Is it time for Giroud to leave Arsenal?

Olivier Giroud scored a hat-trick for France last week, and straight after the game he declared that he “wanted to win titles” with Arsenal. Now he has reiterated that he has a contract with the Gunners, but with his lack of playing time last season he doesn’t want to repeat that experience in the next campaign and will be considering his options.

“I still have two or even three years left on my Arsenal contract, for the moment my future is at Arsenal,” Giroud was quoted as saying. “I feel good here, I want to win the Premier League with Arsenal.

“But I don’t know what the future holds.”

This past season, Arsenal had many options for centre-forward, and more often than not the Frenchman was either used as a supersub or left on the bench, and with the Gunners being linked with even more top strikers like Kylian Mbappe and Alexandre Lacazette he is worried that he will still be left with a bit-part role next season.

“Obviously, I’m not going to be happy with another year of playing so little,”

“I’m going to have to think about it with those close to me and my advisors.”

He may not have so much to worry about as it looks like Lucas Perez will be making a swift return to Spain after playing even less games than Giroud, and there is still the likelihood that Alexis Sanchez will also be leaving the club. Arsenal will have many more games next season with the Europa League to contend with, but will Wenger try and assure Olivier that he will play more often? I doubt it!



    1. Like Wenger or not but respect to him for going toe to toe with Madrid. When i first heard it the first time i said typical Arsenal media rumour. But this is real. The breaking news from a Monaco director is that Mbappe has agreed to stay for 1 more season.

      The Sanchez and Ozil rumour have all died down. Even OIL money PSG and the mighty Bayern couldn’t match our offers for Sancez. When you think that Kolasinac had offers from City, Chelsea , Ac Milan, Juventus, Everton etc and he chose Arsenal, it shows we mean Business.

      There has yet to be a statement about Wenger on Kolasinac, The guy is clearly busy and the rumours is that we are on Lazette seriously. I just want us to be that club that people don’t mess about with anymore, bullying us and taking our best players.

      The fact that we are going toe to toe with some of the biggest club shoes our ambition. Even Manchester City fans are saying that If we can go all out fo Mbappe then they should just forget abut Sanchez cause it shows that we are not gonna be bullied again financially by other European teams,
      That alone makes me happy. WEnger once said when he leaves Arsenal, we would be in the best financial position ever and he is right.

      Its all about adding 2 more worldclass players to our squad and then we challenge for the title

      1. No one was even in for Ozil because he is overrated and Bayern don’t want to pay Sanchez’s wages. Wenger has stated he won’t sell to PL rivals. They will either both sign or leave for free next summer.

  1. He wants to start more? Well sell him then and good riddance. He’s a bench player at best, 4 years of him starting was enough as it was.

  2. Didier Deschamps picks Giroud ahead of Lacazette in the pecking order so everyone who is talking about Lacazette for 50+ million should be prepared to be disappointed if he does come in and ends up on the bench, coz even under Laurent Blanc he wasnt a stater so i dont think two good managers could be wrong, I hope we dont let Giroud leave coz he could be a good option for us coming of the bench as he’s proved the season just ended, that is if we bring in a much better foward, personally i think we should go for Morata, and why are we not in for Dybala, he could sort out our Right wing problems.

    1. Giroud works well for france cause he has players like Griezmann behind him as well. So he can just focus on been a Target man, rather than tryig to be a Complete center Forward as they are completely differnt Roles. Its a completely different sytem. Arsenal works better with a mobile striker. Infact Welbeck is the best Strriker for Arsenal. He just lacks Composure and that killer instinct.

      Lacazette would be great for Arsenal because he is mobile , got great pace and most importantly he has the composure to finish attacking moverments.

  3. No.. he is a sub.

    Yes. If AW buy his replacement..

    Stop counting the Chicks before the eggs hatch.

  4. OG can score (the highest scorer per minute player) can pass 2 assists in the FA cup for 2 trophies, can win possessions with his aerial ability, yup he’s a player that should leave (smh).
    Funny I just saw Pogba and Payet cross the ball last week and he scored easily. Let’s have some of that next season.

    1. the highest scorer per minute, coz he played less minutes since Sanchez moved to the middle. If he played the whole 90 minutes, we all know the outcome of that

  5. Too many “fans” have no idea how valuable Giroud is!!! We didnt have Giroud for most of the year and look at where we ended up, when we did have Giroud he scored goals with the best goals per min ratio in the league. who ever else we put to lead the line if the opposition decide to sit there is mo one better than Giroud, Sanchez has been poor at dking this task and Welbeck is too inkury prone to bw reliable.

    With all the rumours of Benzema, Mbabbe and Lacazette, we have the striker thatvis selected ahead of all of them, because Griezman is the speed and Giroud is the STRENGTH!!!

    Catch a Wake Up and show the man some respect!

    1. True that. But if he isn’t prepared to maintain his role as a super sub, he should leave, as I reckon that Wenger won’t be using him as a starter in most of the matches.

    2. So why has the wonder combo of giroud and Walcott failed to take club to new heights …. Answer : because both are utterly mediocre and massively overpaid … Sell the pair and bring in a couple io world class attackers … Add a creative midfielder … And then maybe we will b in some kind of position to challenge

      1. Because its Walcott not bloody Griezeman, answer is pritty obvious when you use your brain.

    3. “We didn’t have Giroud for most of the year and look at where we ended up”, so when we had him for the whole season (for 3 seasons), did we end up 1st? did we win the UCL? may be he plays well with France coz they have better players and their system suits his strength, we don’t have that system. he dragged us down for quite some seasons now waiting for him to score 20 or 30 goals in one season that never came.. now he wants to come and win the league.. lol

      1. pointless having a discussion with someone that thinks that all problems are solved by a striker. The reason for Arsenals failures is an adequate replacement for Cazorla ( Xhaka Ramsey partnership looking great) whenever cazorla gets injured our campaign fails. we need greater depths here. We could have had Suarez and still failed as our spine was not up to scratch.

        1. but most of the teams that win the league always have one or 2 players as top scorers.. we won the league when Henry was scoring for fun, the only season we missed that chance is when Van persie scored 30 goals and we didn’t win the league. but what has OG done for the race to that title? always ends up at around 15 goals per season, title winning striker?

          we had Cazorla for several seasons, there were seasons when he was injury free, did we win the league?? always finding reasons to hide the incompetence of Wenger and his beloved Arsenal no. 1 striker

          1. Are you seriously again trying to win an argument by pointing out 1 player. You’re too simple , should change your username name braindead99.

            1. heheh thanx, you should use facts and reasoning instead of name calling.. this is a forum, I have my reasons, you give yours

  6. There you go again, Gooners are being all sentimental again. Giroud has proven for many seasons that he will not lead us to the title. I remember he went more than 14 games without a goal when Leicester won the league, that for a main striker is unacceptable. Welbeck’s work rate and attributes are far too superior to Giroud’s, If we buy Lacazette, I’d rather sell Giroud + Theo and keep Welbz and Perez

  7. He should stay. we don’t have another players with his qualities in our ranks. people just want to blame him for us not wining the league. its not his fault. right now if he goes our only option is Welback and Sanchez. i am not mentioning Perez because even the guy that bought him does not want to use him for a reason unknown.
    if OG leaves Wenger will conviniently say we have Perez…

    1. No we don’t Hafiz. Any striker who can score on his own, regularly, would do. Even Sanchez did extremely well this season when he played as a striker.

      1. Did he really?? What about the games where the teams just sat back?? Arsenal looked clueless in these situations.

        1. but he scored over 20 goals, for once since Van Persie left, of course we had OG as our main striker then. so isn’t scoring 20+ goals a season better than 14 goals a season?

            1. Huh? Giroud’s 24 goals last year were in all competitions not just EPL. Whereas Sanchez scored 20 EPL goals last season.

              1. Fully aware of that however he did not start all the EPL games and his goals against Bayern shouldn’t count?

  8. It’s not like he deserves to start games, to be honest. The best way to utilize Giroud in Arsenal is to use him as a super sub. So, if he ain’t prepared to do that, he can leave for sure.

    1. True talk. One think Giroud should never complain about, is about chnaces. We have giving him more chances than any Striker in our history. He has had so many chances. I just think Wenger is starting to get ruthless again. `This season definitely got to him and he is trying to make changes.

      Seeing Wenger and Gladiz together instead of them bn on holidays is a good sign.

    2. Im not saying get rid of Sanchez, im saying use them both to there own strengths. Sanchez as the main striker against a descent side with awareness of Sanchez’s pace gets manhandled plus he scored and assisted by not being the main striker, Van Persie could hold the ball up, Sanchez cant.
      Welbeck is okay, his movement is great but his finishing and fitness needs improvement to be reliable.

      Therefore , Giroud is the only reliable hold up player we have in the side who actually scores goals. When Giroud is not in the side we might as well forget scoring goals from corners aswell, we look clueless in the regard without him.

  9. If he wants to start please sell him. I only rate him as a sub.

    This player would not start at any of the top 7 premier league teams (other than Arsenal).

    1. Only teams like ours make mediocres feel thick. Imagine a lazy dude like Giroud laying claims to out hitman role! How impudent!
      He should be gone 3 seasons earlier were it not for French jingoism

  10. Not a big fan of Giroud, but come on!! He is the best second option coming from bench. The problem is we play him as our main striker.

    Last 10-25min when we are chasing a game, leave Giroud in box, there are very few defenders who can deal with him. We use him sooooo bad,.. we ask him to chase down players, cover the lines and press defenders at the center of the pitch, how is that even fair? And we dont cross balls into the box. Awful tactics while using a Target striker.

    We need a better striker for sure, but we should not let go of Giroud, he is got good 2-3 years left.

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