb our ambitions for the EPL trophy!

    1. Thing you need to remember financially we are not on the same playing field as the likes of City, Chelsea and PSG. See City can afford to take a 49 million risk on Raheem Sterling, and a 25Million risk on Negredo or even 32 Million on and even if they don’t work out. you know what the do?…… Buy another one. If we took such a risks we wont bounce back so quickly.. So id like to think Arsene Wenger knows a thing or two about sensibly spending money. We may have emirates as our shirt sponsor’s but dont let that fool you into thinking we have ‘Arab Money’.

      1. We can spend at least 70 mil this window. Why not spend it???why are we not going after anyone???we can compete with Chelsea financially, we have to sources to do so . it’s time to realise that we can compete financially with Chelsea at least

        1. Ok let me break the situation down for you we have board where a few members have shares in the club, its not like Chelsea or Psg or City where one group or person owns all the shares, and can do whatever the f+ck he/she/they want. Anytime you make an investment in Arsenal it has to go by the board and the would have to unanimously agree , as it can affect the potential earnings in a positive or a negative way… So seancali let me put it this way if i had spent 100 million of your money bought players and at the end of the season we ended up with nothing, you may be a bit reluctant to reinvest. The people who own the larger shares in Arsenal have the money to spend, and the will do it if Arsene can justify it…. now if he were to f+ck it all up now through reckless spending, i dont think we’ll have a happy transfer window ever again…. Patcience man he knows what he is doing.

  5. This is your DarlingbudsofArse reminding you Arsenal fans that this your Manager thinks he can conquer the premiership with his current squad and I say he will and CANNOT! I told you last week he’s done his business in Cech and fans can only expect more kids with potential to the squad. At 67 he may be suffering from early signs of delusions of grandeur! The board should act fast and get shot of him.

    1. And to you DARLINGBUDSOFARSE we haven’t got money falling out of our Arse. I’d like to have City’s money, to be able to spend a £100 million each window to be able to meet the £30 million buy out clause on a 19 year old Italian striker, and if he doesn’t work out its ok… were able to afford Sergio Aguero.. But you know what that’s not the case. You constantly crticise Wenger’s transfer policy but to this date i don’t see a £45 million mistake on the bench.. or one that has been sent back to his home country to regain form. I look at City United and Chelsea and i count 450 million pounds worth of sh@t signings….

      1. @Inapropriateteletubbie: keep doing the same thing, keep getting the same result. Do not for one second think you can conjure up the EPL title from your chubby tummy, ‘just like that’, as Tommy Cooper would say. Wenger even said himself at the time and we all stupidly believed him, that once the stadium is paid for, we would be able to spend as much as the Chelseas and Man Citys of this world. A case of another broken promise!

        1. Once again we have a board, where by several people have controlling shares over the club, their money is invested in the club. If any manager were to be stupid and spend 150 million in a window only for us to get our arses handed to us by stoke and be beaten to 5th not even reaching top 4 by tottenham. How many of those guys do you think would be willing to re-invest in the clubs transfer fund, how many do you think would want to recouparate their money and how many would want to sack the man in charge… I remind you of Usmanov who promised millions in transfer money to Arsenal , but its not his call to make… till the board votes unanimously on the issue or one invididual buys out the other board members for all the controlling shares… we are limited to how much we can spend because its not one persons money its all of theirs. If you can get head was out of your Arse you would have realised that.

          1. Then DO NOT make promises you can’t keep in the first place! The fans would forgive if he were open. We weren’t born yesterday you know!

  6. My wish would be for Walcott and other platers who are consistently absent from the team and making us want to sign new players each transfer window.

    If all our players had ‘normal’ absences because of injury, we would be strong enough now without players, with one exception, the Striker position.

    There is no way in hell Walcott will complete a 3rd of the season and the same goes for Chamberlain, and even if Walcott proved me wrong, he is not a striker after so many chances to prove he is. Against a couple of teams he will score a brace or even a hattrick as a striker, then take 7 games to score again. From the Wing he scores regularly and so that is obviously his best position. If Giroud is injured again, Sanchez is really our only viable stand-in and he is only marginally better than Walcott through the middle. Welbeck works hard and gets into scoring positions, but only does what Walcott does – prove his best position is the Wing.

    Welbeck is always injured too, so we need a quality winger for when he, Walcott, Chamberlain and Gnabry are absent FOREVER as usual. That’s 4 players being covered by our best central midfilders which weakens the team more. Sanchez bosses whatever flank he is on, but if he has to stand in for Giroud we have no proper experienced wingers.

    So definitely we need a winger and a striker. We missed the boat last season because Giroud was injured. If he was injury free the season would have ended closer, so it is a lesson to learn from.

    I have no tolerance any longer for Wengers wet-nursing. I want the sicknotes replaced and see us complete a complete full season with a near full strength team. Those silly points we drop against teams everybody expect us to steamroller is because of absent players … the same absent players … the same players we can predict will be injured for most of next season – requiring players to stand in and be out of position, be unhappy, get flack for not being his amazing self and so on. If Walcott and co. truly want to help Arsenal win trophies, they need to give up their place in the team for men who are built for football, not people with a weak constitution and the recovery speed of a 50 year old.

  7. This is your DarlingbudsofArse reminding you Arsenal fans that this your Manager thinks he can conquer the premiership with his current squad and I say he will and CANNOT! I told you last week he’s done his business in Cech and fans can only expect more kids with potential to the squad. At 67 he may be suffering from early signs of delusions of grandeur! The board should act fast and get shorrrrrrt of him.

  8. Check and Balance the owners already sat down with WENGER and made projections how much money they will make this season, why spend 30 Millions and look for greener pastures, if they can keep that cash in their pocket knowing that we the Fans will settle once more for that 4th (3rd) place and if lucky the FA friggin Cup….it’s dreadful to see how every day passes other teams are bulking up and we had just one signing for the position that we needed the less…,,.WENGER buy a striker a real one and a DM if you are serious about winning, proof me wrong and show that you care and still have other ambitions other than filling the owners pockets and yours along the way

    1. Exactly, saving money for the clubs owners. Using the money we fans spend on nothing. One signing per season just to fool us. Enough of this crap. We need 3 more players.a winger a DM and a striker.get those and we have a shot at EPL and UCL

  9. We are not a real madrid or barcelona who say we want this player, heres 80million.
    We are not a manchester united, man city or chelsea, who say we want this player, give him 250k a week, that will convince him.

    We are the side that is most reactionary in europe right now. We wait for the crazy deal to go through, and pick up the player deemed surplus by the other club.
    Real pay 85 for bale
    We get ozil for 42.

    Barca pay 80 for suarez
    We pick up sanchez for 35.

    Chelsea choose courtois for no.1
    We get cech for 11mil

    We wait, then we pounce, probably at a reduced rate to. Im sure before bale and suarez arrived sanchez and ozil would have cost us over 50.
    But because they are no longer as important, there is more room for us to negotiate.

    Whilst this seems like we are picking up scraps, we are not.
    If you had benzema up top but bought aguero, you have to offload benzema, benzema is still world class and needs to play.

    We have been using this tactic for 3 years and it has brought us 3 of our 4 world class players (the other being kos)
    We need to trust aw knows what he is doing.
    We are not far away, we just need some big deals to come through.
    Arsene will be watching.

    1. Yes I agree that we have become a jackal in the transfer window, pouncing after tasty morsels left by the Rich Kids. This is a great tactic when it works, and Ozil, Sanchez and Cech are great players. But it wont work every time we need a player in a specific position. We got Ozil when we had Cazorla, Rosicky and Wilshire in his position. We got Sanchez when we needed a striker, we got Cech when we had Ospina. And through out those 3 transfer seasons we needed a DM and a Striker and since they were not in the scrap pile we didnt get them.

      1. If you mean by “striker” a centre forward then fair enough. Otherwise if Alexis isn’t a striker then neither is Messi, Aguero, Tevez, Neymar, Ronaldo etc.

        1. Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar aren’t strikers though and neither is Sanchez. They are wingers inverted or otherwise. The term striker is often used interchangeably with CF but they are different as you pointed out.

          Aguero IS a striker as is Tevez, Messi isn’t and either is Neymar. Ronaldo’s case is arguably as his game has changed since being at Madrid.

          Semantics aside he is referring to a striker as we already have a capable CF.

          1. Eh??? Let say a striker is a forward, but not a centre forward, whose primary task is to score goals. Apart from appearing on a team sheet to either side of centre can you pin-point one aspect of his game that marks Alexis out as a “winger”. I can’t. Wing play is dead and so are wingers. Alexis was certainly not a winger at Udinese or for Chile. He tracks back maintaining width but doesn’t get within a million miles of the whitewash in the opposition half – effectively employed as a second striker.

            Perhaps the least confusing term is a “forward” – broad-brush enough to cover all – as per Arsenal squad details on

      2. While we buy World Class Players in a 4 year span the rest of the team is aging and the end result is that we need to start all over again, we need to do a Heavy Investment ONCE build a winning team and for the following years slowly but surely discard those players such as Arteta, Per, Flaminy that already passed their prime, if ARSENAL can’t do it then who can…..the problem is that Monsieur WENGER cant let go, if he did not want Poldi nor Campbell, Diaby, TR7 etc then he should have let them go long time ago and released those funds to pay quality players, POLDI was making 80000 per week and played 4 games, TR7 85000 DIABY 65000 and keep counting……dont get me wrong all of them good and beloved players, but w need to make space and allocate funds to bring World Class players.

    2. That’s the big deals are even near.Wenger is after nobody,he won’t spend any money. He wants to save money for the owners.good job wenger

  10. A big team like Arsenal with just four world class players? Hmm. How many can we count in Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester city and Liverpool?

    1. Manure have signed three world class players already this window… God knows who else they will buy. Good for them

    2. I need my “world class players to have a minimum of 3 seasons absolute top level performance under their belt with no major fluctuations in form. World class and in the physio room much of the season also not much use.

      Chelsea: Courtois, Ivanovic, Terry, Matic, Hazard (although this has been his first stand-out season).
      Costa needs another season at least. Fabregas never done it once over a whole season. Terry unlikely to be for much longer. Azpilicueta close.
      Man United: De Gea*, Rooney, Schweinsteiger
      * Even with only really a solitary stand-out season. Di Maria form off a cliff. Mata should be closer but isn’t.
      Man City: Aguero, Silva
      Kompany was and could be again – but poor for at least a year. Toure was and occasionally still is – not consistent enough. Zabaleta was but seems to have faded.
      Liverpool: None

      1. I think cazorla is world class he needs to be included in our world class players tally

    3. Chelsea, Hazard, Costa, courtois, matic, terry ivanovic, 6
      city, aguero, silva, toure kompany 4
      united, right now, de gea, rooney maybe schweinsteiger, 3
      liverpool?? erm….. pass.

  11. Honestly I wouldn’t panic if only I heard Wenger say ‘we are looking to add more quality to our squad’. That’s all I want to hear. Not this ‘if someone becomes available that could improve is we will look at it’.

    People say that they mean the same thing, but to me, they don’t. The first means actively looking to improve the team so we can win the title. The second gives me an image of Wenger sitting at home in his pj’s with his feet up, and only if someone knocks on his door will he move.

  12. Ranking in terms of squad strength

    Chelsea > City > United > Arsenal

    It could change quickly though if we get Lacazette/ Krychowiak/ Jovetic/ etc

    PS: Unlike many gooners, I rate Jovetic highly. He has technique, pace and finishing. Just the kind of player for Arsenal.

    1. yesss if we’re going for a striker jovetic would be a great buy. Only problem I have with him is he went to city when he could have come to us and played a hell of a lot more

  13. Spoke to an Astrologer friend this morning and it seems we have too look elsewhere to understand what motivates Wenger. Wenger has the Moon in Scorpio. It is the weakest place the Moon can be. It says that Wenger cannot bear to have Arsenal as favourites to win the league. The expectation of being a favourite is too much for Wenger to handle. So Wenger needs to come from behind. He then does not have to cope with failure and if by luck he wins the league he is a genius. This strategy is risky to say the least. So when Mourinho called Wenger “a success at failure”, he was consulting the resident Chelsea astrologer. Now you know the truth behind Wenger’s “Transfer Paralysis “. For Wenger third place means he feels more secure. Poor Wenger, Moon in Scorpio.

  14. Well it’s too late for the players I wanted: Kondogbia and Jackson Martinez. It’s too late for some other players like Dybala, Mandzucic, Schwteinseiger, Schneiderlin, etc

    But not too late for other players like Benzema, Lacazette, Cavani, Vidal, Reus, Draxler, Greizmann, Carvalho, Gustavo, Lars Bender, Sven Bender, etc.

    my preference now would be Lacazette and Vidal or Carvalho.

    We can still come out of this with an awesome summer transfer window.

    We have a month till PL starts so I would advise Wenger not to be too lazy and get two-three more players so we can compete for 1st

    1. I have to say Fred your list of players still on the market is quite a bit better than those already gone.

  15. Where can we improve?


    Debuchy Gabriel Kos Monreal
    Coq Ramsey
    Ox Ozil Sanchez

    In starting line up only on cause he young but will surely improve and OG

    Walcott Cazorla Bellerin Ospina Jack Welbeck Arteta Mert Gibbs

    Bench maybe Arteta and Welbeck

    But if OG is replaced then only Arteta

    So 2 signings where we.can definitely find better players

  16. “UPDATE: Arsenal has verbal agreement with Ghoulam Fazio, negotiations are advanced with Napoli. If deal goes through, Monreal will leave Arsenal and join Athletic club.” — have anybody heard about this?

  17. The way some Arsenal fans get me angry is beyond my comprehension. Please stop comparing ‘Us’ with the ikes of Barca, Madrid, Manure, chealshit or even Man shitty. These are ambitious clubs who always want to finish with a trophy and at least a CL quarter finals. We’re. Arsenal, a club whose coach, owners and fans are happy with 4th position in the league and annual champions league appearance (even if it means only group stage football).
    When stronger teams like Barca, Madrid, Bayern, chelshit etc are improving their squads, I see no reason why a much weaker team like Arsenal should not improve.some deluded fans always tell You that Arsenal and wenger have changed over the last couple of years because we landed some world class talent. The truth is that; these few players (Ozil, sanchez and now cech) that fans get deceived with were actually not what we badly needed when they were signed; you all agree with me we should have signed a striker of ozil’s price because as at that moment (and still) what we really needed is a striker.
    We hope to see change in the running of Arsenal one day though.

  18. wenger is a blend of corporate bagman and decent football manager…so its business as usual really…i still think that to take arsenal to next level requires him to leave…there is still time but if all that happens over next 6 weeks is we bring in a couple of rushed purchases towards the end of window i wouldnt be surprised….but if ozil leaves as well it will be time to get rid of the man before its too late

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