Is it time for Arsenal to look for Alexis replacement?

The never-ending contract talks between Arsenal and Alexis Sanchez looks no nearer to completion, and it is being reported today that the Gunners have offered the Chilean superstar a new contract worth £180,000 a week, but Alexis (or his agent) has told them he will not sign for less than £250,000, which will nearly double his current wage.

More worrying is the reports that he is desperate to win titles, as Sanchez himself has said many times, and after his anger at the end of the Bournemouth match demonstrated that he thinks this current Arsenal side is falling well short of that aim, especially as we even dropped out of the Champions League places yesterday after Chelsea’s defeat at Tottenham.

It could be that he was angry with Olivier Giroud for wasting precious time doing his silly dance at the end, instead of rushing to try and get the winner in the last few minutes, but he was already seen to be very agitated in the first half when he had a standup argument with Aaron Ramsey.

This was witnessed by the 5Live commentator Steve Claridge who said: “Ramsey and Sanchez are shouting at each other.

“Ramsey’s not letting it go, getting really stuck into him. That’s a sign of frustration.”

We all know Alexis is desperate to win at everything, and he may be thinking that the rest of the team don’t share that enthusiasm. This could be more instrumental in him thinking that he may have to move to a more ambitious club where trophies are demanded, as well as the fact that he will be paid what he believes he is worth.

Can you imagine if Arsenal are eliminated from the Champions League by Bayern Munich next month, that could very easily be the last nail in the coffin for Alexis and he could get his agent to actively look at other options.

I think it may be time for Arsene Wenger to start scouring for a new player that could fill the Chilean’s boots. Arsenal will gain a fortune if they sell Sanchez, but will it be enough to get a like-for-like replacement?



  1. rkw says:

    No … its time to look for a replacement for Wenger!!£

    1. bran99 says:

      True.. coz every time a player shows ambition, someone looks for a way to offload them.. the team is full of cry babies, Sanchez always wants to win While others are happy with draw against Bournemouth

    2. Dawa says:

      Not for Alexis. We need replacements for players like Ramsey, Elnyn, Xhaka etc and bring in top quality players.

  2. Kostafi says:

    I’ve always believed in paying a player what they are worth. Sanchez is our top player this season and should be rewarded as such. Chelsea have already moved to extend Costa’s contract to £200k. I think Alexis would take £200k a week as well (plus add ons and bonuses).

    But I don’t think the issue is wages. Sanchez wants to win trophies and his reported sulk at the end of the Bournemouth game- not speaking to any other player suggests he doesn’t believe the squad shares that mentality let alone potential. Perhaps it was down to the festive fixture congestion leading to physical and mental fatigue. Perhaps a week off will do him good. If the lonesome sulk continues, it may be out of Arsenal’s hands.

    Lets hope Arsenal is the first club in Europe he spends more than 3 seasons.

  3. Ozzy AFC says:

    Perhaps Pat you are right, but where in the world are we going to find a replacement for a player like Sanchez with the money that our gaffer is willing to spend?
    The fact that we are not hammering home a deal with a player of this calibre speaks volumes about the club and its ambition and willingness to spend in order to keep the top quality we have. Seen it previously with Van Persie who got lamblasted by many fans including me at the time, but five years down the line who can say that Van Persie’s views on the clubs ambition were wrong? Players of Sanchez’s quality want to win things and move forward, the rest of the team seem content to just collect the cheques and finish fourth as does the boss. Its high time that they learned a lesson and that is that 4th is NOT good enough and its NOT acceptable. Wenger has gone from being an utter legend to being an utter fail in the last ten years and while it may not be entirtely his fault he should have opend his mouth and shamed the board instead of being complicit with it.
    If Sanchez goes watch the rest of our quality follow suite and then see if we can replace those few when we dont have champions league next season.
    And where has the BT sports money gone?
    Alexis will know better than us what the club can or cannot afford and if the club wont meet the players somewhere in the middle then I refer to the above scenario.

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I think Alexis should start up front in next match so he has the best chance of scoring. He will be happier with some more goals maybe a hattrick in him.

    Alexis is worth £200-250k per week in my opinion. So pay him it if that is what it takes to keep him.

    Also, when we lose a top player we rarely get the equivalent or better Vieira, Sagna, RVP, Vermaelen, we didn’t immediately replace them with an equivalent or better player.

    Also, we need a WC player in addition to Alexis and Ozil, so if we lose Alexis then we will need to get two WC players for attack.

    Ideally, the retain Alexis and Ozil, get another top attacker and strengthen our defense

  5. Wilshegz says:

    seriously, who makes posts like this?

  6. Jansen says:

    Sanchez is gone and the club will not earn a fortune on him. Anyone buying him will realize we can not afford to let his contract run down and thus will push his valuation down.

    With a 3 year contract in place Sanchez would be worth as much as £80 mil IMO. On his last year of his contract, we would be lucky to get £40 for him. The best thing, financially, we could hope for is a bidding war between a few interested clubs. The best thing from a sporting point of few would be to sell him to a none PL team.

    We will not be able to replace Sanchez with a player of similar stature.

  7. Juhi McLovin says:

    Let’s wait until summer and get a replacement for WENGER.

    This might persuade Sanchez to sign an extension. You know, new adept manager with fresh ideas.

  8. ThirdManJW says:

    I think Sanchez will leave. He’s in his third season, and he can see what the majority of the fans, and previous top players that left can see…no ambition, barely any trophies (no major trophies), and not even competing!

    Money will be an issue, as it is with all top players, and rightly so in Sanchez’s case. It’s criminal that he currently earns almost the same as Walcott. But you can tell how ambitious Sanchez is, and that trophies are just as important, if not, more so. So it must be killing him that Arsenal cannot even compete, let alone win! He must be so frustrated how we crumble almost every time we face a top team. Arsenal are so weak mentally even with Sanchez, so just imagine where we’ll be without him!

    Can we keep him? Yes, but we need to offer at least 250k p/w I would have thought, but I think we also need to win the league or the Champions League. I can easily rule us out in Europe, as Arsenal have been awful for about 7/8 years now, and Wenger’s overall record in Europe is poor. We’re only 8pts off in the league, so there is a chance, but I think last season was the ultimate proof of how bad Wenger has become at his job, and for that reason, we have no chance. Utd, Chelsea, Spurs, and Liverpool have all progressed, City will improve, and we have gone backwards.

    With only a year and a half left on his contract, Sanchez holds all the cards. If he does go, I’ll wish him all the luck in the world, and thank him for almost single-handedly trying drag this club into a better direction.

  9. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Arsenal fc would happily give Wenger the extra £70,000 a week rather than giving it to Sanchez and In all the while that Mr Humbug is still in charge at the club,There’s little point in worrying about our star players leaving, since wenger has obviously forgotten what to do with them, anyway.

  10. dboy says:

    We should offer Sanchez £200k per week and give him the captains armband. Fire Wenger and sell all the dead weight, especially since we not going to challenge for league once again. We are competing with Tottenham, Man City, Liverpool and Man Utd for top four. When I look at those teams they all are looking much better than us right now. Could this be the year, could this be the season that brings Wenger’s demise? PLEASE LET IT BE.

    1. dboy says:

      If we can get Diego Simeone and Alexis to lead the Revolution, that would be SUPER. I can only dream for now, but they say dreams do come true.

      1. Jansen says:

        Simeone would be the one manager who could save Arsenal IMO. Like Klopp we would need to give him one or two seasons to put his stamp on club and squad but you cab bet your bottom dollar that his teams would give 110% for 95 minutes and not be happy with a draw. This guy cares.

  11. I bet my pension that if we bring on SIMEONE or someone of sorts SANCHEZ will stay even x less, same as OZIL he realized that with WENGER we will never win a trophy again except maybe the Emirates Cup and a shot to the FA cup, the EPL trophy was up for grabs last season and LC took it, we all knew that with the likes of Pep, Conte, Klopp, MO even Pochettino chances were slim to win it this year.
    WENGER must go if we want to keep players like SANCHEZ or even to eventually sign new World Class Players with ambition……so here we are back on square 1

  12. Pablo Picaso says:

    Both parties have a case to answer here!

    1. Everyone at Arsenal know the importance of this plan and the team should be built around him so why not pay him what he wants for f@%$ sake. Give him the 200, get some warriors to play him and keep out all these babies we have been babysitting at the club!

    2. If Sanchez wants to leave let him come out as such and put us the innocent fans out of this misery. Great players have come and gone at this club but Arsenal still stands. We are tired and frustrated of reading on each site that he wants to go, make up your mind already for f@%$ sake!

    The media are really enjoying this right now, Sanchez’s actions are not helping either, we are in a lot of completion’s still this is no time to start brewing negativity and distractions at the club, that should be done behind closed doors between his representatives and the Club. Not even the players we all love to hate and labelled traitor (Nasri and V. Persie) brought so much drama.

    1. bran99 says:

      Games are played on the pitch mate.. how can Sanchez wait till they arrive at the dressing room for him to point all the faults done by his teammates? I have seen captains do the dirty work on the pitch with no fear of anyone, either the players, the media or the fans.. they do their work anywhere and brings the best out of everyone

      We have a hardworking world class player in Sanchez, why won’t we keep hold of him for the better of the team? The specialist will be willing to let him go and keep the soft ambitionless players like Ramsey

  13. marty53 says:

    Why do we bother offering £180,000 a week to Sanchez knowing full well he ( or his agent ) will turn it down. We do this all the time with transfers, offering ridiculously low bids and making ourselves look stupid.

    As other people have said on here I think Simeone is the man to take us forward as Wenger has taken us as far as he can and his methods look outdated now.

  14. Raoh says:

    Perhaps they should be looking to replace players that are ok with the average play, the lack of focus at the beginning of games, happy with such result like the last game, that fails to consistently show up and above all else happy with the FA Cup consolation prize.

    My heart says we can still mount a comeback but my brain knows that it means Arsenal winning all there games against top 6 oppositions: Liverpool, Man U, Man City, Spurs, Everton. But also not drop any more points against team like Bournemouth no disrespect. We should never have found ourselves in that situation. How come we start game so poorly? How come we can’t defend a lead?

    I truly feel for a player like Sanchez. He wants to play every game and consistently perform at 200%. He helds himself to high standards and genuinely wants to win silverware. He knows he can get the money and play an attractive brand of football here but he must seriously question the club’s ability to do so as well as the winning mentality.

    Finally some of Wenger choices are questionable. Why change your CB pair when they’ve manage clean sheets in successive games or not reward players like Ox and Lucas who seem hungry and come on with bright displays? And why the hell it seems the 70th minute is the only time he starts calling a player substitution? Some displays have been so poor since the season started that some players should’ve been subbed at halftime at times or earlier than the 70th minute anyway.

    Let’s hope for the best.

    1. Raoh says:

      By the way he was right to shout at Aaaron, He has been poor. When given opportunities to score either he goes at the keeper or take it wide. He hasn’t mustered much creative chances and has poorly helped on the defensive side. The worst part is that fatigue can’t be an excuse for him…he has been more out than in the team

  15. BUR says:

    If Arsenal sell a few of the dead wood , players who obviously are not good enough (or else wenger would have played them against Bournemouth instead if risking players fitness) for the premiership I see no reason they can’t pay Sanchez. Why hold onto players that can’t do a job, get rid.

  16. mark says:

    Sanchez will be gone soon, in the search for a club that matches his high ambitions. Sadly (and embarrassingly) that was never going to be Arsenal with AW in charge.

    Once a player actively expresses their frustration and anger it’s game over…sadly.

  17. RSH says:

    No chance he signs a new contract. Let’s enjoy the last few months of having Alexis. And there is no replacement for a player like him.

  18. Kos-tafi says:

    Who wore de captain’s band when koscielny left De pitch verses Bournemouth?

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