Is it time for Arsenal to lose yet another captain?

Over the last few years there has been much talk of the curse of being Arsenal’s captain, and it certainly is a fact that once appointed they play brilliantly and are sold the following year (Like Fab4 and RVP), or get injured (like Thomas Vermaelen and Mikel Arteta) and don’t hardly ever appear on the pitch.

Well now Arteta has hardly played 10 games in one and a half seasons, and his latest effort was excruciatingly painful to watch and of course he had to go off with another injury. According to Wenger the little Spaniard has now recovered and is ready to play, but even with Coquelin out injured it would seem that Flamini and Chambers are in front of the captain in the pecking order, and when Elneny arrives Arteta will be out of the picture altogether.

So is it possible that Arteta will now be ready to move on in search of first team football? Because according to the latest Arsenal rumours, the West Ham manager Slaven Bilic is keen to take him across London to Upton Park, to try and help the Hammers to gain European football next season.

That’s a very brave assumption considering the amount of football Arteta has played in the last year, but I guess stranger things have happened. One of the pluses for a certain faction of Arsenal fans is that Per Mertesacker will immediately be bumped up to official captain, which will obviously mean his departure in the near future as well! (That was a joke by the way….)

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  1. Rosicky (7) is back, reminds me if the time Pires (7) came back from injury and gave Arsenal another dimension in attack in our last title winning season. for those that feel Ozil is the best, wait till you see Rosicky in action. i have watched him for years and i have never seen him pass the ball backwards, always forward and dangerous. COYG.

    1. spot on @”i have watched him for years and i
      have never seen him pass the ball backwards, always
      forward and dangerous”…..I thought I was d only one who noticed dis…..rozza never seems to pass backwards…. a rare quality… I really love DAT.

      1. If you guy’s think that Rosicky will step back on to the playing fields in the same dazzling form as he was before he got injured then you are all in for a unpleasant surprise.

        As for Arteta, even if he is to be offered a coaching role at the club, thats no reason to say that he can’t go out to West ham on loan and return back to Arsenal next season,
        That’s if he decides to retire, of course.

  2. no chance of losing arteta he will be coaching at arsenal next season if he retires, wenger has spoken very highly of his up and coming coaching skills, and i believe he can and will be an important member of our coaching team moving forward. maybe in some capacity in the under 21 team with henry until they are ready to move up to the first team coaching roles, he is a really good role model for our younger players and he seems to have there respect and understanding for his ideas on football. he seems very much like wenger in the fact that he sees the game a certain way, very intelligent tactical player and person, would be great to see what he can do when he gets his uefa pro-license, and sticks around with us. him and henry could be very valuable additions to our coaching team, along side bergkamp, if he makes a return in the not to far future. the future is for the brave if they reach for it. coyg

    1. You guys are right… Wenger’s valuation of Arteta is a bit more than we, fans, can see in him as a player! Looks like a great player to have for behind-closed-door influence on other players!

  3. I have a funny feeling that Arteta will finish his playing career here.

    Wenger values him too much and I suspect his got a good football brain and is respected a lot at the club. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind playing the odd games or coming in to either swell up the midfield or to bring that maturity and calmness during those tough games.

    I see he has a future in coaching at the club, maybe with the Under 17’s first and slowly climb up or straight to the main teams bench as trainer.

    Stranger things happen in football, he might just head at West ham though I highly doubt it.

  4. arteta has already an eye on his coaching career presumably at arsenal for that reason i don,t see him leaving the club,i think he will retire with us!!

  5. On a side note, what do you think will happen to Ozil if his new bestie Flamini leaves?

    Its not a coincidence that Ozil’s good form coincides with the fact that he has a close friend at the club now, his less shy and seems to be enjoying his stay at the club. I know we are no charity and for these players this is there job but lets also consider football is a game full of emotions and most of these players are fragile. Besides that they are human too.

    After recalling him back recently, will Wenger dump his fellow country man who also seems to have an effect in the dressing room?????????

    Its a soap opera up here.

  6. Arteta it seems would make a very good coach someday. On the other hand I don’t see Henry being a good manager.

  7. Keep Arteta as a coach. He deserves it for being a long term quality player for us.

    I hope Wenger uses Rosicky. he is the best 35 year old midfielder out there. Still quality.

  8. It would be nice to see players who may not be here next season like Arteta, Rosicky, Flamini hold the PL trophy.

    Also, Ozil and Alexis winning the PL will definitely help retain these world class players
    so let’s win the PL and have wonderful year
    First things first……Beating Liverpool

  9. Let’s face it we don’t have a captain now do we lol MA is now not regarded as captain. OZILL should have the job and Rambo vice. BFG makes far to many mistakes to carry that kind of responsibility. About time AW stood up and said this is the man and these players will work until end of season. MA gone MF give him another year BFG bench him just not good enough in the big games. Our right back that wants to move sorry you stay until the end of the season for back up as chambers just don’t cut it and he I would let go in the summer and get Carl back. Joel I would let go sorry he’s not that good. Great thing I heard today is PEP might not come to the EPL next season and that says ARSENAL for pep

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