Is it time for Arsenal to finally bring Zaha to the Emirates?

Arsenal needs to move on from the Mudryk transfer setback by signing a top forward who can at the very least elevate their attack going forward.

A number of attackers have been linked, so it is pretty certain that an attacker will be signed, but it is unclear who it will be.

The Scottish Sun has named a number of attackers to keep an eye on in light of Arteta’s desire to weaponize his attack, and I know Wilfred Zaha is one player on that list who will pique your interest.

Arsenal had the option of signing Nicolas Pepe or Wilfred Zaha in 2019, but Pepe was signed for around £72 million. To cut a long story short, Pepe never lived up to the expectations placed on him at Emirates until he was loaned out to Nice last year. While Pepe struggled at the Emirates, Zaha has soared, making a bigger name for himself in the Premier League with Crystal Palace. Now Arsenal requires an attacker, and they can easily sign him.

The Scottish Sun wrote: “Crystal Palace talisman Wilfried Zaha is out of contract at the end of the current season.

The 30-year-old has been linked with Arsenal in the past and is available on a free transfer if he does not extend his deal at Selhurst Park.

Zaha has netted six goals and provided two assists in 17 Premier League games for Palace this season,”

Now Arsenal has the opportunity to correct their 2019 transfer blunder for a low cost this month; whether Edu and Arteta choose to do so remains to be seen.

Zaha has proven himself season after season, but does he still have what it takes to light up the Emirates?

Daniel O


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  1. “While Pepe struggled at the Emirates, Zaha has soared, making a bigger name for himself in the Premier League with Crystal Palace.”

    Let’s look at the stats the last time Pepe was given regular game time and actually trusted, season 20/21 in the EPL.

    Goal involvements(goals+assists):

    Zaha – 13 in 2,633 minutes
    = 1 every 203 minutes

    Pepe – 21 in 2,929 minutes
    =1 every 139 minutes

    Adding to the above the fact that Zaha was a seasoned EPL player and Pepe was an EPL rookie. This narrative that Pepe was a terrible player really needs to be put to bed! MA and Pepe never got on and that’s the reality but to say Pepe was bad is just stupid.

    1. @ PJ-SA
      I am in total agreement with you in that he was not a bad player. Still is not a bad player.
      Regrettably, he was an incorrect purchase because:-
      a) He was not wanted by UE who wanted Zaha.
      b) He did not fit the requirements of MA in terms of high pressing. Meaning he lost his position to Saka.
      c) His position on the field was mismanaged.
      d) Some fairly questionable dealing if not illegal in the transfer from Lille with Raul heavily involved.

      The 2 people who lost out are AFC and the player. I refer to the fans when I say AFC (not the owners or directors).

    2. I share your sentiment that he is a terrific player and was never given a decent playing times to really see his abilities and coupled with the fact that he was a one trick pony who is only effective when he has balls on his left foot, and it doesn’t take long these days for PL league defenders to figure that out

      1. Rosco “terrific” and “a one trick pony who is only effective with the ball on his left “!

        Dont you find that, as I do, A GREAT CONTRADICTION??!

    3. The only thing you have managed to do is make Pepes stats look even worse given that the players Pepe played with at AFC are better than that of CP.

    1. Wait for summer. Get Tieleman and Zaha for free and we would have more balanced team without spending penny. But of course we can use that money to find another gem.

  2. Could make sense – can be effective through the middle and on the wing. He might be on the decline (not sure) but he’s still very effective and would take some of the strain from our regular front three. Wouldn’t be terribly worried seeing him in our lineup.

    1. I use to rule out Saha but am beginning to warming to the idea, its crunch time now and I haven’t herd of any clubs resolves been tested in recent times.

      But maybe we are mulling over a bold bid for Kvaratskhelia.

      1. Yeah, same re Zaha – I wasn’t always keen, but it could actually make sense now. I doubt it will happen anyway, I hope edu et al have something in the works.
        I really don’t think we could get kvara now – it’s his first season at napoli, where they look very likely to win the title and my impression is that he’s recognised as their best player. It seems inconceivable that they’d let him leave now and risk throwing the league, and I highly doubt he’s thinking of leaving either. To go after him now would be another waste of precious time, which is something we’ve started to make a habit of in January. Maybe in the summer, but it would probably be very big money, and there are several clubs who would push in front.

  3. Only as a stopgap! Which I believe is the territory we’re in right now. Won’t be surprised to hear Edu is wasting time on Raphina again, hoping against hope that Raphina changes his mind.

  4. Any how any one may look at it, Zaha is a quality addition not minding his age. He is a proven EPL player and a threat to any defence. If the transfer is possible, let’s go for him. Arteta and Edu should as a matter of urgency get back ups for Partey and a striker. We should not make the mistake of last winter if we want make top four or even win the EPL.

  5. Can this Zaha stuff stop please?
    Can’t be buying a 30+ year old who will demand massive wages, last big money pay day and a longer contract of about 3-4 years.

    Then we will be stuck with him and his massive wage. Then start labelling him a deadwood player etc..

  6. I thought we long moved on from the Mudryk nightmare and this Zaka talk would have all the hallmarks of a reaction buy. He’s been on the Arsenal rumour corridor ever since he started learning to lace his soccer boots ….. I think we better leave this guy alone

    If there’s no suitable buy over this window, we better move on making the most of the players we have ….. in good faith

  7. Never about how much Arsenal wants Zaha. It’s about how much Zaha wants Arsenal. He rejected us once and failed at Man Utd. Now he’s about 30 years old and might jump for retiring salary. Be cautious.

  8. Let’s use Tekehiro Tomiyasu as an agent to sign kouro Mitoma period.It can be wise to spend 35million on him than buying Wilfred Zaha

  9. I’m all for signing him – it doesn’t matter how old you are (remember Wrighty and DB?).
    We have no idea what contract the club would offer him and neither have we any idea what Zaha wants.
    Perhaps playing for MA, at the club he supports, helping to push for the PL title and being part of the team involved in CL football next season may be a bigger turn on than any money offered?
    Let’s not forget, he’s not short of a bob or two, but he is short of medals (he’s tying with Harry Kane at the moment 😂😂) and he will want to play with better players as well.
    There have been claims that his personal life wouldn’t go down well at the club – I have no idea what that would be, perhaps someone would enlighten me?

    1. Ken you know it’s one fan that has been singing that song about Saha personal life not being perfect, but me too could do well with some enlightenment.

      Saha could do well especially for Martinelli, who presses relentlessly and may need a little break just to refreshing up a little.

      1. Absolutely my friend and, surely, that was why MA and Edu were so interested in Mudryk?

        Well done for spotting my enquiry for Jon to enlighten us with Zaha’s personal life and as he lives in the Croydon area, he probably DOES know something – let’s wait and see.

        1. KEN YOU ARE A WISE AND MATURE MAN, SO DO YOU SERIOUSLY IMAGINE I would give chapter and verse about what I and many others who live in Croydon know for CERTAIN, on a public forum??

          If you do, you are not the wise man I have long thought you to be!


            1. Jon, all I can say, then, is it cannot be that serious, as he’s playing for a PL club, with one of our Invincibles as his manager.
              If Patrick sees no wrong, then I’m happy that it’s all rumours and speculation.

              1. Oh NO Ken!! No rumour and speculation I assure you, but believe whataever you wish, as it is an irrelevance to us, as he is definitely NOT coming here, despite you suggesting it.

              2. All i know ken is Zaha is a church going man, who is proud of his christian faith, gives 10% of his wages every week to local charities, has his own youth football academy, runs an orphanage for children and young women who find themselves abused and is looked on by the people around him as a top bloke. There is also a you tube video about Zaha and his life in Croydon, by Carling and copa 90. Seems very humble.

        1. Jon going by Reggie post above Zaha is an outstanding young man in his community, as those things mentioned in his post shouldn’t be hard to prove.

          I honestly didn’t realize he was such an honorable man

          1. Absolutely Gunsmoke and thanks Reggie.
            They say there is no smoke without fire, but it really saddens me that someone can be called out like this, with no evidence whatsoever (not accusing you Jon, but those who have fed this out to the public).

  10. if he accepts he may be on the bench and not a first-team starter, then yes, otherwise at thirty, he may not fit in with Arteta’s vision

  11. Zaha would be good if we paid 5-10mill, cover for the wings and striker. But it would need to be made clear he’s 3rd choice striker, and a 2nd choice winger. Maximum salary 100k.
    His game would need to change adding more team work and tactical ability, I’m not sure he has this but would love to be proven wrong.

    He’s an arsenal fan and loves the club, if he had the right mind set under these terms, it could be all we need.

    I’m cautious at the moment disrupting the team is dangerous and no player coming in right now should be told they are first choice. We are doing so well because all our players are working in cohesion as a team, for the first time in 20 years!

    This doesn’t mean I don’t think we need a couple if signings, just that they’re have to be exactly right. Rice would be nice. But he’s only getting in the team if something changes with xhaxa or Partey.

  12. I think Allan saint maximan or ivan toney or both will give us the extra edge. Saint maximan terrify defenders and Ivan is a physical headache to any team. For the murdyk money, they would be fantastic signing with decland rice icing on the cake

  13. Absolutely not. Zaha is the King of Croydon and likes it that way. He’s too old (relatively speaking) and the wrong character for our team in my opinion.

    1. What do you see that is wrong with his character Benjamin, as I have never seen anything to back these claims up and, more importantly, Patrick Vieria seems to have no problems MA managing him.

      1. If you have abit of an ego and are over 25 apparently you’re not allowed to join Arsenal .
        Well that’s what some fans will have you believe.

      2. If you lived in Croydon you would know the truth. No substitute for local knowledge. His character is widely known in Croydon and THAT is why he will not be of interest to us. BELIEVE AS YOU WISH, BUT THAT IS THE CASE.

    We Should not Repeat the Mistakes of Last January when he Failed to beef up the Squad.😕
    Get Zaha, He can Play as a Right Winger or Left Winger and can Challenge Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka to get Better!
    Wilfred Zaha and a Quality DM Back up will win us the EPL by March ending@least!😍

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