Is it time for Arsenal to move on from Hector Bellerin?

It’s Time to Move on From Bellerin

Many Arsenal fans still find it difficult to move on from our beloved boy, Hector Bellerin, and for good reason. He was electric, sharp, fast. And he was professional, dedicated, familiar and one of our own. He looked destined to be a top player, if not world-class. The rightback spot would be his to lose.

However, football is full of uncertainty and random events. Hector Bellerin is 25 years old and has lost his electricity to a big injury. He is no longer the wonderfully thrilling player he once was. Sure, he has improved his passing, movement and link-up but he still can’t defend much and his crossing is just meh. Coupled with the loss of pace, that has made him very, very average. He is now a lightweight defender who can’t dominate his flank in any way whatsoever.

There is an argument that his pace might return but I don’t see it happening. Besides, it’s limiting for a club with big intentions to leave such an essential position to mere chance. We have all seen the impact of a top fullback. Kieran Tierney has been magical. Assertive, strong, great crosser, and fully capable of beating his man. Things that Bellerin can’t do.

I ask the fans still clinging to the old dream of Bellerin to think about the impact of having another Tierney on the right flank, how potent it would make us be. That is what top teams want and enjoy. And that is what we should want, too.

Bellerin can still be sold for good money, enough to cover most of the cost of a new replacement like Lamptey. Our left side has Tierney, Gabriel and Mari while our right side has Holding, Luiz and Bellerin, holdovers from an old regime. We must move on this summer if we are ambitious.

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  1. I don’t get why people are saying his link-up and passing is good/decent. In my eyes, that’s what’s his weakest area, followed by his defending. You should pay attention how many times he loses possession in our build-up. He is terrible when put under pressure.

    I like him a lot personally, but if we want to grow we need to move him on. Cedric, who in my eyes is nothing more than a decent back-up, has surpassed him at the moment. We should be targeting a new RB, or make AMN our permanent RB

    1. No he doesn’t lose possession anyhow and his link up play is good, and I think you mean niles. Niles can’t linkup to save his life. But defensively he is still lacking

  2. Comments relative to comparison to Tierney are spot on! Other than play-making midfielder, upgrading the right back position is the most glaring current positional need.

  3. I think we will have more urgent places to fill first.

    Back up GK and LB. Two midfielders and striker. Possibly winger/CAM.

    And honestly I would replace Cedric before Bellerin just because Bellerin is homegrown and replacing him would require another HG player in our squad.

  4. We need to fill these positions urgently : LB,RB, DM, 2 Strikers . We need an experienced & reliable CB to replace Luiz.

      1. A2W, are you are okay with mediocrity and mid table ? Makeshift back up to Tierney? erratic Bellerin/aging Cedric at RB? Xhaka /Elneny as the DM? Luiz as your CB? Eddie/Laca (nearing 30, going games without away goals, needs 5 chances to score 1)? We need replacements in these grey areas. Matt may sign for us in the summer with Arthur /James the third GK. In addition we need a CAM to rotate with ESR, unless Willock returns as a better and stronger player. Guendozi has attitude problems, Torrera is a lost fella in competitive leagues, AMN has an ego bigger than his talent, will never make it big, Saliba will remain Saliba a chatter bug, has the talent, needs to control his tongue.
        Academy graduates may be used in the League cup and Europa earlier stages and gradually include them in the EPL, suddenly thrusting them without proper initiation will lead to failures.

  5. “Kieran Tierney has been magical. Assertive, strong, great crosser, and fully capable of beating his man. Things that Bellerin can’t do”

    Without Bellerin’s excellent dribble that bypassed four Chelsea players in FA Cup final last season, Pepe wouldn’t be able to assist Aubameyang for his second goal. Bellerin’s defending and aerial ability are questionable, but his attacking skills are great

        1. gotanidea, there is no reason why Joel Lopez Salguero (19 on 31 March) could not be given the opportunity to deputise for Kieran Tierney.

    1. One” excellent dribble” does not even begin to compensate us for this physically weaklings inability to defend AT ALL , to be completly unable to head a ball, stop a cross or tackle or mark his man.
      I can only think he is liked because of his personal qualities as a human, which I share, but disregard when it comes to doing what helps OUR team.
      He is, frankly, near useless and should have left ages ago. At least he must go this summer. Better late than never.

      1. His defending isn’t the best, but please watch his performance in the last seven EPL games. He saved us by winning the race against the opposition’s attackers

  6. I lost faith in our transfers when Arsenal refused 2 swap Bellerin with Semedo & allowed him 2 join Wolves instead. Barca should have solved that problem 4 us. The last time he impressed was in a 2-2 draw at the bridge & it’s been long. Now Arsenal has no one 2 advice them 2 buy GREALISH. We don’t need Lamptey, he’s another Bellerin. Can’t cross, can’t defend, over lapse 2 often. Get us a Kyle Walker-like RB.

  7. An ordinary fan who has no knowledge of football management or talent scouting would write an article about how a player can no longer cut it. On the other hand, same fan writes how same player can still be sold for good money to clubs who have a recruitment team with more knowledge of football ability on their hair than he will in his entire life. Wonders.

    1. Hector just came back from a lengthy lay off. I believe his pace and agility will return, one thing he always lacked in his game is intensity, tenacity and purpose when defending and attacking, If he can fetch a good sum to get Lamptey I would say we sell him.

  8. we definitely have other areas to address first, but he’s bang average as a RB, especially considering his age and level of experience…fact is he’s also negatively impacts anyone who plays ahead of him out wide right, as he’s horrible in give-and-go scenarios and with overlapping runs…not sure why we don’t have a few blue chip prospects in our youth system considering the issues we’ve faced in that position, whether as a result of injuries or otherwise, since Sagna was on the scene

  9. I will say yes if we have a better replacement, at the moment Cedric is not that great but his passes are better than Bellerin, both not that “aggressive” defensively.

  10. He isn’t a good player, he is far too flimsy and cant defend for toffee. Comparing him to Tierney highlights massively what some of us have been saying for years “he isnt good enough”. I think he may do better in the Spanish league but he doesn’t cope with the rigors of the prem.

  11. he belongs at a midtable club… which coincidentally we are. Sooo if this is good enough for the club then so be it.

  12. Bellerin was always going to have problems once he slowed down, as early on it was his pace which gave him such an advantage. Too bad the final delivery or challenge often let him down. He could partly get away with it in those days because Arsenal often controlled the game so well, (except against big teams of course.) Since his injury we have seen a different version, somewhat slower and more often put in situations where his weaknesses are spotlighted. To some extent he has improved, especially defensively but it really is not enough for him to be an impact player. He is just one of the boys. At this stage he still deserves his place in the team. Arsenal’s junior are not exactly brimming with great defensive talent and there are stronger clubs out there looking for special talent. So for better or worse we are stuck with Hector. He is no Dixon, Sanga or Cole but will cover the position until someone better can be found.

    1. Joe. S, do you follow the Arsenal Academy teams. There are three RB prospects. Joel Lopez Sanguero at LB is a real prospect and in my opinion is worth the opportunity to deputise for Kieran Tierney.

      1. Unfortunately I don’t it would be too frustrating following the careers of kids who are unlikely to make it, but it’s good to know there is a half decent crop on the way. It’s been a while since the Gunners have produced a worthwhile defender,and I don’t rate Gibbs at all,even in the half decent rank.

  13. never understood the hyped talk surrounding him … could have gotten something for him but suspect most managers in top fliight now realise he is an average footballer so wont get much … ok as a bench warmer and for cup games if we can get a quality rB

    1. Well bellerin is average but he is exposed because maybe our attackers lose the ball too often, I personally believe we need to get a pjanic , jorginho like midfielder and also think about the left wing because saka and pepe are enough for the right wing.

  14. 🙄🙄not that Bellerin syndrome again.

    It would make sense, if we can get 50+ M or if we got a striker or two who can actually score from crosses and build up play, a backup LB, a GK, an AM, probably DM if partey will keep getting injured, probably even a winger because everyone after Saka, Pepe and Martenilli are terrible and Gabi M. probably ate Arteta’s sandwiches in mid-school, so he even is not in his plans.
    What were we saying, ahh yes you see list of priorties are long that I do not remember what we are considering for Bellerin.

  15. Bellerin has been an average defender.
    He is so average and inconsistent.
    All wenger remnants have got to be fazed out.
    He left us so many weak poor players.
    Xhaka, Elneny, Bellerin and even my Laca can all go if we can get some good money for them.

  16. Bellerin isn’t good enough and has never been in my opinion. We deserve better. Simple as that. I’m shocked that with so much young talent emerging in the past couple of years and veteran players in circulation we can’t recruit a solid RB at Arsenal.

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