Is it time for Mikel Arteta to do the honourable thing?

Let me stress I like Mikel Arteta and have always wanted him to succeed.

It’s not his fault the criteria for replacing Arsene Wenger has been the cheap option, a coach so thankful for a high-profile job they are willing to accept their employers’ limitations.

Anyone with ambition to be a manager has to back their ability, so the Spaniard couldn’t turn down the vacancy.

In many ways the 41-year-old seems too nice for the role, I feel sorry for him when I watch him on the touchline.

Because I have zero faith in the Kroenke family, I haven’t entertained thoughts of anyone getting sacked.

Until our owners leave, any change of manager will see us having the same conversation next year, and we will just keep repeating that cycle.

That of course shouldn’t make our ex-captain immune from being fired.

If that news broke this week, it would be hard to defend his record.

He’s twice finished in our lowest League position in a quarter of a century, and currently is bottom of the table with zero points and not even a goal scored.

He joined with a fanbase who were tired of ‘only finishing 4th’.

Gooners would bite your hand off to be in that position now.

Yet this article isn’t really about my opinion, it’s whether Arteta making that choice himself is morally the right thing to do?

The irony is the biggest factor that won over so many supporters might be what contradicts what he stands for.

In his first ever press conference as a boss, Arteta impressed observers with how he spoke about the Gunners.

Sound bites such as ‘when Arsenal knock, it’s a different sound of knock’ caught imaginations.

He promised about the club needing standards and anyone not willing to follow our proud principles would not be wanted.

Little did he know those words could come back and haunt him.

He’s already had to admit that no European Football isn’t acceptable.

Obviously, 20th in the Prem isn’t the standards he was suggesting.

So, by his own criteria, if he’s not meeting Arsenal’s standards, should he not walk away?

This is a man who’s been ruthless with Ozil, Torreira, Guendouzi, etc, when they didn’t meet his principles.

Should he not set the same remit when reviewing his own performance?

Of course, very few people jump when pushing means a generous pay off.

Yet Arteta has a connection with the club. For the sake of his own ego does he really want to be remembered for damaging one of the biggest clubs in the UK to the point where they can’t be fixed?

It doesn’t help that Pep Guardiola keeps telling his friend how great he is, but going back as an assistant at Man City isn’t the worst gig in the world?

Sometimes being brave is admitting your flaws.

There’s a skill in being able to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

I remember Kevin Keegan quitting as England manager because in a defeat to Germany it dawned on him, the job was too huge.

He loved his country too much just to stay out of pride.

Arteta has that look of a man where this is breaking his heart.

His mind is willing, but it’s just not working.

I’m not giving up on the guy.

Only he knows.

Deep down, he already knows if he’s the man or not.

When he looks in the mirror, what does he see? If he sees the man who will take Arsenal back to the promised land, fair enough.

If there is doubt?

Then maybe time to bow out while this mess can still be fixed.

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    1. Wao,what a piece.Pep as you wrote is Arteta’s problem too.How can he be praising somebody going into the pit every day?Why can’t he secretly call Arteta and tell him the badge too big for him?Arteta sent some players away just because he felt they don’t merit his standard.Now we can tell Arteta he doesn’t merit arsenal ‘s standard. The honourable thing to do is end the courtship. What we have in arsenal is enough to at least beat Brentford. Arteta is fake.Simple.

      1. Pep doesn’t give a hoot about Arteta. If he carry arsenal to the championship, Pep would still be praising his one time apprentice that he thought so little. Sad.

    2. I don’t expect Norwich (our new rival) to sit back and defend. They have yet to get a point in the season but they have scored. Recent performance suggests Norwich to be the hungrier team and may nick a result.

  1. OT

    Was avoiding looking at the PL table but someone put it up on FB (probably a Spud). Broke my heart to see us at 20 and Spuds at 1. Oh how far we have fallen

    1. Look at the table 3 games from now and Arsenal will have climbed 9 places and Spurs will have dropped 9 places.

      1. Do you do this on purpose? Are you deliberately trying to irk others who do not share your blind and illogical support of Arteta?

          1. He is allowed his opinion. And I am allowed to question it without being abusive – no?

            He MAY be right. Are we truly willing to ignore the evidence of last season – AND the early signs of this one, on the off chance that “he MAY” be right?

            Isn’t that what we got tired of doing under Wenger?

          2. He is a troll who makes sport of making ridiculous and outlandish comments that aren’t based on actual reality in order to cause a reaction in those who have full command of their senses.

            I don’t bite but Victors question hits the nail on the head IMO (only opinion of course).

            Firstly how can he or anyone in their right mind see the team who are top, playing good football under a manager who does not confuse the he’ll out of his players suddenly to loose 3 in a row and Arsenal to miraculously win 3 on the spin considering the complete mess our club and team is in?

            It beggars belief and is just done to irk as Victor so acutely points out.

            My 9 yr old boy does something similar as it amuses him..

      2. True. People should leave Arteta alone. He got us two Cups on arrival. He is having some bad times. Let us support him till December. We are known for our patience. Let us be true to that patience. Arteta will recover. Look at the effect of injury and Covid on the team. Let us take it easy.

        1. @Fredi. Those cups were won because team managers didnt figure out his daft and schoolboy tactics as yet. happens all the time with newbies, not only in prem now.

        2. While I don’t really know Arsenal fans for patience, it MIGHT not be the worst thing to give Arteta some time and support especially given that none of us can actually sack him

          1. In my view the article is simply an attempt to undervalue the work Arteta has done so far- a damning with faint praise piece tinged with patronizing undertones.
            It also lacks any kind of perspective and balance. This is a young manager with a limited budget who has taken on a massive rebuilding job. Major work has been done to strengthen the squad but translating this into success on the pitch is bound to take time. The rebuilding work has not ended. There is still work to do and this mean that you do not throw in the towel immediately you run into difficulties. So if a new manager comes in and loses two matches do we start calling for his head as well?
            When you then add in issues such as injury and illness to key members of the squad then the task becomes that much more difficult especially when you have to play two of the best teams and strongest squads in world football in short order.
            There are many who have called for changes without being duly cognizant of what it would take and what it might mean.
            It is quite clear that far too many fans want a simple solution to what is challenging situation.
            Most of the “solutions” and criticisms also reveal a lack of understanding of how football and the world itself works:
            Some people want Wenger back – this after hounding him till he left
            Some argue that Ljungberg should be caretaker boss despite what happened when he was in charge of the team.
            Some insist that Saliba is the answer to our defensive problems – because he played well against “European Giants” St Etienne.
            Some say Mavropanos is a “beast” because he played well against a middling team in Germany
            Many wanted Ozil out; now some are complaining that he was treated badly.
            Some are complaining about Guendouzi and Torreira – those two “world class” players
            There are some suggesting Emery was treated badly so Arteta should be treated just as badly.
            There are many that want Conte – granted he is a good manager, but he is almost sure to fall out with the owners if he does not get what he wants: which is lots and lots of money.
            People want Xhaka out but expect the club to just give him away.
            Etc. etc.
            After the end of last season many agreed that Arsenal had become better organized and less prone to leak goals. Now so many are saying he can’t organize the team.
            Arteta is not going to get everything right and there is no manager in the world that can.
            The season has just begun. It has been a difficult start but there is reason for optimism once we have a healthier squad. We are not going to be playing the likes of Chelsea and Man City every weekend.
            COYG support the team and drive them to success.

          2. David
            I salute you for your support of Arteta. I’m not sure he can turn it round but I’ve never doubted his integrity

          1. Thanks a lot for being a dependable mouthpiece of Mr arteta. You cannot have such massive feelings and support for arteta and think otherwise. This is AFC for crying out loud, with great fan base all over the. When arsenal play any game, everyone has their hearts palpitating, almost failing!!!! Arteta should spare us this post match rhetorical philosophies. There is no excuse for Mikel arteta. Think. The players are there, the tactics is not there. There is something in the dressing room that is depleting the moral of thee players, i guesse.

    2. No we have fallen nowhere. We are in a process. Trust mikel. Plus, dont forget what he said. He knows reasons why arsenal declined. He knows them but can’t say. And he will fix that… Dont forget either that he gives every drop of his blood to this football club as he said also, after a defeat, to justify him staying…. LOL. We might get better and i hope we do as an arsenal supporter but i cant believe he said these things

  2. I don’t think any Gunner or ex-Gunner will ever be as manly as Willian, who had two years left on his £240,000-a-week Arsenal contract. But instead of staying at the Emirates or asking for a pay-off, he torn up his contract

        1. or he didn’t rededicate himself following the misguided contract he was given and came to the Emirates ill-prepared to put in the requisite work…there’s no doubt in my mind, minus his adrenaline enriched first game, he looked vastly different for us than he did the season prior…fact is he should have never been given assurances as a starter since he was clearly nothing more than a speculative “super sub” at this juncture, especially in the best League in the footballing world

          1. He simply doesn’t have the pace to reach the byline

            He might have played well as an RW occasionally for Chelsea. But Chelsea always have good headers to connect with his long crosses, unlike us

          2. I don’t think you ever actually watched him play for Chelsea, except when facing Arsenal…he’s always been listed as a RW(primary designation)on all reputable transfer market sites and that is where he was deployed regularly for the Blues, thus this quote from his Chelsea tribute page, “A regular on the right side of the attack”…the only real time they deviated from that was when they had a formational change during Conte’s brief reign and went to a 3-5-2, which meant he was benched as a starter for a RWB, so when he was subbed on he would bump a little inside, which is why some people mistakenly believed he could be deployed as a staring CAM…I feel like you just say things with no factual basis on a fairly regular basis…the bigger question is why

        1. I’m another one who had Willian down as a mercenary. Huge respect for his decision if it comes off (is it official yet?) and doesn’t reflect well on Arteta that he couldn’t figure out a way to get the best out of a player who clearly wanted to play and contribute to turning things around.

    1. gai And a lot more should do that how many chances has Xahka had Guendouzi had one and was dumped talk about favourites Auba should never have been given a new contract he should have been sold like a few more of his favourites. That’s why we are where we are

    2. gai, “Manly”? “MANLY”???? You have got to be joking!!!

      A PROPER MAN would have all along thought it his duty and his honour, even a privilege, to work his butt off by giving 100% every time he wore our shirt!

      Not sponging off us all for his salary while coasting through almost every game he played! More of a wimp, than a man IMO!
      You have much to learn about what constitutes a real MAN, my naive friend!

      Not that feeble wimp, Willian! No way on Gods Earth could he EVER be called a man, by fans who know what a MAN really is!

      1. Willian always worked his socks off, unfortunately he played the wrong role

        He could’ve gotten at least £20,000,000 by sitting on the bench for two years, yet he chose not to take advantage from us. He’s never crowed about it either, unlike some footballers who announced their charities

        I’ll never call an altruistic person like Willian a feeble wimp. It was a noble thing that he did

        1. gai , I don;t know whether to laugh or cry when I read that incredibly wrong comment about “Willian always works his socks off!

          Perhaps you can tell me exactly when that “always” was , because I saw every game last season, albeit on TV and, apart from the opening game at Fulham, he coasted lazily through the rest of that season.

          I suspect that the planet I Iive on, called Earth, is not your natural home!
          Finally, what can possibly be called “altruistic ” about a player who cheated his club and his team plus his profession all last season, while being obscenely overpaid to coast for the whole season?

          Yes, he seems to be leaving now at last. You think him “altruistic”, but I think him a cheat and fraud who disgraced his club, himself and his profession.

          That is not the way a MAN behaves. He is a wimp but you will not accept that truth, because you plainly do not live on Planet EARTH.

          1. Jon, he had been trying hard to improve his performance for months despite playing in a wrong position, before he was finally benched. I also saw every game on TV and I could see his effort

            Suppose he didn’t leave and happily stayed on the bench to receive his £20,000,000 payment, you’d also call him a wimp, a cheat or a fraud. So basically he could do nothing to avoid the name-calling from you and it’s not fair for a good man like him

        2. Gai
          Yes I agreed with you. But really, why sign a professional and EPL experienced player like William without knowing how to get the best out of him. It just seem someone doesn’t understand his role in signing or coaching players. Quite unfortunate he has to move on..
          I know patience with Arteta and Edu does have an expiry date.
          I “ll keep my fingers crossed untill the end of next 5/6 games.

          1. Yup, I also found it strange that Arteta and Edu didn’t know their own player’s best role. Or maybe their vanities have blinded their judgement

      2. Ozil stuck around and milked the had a problem with that…
        Willian has figured that this isnt working and is trying to move on by not causing any more damage to the still have a problem with that..
        What is it that you people want???
        Instead of trying to come up with all kinds of weird justifications, it would have been a lot easier to say that “I don’t like Willian”.

        1. Mark, I don’t like Willian, so you are correct and I’ll tell you why!

          He was a cheat and fraud all last season and cared nothing about earning his money. Gooners are almost unanimous in wanting him gone and rightly so.

          It now seems that he is about to leave. Watch those Gooner champagne corks explode when he is finally gone!

          Good riddance to this fraud and may he and his non contract honouring type never infect and stink out our club ever again!

    3. Good one Willian. He did what others hardly do.

      imo, the most important transfer we should do is to sack Arteta and appoint a new manager ASAP.
      But we have a lot of incompetent people at arsenal. They dont have balls.

      They are like a fisherman who goes a fishing but is happy he caught nothing.

      There is no justification for Arteta staying any longer.

      Is there anyone here who thinks Arteta can turn things around?


      1. Like what @Declan said above, Arteta will get the boot if we lose at home to Norwich. So no worries

        I still hope he gets six points from our next two EPL games though

  3. He’s literally still fixing the shit from the last two managers and people need to give the man some time till the team is his own. It’s never a quick fix but 3 games in with half a squad available isn’t indicative of how this season will pan out.

    1. Good points.
      Many of the fans on here want a wizard or magician not a manager.
      The other alternative of course is a billionaire or state who can throw money around like confetti,

        1. Tuchel inherited the same team lampard had when he was there, he didn’t complain but manage the same team and won the champions league in his very first job in england. We on the other hand got an excuse giving rookie with vindictive attitude against some of the better players he let go becos he doesn’t like em and decides xhaka, elneny are better than guendozi n torreira. The same two guys who went toe to toe with man UTD midfielders at old Trafford under emery.
          What pains me the most is when he was at these guys age; guendozi, saliba, torreira and mavro he wasn’t half as good as they were at that age. He was a mediocre player at best and was also an average player when he was at arsenal.
          He should do the honorable thing and resign pls!

          1. Tuchel won the champions league via new manager syndrome. Lol. When the honeymoon period is over he will be sacked like the rest of them. Every club gets that boost when a new manager comes in…
            I give him two to three years and he will be gone.

            1. But what a honeymoon period!

              As for your prediction, how many managers in the Premier League have been anywhere more than three years= You taking a big chance with tat prediction lol

        2. Plus he had the millions of a billionaire !!! Not a qatari onr like Man city but had way more millions than some teams above us. Last point that paul brings to the table, he is “fixing the shit of the previous 2 managers”… true, he is trying to cope with the wenger signing of willian and emery signing of cedric soares probably ? He is also forced to cope with xhaka no ???! Lol. He brought or decided to keep all of these players, that does not fit any long term project and we should think he is fixing things ???! I would like to, but i rather see hesitations, u-turns and mistakes in players management

      1. I doubt both of you are genuine Arsenal fans.
        Quoted from ESPN: “In their 128-year history, Arsenal had never before suffered three losses without scoring in their first three games of the season, so we are now talking about all-time lows. Arteta is under huge pressure to quickly show he’s capable of arresting the slide, but he already looks like he is on borrowed time.

        Next up, after the international break, is Norwich at home — bottom against second bottom in the first relegation clash of the season. If Arsenal fail to win that one, it could be the end for Arteta. — Ogden”

        2017-2018 — 6th, not so bad shit
        2018-2019 — 5th, shit is improved
        2021-2022 — 20th, from not so bad shit (Arsene) and shit is improved (Emery) to worst shit in 128-year Arsenal history.

        Both of you are spurs fans to ensure Arsenal in relegation fight.

      2. No David. There is no giving time in football. Let us be real. Arteta does not know what he is doing?
        We dont want a wizard. We want competence. We want someone who can take us forward. Unfortunately, that man is not Arteta

        1. And someone that respect players. That might loose, but at lrast that respect all his players and show equity in their treatment.

    2. @Paul. didn’t arteta get 38 games in the league last season to show his worth? or was he just hired in july 2021?. its baffling how you guys support arteta with his “great” style of football.

    3. Paul, please explain the “shit” left by Emery, given he had no say in the players bought for him to coach and when they went on with their antics, was not supported by senior management or the Board to discipline them?

    4. Excuse me…..@paul until the team is his own ?? Really?? It is his team he decided to send Saliba back on loan, he decided to get rid of Gueduzi (excuse the spelling) Torreira, Willock. Etc etc… He wanted Xhaka to stay, should I go on …..??

  4. The job is too big for him, he is kidding himself and the owners that he can do it. We are at a very damaging situation, the owners dont know anything about football and the premier league and Arteta doesn’t know a thing about top line management. Neither are capable of making the right decision and all the time this club is in free fall and doing unrepairable damage. The fans that are able too, have to make it obvious that the situation is untenable and something has to give. I cant think that any owner of a top 6 club in the world in any league would allow the carnage that is being committed at our club to go on as it is. WHY ARE WE?

  5. Rock or a hard place! He is in an impossible situation. The Kronkes will land all the blame on his shoulders if this slump continues. A lot of our fans are blaming him already and want him fired. If he stays and it gets worse his coaching reputation is tarnished. If he does the “honourable” thing and steps down, he has let the club and the fans down and again his reputation is tarnished. Sacking him isn’t an option either, you then have the situation of a new coach having to start from square one with a demoralised squad of players, very likely the slump continues. I have been critical of MA but I think we need to be patient and let things settle down.

  6. A wonderfully mature article which properly discusses human values and principles, without hysteria or an obvious agenda.

    As such, I thought it the best article for a considerable time on JA. I hope, but do not believe, that MA wil do as Dan suggests and resign. It would be the honourable thing to do, IMO.

    I have only recently AND FINALLY, changed my mind on MA. The City match with its lack of any tactical nous and obvious confusion among our players as to what was required was IMO, the death knell to MA ‘s hopes of remaining.

    Once the team is confused and not carrying out the managers instructions, even with the many non first choice players we were forced to field, it is plain that he has to go.

    I had previously done my level best to persuade others to give our manager a fair chance. I do not think that a number of you have done so. And I think the many and constant hysteria and agenda ridden posts on here have been a disgrace to the good historical reputation of our club and our fanbase.

    HOWEVER, we are where we are NOW, and I see no FURTHER point in raking over old sores We all have our various opinions and we are ALL entitled to give them, PROVIDED THAT they are thought through first and not simply hysterical rants!

    I do not foresee MA resigning of his own accord, as he is a proud man and not a quitter. I think the fan outcry will continue to increase and will force Kroenke to act in the next few weeks or possibly months. It is impossible to predict excatly when that act will come but I think it will not be beyond Jan next at the very most!
    The above is only my OPINION and in life and football,almost anything is still POSSIBLE, however unlikely and it is still POSSIBLE that MA will turn results around and steer our club to better things before he is sacked. I think that unlikely but you never know for CERTAIN!

    Part of me; the fair minded part, still fervently hopes that that is exactly what does happen.

    Whatever happens, I will NOT be a part of the ranting crowd who cannot post a single post on here that does not call for his head, DAILY AND EVEN HOURLY BY SOME INDIVIDUALS!

    We all know who they are!

    1. But the fact you fail to get is they are and were right and again, you cant accept and have to snipe at opinion that was/is different to yours jon. The ranting is letting off steam, which again the rules of which jon fox follows himself in posts and about individuals like Xhaka and Gouendouzi etc. You are not the saint you try and self proclaim jon.

      1. reggie, You are lying! I never think myself a saint and you are disrespecting me. Stop telling untruths!

    2. Wonderful article Dan – one of the best you have written.
      Hopefully we will all, despite most of us believing he is not right for the job, at least remember he is a human being too, and he is doing the best he can. Let’s try to keep the job and person separate, and at least grant Arteta the person the respect he has always given us.
      Two comments.

      Lots of bluster over being bottom. After THREE games! Sorry we all know not to look at league tables after a couple of games, so why start now? We are 4 points off midtable. Seven other teams have not yet won a game. Talk about the awful performances but lets not worry about relegation. Just yet…

      I don’t believe Arteta will just resign, even if he realises he can’t do the job. He may leave by mutual agreement once a new man is en route, but he wouldn’t drop us further into the mire by leaving us with nobody. Where is Freddie when you need him?

    3. As usual rational views Jon. I couldn’t have put it better. Indeed there are those with their own agenda whatever it is! They are not moved by the love of club but their selfish ends. They do not want to listen to any logic. Only one thing will appease them: the sacking of Arteta. What if we sack Arteta and nothing changes or what do if Arteta succeeds in turning things around? Let’s not forget that our team has been hit by a lot of off-field issues notably illness and injuries. We have been using makeshift formations. I believe soon we shall have our full squad back. Why don’t we hold our fire till then?

      1. David, we all have rational views but some are different, i dont get what you are saying. We could lose the next 7 games or we could win the next 7 but that isnt fact, its opinion. I doubt we will do either one but what i dont doubt in my mind, Arteta isn’t up to the job with what i have seen so far. You want to wait, i dont. I dont get what is rational about your view and irrational about mine.

        1. But we do not ALL have rational views, do we Reggie ! Some of us are agenda ridden and obviously so but are not even aware of their own agenda . YOU ARE PROMINENT, THOUGH FAR FROM ALONE, IN BEING SO.


          An opinion that carries no thought or reason behind it is not worth having, as it is not actually an opinion at all but an agenda.

          1. Jon, the only person on here who has an agenda is you jon!!!!!!!!!! You dont respect opinion different to yours full stop. Then you resort to throwing insults.

      2. Their own agenda?

        Not moved by the love of the club – a club currently in 20th, WITH Arteta?

        Or have you not seen the EPL table lately?
        What if we sack Arteta and nothing changes?

        What if Chelsea thought that way last season?

        What if a new manager comes and “does a Tuchel” (it guts me to even use the phrase) – or a Ranieri in 2014-2016??

        We HAD a “full squad” last season. And finished 8th.
        Then the excuse was Arteta needed another summer.
        NOW he’s had one, spending more than Emery was ever afforded.

        Yet, 3 games into the season, and we’re 20th, with NO points, and NO goals scored – EVEN after playing BRENTFORD.

        And the excuse is “he needs a full squad?”

        At what point do you lot ever think: “maybe it’s time to actually be honest about this situation”?

    4. @jon. Arteta is a good person it seems, just not up to managing arsenal. he played for us, captained us at one time, and was fair enough a good enough player that played for us. He helped settled our midfield when he was playing for us and did ok. The thing is as manager/coach he is not getting much right. The defense is poor,the tactics is poor,the movement on and off the ball is poor,the forwards are regressing. So much that is not right. He had the whole of last season to put his mark, stamp whatever you call it on the team. But nothing much positively. He keeps panicking from defense to midfiled. Against Chelsea play mari and holding. it didn’t work,he switched against man city it was worst. He keeps barking instruction for like 60 minutes of the 90 to the players, who is going to listen when you are working. and if you do listen you are going to lose focus. Who does that?. A good manager sits or stands for most of the 90 and give instruction like for 5 minutes of the 90 if things are going wrong.. not arteta. its school boy stuff. and it doesn’t look good. not on him. not an arsenal.

    5. Jon- what a complete load of Boll**ks you have just written. The reason the now most on JA we’re calling for Arteta out last season is is because we knew what would happen. And we are proven correct. Don’t try going around the houses with your undying support for this novice. I clearly recall you posting you were finished with Arteta if he offered Xhaka a new contract.
      And let’s face it PAL- when it comes to your history of opinions regarding Arsenal managers I would have thought you were the last person any supporter with even the slightest knowledge of football would listen to.

      1. Great opening line Phil. If it is designed to show your intellect, I suggest it fails!
        Had you actually read my post on this thread, which you clearly have not done, you would not have possibly so misconstrued my position. It is an incorrect post you make frankly, in its lack of truth!

        But you and others will note my lack of naked aggression in reply to your oh so falsely macho post!

        1. No Jon it probably wasn’t designed to show his intellect as not everyone here has that as their raison d’etre;)

          What it was designed to do is to be direct and to the point in calling you out for only now being able to see what many have had the insight, vision , call it what you Will regarding Arteta and his abilities and thinking as a manger of Arsenal Football Club.

          Despite this realisation he quite rightly points out you still take a sanctimonious approach on how you are good and decent and fair whilst anyone else who has stated the downright obvious and has wanted him removed from his position is not a true fan, logical or even a decent human being.

          All the while you harp on about guendozi (who I rate) and Xhaka (who I hate;) whilst not always taking the same mild, measured and considered approach you profess you have always afforded Arteta and previous managers.

          1. AOT, This is a tissue of lies. I have not discussed Guendouzi for many weeks, even months. There is no point, as he is EFFECTIVELY gone now, never to play for us again, although we hold his registration. I do have strong and well known opinions on Xhaka, which are shared by our fanbase in general , though some dissent.

            The rest of your false post is simply your opinion, though you dress it up as fact. It is not fact at all.

            I make no excuses for hoping that others will try to rationalise their thoughts before posting.

            If that includes “intellect”(which simply refers to our common ability to reason and understand)then so much the better.
            The fact that I have a better language education than many on here means nothing to me It certainly does NOT mean that my opinions are worth more than others who have not my language skills.

            I never claim they do, but as so often happens in life, untrue intentions are attributed to me by certain others who fear my truth and plain unambiguous speaking style.

        2. Jon- bit everyone knows I’m right don’t they? Including you. You with others believed Arteta was the second coming of Christ. Some disagreed as early as this time last season. Who has been proven correct? The ones who just knew this novice was not up to the job? Or the supposed self titled intersects like you who have once again been embarrassed beyound belief?
          Did you or did you not state you were finished with Arteta over the Xhaka contract extension? Embarrasing PAL

          1. It’s disappointing Phil that the impending failure of Arteta’s time at Arsenal has become a source of pleasure from so many of the winners against the deluded who were proven wrong. I was unable to watch or listen to how the horror story unfolded except for the low lights on MOTD which took a few minutes only. I didn’t comment at the time because I genuinely had not seen anything more than 5 goals, the ESR incident and Xhaka getting sent off.
            I hoped he’d crack it but that is looking very unlikely – even if the penny drops during the international break. The club had the chance to start afresh this season but chose not to. Many of us who supported him through the learning process have stated numerous times that he had a limited window to prove his worth this season. He’d had enough time to make his mark, or be showing something tangible this season
            All the while, those who are interested can set about making plans for who would be a great fit next. It was a poisoned chalice when MA took charge and it will be same thing going forward for the next incumbent, I fear.

          2. Phil I am not ducking out, by choice, of future debate with you but as it is clear that you are always intent on insulting me and not wishing a civilised debate between two older and longtime fans , there seems little point even trying to seriously address your points.

            You are an obviously intelligent and dedicated fan but your style of combative and insulting writing prevents me as a civilised man from wishing to debate with you properly.

            So in future I will not debate with you. I thought I should explain why though, as I have just done.

            1. Wow – you waited a whole 3 minutes. I’m afraid with 1000 readers online at the same time, maybe you could give a few more minutes for the website to update?

              Or failing that, just press “refresh” 2 minutes after posting….

    6. @ Jon. i understand your point.

      What i think of Arteta is someone who is Naive and Arrogant.

      Arteta said Saliba was not ready for the first team. How did he come to this conclusion. Saliba did not play any cup games. no premier league appreance. A 27m pound signing with prospects. That is Arteta’s fault

      Also, we should have taken the money from Roma for Xhaka. Xhaka wanted to go. his mind was made up. we needed a midfield overhaul. But Arteta rather gave Xhaka an improved offer.

      Arteta looks to me as a someone who is proud. he does not like players who express their opinion and are vocal.

      He wont resign. he would rather wait for the sack and get the pay off.

      In my opinon, nothing wrong in losing to Man city and Chelsea if the players put up a good performance. 3 matches without scoring a goal.

      We need a new manager. someone with fresh ideas.

      1. Jon- so you were not insulting to Got an Idea? He used the word “Manly”. It was the wrong word but you slaughtered him for this. GAI comes across if nothing else as a very decent person who loves AFC. Yet you feel your superior intellect “ self titled “ allows you to abuse him like you did? And not just him but plenty of others.
        Still didn’t answer the question I see. You are famed for this. You should put “Ducker” in your motif somewhere your that good at it.

  7. You all know how quickly things can change in football.we beat Norwich then Burnley(hopefully with our key player fit)beat the dead chicken badge wearers the onwards and have to think like that and surport the team.if this dosent happen then the question is Asked and action has to be taken.

    1. But and it is a big BU that may only be papering over the obvious cracks that have been made this last two seasons.

  8. Gai.
    You probably believe Ozil left Arsenal to play for a lemonade and a Kebab at Fenerbahce.
    Arsenal actually paid all of Ozil’s 350k p/w salary right down to the final minute till his contract ran out.
    And you can be sure Willian and his AGENT
    are totally cognisant about the Ozil pay off.
    They are also aware of the potential fan backlash. So they and Kolasinac’s agent have used exactly the same wording “tore up the contract”.
    Fact. Arsenal will be paying most of Willian’s and Kolasinac’s salary if and when they leave like Torreiras salary.
    Its all smoke and mirrors …and money
    One thing is for sure no one ever gives up 220k p/w to play for peanuts.
    Like the agent is going to take a 90% cut on
    his share of his clients 220k p/w.

    1. Common fans like us don’t know what really happened at Arsenal, but at least a highly credible news source like Sky Sports published the story

  9. As such I agree, we need a new manager. This can’t go on. But can we expect him to resign? I doubt it.
    Very disrespectful and not very well thought through to call him the cheap option.
    Although you hate Kroenke, he surely can see the connection between results and revenue, which is of course why so much money has been invested in players.
    Arteta was chosen after Wengers failure and after Emery’s failure at a time, when former players were thought to be the answer to different clubs’s management issues.
    That is why he got the job. No need to imply anything else, just because you hate Kroenke.
    Kroenke needs to “ask him to leave”, and if not, Kroenke can surely be criticised.

    1. Im afraid no one walks away these days not any days really. kegan was 1 of few.not much honour or honesty in football only cash for the few.

  10. The only fault of the Kroenkes in this mess is hiring Arteta. The rest is on Arteta. He is not good enough it is that simple.

    He may not be ready or he may not have the managerial talent. Time will tell which is which but for now he is not good enough. There is no room to reason that fact.

  11. The price of Arsenal players is dropping all the time We will finish up giving them away Buy one get one free. None of our players have the value we bought them for. If we sold White or Ramsdale we would never get back the money we paid for them

  12. As usual rational views Jon. I couldn’t have put it better. Indeed there are those with their own agenda whatever it is! They are not moved by the love of club but their selfish ends. They do not want to listen to any logic. Only one thing will appease them: the sacking of Arteta. What if we sack Arteta and nothing changes or what do if Arteta succeeds in turning things around? Let’s not forget that our team has been hit by a lot of off-field issues notably illness and injuries. We have been using makeshift formations. I believe soon we shall have our full squad back. Why don’t we hold our fire till then?

    1. The only rational thing in this world is if you dont succeed at things, you lose. It isn’t just about the results, it is about the decisions that are being made and the things people see with their eyes what is going on. I think that when i see a decision, i have an opinion and i end up considering my opinion against what is happening. Im as rational as any other person and from that i have an opinion. Wanting Arteta and Edu and the owner out, is not irrational at all. I love my club and want it run correctly, the present set up is not doing that at all. In fact they are ruining it. That is rational and it is opinion.

  13. All arsenal faithful should be positive. Go through sir Alex Ferguson start in man United and have hope of a better tomorrow. Changing managers here and there will bring good fortune automatically. The formation for the man city game was a shamble, 3-4-3 formation would have been better. A faithful Gunnar will always be faithful. Things are going to turn around soon.

    1. Are you seriously comparing Arteta and Ferguson? Some fans are just unreal!

      You remind me of the ones comparing Klopp first couple seasons with Liverpool with Arteta.. At least liverpool improved a lot under him and every one feared their attack! They only had 2 obvious weaknesses which were the center backs and goal keeper.. Guess what happened after they covered these areas? They won the premier league and the champions league! While Arteta showed nothing on the pitch to prove that he’s improving anything or even to the point of calling him a good coach! There is no comparison at all! And he doesn’t even have the CV to warrant the defending and excuses he keeps getting.. He should be gone this very moment

  14. The Americans are damed if they do and damed if they dont.if they sacked Arteta today fans would say they should have waited for the players injured-ill to come back in 1st and why did they give him£130ml to spend theve played the champs and champs of Europe etc.if he dosnt improve quickly they are at checkmate if the team dosent improve rapidly there is only way out for the yanks.Appointing a new manager = new staff =new dof= Another failure and another shed load of money.They will wait for as long as the fans put up with in the gound.

  15. An excellent, thought provoking article .Like the writer, I really wanted Arteta to succeed for the reasons stated so concisely.Sadly, despite a number of glaring errors of judgement in ,for example the recruitment of Willian, Cedric and Mari which may have been driven by Edu ,and unfortunate absences which have undoubtedly weakened the side,tactically Arteta has been nothing short of naive at best, and incompetent at worst.The final straw for me, and thousands of others I suspect, was the granting of a new contract to a man who has let us down time and time again, and chose Saturday to confirm his liability status.With the utmost respect any sensible Management team would have bent over backwards to rid us of the ponderous Xhaka to pave the way to bring in a talented upgrade like Bissouma who clearly wants to play for us.Arteta is asking too much from players who are not of the same calibre of those he coached at Man City, ( with 2/3 exceptions) but sadly, the penny has not dropped and we are left with a side which has been drained of the confidence needed to be successful in the EPL.Arteta has created these problems which are insurmountable unless he accepts that his “process” has failed, and reverts to a more logical , conventional set up.Like you Dan, I genuinely wanted Arteta to succeed but I very much doubt if he will.

    1. I agree Grandad about Xhaka but that’s a managers “preferred” choice of player. He is arrogant, doesn’t learn from his mistakes and should have been sold to Roma. His overall conduct is not that off someone I want wearing the Arsenal shirt!

    2. Grandad An excellent considered and cutting to the chase post. I too simply cannot and will not ever comprehend the mysterious hold that thr appalling XHAKA has has ove r not just MA but tour previou stwo manager s as wll including thtone , AW who bought him for all thst money . It is puzzling to say thtleasy Jre is clearly a strongpewrsonality off th fild and could it ne , Isk myselfm that that alone is thrreal reasonhe is kept around, After all that woeful lack of other strong characters- Tierney excepted – is at an all time low. But even that is far from being a good enough or sensible reason to keep such a slow, ponderous player. He isregularly reckless, as we have allknown for years and a definite loose cannon.


  16. Great Article Dan and I agree with each word of it. I have been asking fans the same question how a fan base who did accpet 4th position finish and regular champions League, can accept these performances and results? I am still looking for a logical answer but all I get are excuses. People blaming Wenger for creating mess in the club and Arteta is praised for trying to clean it up. If that mess got us in top4 and UCL, I will gladly take it instead of this project of humiliation one after another.

  17. Hi Dan…

    Your articles are such a pleasure to read, full of critically processed thoughts, and always sublimely crafted. Thanks for this piece!

    Indeed, I will not defend Arteta if he gets sacked because any attempt to defend him fails on all dimensions. Presently, he has continued to hug tightly to some group of players that are the reason for his failure. He has also shown an undeniable level of rigidity that underpins his inability to reverse the present fall.

    Although some where deep in my heart I sincerely hope he turns things around, nevertheless, I can no longer defend him. I would have longed to hang on in the hope of a change, but I possess no evidence to convince anyone. Yet, I only hope some good fortune prevails in the next month, before the decision is made to sack him.

    For as many who wanted him sacked for so long, please can we pay heed to analyse some of the following questions, some of which have been highlighted by Dan and even Sue in some past articles:

    1. Who should the new coach be?
    2. Knowing the board that we have, do you think they will employ such a coach?
    3. Are our players really as good as we expect them to be?
    4. Can any coach really get the best from these players to make them top 6 quality?

    If we can put sincere thoughts to these and other pertinent questions, it would help us realize whether this vicious cycle we are in can be reversed or not.

    I really do feel the pain seeing our club languish in its present position. I really do understand the pain of those who decide to rant. It is difficult to preach otherwise, but in all, please try to find some reason to be grateful for life. As long as we are alive, there is hope!

    Wishing us all the best!


  18. That’s one of the dumbest, most respectless and negative articles I have ever read. But I guess this is the standard here anyway.

    To answer your question: no. He will turn this around. That is what he promised. He said that there will be spells that will hurt and that it will take a long time. If he’d walk away from it at the beginning already – that would be a morally bad decision. To start the project and just leave it when it gets hard.

    And here is an idea: what about actually supportimg the club, the manager and the players instead of spreading useless negativity 24/7 and malomg everything worse by chatting so much nonsense.

  19. Ad PAT what the hell is going on with you site these days?? A few minutes ago this thread contained many comments and now only 2 posts appear. Why?

    What is this ongoingproblem that frustrates so many of us Gooners and why does your site not immediately allow posts? Please, you own us all an explanation!

    1. Immediately I clicked enter for my above post, this site went up , in a millisecond, from 2 posts to 44 . Anyone know what the hell is going on please?

      1. No answer then PAT? . Could it be that you don’t care, I have to ask myself? I still wait in vain for an answer to my email of two weeks ago about me writing articles.

        1. Sorry Jon, I thought we had discussed it enough on here!

          I think the readers themselves gave you the thumbs up and I am in full agreement.

          I’ve been a little busy in August with visitors from England, a positive Covid case, and that pesky bloody transfer window!

  20. When Wenger and Fergie were slogging for the title up to 2004,where were MC?Once the oil sheiks bought over the club,they have grown more powerful due to the influx of money.
    The ES was supposed to be a cash cow for the gunners to challenge but it has failed miserably.
    Until the owners are willing to pay dollar for atop quality coach Arsenal will be in the doldrums with due respect to MA

  21. If any manager is going to be a failure because of the owner then does it really make any difference if Arteta resigns or not ? It’s just a merry go round with each new manager the next fall guy. The only way to solve the problem is for Kroenke to sell the club. The only way that is likely to happen is if Arsenal were to be relegated.

    1. Kroenke won’t just sell the club as he likes to milk his cash cow. Only problem is the cows getting malnourished through lack of care from farmer Arteta so owner Stan best be careful as he will soon not have much in the way of a cow to sell and will certainly not be getting any more milk.

      So what do you want suggest we do..just let Arteta stay in place and get relegated just because we are resisgned to failure under Satan Kroenke.

      I wanted Stan gone a long time ago but he will only go when he wants to on his own terms; be that selling it for much more than he bought it for or cutting his losses when he realises the cow is getting too lean and in danger of keeling over dead.

      With the time and financial support he has received over his 20month tenure I find it hard to believe that we wouldn’t be in the position we are today if an experienced manager of any pedigree had taken the reigns.

    2. jod, I argued when Emery wasn’t supported after taking on the difficult task of following Arsene Wenger’s 22 year tenure/reign, that Arsenal would enter a period of “revolving door” managers, if the underlying issues were not addressed.

  22. Nice post Dan. Hey John fox? I do like reading your comments more often than not you bid your time before writing your comments, may be age is a factor!, Hence you at least be more considerate to the ‘rants’ a few do on here as a result of frustration of how far we have fallen and the constant redcule we receive. You’ve stated ‘arteta is so proud to quit’ I actually see him more egotistic and arrogant than Wenger. Top managers will know how to deal with bigger character players and he failed to deal with a 19yr old! That’s when I lost faith in him and saliba was exiled without a single chance . Arteta is making so many wrong decisions to turn this around the earlier we recognize this the better.

    1. I don’t think Arteta is a nice guy at all. He scapegoated Guendouzi and Saliba treated Torreira poorly, and generally does not speak honestly. He is a wisdom free zone.

  23. Great article Dan. Kudos!

    As for Arteta stepping down it won’t happen.

    He seems a nice guy but he seems delusional in his own abilities. Maybe a great coach but a manager he is not. The two are very different.

    He is a proud and stubborn basque man who will not admit defeat. Despite his basic footballing abilities as a player (sideways passing ArtetaBall) he was a fighter who never gave up.

    So him stepping down I can only forecast is a very unlikely situation.

    More likely that further match losses/draws will leave even the most apathetic Stan Kroenke to act.

    As some others have said it would be wonderful if a magic wand was waved and suddenly all was corrected and we suddenly started playing like Brazil of the 70s however based on his 20 months at the club and how we still flounder clueless in the dark to what his system of play is I find that idea very much improbable.

    He ha broken down countless records for AFC. Unfortunately they are all negative ones that it’s founders would not have looked too kindly upon.

  24. honourable or dishonourable doesn’t matter to me. Just leave. There is no corner for turning with him…

  25. Let’s be real. Arteta is too amateur to manage a strong team let alone leading a rebuild. Wenger would have got better results with our current squad, no debate. There might be flaws in his tactics, especially on the defensive end, but Arsenal were never ever this frustrating to watch under the reign of Wenger. We have lost of our identity playing attacking football and the suffering will continue until we hire a proper manager that knows what he’s doing and not rely on trial and error.

  26. To give some perspective I offer this

    KLOPP took over Mainz who were a midtable 2nd division team
    In his 1st season they finished 4th from bottom Just avoiding relegation.

    He did manage to get them up to 4th and following on, 3rd and promoted into Bundesliga.

    He also got relegated with Mainz and the following season tried to fight for promotion yet failed.

    He went on to Dortmund were he also had success and failures, notably the poor season before he eventually left and came back after a season off to Liverpool.

    I personally believe the purple patch Liverpool have had under Klopp – champion league, super cup, EPL along with final losses, will be his most successful period at Liverpool.

    But more to the point, his Mainz career was shocking but it was also his period of learning the role as a manager for the first time.

    How long do we give Arteta?
    Last season (as I metioned) I really cant count as a fair assessment because of the disrupted season that had players out with covid, had a season start weeks after the conclusion of the previous and also the fact our club (independent of MA) was run as a mess.

    We no longer wish to offer Time to resolve what we see as errors.

    We are so privileged we cant even see it!!!!!

    For me, it’s not about MA winning us the league or anything. It’s about my club doing the fundamental right again. It needs a manger to push for this and that’s what we are doing.

    Like Liverpool with GH then Benitez then Roger’s to Kloop it took growth and several managers to get somewhere.

    It might not that MA is the man at the end who lifts the trophy but he could be the man at the begining who starts to help get us doing the right small things daily that are fundamental and currently lacking

    My opinion

    1. With all due respect, I think what you said above is low resolution thinking.

      Arteta is not Klopp and Arsenal is in no way similar to Mainz. Klopp have had his success at Liverpool after learning at Dortmund and Mainz, but that doesn’t mean Arteta will be the same. Matter fact, the majority of managers that were in their ‘learning curve’ failed to reach the top of the pyramid. Why should we jeopardise the time and resources we will have to put in to rely on the believe that maybe one day Arteta will be successful, given he had no record of success in the past?

      There’s simply no evidence that suggest we should trust this process. This is not even a process. We are going no where, if not going backward.

      The main point is Arsenal should have hired an elite coach in the first place. Arteta is too amateur to lead a strong team let alone managing a rebuild. Why would anyone think giving a person who have no managerial background the time to trial and error is a good idea. How many years do we have to waste to get things right? Do some fans and the board really have to see us fall even deeper into sorrows before realising that Arteta is not the man.

      1. “Why should we jeopardise the time and resources we will have to put in to rely on the believe that maybe one day Arteta will be successful, given he had no record of success in the past?”

        – arsenal have wasted time since 2004 until today so the lack of success is almost 2 decade. So a new approach is ok with me.

        Why do we jeopardize time and effort I would answer with – this is the only way you can win things. Reward, or the potential for it comes from Risk.

        There is no guarantees but only the will to try and support

        I agree we needed an elite manager, I felt Ancelotti was the right choice and not Arteta.
        But now we have him, and I see improvement within the club (maybe this needed to come before the onfield can happen 🤷🏽‍♂️) I refer back to my need from the club of- doing fundamentals right again.

        “How many years do we have to waste to get things right?”

        – Hopefully not as long as it’s taken to win the league!!

        My point on Klopp is that a manager with zero experience isnt going to be successful straight away or within a few seasons (yet I must add Arteta has added a FA Cup win) and the board knew this.

        Maybe the appointment was to buy them some time, maybe it was for this time to get the structure right around a manager.

        Maybe when the manager has nothing but for full focus on the team and they dont perform that then he gets the boot.

        Our owner has sacked 2 managers and 2 football directors. I have no issues in knowing if it doesnt work, he will be sacked!

        On this point “Matter fact, the majority of managers that were in their ‘learning curve’ failed to reach the top of the pyramid” because the pyramid is defined differently for each club at a certain moment if time.

        Lampard was still on this learning curve and failed to reach the clubs objectives and wasnt able to reach the top of the pyramid
        but there has been plenty of managers who have reach the top, and their pyramid isnt always to win leagues or cups but the top of the pyramid could be to remain a EPL club, to make a profit each year, to finish above local rivals…etc

        I understand the point about how big of a club we are and what role/profile we should have to fill our head position.
        But there is so much wrong with the culture of our club that needs addressing before we even hope to support the manager to get results.

        Look at Gendouzi and his attitude against Brighton. How disrespectful is this to others and to ourselves to breed such attitude.

        We have had a long period of spoilt brats at our club. Why dont we focus on the ones left now (some still need to go) who want to play for arsenal and fight for us! And a manager who wants to fight.

    2. So Arteta is using Arsenal as his personal learning experience? And with such experiences might get us relegated?

      Here’s a fun, possible scenario:


      1. No, he didnt hold a gun to the owners head to give him the chance to develop his personal learning. He is just taking his opportunity like any serious person would

        Fun fact – you know even less than Arteta on what he is doing!

  27. Respect your opinion Tom, but I hope Mainz at least tried to play good positive football. I hate Arteta ball. If every game were to be played in the negative spirit of our last win against Chelsea, I would look for alternative diversions and follow from afar. There’s more passion to be had watching the local under 18s. At least go for it, give your players the belief that they should not play with fear and it’s ok to smile and enjoy yourself on the pitch. On another note Jon Fox is just showing his bigoted prejudices when he fails to appreciate what William has done. It’s a statement of intent to once again regain his freedom and move on to enjoy his football. Something he was unable to do at Arsenal. As much as I was one of his loudest boo boys, I have to respect his actions. Would I have made a similar decision?, given his age and career span. Probably not. But, it’s clear now that William was not enjoying his football at Arsenal. Was it due to the managers wishy-washy game plan or us fans getting on his back? Whatever, he has chosen Corinthians and the opportunity to once again play for the love of it.

    1. The William purchase clearly went completely wrong. Even at his best, his Chelsea stats wasn’t great, so why did we make this purchase?!

      But not every purchase like this has been rewarding, Mhkit, Lichtsteiner…dare we add Cedric?

      I suspect he didn’t get over being pushed out by Chelsea. Last thing we should be doing is purchasing a player who is settling for you when he wants to be elsewhere. Poor signs of where we still are when it comes to getting back to the top…

  28. For me is not even about wining or not, but what is happening with the team, are we getting the team selections right, game tactics, are we playing better but just unlucky, are we getting the subs right to change the games, are we getting transfers right to improve the team. The answer is a BIG NO here. I was one of the first ones to say that this coach is not cut it and I got some stick for it. It was very clear to me in his first season that he is not getting the team selections, subs, game tactics and player management right. I thought there was an opportunity to get 4 there, we were winning some good games, but losing simply ones due to these mistakes by the one eye.
    Just look at our last games what coach will start with a new CD pairing against City and their protection is Xhaka and Odegaard. Now you can say 2 CD wasn’t available, but surely there should have been some sort of preparation for this combination, but it was an error trying to rectify another error. He realize too late that Mari is not going to cut it, I already said a year back Mari is the worst CD were had.
    Brendfort game, one CD get beaten in the air and the other is too slow, why just chance they around. They got the whole momentum for the front 2. No, we are going nowhere with the one eye, the sooner we replace him the better.
    Come on, we deserve better as Arsenal supporters, more happiness

    1. The one eye pat Xhaka at the back after his red card. I wonder did Guendouzi also got a pat at the back after the Brighton game, he is the younger one probably needed it the most, wonder if the apology rule is still applicably

  29. Ok guys I hear wat you’re saying bout Arteta leaving and so on….but who do we then bring in, I’m not sure Conte’s gonna come in, i really like Erik ten Hag …..

    Oh and one more thing, the transfer window shuts tomorrow are you guys expecting any incomings??

  30. Although I agree with your premise, in that I believe that Arteta should resign, there’s no way he would be willing to accept the short-term financial implications of such a maneuver…the fact is he should remove himself from the equation for his own selfish future managerial prospects, not anything to do with being honourable, as you suggest…furthermore, it’s so incredibly ironic that someone who blindly backed our former manager, who had plenty of reasonable opportunities to honourably walk away yet failed to do so at every turn, would suggest that Arteta, a man with exceedingly less ties to the club, should choose this course of action…absolutely mindbogglingly delusional

  31. I can remember a few seasons back, Leicester were chop n changing managers, struggling at the bottom of the table and in a bit of a tailspin after winning the league and having a run in Europe the season after.

    Steadied it by appointing a manager with the ability of coaching his players better and shrewd transfer dealings.

    It is possible to make players perform better by coaching, playing to their strengths and not confusing the players.

    Now seeing as Brendan Rodgers is going nowhere and Arteta’s like a rabbit in the headlights on the touchline, we can only hope that this painful ‘process’ heads out the door marked ‘do one’.

    And I want a manager in a suit and tie ffs!

  32. 1 shot the whole of 90mins and zero on target and 19% possession is the nadir for me. I can’t take any longer. Even Norwich had more verve. Arteta out

  33. Even a blind and a deaf man knows arteta is just too incompetent to manage arsenal but being a proud , arrogant,selfish and cowardly manager,his just waiting to get the sack and then take home his paycheck after destroying Arsenal…Now I regret that Arteta ever played for us honestly..His a player we will not want to remember in our history for this.

  34. There is one thing I know for a fact and that is that one eye is not going to cut it, he will be sacked, it is just a matter of time and soon also. There is a project and process but it is seriously leaking intelligence. It doesn’t matter what the one eye is doing or going to do, he will just make errors that is the emo of his Arsenal coaching career.

  35. So, Arteta bites the bullet and resigns, or the board fire him!

    We replace him with Manager X. This manager takes us to say 11th in the league by the end of this season.

    What then?

    Do the Kroenke’s stump up another $150m, maybe more, so we can make another “potential” run for the top 6, but now in the 2023/2024 season?

    Would we be any better off?

    What would the Kroenkes do then?

    1. Best ask Stan or Josh that one. They are pretty approachable guys so just give them a bell;)

      Failing a takeover from another more ambitious (in terms of on field success) owner from Qatar, Africa or Sweden service will resume as it has done..

      Stan will be seen to be supporting the club and the new manager would indeed get some funds (probably not as much as this window) for future transfers. But we will languish in mid table mediocrity UNLESS a manager can be secured who has a clear and definite system of play and who is capable of managing his team and individual personalities to a cohesive winning unit based on players playing in their natural positions.

      I’ve a question. Has Stan actually put any of his own money into arsenal yet?

      I think I know the answer.

  36. Guys, we all gotta calm down…We’re only 3 games into the season…This is no time for a manager to get sacked after he’s given 130 million in the transfer window…We’ve lost to 2 of the best teams in the league…This, of course doesn’t excuse us losing 5-nil to City…This is also not to excuse some of the poor decisions made by Arteta over the course of his tenure…I’m merely saying not to come up with these exaggerated apocalyptic opinions just 3 games into the season…If at the end of September or November, we’ve not imporved at still losing to teams we shouldn’t be losing, I’l hold my hand and say, “Sack Arteta”…But at the moment, hell no

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