Is it strange that two Arsenal stars prefer to join a doomed club than stay under Arteta?

Desperation to play leads to a relegation bound club!

It clearly says a lot about Arteta and Arsenal’s potential going forward when two of our players choose to leave and go to a club that sit bottom of the Bundesliga.

We know that Arteta was brought in to try and turn Arsenal’s fortunes around and bring them back up to where they belong and despite a few bad results after the lockdown, he had a bright start to his Arsenal reign, but forward on over a year of ups and downs, to his name he has an FA Cup, a Community Shield and has managed to get Arsenal into the Europa League via the FA Cup, yet he is now having a shocker of a season.

However it has not been an easy ride, which we knew it wouldn’t be as there is a lot of work to do at the club, but we also know that there has been, and maybe still is, some unrest in the dressing room, what that comes down to we don’t know, but it was not as apparent before Arteta came so that to me signals a lot.

And it says a lot that Sead Kolasinac and Shkodran Mustafi, who both used to be somewhat of a key player for our team, under Wenger at least, both chose to leave Arsenal, where Kolasinac went on loan. Mustafi, mutually we think, agreed to terminate his contract and both have gone back to Germany to join Schalke who sit rock bottom in 18th place in the Bundesliga with eight points, having lost their last three games, and where staying up seems a mile off given they are 9 points below safety and have 14 games left to play.

Now I am not one to speculate but I believe there is more to it than we have been told, because as much as I would love to play the sport I am passionate about, I would not leave a mid table team to join a team on the brink of relegation.

Or would I, I am not too sure, but all I can say is Arteta is definitely not innocent in all this!

Shenel Osman

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  1. Surely, it is an indicator of their saleability, that Schalke offered them a lifeline to continue their playing careers.

  2. It because its the onky way out they had, pkay that poorly on the wages they had then not many clubs will want you. So makes sense doomed clubs would take a gamble.

  3. I think it is more to the point that they were told they would not be playing in the team and were no longer part of Arteta’s plans.
    Plus Arsenal wanted their wages off the books. Both went back to a club they know to help a relegation battle and to play football regularly. Something they would not have got at Arsenal.

  4. Well, what would you rather do – stay at a club and not play for weeks/months on end or walk straight into a struggling team? No brainer really!!
    Anyway, I read that if Schalke avoid the drop, they’ll buy Kolasinac… can’t see that happening, so he’ll return at the end of the season, I know y’all miss him 😆

  5. I would not want to be at a club where my only way to play was in training.
    I would want to play week in week out, regardless of money being paid.
    Even if it meant a 90% drop in wages, i would take it, thats just me, playing the game i love means more than money

  6. Both Tank and Mustafi are running on borrowed time anyways. Might as well get enough professional game time and get lucky national team call-ups/transfer than to not get picked by Mikel

  7. I feel they left because they were not happy. It’s not just about playing time, it feels more like their hearts were no longer at Arsenal so they choose somewhere they feel they’ll enjoy their football irrespective of the club’s current position. I read somewhere that Arsenal wanted to offer an extension to Mustafi and he declined it. Not so sure what to believe these days from the media but I read it early in January. I will somehow miss Kola, he had some good games for us but I think always shifting from a Lwb to Lb to a third CB affected his game. Take a look at Tesco and how greatly his game improved when he started to play at Lb consistently cos even he had some bad games due to the constant shift that was going on

  8. It might as well be that its their standard of play, no-wonder Arsenal is where it is right now, many of the players are average and below average players, who are glad to be where they are. How many of them will break into any team above Arsenal on the log table right now? A handful, if at all.

  9. None of the players that left was a guaranteed starter…. If the likes of Saka and Aubemeyang left to join relegation threatened clubs then there would have been cause for worry…. This is just about playing time nothing much.

  10. With a toxic fan base like arsenal.. where players who dont start gets attacked for being lazy etc. when its the manager who chooses the team.. they made a good decision to leave the club. Although they are far from world class, Arteta and the arsenal team aint that good themselves.

  11. Mustafi had more downs than ups at arsenal , nice guy but to many mistakes, kolasinac I can’t remember making any mistake solid player at least he’s not afraid to tackle not like some other players still playing with arsenal and he can attack with good crosses and he’s only 27 years old a other bizarre Arteta decision to let him go ❓

    1. Both had no place in the team. Good riddance. Wonder what games you watched that Kolasinac was “solid”…

  12. This is purely a stupid and bias analysis of the situations. Yes we agreed that things are’nt going on well as the should but to suggest that it was purely Arteta’s fault and inability to manage them or the club that made them left is stupid and shallow analysis.

  13. I don’t think the term “stars” applies here. Mustafi had some excellent games but he’ll be remembered overwhelmingly for all the costly mistakes he’s made, and you could count the number of Kolasinac’s good games on one hand – not sure what he was meant to be but he wasn’t much of a fullback. Ultimately both lost their places and no decent teams came after them – good on them both for seeking first team football.
    Not on MA at all, it’s on whoever signed them. This is the deadwood everyone’s been talking about.

  14. Pls, use more logic for your next post. Arteta decided they were not in his plans, and actually wanted to stay but he never gave them a chance. So, what should they do?

  15. I think it’s the the continuous changing of players the teams different every week even after a win the teams changed making players feel like he benched me but I was playing my best football makes players doubt themselves and lowers teams moral Arteta needs to find 9 key players that he plays everyweek and only drops them due to injury or else after all the changes he has being making will lead to him being changed I think Arteta is still finding himself has a manager his alil unsure and wants to keep tweaking the team here and there to find his best I think his a future top manager but I think he should start managing a smaller club at the moment Arsenal is too big for u to handle

  16. They deserve to be in bottom clubs ,because they were given enough time to prove that they are a bug club players but they failed, so let them be demoted with shalke ,people like colasnac can’t score any goal even if he is in the face of the goal ,lack of winning mentality

  17. Mustafi and Kolasinac don’t play football well. Their touch is literally dangerous. They make back passes for a living, and much more.

    If Smithy Rowe or Tierney had to find game time in a relegation club, I would personally send PayPal money to whoever was planning to fly a banner.

  18. Most of senior players are not performing very well. Anyone with in-depth analysis can see that Arteta is not a good Manager. Take a look at how players are being treated. I’m talking about Maitland-Niles, Gouendouzi, Seliba, Ozil, and Nelson. One slight mistake, Arteta will blow it over the roof. He will even consider selling those players regardless of their performance. Arsene Wenger was great in guiding youngsters. He will protect them especially in the media. Instead of rebuilding the team, Arteta is gonna destroy Arsenal

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