Is it time for Arsenal to retire Mikel Arteta?

Mikel Arteta MUST stay on the Arsenal bench by DN

I have absolutely no doubt about Mikel Arteta’s previous ability and the contribution he has made to the team in the last few years, but due to the emergence of Francis Coquelin last season and his constant injuries have seen him drop to third choice Defensive Midfielder at this present time.

Without denigrating the Spaniard, I am hoping that he will now become fourth choice now that Mohamed Elneny has arrived as I am now worried about him coming on the pitch at all now. We all remember him coming on when Coquelin sustained his injury against West Brom, but we were treated to him having no action on the pitch except when he scored the own goal that gifted all three points to our opponents before he was taken off injured himself.

He is now fully recovered it seems, and Arsene Wenger took it upon himself to bring Arteta on in the 87th minute at Anfield on Wednesday to help shore up our defence, and what happened in that tiny space of time?

I would hate to brand him a jinx after his excellent career, but I do think it’s about time that Wenger stopped giving him chances to tarnish his excellent reputation any more, and should leave him coaching the youngsters until the end of the season.

Arteta still believes that he has a role to play. He even said yesterday: “I’m back now and I have been training hard.

“It’s not easy when you have to come from the bench but that’s the situation at the moment.”

Mikel, we love you but please accept that your time has gone now. Leave the game to the youngsters and concentrate on getting your coaching badge. You will surely be an excellent manager in the future, but right now you just need to face facts and take a step sideways for the good of the club.


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  1. Almost all our players are back from injury

    Shad shad shad shad



    shad Forsythe is the the world best player 2016


    world best physio

  2. Arteta still have a contract with Arsenal to run down to the end of this season. He could still regain some of his top form to continue play for Arsenal as the Boss continues to use him as a sub to make him earn his wages for the job he’s contracted to do for Arsenal. And not earn his wages for free. The samething applies to Rosicky. Flamini is the strongest of the would be the 3 retires at the end of this season at least at Arsenal. He can still continue to play for Arsenal to end of this season. But not on consistent basis due to his advanced age. The Boss can be sparingly playing him mostly as a sub. Rhinosacker is still strong to continue to play for Arsenal but not anymore in all the big and difficult away games, like in today’s away game to Stoke which I feel the Boss should start De Aberu(Paulista) for his pace and agility which Rhino’ is on the weak side now. But his positioning sence, interceptions, tackling and aerial power are still with him intact.

  3. In a way I hate this question because he has been a loyal reliable player to us

    But we need to Be Honest. Wenger always talks about QUALITY. The fact is with age Arteta’s quality has deteriorated. And we can’t keep him because of loyalty or affection

    Some players like Rosicky, are still quality in their mid 30’s but unfortunately Arteta isnt

    He deserves a coaching role

    In DM we have Coquelin, Elneny, Chambers, Bielik so we should be fine. We also could free up salaries for new player by letting him go.

    1. Mikel still does have a role to play in the club. And he doesn’t deserve the level of disrespect being given him here…

  4. Every one is forgetting that Mikel isn’t a DM. He’s a CM who has moved down to DM because of the DM crisis that ended with Coq. Arteta is a smart player who can come off the bench as a late sub for one of our two higher midfielders. He can’t really defend. He did start his career lower but was never really good at defending. Yes he used to play there long ago on a previous team, but he’s a more attacking player now. It’s not his fault he was deployed as a DM but I’m sure he’s still very creative. Touch may be inconsistent and rusty after injuries, but creativity and intelligence don’t just go away. My very unpopular opinion is to keep him as sub for a CM. I’d definitely prefer him in the middle over some random kid or even someone like Chamberlain who got nothing started for us today.

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