Is it time for Chambers to get a run in the Arsenal starting XI?

Most Arsenal fans are at a loss as to why Calum Chambers rarely gets the chance to start for the Gunners, despite playing admirably every time he gets on the pitch. We are all aware of how calamitous our defence has been which makes Emery’s choices for our back line even more baffling than usual.

Chambers himself seems keen to fight his way back into the team and be given the chance to prove his worth. He told “I’ve had a lot of experiences over the years like going to Middlesbrough and Fulham, and playing a few games here at Arsenal,”

“As a player and as a human, I feel like I’ve grown up quite a lot.

“I feel like I’m bringing the experiences I’ve had over the past few years into my game too. I just want to keep developing, keep working hard and keep improving things every day. That’s all I can do, to focus on being the best player I can.

“I think to establish yourself here, you need to play week in, week out. It’s the same at every club you go to. When you’re playing week in, week out that’s when you really establish yourself to the team and the fans.

“That’s a goal I want to push for, it’s one of my aims, so I’ve got to figure out how I can do that. I need to work on things off the pitch to help me achieve that, that’s the aim for this season.

“I feel good, I’ve had a good summer, pre-season’s gone well and I’ve settled back in nicely with the lads and the new manager. I’m ready for this season ahead, I’m ready to fight and ready to give everything to this team. I’m excited for the season ahead and what we can achieve.”

I think he has already convinced the fans of his worth to the side, and most of us would vote for him ahead of our current centre-back. But how do we persuade Emery to give him an extended run?



    1. How many more times are you going to say he lacks pace, talk about fake news. Watch the Forest game again and then come back and say he lacks pace.

  1. I think Unai Emery should using him and Holdings as well.
    Bellerin and Teirney are also fit so use them. Which precaution are you taking by using average players like Xaka, Socratis and AMN?
    I am yet to see which line up Unai will turn to against Man U.
    Torreira, GoND, Bellerin, Teirney, Chambers, Holding, Pepe, Leno, Ceballos,Luiz and AUbu should start this Monday game.


    Saka, Willock, Brazilian Prolific Striker, Nelson and Ozil.

    No room for Xhaka and AMN

  2. Not until he fights for it more
    Or players get injured

    I rank the following
    For CB
    1. Holding
    2. Luiz
    3. Chambers
    4. Sokratis
    5. Mustafi

    For RB
    1. Bellerin
    2. Chambers
    3. Niles

    For DM
    1. Torreira
    2. Guendouzi
    3. Chambers

    I think the best starting lineup

    1. I find it hard to rank him below Luiz at CB. Can we rank him ahead with certainty? Maybe not. Can he be much worse than Luiz? Probaly not. Has Luiz had a chance to show what he can do and convinced? No.

      Shouls Chambers get a chance to show what he can do for 5 games on the trot? Why not?

      1. @Truth.Well said.
        Chambers is as good/bad as anything we have.
        In fact Nelson Willock Guendouzie Aubameyang Ozil
        could all play RB/CB and do as well as the present tosh.
        RB has been a torturous journey at Arsenal since Sagna.
        Chambers 16m the equivalent of 30m these days was bought
        at the same time as Debuchy also 16m when fans were
        calling for a decent DM.
        Chambers was loaned for years.
        Debuchy hardly played and was sold for peanuts.
        Carl Jenkinson was signed as a RB and failed 7 years
        in a row before being off loaded in the summer.
        Lichsteiner was hired as a freebie last season and failed.
        4 successive failures at RB = systemic failure.
        Then Bellerin got injured and AMN was thrown in.
        Chambers should have stayed at Southampton and carved
        out a 7 year career there as a regular.
        Chambers is at best bang average but these days bang average is the best we have 🙁
        But why did we buy such tosh for so long?
        I think we all know why.

  3. He should play right back until Bellerin returns or even left back if Tierney doesn’t play (he’s miles better than Kolasinac) and once are fullbacks return should play DM. He’s tall, quick and can tackle.

  4. There is something quite obvious here. Chambers was bought as a full back. Seems odd that AMN has been played out of position, and clearly struggling at right back, when Chambers could have played there. It’s not like Chambers is an old man or a bad player. Until Hector is back shouldn’t we play Chambers at right back?

  5. the truth is that emery cant create a strong team out of what he has … which is why he has made xhaka as captain … this is a step down from wenger/kos combo so i just want to see the pair of them gone come the end of the season

    1. yes, he can. There is more than enough talent currently at the club. He currently has Sokratis, Mustafi, Luiz, Chambers to currently make a CB pairing. Not top class picks but not terrible defenders until they came to Arsenal. (wonder how that keeps happening…hm). Torreira, Guendouzi, Ceballos, Willock, Ozil, Xhaka gives you plenty of options. If Liverpool can take an average Newcastle winger and make him an integral part of their midfield, Emery has enough options in that lot. And up front he has Auba, and Pepe right now. Yes, we lack a LW, but he has the pick of the litter in terms of youngsters. Basically, this is not a bad squad, Emery has many different options. The fact he keeps sticking with Xhaka, is his own fault.

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