Is it time for Arsenal fans to be grateful to the Kroenke family?


Since Mikel Arteta became coach/manager back in December 22nd, 2019, there has been a seismic shift in the involvement of the Kroenke family, and I think we should begin to recognise this fact.

It is very obvious that the owners decided to back Mikel 100%, despite the early setbacks, by giving him a three-year contract worth a reported £8,500,000 a year plus add ons.

Imagine having this kind of backing, along with the unheard-of Arsenal spending given by the owners to back MA up.

Here’s a reminder of some of the spending since December 22nd, 2019:

Partey £45 million – Magalhaes £23 million – Pablo Mari £12,500 million (loan and signing) – Odegaard £30 million – Tomiyasu £17 million – Jesus £47 million – Zinchenko £31,500 million – Vieira £31,500 million – White £50 million – Lokonga £18 million – Tavares £7 million – Runarsson £1.8 million – Ramsdale £23 million…. A total of £348 million spent on the thirteen players mentioned above.

That’s without going into their personal contracts and salaries and does not include the likes of Willian and Cedric, who joined on free transfers but, obviously, had salaries and signing on fees to be considered.

There is also the cost of hiring and firing a complete backroom staff and bringing in the men who MA wanted – I have no idea what this would have entailed, but it wouldn’t be peanuts, that’s for sure.

I am not going to comment on the strength or otherwise with regards to the above, as this is about the Kroenkes and their backing of the club only.

We should also consider the lost revenue suffered by the owner during the coronavirus epidemic, along with the aborted attempt to join a “super league”, remembering that they paid (quite rightly of course) the cost of the fines issued…along with the backlash of the fan’s fury that followed.

There is also work being carried out, both inside and out at The Emirates and not before time it should be said…. however, we are nowhere near the stage that the Old Trafford stadium is in, and we are addressing it as I type. So well done again Mr. Kroenke.

I am no financial expert and, having read the debate between two JA subscribers (Durand and IdontknowwhyIcare) I have no wish to become one!!

I am approaching this from a supporter’s viewpoint as to how we should be looking at the club’s owner.

I was one of those who wanted to see Stan Kroenke sell up, but with the backing of our manager’s plan, I needed to take a step back and admire how Mikel has been able to do his work, with no hindrance from the owner.

Of course there have been mistakes, and having an owner who knew nothing about our game of football and the tribal passion it provokes, didn’t help.

Perhaps we needed to wait until he had finished off the enormous project he had undertaken in America, but we are all impatient for the success that, it seems, Mikel has been able to bring to the club.

However, Josh Kroenke has backed up his words with actions and, again, from a supporters viewpoint, that is all I could ask for.

I’m beginning to recognise his commitment to the club, the manager and the supporters.

Actions speak louder than words and the squad we will see against Aston Villa this Wednesday, will be of Mikel Arteta’s wisdom and making, and all due to the backing of our owner Stan Kroenke.


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    1. Yes. He might not be a saint, but at least he isn’t an oligarch. I’m grateful for what he has done for Arsenal

      OT: Aubameyang might not be our player anymore, but his home has just got invaded in Barcelona. Violent criminals seem to be targeting rich footballers, as happened to Ozil, Cancelo and Magalhaes

      However, at least the violent crimes in the UK and in Spain aren’t as bad as the ones in the US, since the perpetrators can’t obtain illegal guns easily

      1. The cynics amongst us might just think Barca really want Aubamayang to leave ASAP so they can make a bid for Bernado Silver.

        I hope Frenkie De Jong is not the next victim

        This is all tongue-in-cheek of course!!!!

    2. Lol, he’s an American billionaire. I can guarantee his money is going towards all sort of unsavory practices. If you need mega-wealthy football owners to also be good people you’re searching for a unicorn.

  1. What !!!!!
    Got a seat on the Board in 2008
    Majority share holder in 2011
    Look at where we were to where we are now
    He’s overseen the worst period in our Prem history
    We had zero European football , the worst finish in 25 years and am I reading this write we should be grateful because we are in the Europa league
    …..thats before I mention super League

    1. But Dan, I’m talking about the time since MA arrived, did you read the article?

      I said I was one who was calling for him to sell up, because of ALL the reasons you stated plus more!!!

      Move forward Dan, we are going in the right direction and the Kronkies, finally, are supporting the club.

      1. Ken I got lost to respect for you and I stress it’s just an opinion and me asking
        So since he became full time owner what should I be grateful for ….8th , 8th and 5th ?.
        Oh and the super League
        Dont see it , sorry mate
        Breaks my heart that we are grateful for that

        1. Dan, again I can only repeat that I feel the owner is now supporting the manager, as he said he would.
          Do you think I’m happy with 8th 8th and 5th? Or the football we played?
          That’s down to MA, not Kronkie.

          They have put up the money, backed up their words and we now have players who we can describe as TOP players.

          Tell me Dan, what do you want them to do (apart from the stock answer to sell up) as they can’t change the past, but are looking to the present / future?

          1. Not asking them to do anything mate just think way too early to say we should be grateful to them
            This is the ownership that gave away Auba and then we were left wishing we had a striker
            This is the ownership that slashed the wage bill in January and then we were bemoaning a lack of squad depth
            Can I ask , if they packed up tomorrow would you say they have been a success
            And I’m sorry , I base their results since 2011 ,that’s when they had serious power at this club and we have regressed

            1. Aha Dan I just saw your comment on the Tielemans article, cooking up garbage now to make me look like a clown, Dan are we? You have access to the site’s history and post don’t you?
              Fish out any quote I put AMN and Kante in the same sentence or to even mention he was as good as Kante not to be silly enough to say he is better than Kante.
              You think I hype our academy players like most people do?
              The oy academy players I stuck my head out for and defended before they even got a chance were Saka and Omari Hutchinson who just left.
              Any academy player I watched and believe in, I’d defend them anytime any day. I did here when the Nelson hype started.

              Now you’re saying I mentioned AMN and Kante in same sentence saying AMN was better than Kante?
              I don’t even think any of our fans would’ve been delusional enough to make that statement.

              Have some shame FFS and stop making things up!
              You’re embarrassing yourself and looking like a clown doing that.

              I don’t even have the energy to talk anything Kroenke with you because we know your witch-hunt against them.

              AdPat to make this easy, bring out any of my comment where I’d ever put AMN and Kante in the same breath please.

                1. Nah mate, fish out the quote and article where I made sucha terrible claim? Or you’re tryna back down on your own statement now?

            2. Dan, I think you have got it wrong.
              The Kronkies have backed MA to the hilt.
              It was MA who decided he did y want Aubameyang, along with the other 21 players that he has let go since he became manager.
              It is estimated (by the Daily Mirror) that the club has lost £120 million in it’s transfer dealings – the Kronkies have absorbed that while supporting MA’s project.
              It has been acknowledged that the Kronkies know little about our football, so followed the wishes of the manager.
              They have also, then, supported his choice in replacing those players, with the biggest outlay ever known at the club.

              I have always been critical of them up and until they kept their word regarding their support OF MA and that is what I base my article on…. not 2011 until 2019.

              If they sold up tomorrow, would I say they had been successful?

              No – but I can see what is happening at the club, especially in the summer transfer window. The supporters are getting behind the players and there is a new found belief that we are on the cusp of returning to the days of CL football.

              As I said, tomorrow nights game sees a squad completely down to Mikel Arteta – that wasn’t the case with UE or AW’s last two seasons.

              IDKWIC, as I said, this article is based on a here and know situation.
              You have most definitely explained the worst case scenario and I understand that, but as a “normal” everyday fan, I’m looking at the situation today – I have taken your views / thoughts on board, but until armaggedon happens, I’m going to look at it from the articles perspective.

    2. I think the article is saying that the Kroenke’s ha e changed. Let’s hope it continues and becomes a new norm for them. What we should be in looking at now is crowning any spendings with results which come in form of Champions League football and or other trophies. Although do agree that overall, the Kroenke’s have been disastrous. They’re slowly rebuilding their damaged reputation

    3. DS, MUCH AGREED. Ken says he is talking about post 2019 only, but why is that, I ask myself.

      When a fan chooses to use only PART of the story – ie post 2019 and ignore all previous years when Kroenke had effective control – then I wonder why that is!

      I wonder would it be to supposedly “prove” his theory, or perhaps something else.

      But to me its not the WHOLE story and therefore not a proper truth.

      Now had Kroenke only bought our club in 2019, then Ken would have had a fair point.

      BUT REALITY SAYS he did not and he bought effective overall control almost a decade earlier. I do not and will not forget that, as KEN SEEMS PREPARED TO DO.

      1. Jon, where have I said that I ignore the previous years?
        Your making things up yet again.
        What agenda do I have that you accuse me of having?
        The only “agenda” I have is that I want to see Mikel Arteta be successful and it’s my belief that they the Kronkies are helping him to do that, by supporting him 100%- if you have a different viewpoint regarding MA and the Kronkies, then by all means let me know.

        I clearly stated that the article was written from the time Mikel Arteta took over in December 2019 – did you not read that crucial point regarding the gist of the article?

        To pamper to your wishes Jon, I believe the Kronkies made a pigs ear of running our football club, right up until the “super league” fiasco… as I have said many times…. could I be any clearer than that?
        Why do you even SUGGEST that I want to forget that?
        You speak in riddles that make no sense at all

        Since then, the Kronkies,and Josh in particular, have kept their word, supported Arteta in every thing he has needed to do, in order to bring us where we are at this moment in time.

        Now what you find so hard to understand about what I’m saying is quite perplexing.
        Perhaps Jon, your self acclaimed status as a deep thinker, has clouded your common sense?

        1. KEN YOU EXPLICITLY SAID IN YOUR OWN WORDS , that you have seen a seismic shift since Mikel came in, from the Kroenkes , in Dec2019.

          I do not dissent with that at all But you have glossed over all the previous Kroenke years in an effort to convince us, or possibly yourself, that the years Kroenke had control PRIOR to 2019, are now water under the bridge.

          Well, so they may be, but some of us do not forget the immense harm done in those prior years by Kroenkes wilful neglect and uninterest in the team and the sport they play, except for the money it made him.

          You have said many times yourself in that period that “where has all the CL money gone?”!

          I agree with that and unlike you, choose NOT to forget it either.

          1. Dear old Jon, so I have no agenda then?
            Of course I haven’t, but you couldn’t help yourself.

            AGAIN, I ask you where I have “glossed over the previous years” – please show me, from the article, where I have said or suggested we do that?

            Your agreeing that there’s been a change since MA took over, so why don’t you just agree, instead of making it a cloak and dagger event, with an ulterior motive?

            The saddest thing Jon? We have always agreed about the kronkie’s were not fit owners – we now agree that things are changing… a simple “I agree” would have sufficed. Sigh!!

          2. I don’t see why I need to explain this, but ken1945 put a simple question out there, head well backed up his points by validly pointing out what the kroenks have done since that super league viasco, which again are factual. The owners have absolutely failed us in the past, but that does not necessarily equate to someone not being able to change or see wherever and whenever they went can’t change the past but today and the future can be defined. The kroenks haven’t completely wonme over yet but I’m admiring the support they have accorded the gaffer so far. Maybe ken should have written thisafter the closure of the transfer window. But I guess you can only convince some and confuse some!

              1. Perhaps I should have waited Kenya 001, but do you think that people would have STILL read it as a way of excusing the kronkie’s for what went on before?
                I do and it wouldn’t have made a scrap of difference unfortunately when I posted it – thanks for your imput though.

                1. I don’t understand why people should see this as an excuse for the kroenks when they have seen your opinions before, and the facts albeit specific after the super league are glaringly correct. Jon fox i remember and I stand to be corrected changed his perception towards Dan not long ago can’t quite quote the words he used but he did make peace. Could / should that have been seen as an excuse for the couple or so years that he considered to have “hurt” Dan? Xhaka had so many haters a while back, he got a chant not so long ago.! Dan was/is considered negative I have seen people applaud him in JA. We should accept people change and appreciate when they do change

          3. Er… can someone notice an IMPROVEMENT without acknowledging that it was worse before?

            That is what an improvement is isn’t it?

            You can’t argue lexical semantics

    1. As Dan says, NY_Gunner, it certainly didn’t seem that way.
      That’s why we had the protests about his ownership.
      They well and truly got the message after the aborted “super league” fiasco and have kept their word…. for that we should be grateful, surely?

      D you think we would be where we are at this moment in time, without that commitment?

      1. @ken1945
        I don’t think for one min, that protests had anything to do with them nurturing their investment. IJS…

  2. People should read these links before forming an opinion (but I realise that most won’t bother):

    What was known of the position as at 2019:

    Where did Stan Kroenke get his shares?

    If you think it’s “Kroenke’s money” think again, it’s Arsenal’s future money loaned at whatever rate of interest Kroenke’s sports company decides. He’s in it to make money, winning trophies is only of interest in terms of marketing the club.

    If it all goes hooters-up, Arsenal will have large debts to KSE (note the loans to Arsenal vs gifts to the Rams, just as Abramovic gave significant money to Chelsea, as well as loans).

    As noted in the articles, they only took full control in 2018 and there are important thresholds for changing various aspects of the club at 75% and 90% so it’s not some great change of heart, it’s just hard-nosed business decision-making.

    Sadly, when business steps into sport, it stops being a sport and becomes a show, which is why German clubs are required to have 50% + 1 of their shares owned by the club (known as “the 50+1 rule”).

    1. @IdkwIc
      Big Ups for this Gooner. MJ said it best”They don’t really care about us…”So, what do we have to be grateful to them for?

  3. Ken1945 to answer your question it’s a YES and No. Yes for the committed effort towards backing the manager and to some extent buying into his project. After that super league debacle that’s the least they could have done. No, for the simple fact that we have been/ were 2 or 3 signings short of achieving. Last transfer window was a negative imo,so far they have done well but more needs to be done especially in our midfield and wing area. The window ain’t closed yet for me to fully assertain or acknowledge the work done. Till then I’ll hold my horses, well till after Thursday and some tangible success must be achieved to warm our hearts .

  4. Ownership, like management is day by day, week by week. There is always room for mistakes and errors. If we don’t get who we need before the end of this window, I will be critical. Not of Arteta who has taken William Saliba back and got a good spirit going, but I will criticize Edu if no more players sign why….for not completing the window in the same way Conte did. There are over 50 matches to go and as we see today just a couple of injuries, and the whole scenario changes. Complacency is the enemy.

    1. One of the big problems is we haven’t managed to shift out the players we wanted for the fees we wanted.

  5. Grateful to Kronke Jnr who I feel is the one warming up to the Arsenal project and not Kronke Snr who have been at the helm since the Wenger years and refused to back him as he should have.
    Aside from that I also believe the Kronke out protests really did its job in letting them know how the arsenal fans and trybe feel about their supposed tribal leaders.

  6. The money is being put into the team but that is not the problem. The problem is where the money is coming from and what are the reasons for doing it now. If we get CL football, possibly win a cup or the league this season or next, then the “gamble” will have paid off. If we finish 5th with nothing to show this season, i believe chickens will be coming home to roost. We are sailing very close to the edge and playing with fire. The money is not or has not been generated in any form to support it. It will be a very interesting year. Lets hope a happy interesting year!!!!!

  7. The dollar has a long hard road in front of it the reason is global politics…businesses will face financial difficulties so the Kroenkes have been investing in all their sporting clubs and will want to make them all successful
    Good times ahead for Arsenal

  8. The spending now and short term debt incurred is designed (hopefully) to be offset by future gains.

    For example:
    1. qualifying and advancing in the CL. 2.Higher table finishes in the PL.
    3. More lucrative sponsorship deals
    4. Increased branding / sales worldwide

    Just a quick example of “short term pain” versus “long term gain.”

    On the negative side, it’s not sustainable obviously without success, which CL qualification is a massive part.

    Missing out off and on may see us sell off some of the young talent to recoup on the expenditures.

    KSE is a business, not fairy godfathers after all.

  9. I will always HATE Kroenke for how he treated Rick Ellis before his suicide but yes I’m happy they are spending 💰

  10. Ken1945 thank you for an interesting view.
    Many times over the past few years, I have argued here, and also documented, the Kroenke’s haven’t been the reason, we haven’t been competeting for the league title in the past 10-12 years.
    I wouldn’t go as far as to say, we should be grateful. Only saying, when we want to analyze, why we have slipped in recent years, the old myth about lack of spending by Arsenal under the Kroenke ownership is nothing but a myth kept alive for some reason by a minority, which may now be down to one.

    1. Wooooooooh!!!!!! I think that is taking it a bit far, saying we should be grateful that the krankies are our owners. Im not sure they have done the best for this club in the past and im not sure, that the origin of this money is 100% good for this club. We had maybe our greatest player trying to get a person to buy this club, not that many months ago because he thought the exact opposite. I think we are a long way from Hero worshipping our owners.

      1. Read my comment again mate. Seems you have missed l don’t think, we should go as far as being grateful 😉

        1. Sorry Anders i misread your post, after reading you have supported the krankies in the past and that they shouldn’t be blamed, i missed the nt on the end of would. But i still think they are to blame for a lot of bad decisions made at our club.

          1. Thank you for that.
            One of the big problems here. People tend to make up their mind about others opinions, without actually reading and thinking about it ;).

  11. I have to call them genius
    They used to only care about the revenue from the top 4 and had no intention of trying to win it or the Prem
    Then we stopped finishing in Europe altogether
    And yet in 2022 we have arsenal fans grateful for the job they have done
    Imagine me saying day Wenger left
    We will finish 5th , 8th , 8th and 5th and fans will be grateful for that

    1. Wake up.
      It is being argued the backing from the owner should be acknowledged and appreciated.
      The backing has been there for many years, but the people in charge of the daily running have not managed to make the best of that backing for maybe 10-12 years. Direct your criticism against them.

      1. No when a business fails it stops with the owners
        And trust me for 10 -12 years they did not back managers
        Van Persie – United ?
        Nasri – City ?
        Most recently how many owners do you know who would say let’s give away our striker for free and not replace him ?
        Oh and the super League ?
        Should I be grateful for that

        1. It’s a simple as this when they took major power in 2011 we were in a better position then now
          We have regressed in every possible way you want to measure a successful football owner

        2. Dan, please read the article and stop going back years before I asked for credit to be given to the kronkie’s.
          I am pleasantly surprised that they have kept their word with MA – aren’t you?

          1. No because even if I look at since they were official owners mate they have failed and not even by a little bit
            We finished 8th twice under their ownership , they took us out of Europe , they were taking us to the super League
            There policy of just giving players away ,.loaning them out is terrible
            Look at what spurs owner did in January compared to ours
            So what am I grateful for ?
            I respect your opinion but equally they are fair points I bring up
            And as great as 4 games have been , I simply can’t say just because we beat Palace , cherries , fulham and Leicester that I’m grateful
            If they left tomoz they would be remembered for overseeing the.wrost period in our recent history

        3. Dan, can you explain to me how the Kronkies could have stopped either of the players you mention leaving our club?

          1. No it’s what did they do with that money ken ?
            Remember Nasri and Fabregas left in same summer , replaced by …….Arteta and benayoun on loan , ambition ?
            Vanpersie and Song leaves … Replaced by who ?
            They sold our best players and gave a fraction back to spend
            That summer we signed cech and not one outfield player remember ?
            Don’t want to repeat a debate but Ozil wasn’t left out for footballing reasons , they wanted him off the wage bill., Same with Auba
            They have been terrible owners of this football club

            1. Which by way is why Mr Wenger did so well to finsih in top 4 all those times working for employers with zero.ambition

              1. You know my views on Arsene Wenger Dan and the Kronkies and Ivan stabbed him in the back, no question about it.

                I’m also with you in everything you say up and until they apologised for the super league fiasco – I believe we have agreed time and time again about their time as owners.

                On this subject we agree to disagree – I hope my optimistic view will prevail come the end of the season.

            2. Dan S

              Say the truth and it shall set you free

              When Van P and Song left, we signed the best Midfielder till date since our invincible days Santi C. We signed Podolski and Giroud and Arshavin.

              We spent more than our outgoings

              Blame the kronkes but don’t lie about them keeping the money when we sold Van P and R. song.

        4. It is as simple as the following.
          For 8-10 years before this season, the Kroenkes have sanctioned Arsenal being in the top 3-4 highest spending clubs on both transfers and salaries. Unfortunately our results haven’t lived up to that. The Kroenkes should earlier have realized we would be overtaken by the likes of the less spending Liverpool and Spurs. If you finally have seen this, you are on the right track.

            1. Mate as recently as January they failed us .
              Everyone knew Lacca and Eddie were not going to score us the goals yet there priority was slashing the wage bill.

              1. Your anti Kroenke agenda gets in the way of logical thinking and basic understanding of relevant facts. But I admire your ability not to let such details hold you back.

                  1. You can try to confuse the issue all you wish to suit your agenda. The fact remains:
                    Arsenal have for 10-12 years been in the top 3-4 spenders on both transfers and salaries.
                    Trying to give the impression it is different is quite simply manipulating if not downright lying.

              2. You surely know how difficult the January window is! And before you tell me then we shouldn’t have let auba go, he hadn’t pulled trees till then , 3 goals plus we really haven’t been lucky either on our mid season transfer. Vahlovic said no

        5. DAN SMITH We must stop agreeing, or people will think we are friends! ON THE KROENKE YEARS I AM FULLY WITH YOUR VIEW.
          OF COURSE the buck stops with those who own the business, any business in fact, not just our club.

          I blame Kroenke for not firing AW many years earlier and for hiring and keeping the disastrous GAZIDIS ALL THOSE DAMAGING YEARS.


          That is a moral crime in my book.

      2. Is it really this hard AndersS?
        Over the years, I’ve been accused of being a plastic fan, Ozils love child, Wenger’s whatever, a Arteta hater and, the biggest insult, an old fart!! 😂😂😂😂

        Suddenly, I’ve forgotten how the Kronkies didn’t support Wenger, Ozil etc etc and I have yet another “mysterious” agenda!!!
        What it is and who it’s against, I’ve asked Jon Fox to explain.
        Meanwhile, I expect, if things work out as MA and Edu hope, we will see another big money signing being announced and three points being recorded against Aston Villa.
        Thanks Mikel and thanks Kronkie.

          1. Was it Henry who said , ‘ top 4 is in our DNA , it should be the bare minimum expectations ‘?

        1. Ken I remember all this, Jon and Dan Smith are choosing to ignore that people change! For a long time ozil and auba were paid to stay home, I wonder why Dan will say they were slashing a wage bill, whose decision is it on who plays? It won’t be kroenke, he knows nothing about football.

          1. People Change ?
            We have regressed under them
            Under business that fails , an owner steps in and takes a look at things
            Lets say If the Koronke’s mindset was we are arsenal , we have to be In top 4, anything else is not acceptable…….do you think we then would have got in a replacement for Auba ?

            1. Let’s use Pepe as an example …….
              Last season we struggled to score goals .
              An owner that cares should be saying ……why have we spend 72 million on an asset who can’t get a start yet we are not scoring goals ?
              If Arteta says , well he doesn’t suit my ethos wouldn’t a boss who cares say …..Mikel , that’s Pepe , Auba , Ozil , Guendozi , Sokatise , Mustafi , Kolasniac (.will be bellerain) , Mari……that’s allot of players we have lost money on and just gave away ……..I’ll trust you but top 4 is essential ……..

              Instead …….they give him a new contract without knowing what completion we be in because they dont care

  12. @Dan
    From the article, it is clear that Kroenke’s fly & the Board are not the problem at all, they are not responsible for 8th, 8th, 5th. They have spent and they do everything they can.
    The problem is those who spent the money and manage Arsenal FC.

  13. Good read Ken. I don’t feel grateful, but I’m glad that they are doing what they should be doing, backing the manager, not only in buying players but also in getting rid of the bad eggs. Imo a lot has changed since Josh has become involved, as he seems more sport orientated than his dad.

    1. The word “grateful” was AdminPat’s choice, I used the word “recognised”… how one word can affect something.

      The thing is HD, I don’t agree with all that’s happened, but I do appreciate that it has.

      Thanks for your comments.

  14. The word grateful really irks. why should Arsenal fans be grateful for the way the Kroenkes left Wegner out to dry whilst sponging off his FA Cup successes. The last two seasons has seen them splashing the cash so Arteta is the one who should be grateful. For fans who delude themslves that Kroenke money is any cleaner than that of that of the oligarch’s and oil leeches please think again.

  15. Thing is on this subject there isn’t a right or wrong …
    It’s simply your taste on how you like your club to be run
    If some think the Koronke’s deserve praise , then good on you honestly but under their power I can’t say that I have enjoyed the ride

      1. Plus Dan, everyone’s entitled to one and should be able to express it… on that I agree with you 100%.
        That’s my lot for the now, catching my plane down to watch us get another three points.

  16. If you are to interpret this, football fans are very blue-eyed, it doesn’t take many matches with good results, then many turn around very quickly. Even the Utd fans who demonstrated 3 weeks ago have softened after UTD’s good results. Greed is very much forgotten. Results trump everything

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