Is it time for Arsenal to drop Ozil and Alexis?

Arsene Wenger was desperate to keep Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez at Arsenal this summer despite them entering the last year of their contracts, but it looks like the pair of them don’t seem to be playing with all their heart and soul in this campaign. When we finally got our ‘magic 3’ of Lacazette, Ozil and Alexis all playing together against Everton a few weeks ago, all three got on the scoreboard and it looked like we were back in contention for the Top Four again with a stunning 5-goal thriller from the Gunners.

But the individual goal that Sanchez scored in the dying minutes against those relegation candidates remains his only goal of the season, while Ozil seems to have done his disappearing act again in the next two games. In fact “Arsene Wenger was honest after the game, acknowledging his opponents as the superior side,” the former Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Petit said after the weekend’s defeat at Man City. “But in the first half, he was too shy. He was afraid of Manchester City and his team were passive as a result. I think more substitutions should have been made in the midfield area: Ozil was on the pitch, but he was just a ghost.”

The German midfielder also scored his only goal against Everton, and has only provided 2 assists in his 9 League appearances so far, which is well below his best form by a country mile. It appears to me that neither of them have the drive to perform for Arsenal any more and are just filling in time before their next lucrative contracts at new clubs next summer. They also angered Arsenal’s away fans by running off down the tunnel after the game at the Etihad.

Is it time for Wenger to admit his mistake and drop them to the bench for a while and play replacements that really want to fight for the club?

Darren N


  1. Sue says:

    Under par performances from both of them this season. It’s blatantly obvious Sanchez doesn’t want to be here anymore. Ozil just strolls round the pitch like he’s at the park with Balboa! To not even acknowledge the fans (whose hard earned cash pays their wages) is awful. I think back to how they played in their first 2 seasons to how they play now…?

    1. Sue says:

      Also, yes drop them!!

      1. Nothing changed says:

        I think it is better to bench the players like Laca who really want to play for us despite knowing we cannot offer CL football.

        Next year we can play Laca after he asked to be traded.

    2. BuddReloaded says:

      Stick them on the bench until January. I would sell them for a penny (in fact I would have sold them for a penny even in the summer after bragging about pay rises after they sent us in the 5th place, sure Wenger, Xhaka etc had their contribution as well to it). One would think that Wenger learnt something, anything from Walcott saga but clearly he’s to busy barring a DOF appointment or kissing SK ar$e for a new contract otherwise he may have seen the light.
      I would not play them against Spuds. You need people living for this derby and clearly they aren’t. Care to know how many NLD games we won with both Sanchez and Ozil on the pitch? Anyone? Yeah, that’s right. NONE! In 2013 only Ozil was playing for Arsenal that day.

  2. Jack reacher says:

    Sanchez has embarrassed himself not many clubs will be very happy get him he’s a baby good footballer has be said but he’s not team player he’s Sanchez show get rid and ozil needs better around him but again get rid

    1. BuddReloaded says:

      What I don’t like also, and by now is extremely clear is that Sanchez and Ramsey don’t like each other at all. Especially Sanchez not passing to Ramsey when clearly the later is in a far better position. I have watched Ramsey and he is waiting to see what Sanchez is doing, if Sanchez is holding the ball when Ramsey is making the run then you will see Ramsey not passing to Sanchez as well. This can not continue like this. The team is so imbalanced now when Ozil and Sanchez are on the pitch is not even funny.

      1. You didn’t seem to think that in our previous games when we romped Everton and Swansea with Alexis and Ozil both on the pitch! They are both good players the problem is they don’t want to stay and as such should not be given preference over the ones who want to stay like Lacazette!

        1. BuddReloaded says:

          How do you know what I was thinking? This issue is not new. All we needed was time to prove it, now it is clear as light.
          Of course they are good players, they are just not good team mates. And yes, they can’t be bothered if they stay or not. It just shows ones character. It is not like I complain, I would have sold them both when I heard they refused a double down on their current salary but hey! I am not Wenger. I just wish I was his boss though.

  3. ramterta says:

    for wilshere and giroud.
    I don’t see any other capable replacement

  4. Simon Says says:

    Drop and try to sell them off in January, both will be gone in the summer without doubt in my opinion, if we can’t. The previous ‘article’ was regarding Jack and a new contract, I really do not believe ozil is worth anywhere near to the wages he’s apparently after and to me it’s no surprise top clubs aren’t queuing up for his signature. Alexis is desperate to move on and although i think his temperament has been shameful I do kinda get why. If Wenger honestly believed it was the ideal situation that both of them stayed and that they’d give 100% then I’m amazed. It’s in our interests to drop them one or both of them if they aren’t going to perform, better to give the players who do want to stay a game.

  5. Twig says:

    Arsenal is in shambles

  6. Juan Nil says:

    Had enough of both of them, get rid !

  7. Mitch Connor says:

    Only if we can get Draxler or Lemar in January

  8. Pubgooner says:

    HUNGER INDEX!!!! hahahaha….What a joke by Wenka. He said that both of them will play much better in their final year their Hunger Index will go up…What a sht manager.

    1. BuddReloaded says:

      Yeah, like anyone believed it. This is not NFL or NHL. Probably that is why Kroenke believed Wenger, I am pretty sure he’s kicking himself in the nuts right now for following Wenger advice and not selling both of them.

    2. Mobella says:

      You sound like haters if you blame that on Wenger alone. Millions of Afc fans thought so and said so especially on justarsenal . I’m so happy Alexis is proving them wrong. professional my foot. What is professional about his performances so far. He should be thrown out in January for free.

  9. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Ozil and Alexis this is a mess made by Wenger and the Board they should have tied them down long before the end of last season. This did not happen due to bad Management so they should have been sold before this season started because they are now pulling the team apart with this are they staying or are they going this is not good for the rest of the Team. The hole thing has been handled very badly. As for this weekend coming I expect the Spuds to beat Arsenal Why because every Spurs player work for each other this is something Arsenal have lost under Wenger. I am looking forward to Mr Wenger’s Excuse this weekend but one thing I know is he will blame everyone except himself.

    1. Mobella says:

      It isn’t only about their contract situation. They just don’t want to be here anymore. If they still have five years and want out, they will be out. So don’t make it sound like it is arsenal management incompetence. look around you, you see good and quality players in there last year of contract so many of them who has not won any trophy with their current club and who might still put pen to paper and did not generate media negativity around there club as Sanchez do with arsenal. Mata, Young, Fellani, Vartonghen are all in their last year of contract. Not so many people know that because they are more professional than Alexis and don’t court media attention.

  10. Kedar Damle says:

    I think We should give Iwobi and Welbeck more chances over Sanchez and Ozil…. At least these 2 have desire and commitment to play for….

  11. Frank says:

    I saw this coming before the season started and said that Arsenal should have sold them both. Sanchez wanting to leave and the wage demands from Özil would have been very unsettling for the rest of the squad. Bench them both and sell them both in January, they aren’t contributing anyway.

  12. the barrel says:

    Ozil will regret it because he is not a good player, he will play in Turkey for less than what he earns now. He is overrated. Unlike Sanchez, he can still get a big team with salary hike. Let them enjoy their salaries from the bench until they go, their values will depreciate

    1. sfgunner says:


  13. puntamarina says:

    Arsenal don”t need them. They are a better team without Ozil and Alexis. Why? The league table don’t lie and Arsenal is not in the champion league. Before they came to Arsenal, Arsenal was playing Champion league football.

    1. BuddReloaded says:

      Actually we need them if they can be bothered to play football. But as it stands, you are right. We can do without them.

  14. RZ says:

    Well its time Arsene realize they don’t want to play with the team anymore. Bench them and give someone else a start. Play Iwobi and Wilshere instead of them. Sell them (if we can) in January and buy some able replacements. PSG would want to sell some of their stars to comply with FFP, we can get players like Lucas or Draxler to replace Ozil or Sanchez.

  15. Aussie Jack says:

    Arsenal have some brilliant young players just about to break into the big time and very qualified. Also, we have experienced ones in the like of Ramsey, Wilshere and co.. The most important ingredient now is the will to win. Sanchez and Ozil have lost this.
    Wenger is restricting the development of players by his mode of selection which must be most disheartening to all. Fresh blood in management is needed Mr. Kroenke.

    1. Frank says:

      I agree. Sanchez and Özil can be on the bench and if Wenger thinks that he needs them to change a game, then bring them on. He might as well start preparing for when they leave.

  16. Ray says:

    The thing is, if you want to leave the club you are at, the worst thing to do is to stop playing to your potential. All this says to any one else is that when you are not happy, you simply play crap until you get what you want or just sulk!

    Remember Balotelli? (for example) Could have been great but turned out to be a selfish spoiled brat!! I don’t know any one else who would be stupid enough to have a fireworks show in the living room!?*

    Story of so many “ego driven”, “money motivated”, so called “professional” footballers these days!

    Saying that, I do feel for players who were sold the dream by a club who conveyed ambition and growth yet settled for mediocrity with less investment (player wise) for the future! The truth is, we do have some players who just aren’t up to the task and, that must have an effect on people like Alexis. He put in good performances up front while we leaked goals at the back too often. That must hurt surely? He’s a fighter. As for Ozil? He’s just decided to go on a long holiday. He’s never had a massive impact for me if i’m honest!

    Trying to look at it from both sides though. I do actually feel sorry for some clubs because the players have so much power now. It’s about time the power went back to the clubs!!

  17. say-ma-name says:

    Yep, it’s time 2 move on!!!

  18. jon fox says:

    When you have a combination of self regarding players, who play only for themselves and patently care nothing at all about the club that pays their grotesque wages, along with a totally weak and “avoid conflict with powerful characters at all cost” manager, the lack of will to do what needs doing is frightening. Any proper manager with pride, would long ago have got rid of Ozil, Walcott, Ox – who DID finally go, but whom Wenger tried to bribe with a huge wage increase to stay – and a stream of players who clearly will never give their regular all 100% for the shirt. The awful truth is that Wenger will give into any player rather than use his legitimate power as club manager to force them into line and to work hard. Wenger is like a weak parent that any little child can wrap around their little finger. We have badly needed for two decades now , a manager who will “kick ass” when needed. Wenger will flap his arms and moan all day at refs and fourth officials but has not the sheer balls to impose discipline on recalcitrant and bolshy players who just won’t work their socks off. Why was everyone so impressed amd amazed when at long last, when Sanchez first arrived, we then had ONE player who always worked his socks off! Of course he long ago became disillusioned by themental and physical weakness throughout the team and has given up, while he simply now waits for his transfer. Some , like Walcott have never known what it means to work hard and others in varying degrees, from Welbeck and Ramsey at the top end of hard work down to OX and Ozil, only slightly less idle than Walcott. But Wenger always picked the shirkers instead of moving them out asap. Over the weekend just gone, I actually wrote down on paper a long list of all Wenger’s faults and weaknesses in one long column and a list of his strengths in the other short column. People who read my regular posts will be well aware of his many, many, weaknesses, as I and countless others see them. In the strengths column, I wrote, “he can converse with players in many languages” as my best praise of his “talents” . Then came, “he never publicly criticises them.” Not much for £8+ million a year,is it?

  19. the barrel says:

    Any Professional Manager who had interest in Ozil has changed his mind by now. This dont care attitude of his, is the spade that he is using to dig his own grave. He is going to a mediocre team that will not match is current salary. Ozil got it completely wrong by trolling the pitch when Arsenal is paying him 150k/week. No bid was made for you Mr. Ozil, so its better you pull your socks and try to find a new home

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