Is it time for Arsenal to give up on the ‘English core’?

When do Arsenal finally give up on Jack and Ox? by NP

I recently read an article stating that the Ox is negotiating with Arsenal for wages north of 100k per week in his contract extension with Chelsea and Manchester United supposedly interested in signing him.

That made me wonder whether its high time we break away from our ‘English core’ bandwagon and focus on improving the squad. Don’t get me wrong here, I was hurling out abuses too when Chamberlain was substituted against Manchester United (long, long back) at the 70th minute by Arshavin after just having assisted a Robin Van Persie goal, and only calmed down after Wenger revealed that he was ill. However, such moments and matches of brilliance have been few and far to come by for the Englishman, with even Henry claiming that he hasn’t progressed much after joining Arsenal.

Arsenal injury bonanza appears every season to give a chance to our fringe players to nail a starting spot, but bad form/ injuries have meant Ox hasn’t done that yet. Indeed, I remember him more for losing the ball on numerous occasions and putting the team under threat on the counter, many of which also resulted in goals and losses. The most recent nail in the coffin seems to be his tunnel-cam (nuf said!).

The Ox possess raw pace, but, unlike Hector Bellerin, its difficult to recall him actually using it to his advantage in matches.

With Marco Reus likely to be available this summer, and most likely to turn up at Liverpool (damn he really deserves a better team), Wenger should be looking to get him at the Emirates. If it happens, the Ox would be 4th in the pecking order after Reus, Theo and Joel. Not a good sign when you are 23 yrs old! I consider him more of a winger then DM, hence not considering DM order here.

Coming to our own poster boy, the lifelong Arsenal fan Jack Wilshere, now. Its a dream for any fan to watch a true gunner gain spotlight after coming through the youth ranks and breaking into the first team. However, Manchester City were rumoured to be willing to shell out £30m last summer for Jacky boy. His talent is undeniable, but with every passing day he seems to be moving closer to Diaby then the first team. Smoking incidents haven’t helped his cause either.

With Rosicky, Flamini and Arteta likely to be out of squad next year, you would wonder why I am propogating to sell Wilshere? The simple reason is, does it make more sense to sell him, add some more and break the bank for a much more quality player like Isco rather than pinning our hopes to the almighty that he has an injury free season?

Also, given that we already have Santi, Ozil, Ramsey and Elneny for two midfield slots, Jack has his work cut out to find a spot in first team. Would we be better served by promoting a youth team player next year to the bench, maybe Zelalem or Crowley?

Let me know what you guys think!


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  1. Personally I think they’ve all had more than enough opportunities to impress, and they rarely do. On top of that, one has to take into account their wages. Walcott on a 140k a week should be scoring a lot of goals, especially considering we have arguably the best playmaker in the world in Ozil, but Walcott hardly ever scores or even plays well. Lastly, they’re all injury prone, especially Wilshere.

    The only one I’d keep because of potential quality is Wilshere, but even that is a huge risk given his constant injuries, and not forgetting the Diaby saga!

    But unfortunately I don’t think we could get rid of all of them because of the ‘home grown’ rule.

    1. Our finest form of the season came when Walcott was giving a chance and we all thought well It’s not ideal but it’s working and teams are pinned back because of the front three. Then he did not score for three games and Giroud got recalled, I have no problem with that but Giroud himself went three games without a goal before the Lei match and that I am a bit puzzled about. Giroud got a great assist all the same but Theo came off the bench to score. If Theo got the same belief and assurance that Giroud gets maybe he would be scoring a similar rate to Giroud.

  2. I would give up on a couple of these players. We have Gibbs, Ox, Wilshere, Ramsey, Chambers, Welbeck & Walcott who are part of the main 25 players. Personally Ox and Wislhere/Ramsey should be moved on to make space for someone good.

    Next year our squad can look like
    GK- Cech, Ospina
    LB – Monreal, Gibbs,
    LCB – Kos, NEW CB
    RCB – Gabriel, Chambers, Per
    RB – Bellerin, Debuchy
    CDM – Coquelin, NEW DM
    CM – Santi, Elneny, Wilshere
    LW – Sanchez, Welbeck
    AM – Ozil, Iwobi, Wilshere
    RW – NEW RW, Campbell
    ST – NEW ST, Giroud, Walcott

    This makes a perfect 25 man squad. Sell Ramsey and OX (they can easily yeild around 60M). Buy 4 players
    CB (a young promising CB) Rugani/Okore/Ilori
    DM (a cover of Coq) i would prefer Wanyama but not sure if he’ll be okay for a squad role
    RW Rues
    ST – (a young promising ST to replace Giroud in Long term) Zivokovic, Bakkali

    1. My thoughts exactly… Ox, Gibbs, and Wilshisha can all go. They’ve had more than enough chances to impress, but failed to do so. Not to mention that all are very injury prone. Unfortunately, with a home grown rule, and Wenger’s obsession with his favorite “pets”, I don’t see any of them leaving any time soon.

  3. why should we give up on a youngster with such talent.
    Didnt our players say this was gonna be his year?
    Didnt everyone here say they rated him higher than sterling?
    And most importantly wenger still has belief in him which is what really matters.

  4. The person who has written this is either a new fan or a lazy one.
    If you say ox has never used his pace to his advantage then you sir started watching football yesterday.You have not yet seen so many matches.
    Wilshere is a good player when not injured.
    He is englands best player.
    He has dominated midfields like barca chelsea manure and man citeh.

    This players dont score many goals mainly because of their style of play.
    Because they mainly cover distance in midfield which limits their contribution in the final third.
    Give up onthem and they turn good in other teams and then we will be the new chelski

  5. Wenger won’t want to sell any of his English core,
    Unless of course the players want to leave and going by The Ox’s wage demands, he could force a move in the summer,
    what with his contract running down.

    We seem to forget that the Ox is still very young (21 or 22? )
    And no doubt he has the time and the potential to become one of England’s finest players in the future, but will he achieve that as an Arsenal player?… That’s highly unlikely, simply due to his ‘Double my wages’ demands!, Which Quite frankly he hasn’t done anything this season to justify that increase and Yeah, we could say the same about Walcott’s £140K aweek, But common sense says “unless the Ox starts performing well for the rest of the season, I doubt that Wenger/Arsenal will agree to his wage demands” and therefore The Ox will move on to a rival club in the summer.

  6. All arsenal English core have had success in making their national team and this is due to the fact that they are a part of an arsenal team, i would like to point out though there are a lot of english talent available in the lower league that i would consider to be and improvement on the ones we have now.
    I fear our english core at the present time are running out of time, Jack, Ox, Keiron, Theo, chambers and jenkinson

  7. Online clickbait says Ox has demanded his wages be doubled do it must be true. Just last week the BS story was that Ozil had refused a new contract when negotiations have not even started yet.

  8. Don’t give up on the English core but make them bloody take extra EXTRA shooting practice on top of the shooting practice there supposedly doing.
    They are so inept in that part of their game.

  9. Wilshere should stay, I am hoping that he can get a bit of time alongside Coquelin so we can all see how good at being deep lying playmaker Jack is, I would say he could be a revelation in that spot due to his passing range and ability.
    England use him in a deep lying playmaker role with a couple B2B ahead and look at his performances he has had for England.
    Cazorla isn’t getting younger, neither is our little mozart, we will need more than just Ramsey for the role next to Coquelin.

    Ox… well he needs to be loaned out right?
    Great prospect which in all honesty I think it has gone to his head, we need to bring him back down to earth by loaning him to a club like Villa, let him see what it is like at other teams and to then pull his socks up and work hard.
    Iwobe is doing better imo so why not reward his hard work and dedication? Then there is Jeff RA, not seen much of that kid but what I have seen seems to be really exciting and I am looking forward to seeing more of him.

  10. Delly Alli score more goals in one season than Wiltshire in is entire arsenal career and he earn 4th times less than Wiltshire, the same goes to Ox, that tells you about our so called prima donas (English core )Ox score one goal in 17th games he wants his wages double, Wiltshire almost a season out and he wants 120.000 a week, Ramsey agents keep spreading news that mighty Barcelona want to sign him the question is were he will be playing at Barcelona? We always said that is best position is in the middle, he just let us crying for Carzola, were is best position? that the question, conclusion they don’t love Arsenal, they love easy money they getting at Arsenal, sell them all just keep Chambers and Welbeck, yes sell them,you will ask what about Epl rules? We still got Chambers, Coquellin, Welbeck, Bellerin ,Iwobi ,time to sell all overpaid and overrated English core, if you’re not convinced with my argument just make Arsenal play with all English core and you will see the results and if they really love Arsenal they will stop blackmail us about wages, they don’t deserve it.Just think Wiltshire get more money than Coquellin and Bellerin combine. Seriously? And Walcott get more money than Carzola, Coquellin and Bellerin all together and he is not even a starter.

  11. It would be good if the people writing articles did some basic research if they’re not familiar with FA regulations already. Look up the homegrown rule. There’s a reason we have to have English/British players. You’d be hard pushed to find many better than those in the Arsenal squad, as most of them are full internationals. The number of talented British players isn’t very high. Ours could be a lot worse and I’d put good money on Arsenal beating a UK representative team. A more interesting/sensible article would be which British players could replace ours.

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