Is it time for Arsenal to move on from Thomas Partey?

Is it time to move Thomas Partey on?

After news came out last week before the clash against Manchester United that Partey would be missing for at least six weeks with a groin injury, it has Arsenal fans wondering if its time for Arteta to be thinking about moving him on?

With Partey being injured for at least 6 weeks and Ghana making it through to The Africa Cup Of nations in January, Arsenal looks to be losing their defensive midfielder for an extended period of this season. One of a player’s biggest assets is availability and we just haven’t really had that with Partey.

When he is fit, he brings a lot to the team, a dynamic player who commands the midfield, always playing with high intensity and is key to our transition play, but only playing 64% of games since joining Arsenal from Atletico Madrid presents a problem for Arteta.

Luckily, we have both Declan Rice and Kai Havertz to fill the void in midfield while Partey is out injured but it does leave Arsenal fans frustrated and feels like its only a matter of time until his next injury. While we do have players who can fill in for his absence, is it smarter for the club if they start to look for a replacement now?

If the right bid came in for Partey I personally think we would be crazy not to take it. January transfer window is never easy to go into and especially when you’re looking for a key position like Partey’s, but if we could sell him for a decent amount and find a good replacement, perhaps its better to cut ties while we can.

That being said, when he is available, Partey is a great player for us. He can play both midfield and defence, and with a season as busy as ours, having a player who’s so dynamic is only a positive for Arteta and his coaching staff.

What’s your thoughts Gooner fans?

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  1. When I said he should be sold I was almost murdered here! This is the exact reason we suck at selling, we never sell at the right time.

    Sell while you can get a decent fee and reinvest wisely. I love Partey but he spends too much time on the sideline and he’s getting less valuable every year. We’ll get peanuts for him when we do sell unless we get saved by a Saudi club wanting to buy.

  2. He’ll be 31 next summer and his contract will expire in 2025, so we’d better sell him if we get a good offer

    If we don’t get a decent offer, we could give him a one or two year extension. He’s currently injured, but he will recover soon

    1. Should we sell Pathey how many in his class do we have in Epl with his experience? May be outside Epl though. Lavia would have learnt a lot under him but then, it is what it is. Well, 6 weeks isn’t a long injury he will be back soon. I wish Pathey speedy recovery.

      1. It’d depend on the offer. Arsenal rejected a £35m bid for him, but I think they might accept such offer if it comes at the end of this season

  3. The Ghanaian is the only genuine world class player in on Arsenal books, when fit he’ll take a game by the scuff and win it for us.

    The problem is Arsenal always need another midfielder, young mobile, physical box to box player in the squad, Lavia was identified not sure at what stage we got distracted.

  4. Meanwhile he is here this season and will be back around October. He is a top class, hard, midfield controller. Wait till the end of the season until that question arises. Silly question when he could be helping us challenge Man City.

  5. What do you mean ‘Luckily, we have both Declan Rice and Kai Havertz to fill the void in midfield while Partey is out injured’?

    What about Jorghino?

    A player with 96.4% pass completion and one of the best defensive midfielders too.

    1. A high % pass rate doesn’t mean much when most of your passes are about 5m long and completely safe while under very little pressure….and he is not a DM at all.

      1. Yes, just like Mertesacker was always high among the national best passers stats, in percentage that reached their target- back and forth, time and again with Koscielny, well inside our own half, while under NO opponents pressure.

        Stats are used slavishly by some less bright folk, while bright folk use them only,and in context, as as no more rthan a guide, at best.

  6. OT: Gabriel Magalhaes was immense in his stint for the national side winning 5 :1, but he did pick up a knock.

  7. When the rumours were on that some Italian and Saudi clubs were interested in Partey early in the summer window, I was of the opinion that the man should be sold and the money invested in a younger player. My reasons were his injury record and his potential involvement in the AFCON competition in which Elneny will also be involved.
    But Arsenal kept the player for reasons only the hierarchy know.
    Now our worst fears are catching up with us.

  8. It makes sense to let players go once their value in the team depreciates. It would make better sense though, in the case of Arsenal to worry about moving El Neny, Cedric, Jorginho and indeed, Havertz ahead of seeing Partey as a problem.
    Lots of good is still accruing from Partey at Arsenal.

  9. Well according to ThirdJen Arteta act swiftly with often injured players. I wonder why Partey, Tomiyasu, Zinchenko and Jesus are still here.

    1. Why would anyone believe a liar like you? I answered the Partey question and very easily debunked your BS!

      I am also waiting for your apology about me putting MA before the club.

        1. Aha Jen, now the truth is out lol!

          I think its probably time for you and HH to suspend hostilities and start leaving comments about the article in hand rather than historical opinions.

          1. Hi Admin,

            I couldn’t be happier to do this, but as you’ve seen time and time again HH constantly has to comment on anything I say and consistently lies, and takes everything out of context.

            I should just ignore him I guess, because it is like dealing with a petty child.

            1. Oh two brilliant minds at work. The world is doomed! Were it up to you humanity will still be in hunting and gathering stage. The less said about Jon who is stuck in colonial mindset the better.

              I never said you said you will put Arteta before a club. Who is a liar then? But coming from you miss Jen lol I am not surprised. I agreed with your posts way back and I liked some of your articles. Those which were not agenda driven.

              I said and I am still saying you are putting Arteta before the club. Doesn’t need intelligence to see that.

  10. Maybe not in January but in July of next year because it is difficult to get a suitable replacement in January. It is becoming clear that Partey cannot be depended upon for extended periods due to recurring injury problems.He is a very good player no doubt but as the cliche goes – the best ability is availability. Yves Bissouma would have been a good replacement because they both have good dribbling that enables them to beat a press and progress the ball even in tight spaces. But we all know it’s not going to happen now that he signed for Tottenham. He’s been brilliant for them this season.

  11. No we need to get Partey fit, stop playing him out of position and do what he did last season. Partey is world class or close to it, we are lucky to have him. I dont get the article at all. Should we get rid of Jesus? Should we get rid of ESR? Should we get rid of Saliba because he got injured at the end of the last season? No!!!!!! And thats the same answer for Partey.

    1. Reggie are those really fair comparisons ? Saliba has only had the one injury. Jesus had an impact injury to the knee which is a one time thing.ESR had an injury which he was carrying for years but was finally resolved with surgery. Partey,on the other hand had a muscular injury I think(groin?) that has been recurring every season. I’m no doctor so I could be wrong but I think muscular injuries are likely to reoccur. Another difference is that the ones you mention are younger men. Partey is 30 and that means his injury struggles are likely to get worse than better with time.Partey also has just two years left on his contract. The others are on longer contracts. Apples to oranges

      1. Partey has been fine until he was moved to an unfamiliar position, that his body was not used too. And the Saliba comment was just a bit of irony to the fact the article was alluding to selling Partey due to injury. But (and i wouldn’t sell him either) there was no mention of selling ESR. Plus i dont agree that muscle injuries reoccur. The groin is not one muscle and usually muscle injuries can be treated to a satisfactory outcome. If it can’t, then surgery is needed. If Partey was at a point, where the same injury to the same area was occurring, then he would have had surgery to sort it. Plus age has absolutely nothing to do with injuries. Ask Darren Anderton.

          1. Reggie, I have been on JA for many years mostly reading comments than commenting myself but i have seen no one who is as eager as you to blame MA for everything. It’s obvious your hatred for MA is clouding your judgement. Partey playing inverted full back has nothing to do with his injury, Partey got injured every now and then since he came to Arsenal,Maybe your criticism should be directed at the medical team not the manager.

            1. It’s interesting to know I’m not the only one who has made this observation. I think Reggie would be pleased if the club sacked Arteta. There’s constructive criticism but what Reggie says is usually beyond criticism-like it’s personal almost. Never gives the guy credit even when he gets the tactics right and the team performs well but is always quick to point out any mistakes and blame it on the coach,even in instances where players are to blame.

              1. Exactly Onyango, It’s really so annoying and each time people like him on here always hide behind “It’s my opinion” when it is obvious they just don’t like the manager and one can say they are unhappy to see Arsenal do well just for them to proof a point cos i have notice you rarely see their comments once Arsenal played a good game. Managers and players come and go, get behind the team that is what true fans does.

              2. Onyango Not only do I agree 100% about Reggie, but it is why, in a post on another recent thread, I descibed Arteta as being Reggies foe. I repeat that reamark now and it is backed uo by amountain of Reggie hostile posts ever since MAfirst arrived.
                It is abundantly clear to regular JA users, that not only Reggie, but also a number of other regular names onJA regard MA as likewise.

                Most of them I sincerely believe have never forgiven the large majority of us for gladly accepting Wengers forced “resignation”. Many of us actively called for it,from way before it happened.
                Simply put, many of those names STILL worship AW and even above the club itself.

                And is WHY they so resent Artetas drive and determination. They see a “foe” as being present in our club. That is my honest belief!

  12. Partey is still one of the best dm in the world and at 31 still has a good couple of years left at the top. What we needed to do this summer was make sure that we had an alternative to him when he does pick up the annual injury which we did brilliantly buying Rice.

    Now partey can contribute to our title challenge and we do not have a heart attack whenever he goes down. Slightly overpaying for Rice well worth it

  13. I believe Arteta and Edu will try and replace both Jorginho and Elneny (both 31) in the next two windows (Winter and Summer).

    Maybe with Villa’s Diaz or Zubimendi. We have been linked with Bitello too. (Not sure I spelled his name right).
    Plus, I’m hoping we give Patino a chance next season, even if he’s not really a direct Partey replacement.

    Partey could be sold next summer if we receive a good offer but I think he will stay for at least the next season as well.
    Now we have Rice, we can carry Partey even if he plays 60-70% of all matches because he is just that good when he does play.

  14. We have Elneny in the bench for more than one year who is not playing why not talk about selling and rather thinking about selling of Partey. It will not be easy to replace him though

  15. Does Partey really have a worse injury record than Zinchenko? I don’t have the numbers but I honestly can’t remember the Ukrainian putting 4 games together on the bounce since joining us. While both players are critical to the way we play, I’m not sure I ever hear about moving Zinny on. While not ideal, a club may have to bear with the injury record of a top player and carry such a player for part of a season. We seem happy enough to have Elneny around for no work done.

  16. While it’s true that age has something to do with how quickly a player heals from injury, Arsenal has always had even younger, more injury-prone players – RvP, Diaby, Rosicky, etc. and now Zinchenko, ESR and Tomiyasu. DCL of Everton isn’t even on the wrong side of twenty but can’t even stay fit for 90min. Not ideal, but every club carries a key player or two sometimes during a season. Remember Partey had a good injury record before joining us. We still bought Jesus even though he didn’t have a great injury record @ City.
    Regarding Partey’s impending absence due to AFCON, Arsenal isn’t alone. And if Jorginho can’t cover Partey for a couple of weeks due to that tournament, then why is he here?

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