Is it time for Freddie to introduce consistent tactics and a steady Arsenal first XI?

Consistent tactics is the key to Arsenal turning their season around.

Arsenal beat West Ham 3-1 on Monday. That was their first win in ten games and, understandably, fans have begun to think that their season is now back on track.

I stand to disagree with that line of thought and I strongly believe that winning that game is not that big a deal, after all West Ham is just one point away from the relegation zone.

And even our draw against Standard Liege, who are hardly top class, in the Europa League, that will hardly fix the team’s current crisis of confidence, but consistent tactics will do them a world of good in the long run.

In the three games that Freddie Ljungberg has managed Arsenal, he has tinkered with his selection as he struggles to find which is best XI for the team.

I can understand why he would be switching players and tactics, but I strongly believe that if he doesn’t stick to one starting eleven and consistent tactics, his players are just one loss away from losing their confidence again.

Consistently sticking to the same team and tactics will help the players develop an understanding among themselves and there is nothing more dangerous than a team that knows each other.

When Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has played long enough on the same system and with the same teammates, he would know where to go when a certain player is on the ball and the player would also know his next move.

The benefits of that understanding amongst each other cannot be overemphasized, and it can only be achieved by a consistent tactical approach to games.

Is it time for Freddie to decide on a consistent starting line up and consistent tactics?

Sam P


  1. Agree consistently is key to a good set up
    But you said it yourself 3 games
    And again losing your best / only RB & lb doesn’t help
    And there is a point to be made that people also want a manager that can switch tactics to change a game

  2. Ljungberg and the players are more accustomed to 4-2-3-1, so I guess that would be the final form they’re going for

    Ideally, Arsenal have to gradually switch to 4-3-3. Leicester won EPL with 4-4-1-1, but they play with 4-1-4-1 or 4-3-3 now

    1. Jesus, man your obsession with 4-3-3 is becoming a lil bit sickening. You’ve single handedly made and overhyped Inverted Wingers, and noe it’s 4-3-3 you’ve turned to.

      The annoying part is, clearly you’re aware we don’t have the perfect players with lots of energy to burn for that formation, yet you’re always singing it.
      City,Liverpool makes use of 4-3-3, does it mean Arsenal must switch to a 4-3-3 before getting better?
      Or is it cause of your other obsession with dumping no 10 role?

      1. We have players for 4-3-3, such as Aubameyang, Lacazette, Pepe, Martinelli, Nelson and Saka. They’re all hardworkers

        Arsenal have to use 4-1-4-1 or 4-3-3, because it has a perfect balance between the number of attackers, midfielders and defenders

        Using a lazy no 10 will only deprive Arsenal of midfielders. Unless if the no 10 can press like what Okazaki did at Leicester

  3. Yes.

    Consistently playing the same team or similar team will help them improve as a team

    They will get more used to playing with each other

  4. By now FL should know 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 is what works and must be deployed for the visit to Etihad. Martinelli should be given the chance to test himself against Walker out on the right wing and Pepe on the other side.

    Nelson has allowed a kid from Brazil come to the club and outshine him. I have seen Saka inspire the team to victory, same with Martinelli but not Nelson. He must improve or might not get to play in the Epl, only cup games.

  5. Certainly with you in theory Sam P and under normal circumstabces a settled start eleven is massively helpful. But when you have a non defence as we do, how do you keep playing the same duds week afer week? The truth is that before we can ever start picking a settled team we need a massive injection of numbers of top players from which to pick. Injuries, loss of form and the need to rest players will always mean you have to change, but just that, hopefully, you change less often than now. But we are NOT in that luxury situation nor are ever likely to be, under Kreonke. Reality!

      1. Quite right JF .With the intervention of injuries, FL has been obliged to change the team and system.If everyone was fit I am pretty sure he would play a back four of Bellerin, Chambers, Holding and Tierney.As it is that four is unlikely to be available for the rest of the season.So when fans slag off FL for a lack of continuity they have to “realise” he can only pick what is available and accommodate them in the system which suits them best.For example he deployed AMN and Saka as wing backs because he had no other alternatives as he needed to preserve Chambers and Kolasinac for the Man City match.Our fans really have to think before they spout out nonsense.

        1. The same problem Emery had and why he had to “tinker”; lack of squad strength and depth, particularly in defense and midfield.
          Changing manager doesn’t solve the underlying deficiencies at the Arsenal.

  6. This was the reason why Emery failed to get a win because for up to two years he could not find a best eleven. This can make players to relax because they know that they can be picked for first team even if they dont work hard.

  7. F.L has overseen only 3games and honestly there is already a change of attitude from the players.He did the right thing to field the players he used in Europa league because of injuries & our situation in the EPL.You therefore can not call this tinkering.

  8. I reckon Ancelotti will get the Arsenal job if Allegri is at all hesitant on committing to us.

    Yes, we do need a main formation and a first eleven then with the next five players hot on their heels. When a new manager arrives, if he does, these players must develop some budding partnerships before the arrival.

    Ancelotti has the cv, massive experience. Personally I never really took to him, don’t know why, just never liked watching his teams over the last 5 to 10 years. He reminds me of a dead fish, I disliked listening to his interviews, but he has top level experience all the same. I want to see us bring in a passionate manager, one that demands passion from his players as well as aspiring it. That’s been missing now for far too long, I don’t think Ancelotti is that man.

  9. We had injuries in the past game and no LB that was 100% fit so I understand why he went to a back 3. Agree about a consistent lineup and this weekend I expect to see the same front 3 as we saw against West Ham, and the only changes will be to cover injuries.

  10. I would love Freddie to manage until season’s end, let’s give our own an opportunity like Barca did with Pep. Big name managers don’t guarantee you success these days. Better the devil you know than the one you don’t.

  11. I think we should try 4-3-3 with Ozil playing deeper as a deep lying playmaker. He seemee to lost his ability to play killer pass but his ball control, passing range andof ability to draw fouls are still top notch. Not to mention,he’s much more mobile than xhaka. He should replace Xhaka as our deep lying playmaker with Guendouzi to play the “Ramsey” role as b2b since he likes to mindlessly chase down opposition players and he boasts incredible stamina. Torreira to anchor the midfield.

  12. Freddie is doing a great job considering the circumstances regarding injuries. He is forced to change selection/formation and fans must understand the reasoning behind that.

  13. To be fair I think Strategy should be consistent and has not been since Emery arrived. Tactics can not be consistent because they depend on the opponent whilst strategy should not depend on the opponent too much.

    But we should keep in mind that Freddie is a new manager who needs time to figure out his best starting 11. The fact that he has changed players around a little bit in his first few games in charge should be considered normal IMO.

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