Is it time for Arteta to put Arsenal’s hungry youngsters in the team?

It must be very strange for the Arsenal first team, who are struggling to score a goal never mind getting a win, but every Thursday they have seen our youngsters and reserves scoring goals for fun in the Europa League.

Surely by now Mikel Arteta must realise that perhaps some new, hungry, enthusiastic youngsters should be given a chance in the Premier League, especially against teams in the relegation zone like Burnley.

One person who thinks the time is ripe to introduce new blood is the Gunners legend Alan Smith, who thinks that Arteta can’t carry on watching the sub-standard performances from his senior players. Smith said in his column in the Standard: “As a manager, that’s got to make you think. Standing on the sideline at Dundalk last night, Arteta saw some young players busting a gut to impress, eager to make a mark at senior level. We’re talking about youngsters with lots of potential such as Eddie Nketiah, Joe Willock, Folarin Balogun and Emile Smith-Rowe, a player rated very highly by many at the club.

“Would it be out of the question to throw some in on Sunday to offer fresh ideas and enthusiasm? I mean, we’re talking about Burnley, not Bayern Munich. That’s not to disrespect Sean Dyche’s side, a team struggling just now but one that could easily embarrass the Gunners.

“Fighting for their lives, the visitors won’t lack for passion and spirit. If Arsenal don’t match that, the situation could get worse. Because of that, maybe it’s time for Arteta to make a statement by picking the kids.”

I think Smith is talking sense. If this game against Burnley was in the FA Cup or the League Cup, Arteta would have no qualms about playing his youngsters – and he would still expect to win!

So why not todaygainst the relegation battlers?

Sam P

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    1. Mogunna, Oh, give your boring regular nonsense a rest will you? HAVE A DAY OFF FOR ONCE! And when you have done that, perhaps you will explain what on earth “nanamt ” is supposed to mean!

      Oh, and when you have done that too, perhaps you might like to consider what the word “supporter” means. I’ll help you, as your language skills are not exactly the best – it means a person who supports, not constantly criticises, the club he claims to love.

      1. Wow Jon, i actually agree with you, cudos.

        On topic, yes, I think a few youngsters should start and few come off the bench.

        I would like to see Bellerin, Xhaka, Cellabos and Willan not in starting line up.

  1. They should all be on lian as Nelson Rowe doing well then, playing every week, growing! Bring them back cuz doing so well in 3 month spell,

    Sign Ceballos, Pepe, Wilian to bench them a second year! Nuts!

  2. Of all the four names mentioned,its only Smith Rowe and Willock that will have an excellent future at Arsenal.Eddie Nkettiah will become another Francis Jeffers.Balogun is going to become another Anelka.

    As for todays match,i dont think it would help to make drastic changes.Just introduce one youngster.

  3. He tried that with Saka, Nketiah and Willock, although the trial wasn’t successful in EPL. I wanna see our young wingers play on wings at some EPL matches, not at some defensive positions

  4. I envisage, bit by bit, more and more chances for our younger players at the expense of those like Xhaka and Bellerin, both here a long time, who regularly let the tean down. For me, I would play BALOGUN, NELSON AND ESR today.
    I don’t even count SAKA, AS HE IS ALMOST A REGULAR AND RIGHTLY SO. Willock is close to a regular place too I believe and hope so.

    AMN, Elneny and ESR would be my chosen midfield today with Soares(Cedric)) at RB.

    1. Exactly, Willock, saka, Lacazette subs, it should put everyone on their toes, as for Nketiah , to the bench.

    2. Jon, I have asked many time with no response, ‘AMN is highly rated for CM /DM position but has only played there once or less than 10 times all his life, is that enough game to play him regularly at that position when 4 managers(including England national team) didn’t rate him much for the position. Bellerin has his faults but Cedric isn’t better than him, am not against rotation to make players sit up, competition is good, .
      It’s a shame we do not have better performing players good enough to replace the 2 players mentioned.

      I wish the team best of luck today, and for once I’ll love to have a change of personel especially in the attack, unfortunately MA rotational system has some players fix for EPL and the other uecl, maybe next week but I doubt those youngsters will start today

    3. Woah Jon, what is happening, I agree again.

      Guys, this could be a sign that things are going to turn around for us.

      Up the Gunners.

      What I really want to see is no side ways passing, that is what i miss about Thomas Rosicky, did that guys ever make a backwards pass.

  5. Which hungry youngsters are you talking about???

    As far as I am concerned, no youngsters have impressed supremely to warrant selection in the league.

    If we’re very generous, maybe Balogun who has “something special” but of course he can’t be selected ahead of Aubameyang or Lacazette.

    But truth be told, these others the Willock, Saka, Emille Smith-Rowe, Nketiah, they just play like”youngsters” who aren’t any ready for the rigours of the EPL. Just media hype!!!

  6. Yes please, but do handle with care.

    We have seen hungry, gut busting youngsters like Willock look impressive in Europa but mediocre in the League. Not that the senior players have anything to be proud of at the moment

    1. Winston true but you need to give them more than one game to impress, a run of games players like Wilian and Co have been afforded.

      1. Trying to get results while giving youngsters a run of games is a delicate balance. It’s a true test of a manager’s ability and conviction.

        Hope the youngsters rise to the occasion and prove themselves

  7. Yes we need to play some of the younger players in this crucial 6 pointer. I’ll be disappointed if we have to see Willian, Xhaka and Bellerin tonight.

  8. From the EUL formation, I guess Arteta was trying to access how the youngsters will adapt to back 3. If that is the case then we might be missing Partey for a long time and we will be moving to a back 3 in the league as well. In that case I do not see more of our youngsters getting chances. I wouldn’t be surprised if the lineup looked something like this today.

    Holding Luiz Gabriel
    Bellerin Elneny Xhaka Tierney
    Willian Auba Saka

  9. We need to be realistic with our expectations for the younger players as well. Of course, that is something Arsenal fans are so well known for 🙂 (me included).

    It is one thing to impress in Europa and then play EPL. Not saying we shouldn’t add some of these guys into starting line-up, but then we can’t just completely crap all over them and call them garbage if it doesn’t work. Or, more likely, start complaining about Arteta’s team selection.

  10. Talk of the latent quality of youngsters has become boring and beside the point … Basically saka and AMN have shown they merit consideration as starters … Nketiah and Willock have been given plenty of chances and demonstrated they are below average footballers and should be moved on and Nelson and Smith Rowe haven’t started enough to say either way but not oven ready to borrow a phrase and I have my doubts about both … Injury has delayed martinelli but the signs were encouraging before that … Liked the look of balogun and azeez but given there is not team philosophy to plug them in to it would be a massive leap of faith to put them in to contention …

  11. It more than obvious that there is a serious problem with the players and manager relationship. Mikel has lost the dressing room or he is beginning to.

    The results are players showing him that his military way and blatant favouritism especially to Ceballos and treatment of some players is not acceptable.

    The answer is not to sack him rather a lot of apologies has to go around and he has to let go of the leash and change his ways before it’s too late.

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