Is it time for Henry to replace Wenger at Arsenal?

The Wenger Out protests from Arsenal fans have been getting louder and louder as the Gunners have dropped further and further away from the top of the League, and after today’s embarrassing defeat to Man City in the Caraboa Cup Final they can only get worse, especially as we have to play the Champions-elect again in the League on Thursday night. Does anyone at all think that we have a real chance of taking the three points and leaving ourselves less than ten points behind the Fourth placed team? I doubt it.

Wenger has continually stated that he will ‘respect his contract’ and stay until the end of next season (at least!) but could the Arsenal Board really countenance the continued decline of our beloved team with Wenger at the helm?

There is no surprise that there are questions being asked about who will replace Wenger when he leaves, as that day seems to be getting closer with every match. But who could replace him straight away? One obvious candidate is the greatest Arsenal legend of all time, Thierry Henry, and when he was asked today if he would be willing to take the reins at the Emirates, he made it clear that it would be very difficult to turn down a serious offer. He said: “Interested yes, but I couldn’t talk about that, with my job at Belgium. But who wouldn’t be interested in a job like that,”

It looked like the Arsenal players felt like they had lost the game before the game even started today, but in the second half they looked completely uninterested in fighting for the shirt like Henry and Adams did in his heyday. Henry was less than impressed. “The way Arsenal came out of the dressing room for the second half, they did not look like a team ready to come back into the game,” Henry said. “The first two goals were avoidable and they found themselves 2-0 down without City having to do much. Then they scored their third goal.

“Was it one of the best performances from City this year? No, but they won a final easily.”

So who thinks that it is time for Wenger to hand over to a younger more passionate manager? And who thinks that Henry would be the perfect replacement?



  1. maybe the board needs to get tough with every manager

    New criterias for new managers

    lose 3 straight games – Sack

    less than 8 points in 5 games in a row – Sack

    spend less than 100m and finish outside top 3 – Sack

    failed to sign at least 4 quality players and fail to win title or champ league- Sack

    lose a cup final – Sack

    lose to a team that is not in the EPL in Cup games – Sack

    and many more

    1. This brutal recipe for success is the only sensible thing I have read here in a while. Let us not feel sorry for players and managers who in a week, yes a week, earn what it takes fans a decade to earn. They live in va fantasy bubble. We need performance related pay at Arsenal. Not just overpaid mediocrities. I am not watching any more. After 60 years . The most disorganised unbalanced ineffective team for 30 years.

      1. i am 85 started following arsenal end of war 1945.could not watch them in all those years in stadion.when tv started watcht more games still do living in germany since 1970,for the first time last night i switcht of.

    2. @John Ibrahim

      You’re correct mate, we need start copying what EVERY big club does, in fact, what almost every club does. Why should Arsenal be a special case? There needs to be a fear factor for our managers, which in turn, will then filter down to the players. In Wenger’s case, it’s consistently fail, and have Arsenal humiliated every season, and he gets new contracts, and pay raises! How can failure be rewarded?

    3. no

      ancelotti manager
      henry as assistant.

      given stability ancelotti is a great coach…can be coach for about 3 years then henry takes over.

      another option is given the way epl teams liverpool,mancity we might chose to go for a defensive coach that can go toe to toe with the attacking guys.
      DIEGO SIMEONE is the only coach capable..we might be a bit boring under him but can get us results as the underdogs.

      1. really? replacing one relic with another, and henry as an assistant yeah he’s defenitly qualified as a coach nayr? untill he’s actually achieved something as a coach he should’t be anywhere near the first team, and he won’t be learning anything under roberto martinez!! what a terrible manager he is. so being a legend does’t translate as WC coach just ask neville or shearer. i want wenger out now!! tuchel to replace him as he is availale till the end of the season at least the guy has tactics and can man manage.

        in the summer loads of managers are available other than the relic ancellotti so no to him either. jardim, allegri, Jorge Sampaoli really like how he sets up the team to press. but to improve our current average crop tuchel would make those players step it up, we need for some of our players to reach their full potential that’s what i admire most about pochettino, he will make his players better and tuchel is the same and availale now!!

        sack this useless greedy not in touch with reality manager and replace him now!! i’m done yesterdays display and his arrogant delusional post match-conferece has drawn a line in the sand. F off

      2. No sentiments anymooooore !
        Thienry WHO ?
        I begi
        Hope he was not the one who was spineless at the Champion League final, Arsenal Vs Barcelona.
        Hope not the one who preferred to speak dull things in match day show than coach in the Arsenal Academy.
        Hope not the one about to lose legendary status at Arsenal.

  2. F*** off Wenger, just f*** off.

    Who here honestly thinks these players would play like this under management of ie. Pep, Klopp, Simeone, Jardim or even Gattuso?

    – Mustafi was German 3rd choice in the national team BEFORE Arsenal
    – Kolasinac was in the Bundesliga Team of the Year
    – Xhaka made 2.4 tackles and 2.7 interceptions per every game in the Bundesliga, with a total performance rank of 7.35 (WhoScored), when he came to Arsenal, ALL THOSE stats plummeted
    – Lacazette the most profilic forward in Ligue 1 for the past 4-5 seasons
    – Aubameyang hasn’t taken off yet, and we all know his quality
    – Even fn Bellerin was in the Premier League Team of the Year few years back

    How can anyone defend this old fool? Majority are attacking the players but take a look at Chelsea on Mourinho’s last season. Did the players not start performing after he got sacked?

  3. Anyone would do right now… although I would love to see a former player take over….. Henry has passion.. he loves the club..

    1. But lack experience. I’m not and will subscribe into giving him easy route into management. He should prove himself first or learn from the beast like Viera and Arteta are doing.

  4. Anyone remember Iwobi when he broke through? He was really exciting to watch. His progress since? ZERO.

    And how has Wenger handled this situation? DID NOTHING.

    Liverpool has some major issues with their defense but Klopp has made ie. Lallana (who is average at best) look like world class.

    Every f’n tool at Arsenal has been changed except for
    A) Owner
    B) Manager

    And the owner DOES NOT:
    – buy the players
    – pick the players starting
    – motivate the players
    – decide who gets sold and who not
    – choose the tactics
    – take responsibility for the performance (frankly, this is something even our manager chooses not to do)


    1. Iwobi has never been exciting for me, I have never been impressed with him and never thought he is good enough for our 1st team. IMO he needs loaning out to a mid tier team and see if he can progress, if not look to find a buyer for him from those loan deals.

      Wenger has not always been in charge of transfers, to put this on Wenger shows a knee jerk type of reaction to a very bad loss, do I need to repeat myself and list… I do don’t I?

      Welbroke should have been only a loan if Wenger had the final say, he said as much in an interview when we got him.
      Wenger wanted Lacazette but Perez was bought and Wenger has shown how much trust in him? We have seen the Wenger trust in Xhaka who he wanted.
      Xhaka is the other one, Wenger wanted him but AFC bought ElNeny in Jan window 6 months after Wenger had identified Xhaka and AFC still went in for Xhaka.

      While Xhaka can be considered a flop (I would agree with that), many AFC fans have also claimed that Welbroke and ElNeny are not good enough quality. Two players who Wenger didn’t appear to want and Perez is on loan after we failed to offload him as he is going to be a loss for AFC, the third player in my example of how Wenger has not had total control over transfers.

      Then we can look at this last window when Gazidis got Sven to find targets, Gazidis was still trying to penny pinch on the Auba deal, the deal where Wenger was part off… Yet people like you claim it was Wenger penny pinching all these years and I was pointing at Gazidis.

      Wenger has plenty of faults but to blame him for 100% means you are ignoring other issues in favor of hating Wenger over supporting AFC.

  5. His time was up a long time a go, we definitely need a new manager, Henry is not ready we need an established Manager to get us back on track, maybe Henry could become part of his assistant team and learn his trade more until he’s ready to step.

  6. I love the Enthusiasm shown by Henry but we need a Manager with Experience and Pedigree to take over and sort out this absolute PILE OF S••T Wenger has dragged us through.But what a chance to have Thierry as a No2 to learn the Game from the new Boss and advise him of the Traditions and Values still held at this club.

  7. 9 of the last 11 PL games are winnable.
    City at home and Utd away are
    the only difficult matches left.
    But Spurs probably need only
    6 wins from 10 to pip us.
    So to me the Europa is our best bet and to be fair
    the field is moderate with only Athletico a worry.
    but if we meet them in the final it is a one off.
    By then they will have already qualified top 4 from La Liga
    so may not be up for it and could rest their world cup players.
    So things look good for Arsenals annual late season surge.
    3 more years for Le prof 🙂

    1. Looking at that team yesterday no way we win the Europa. We don’t look a team, similar to second team in midweek, everything just breaks down so quickly. Teething issues aside it just wasn’t good enough. From Spu match, to how we handled our supposed confidence builder, all the way to the final, it was such a poor showing over a most crucial period.

    2. @Barry
      We have 5 away games remaining and you have chosen to count 4 of them as wins? Where have you been the whole season? Our away win rate is 20%! That means we will only win 1 out of those 5 games and either draw or lose the rest. The you mention Atletico as the only formidable team in europa? Are you kidding me?! Lyon, Marseille, BVB, CSK Moscow will all give us a nightmare ..assuming we make it past AC Milan who thumped us 4-0 at San siro back when we were actually any good.

    3. No. I’m afraid not. Gattuso has Milan playing well and they just dispatched Roma with relative ease–a team they haven’t beaten since 2015. Wenger can’t coach his team properly; I find it doubtful they’ll get past Milan. I’d Like to be proven wrong, but Lacazette, Auba–it doesn’t matter who your striker is when all you can do is send long balls forward…that is unless you’re playing against Mustafi.

    4. Why would Atletico rest players for a final . Don’t you think they would like to win it. Anyway we’re not getting past Milan

  8. No, Henry has too little experience. This squad needs a complete overhaul. Sack Wenger and throw £10m a year at Allegri and hope it’s enough to pry him away from Juve

  9. Henri as manager?
    He is like the other TV pundits.
    Couldn’t manage a five a side
    primary school team.

  10. Who in their right mind could defend Arsene Wegner after that performance? Because anyone who attempts to ,is either a pundit a spurs fan or someone who just Started watching football ,because even the akb’s would struggle to defend that performance and the manager.Wegner Out.

  11. Really surprised I haven’t woken up to news of Arsene’s departure! Unbelievable! Be another thrashing on Thursday & then after that we’ll make Glenn Murray look like Messi…. I cannot believe we’ve sunk this low, although we are top in one thing… Oh wait it’s the stat for most losses in the league cup….

      1. He’ll never leave Sue, too stubborn. If he loved our club, he’d resign. all he loves is the power and the £9,million a year.

  12. I know it couldn’t happen for various reasons but….Get rid of Wenger now and bring in Henry and Arteta for rest of season and see how it goes.

    1. Pie in the sky talk…..Henry has a contract with Sky and Arteta is contracted at Everton. We need someone with experience, a fighter, someone like Simeone.

      1. Marty, you have it in a nutshell. Arsenal cannot afford to make a mistake with the next manager, due to what he will inherit after Wenger leaves. Arsenal need a hard headed, experienced coach with a well respected pedigree to assess what players to keep, transfer out the dross, transfer in the required players to strengthen deficient areas (the world knows apart from Wenger) instill discipline and address the defensive frailties, all within the available budget.

        1. Why not Enrique?

          Raul Sanllehi is now at AFC and he was the guy who helped Barca complete some of their biggest deals, he also helped Enrique to get the Barca job and Barca did win titles with him.

          I would agree that AFC needs a TOP manager to take over from Wenger, someone who can command the respect of players and also attract other top players, AFC could be turning around and I want to be part of it type of thing.

          1. Midkemma, agree Enrique is another option, who addresses Arsenal’s current needs, plus good point regarding relationship with Raul Sanllehi! I just can’t see any of the past players such as Henri, Viera or Arteta having the all round experience, status/credibility and qualifications to take on the Arsenal in its current state.

      2. I’ve always liked Simeone Marty, mixes passion with toughness and I also like Allegri for what he’s done at Juventus. There’s plenty of great managers out there who’d jump at the chance of managing Arsenal in the Premier League. To all those AKB’s out there who keep saying, “be careful what you wish for”, RUBBISH, like your manager.

  13. I wouldn’t want Henry I want a manager that will rant and rave on the touchline with everything that goes the way it shouldn’t be going. Henry is French, like Arsene, he is typically French, only more suave. He has a calm demeanor, not as calm as Wenger but he is very aware of how he is perceived. Even if he did rant and rave I think it would be more because of how people perceive him than it would be to drill tactics and bollock players. Vieira has taken a small job the other side of the world, he could have taken tv money but he wants to be on a training pitch, he is who I’d take. He has a temper if it comes to it. He brings that great chant with him, he’s a DM/AM so will look to get that area right if nothing else. Come home Vieira! One plus with Henry is because of the type of guy he is, job he has, and the player he was, he will know everyone there is to know inside the sport.

  14. Wenger should have been gone a long time ago. But I doubt Henry is qualified (yet).
    However, I don’t see us doing worse no matter, who takes over.

  15. I wonder what the story was with Neville yesterday, I don’t know about anyone else but that to me looked personal from Neville. Me thinks he might have got some news, maybe recent news or maybe something told to him in confidence going back to his time in Spain.

    Yes it was a horrible pathetic performance. But this is Neville, the one who tried on the other shoe before getting humbled by it. Sky might have told him his job is in jeopardy if he keeps on being so understanding. Pointing to a child crying in the crowd, now if that isn’t a weak argument I don’t know what is. You could point at that same child if you won the game, and say roughly the same thing. The kid was a toddler, and no mention how the first half was even enough before Mustafi done that.

    …..And how many times have we seen Ozil do that what Aguero done but Ozil never gets away with it, Aguero wasn’t going for the ball and Mustafi was stopped from taking one more step before heading it. Should he have stopped and let Aguero go alone unchallenged, no, of course not as you play to the whistle. But he still was stopped from getting in line with that ball whilst Aguero knew exactly what he was doing, Ozil has done that more times than I can count but he has never not been penalized. First half we actually should have had the better chance of the two.

    …..Neville said nothing about it, he also said nothing about Ramsey been obv brought back much too early. He said nothing about Wilshere taking one for the team every five minutes so to win us possession and a set piece. He talked about the two second half goals like they were blunders, that’s bs. Those were two well worked goals and unless you are a mind reader they could’ve caught almost any team out. The finishes were sublime, the quickness in making a yard of space was rapid. Neville, I’m sorry but you made a bad bad day a hell of allot worse with your thorn up your ass.

    1. Completely agree, his comments were rather obscure and at times irrational, he kept repeating the same things, rather than come up with some constructive observations about the game, to be honest it showed him to be on a par with Michael Owen, it was that bad.

      1. Not everything he said was wrong though.
        He highlighted how both Xhaka and Rambo was walking back while AFC was defending, making no effort to run.

        That was poor from the players, we want to see them put effort into getting back to defend.

        Xhaka is not mobile while Rambo likes to play ahead of the play ready to receive the ball rather than drive from deep.

        The players could have done better, they have quality in them.

        I don’t say this to overlook the lack of tactics, that also happened and IMO they magnified each other. The fact Wilshere was played as a AM and Rambo as CM is what I would call a tactical error, the style of players they are, they was put in the wrong way around and it exposed their weaknesses.

        Players with lack of urgency or desire mixed in with tactics which expose them and we end up with an embarrassing loss.

  16. We really need a manager asap. Henry isnt ready (arteta would be a better), we need an experienced coach. Someone mentioned joaqium low, i think he ll be perfect. Atm anybody replacing wenger would make happy.

  17. Low should be the number 1 target and he is likely to be available after the World Cup finals.Roberto Martinez is also a Manager who would be a very good fit for Arsenal. As for the so called knowledgeable pundits just look at the track record of the likes of Souness,Keane ,Shearer and Neville.All very fine ex players who do seem to have a lot of class when it comes to the quality of their suits

    1. Other names to consider (in my opinion) is;
      Sarri from Napoli, Enrique who managed Barca, Jardim from Monaco.

      Napoli have a tight defense and the Napoli players have huge respect for him.
      We all know Barca 😛
      Monaco do tend to overperform with fresh faces, they develop players very well and if they didn’t have to sell… They could be a much greater force than this season, like they was last season.

  18. I will tell you something-Gary Neville would be perfect fit to sort out our Defence.Valencia was a disaster for him but it would have been for most who took over that side at that time.He would NEVER tolerate the defensive performances we are producing week after week and would soon sort them out.But NOTHING will change until we have a Top Level CDM

  19. Henry? You must be having a laugh. He’s nowhere near ready for a job like this one. Let him coach in the MLS or similar for a few years, and then we’ll see. Jardim or Allegri would be my preference.

  20. When asked if Wenger will be at AFC next season he did say “Who knows”.
    That defeat to City in the cup final and the way it happened, I think Wenger is starting to realize that he doesn’t have final say and Gazidis could sack him if he can find a good enough replacement…

    And that is where Sven comes in (I hope).

    I would prefer to see Enrique manage AFC for a few years and then pass the reins onto TH14, let TH14 be assistant manager.

    During Enrique reign we could look to hire Adams as a Def coach, Vieira as Mid coach, DB10 to be Att coach… Enrique has the current experience at top level, he managed Barca and they did do very well all over the pitch with him. Our legends was top players and know what it takes to be top players… Could be exciting.

    1. And that is where Sven comes in (I hope).

      I meant Raul Sanllehi… Bahh, typo.
      Raul is one of the people who got Enrique to manage Barca and could be the contact we need to get a top manager while the team is ummm…. playing poor to say the least.

  21. I would say yes, its past time for Wenger to go, and NO its not the right time for Henry. In the summer bring in a top level manager from Spain or Germany, and completely rebuild the team. You can’t do it all in one season, but they could make a good start by losing about 5 – 6 players from the current squad and bringing in top quality replacements

    1. Sacking Arsene is long overdue, we have been regressing for about a decade now. My preferred candidate is Simone but Henry would ideal too, I feel Thiery can be our Zidane.

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