Is it time for Arteta to admit that Aubameyang needs a rest?

Perhaps it is time to rest Aubameyang? By Sylvester Kwentua

Okay friends. The game against Newcastle has been played and three points have been gained. Arsenal needed a win and that’s what they went for. However, despite the win, Aubameyang’s lack of form that denied him another easy goal, has caused not a few fans to ask what is really happening with their captain?

Let’s face it friends, a striker who has been your best striker ever since he was signed, would give you cause for worries when he suddenly starts playing like Nicholas Bendtner. In several games this season, Aubameyang has had goal opportunities begging to be scored, only for him to comfortably miss! How Pierre managed to miss a sure goal still baffles me now.

That said, I feel it is time Arsenal’s manager starts seeking ways to help Aubameyang. Yes, Aubameyang needs help right now, and even a blind man can see that. Aubameyang can’t be allowed to keep on destroying the good times he has enjoyed at the club. So how should he be helped? Let’s read on.

For a start, Aubameyang should be left out of the first team for a while. Yes, he needs to be rested. He has been struggling for form in recent games and it is obvious that he is not getting anywhere close to the Aubameyang fans know. So if he keeps struggling for form without getting it, won’t it be wise if he is taken off the spotlight for a while to allow him quietly work back his way to form? Aubameyang is a world class player, but also a human being. As a human being, he is allowed to lose form; however, he shouldn’t be allowed to keep wasting goal scoring chances on the pitch, which may hamper the team’s chances of winning games. I can count the number of recent games in Aubameyang had the opportunity to put Arsenal in a winning position, only for him to fall shy of grabbing the opportunity. This trend continued against Newcastle, and it should not be allowed to continue further, especially as Arsenal prepares to play Manchester United next weekend.

Manchester United represents another opportunity for Arsenal to finally record one important win against a big team in the EPL, and players who can aid the mission should be put out there to play. Enough of using players who are not mentally and physically ready for games. If Arsenal wants an exciting attack in games that will lead to goals, then Aubameyang needs to be benched for the other strikers in the team who can do a good job. What else can I say?

We are Arsenal and proud.


  1. Yes, with his age and his desire to fill Laca’s boot in linking up and be the model captin player tracing back. He runs more than he can do with keeping concentration.
    Losing balls like this is usually a sign of fatigue or simply bad luck.
    It will do him good to have reduced minutes for a while like regularly pulling him qt first sub or to give him minutes from the bench.

  2. Yes. Obameysng needs to be rested in all good faith. Martinelli is really undermined by the Coach and I cannot understand why Saka, Smith Rowe are overwork while sphysically strong , tactical and refined young striker like Martinelli is always kept wasting outside. He is one of the very header among the Arsenal’s attackers. Please review more time for Martinelli. His first touch yesterday against NewCastle gave the team an assured winning goal.
    That was enough to convince a manager who is really is as a talented young player.
    This is how we lost Joe Willock, By not managing his game time we’ll. And that:s how we nearly lost Smith Rowe to Aston Villa. This is how we can lose Martinelli and even Baligon

  3. For almost the first time I agree with the thrust of Sylvesters piece.
    The reason I say “almost” is that IMO Auba has not been a world class striker for some time past.

    Loss of form is one thing but when you are aged 32 and are now a year and a half into a consistent run of non scoring, at least not anywhere near enough, and not working hard enough, then the world class tag is something you can no longer claim and which others should not claim for you.

    IMO, Auba is firmly on the down slope and we would be well advised to try our best to sell him, IF we can. I think that will be almost impossible however as his wages will put off suitors.

    But we must RIGHT NOW give MARTINELLI – who is clearly a gifted and hard working rising star, who we would be crazy to risk losing – a long overedue regular run in Aubas place.
    Those on JA who know my lifelong views and antipathy to ALL lazy players and my love of those who give 100% every game, will at least see where I am coming from, whether or not they agree with my point.

  4. The legs and ability are gone. MA must try to blood in GM and FB the way AW blooded in Anelka when Wright was failing.

    Age has caught up with Auba and Laca. MA should be planning Arsenal without them

  5. I think it’s time to convert Aubameyang to a super sub, Martinelli should start our games now, playing off Lacazette,

    My only concern with Martinelli, is he doesn’t know when to retreat from a tackle, he goes in for every tackle, he needs to be taught how to pick his fights, apart from this, he’s the next Ronaldo de Lima,
    Watch out !

    1. JON FOX, how do you do that ?, make your posts disappear like that.i am in awe of those tricks of yours. i wish you would let me on your trade secrets,houdini and mesmer rolled into one.

  6. Really happy Arsenal fans have come to Terms with the Fact that Aubameyang and Lacazette are finished strikers!
    Not demeaning their past accolades BUT both are way too Lazy, Slow, ineffective and most importantly have a Terrible Tired/Defeatist body language in Games!😟
    They should be Sold ASAP! Let’s go for more Robust and aggressive Strikers e.g. Ollie Watkins, Duvan Zapata, Gabriel Jesus, partner Martinelli next season!☺️😍
    For now, Nketiah should be benching these 2 overpaid Goons!

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