Is it time for Thierry Henry to return to Arsenal?

Arsenal’s legendary striker Thierry Henry is getting ready to play the last game of his contract with New York Red Bulls today, and he is keeping very quiet about his next career move. There is every chance that he may continue his playing career (maybe in India with some other old Arsenal team-mates?) but surely at 37 years of age he may certainly be considering a bash at management.

He still retains his talent in front of goal but his global experiences should have given him a good basis for being a successful coach, especially with his inside knowledge of how Wenger does his job, so should Arsenal bring him to the Emirates as a boost for the younger players (for now!)?

Arsene Wenger doesn’t rule out the possibility, but has made it clear that Henry would not return simply as a talisman due to his legend status at Arsenal….

“It’s not impossible” Wenger said. “I welcome people who have played for us to come back, but they need to do something, It has to be a job available and one that you get up in the morning and you have to do something – not an honorary job.

“He has to learn his job first. I have seen so many people who have the qualities to be a manager but not survive their first job because they are not ready. When you are a football player, you think it’s so simple to be a manager. When you are a manager, you think it’s so complicated suddenly and, if you’re not prepared for that, you cannot survive.

“You learn to handle a dressing room and people. This job is about ideas and putting them into practice. You can only do that if you have the responsibility of the team.”

Okay Wenger, well in that case give him a job coaching the Arsenal youth team so he can get a taste of teaching and improving youngsters. There is no doubt that he has always been an inspiration when he has returned to training with us during the American close season, and if he could only pass on half of his ability to players like Welbeck, Sanogo and Giroud it would be an awesome bonus!

How many of you want to see him return? Imagine one day a management team of Bergkamp and Henry back at Arsenal. I’m drooling……

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    1. All I want to read now is Wenger has been sacked n replaced with Bold till the end of the season…….Oh our beloved Arsenal has turn to b a club of dictator and a laughing stock…..Wenger is a shameless Fool

      1. I call for a mass protest n more banner but I will suggest we go in groups. 10 and above so when any steward try to collect our banner we can boost at him. And what ever may b d out com even if it will result to rioting….its on to us(fans) to do what we have to do save our beloved club… game we want a massive protest as well as banner…its time for change and its now……Wenger Out

      2. I wanna specially thank Mr Lean and Muff (and every other unrelenting gunner) for boldly campaigning publicly against His Royal Dumbnesss and his stooges (mainly the functionally sterile board).

        Wenger should just leave Arsenal now or at the end of this season, not matter what happens. The truth is that he has done more harm than good. The whole situation is terribly embarrassing.

        I used to think wishing we don’t make top 4 was a very bad idea, but now I’m really come to realise it’s the perfect wish becuz top for is the sole fundamental objective of the board and Wenger. If he doesn’t make top 4, then and then only will Wenger either realise it’s time to leave, or they board members will come to their sense. But those fellas are damn strange, they could make Euorpa League their primary aim (not to win it but just to qualify).

  1. I would love to have someone like Klopp, Martinez or Simeone as our manager with Bergkamp, Vieira and/or Henry as a part of the staff. Heck, even De Boer is a good manager, his experience with Ajax will come in handy when it comes to developing our young guns, as well as giving our established first team players the guideline Wenger is incapable of. Isn’t De Boer and Bergkamp already working together?

    1. You lot shut the gullible fck up.. This made up business of Bould is being refused to sign or coach the team defensively is bullsh’t… The guy is in his late 40’s early 50’s? He is not a little kid that can’t speak out or take action. It’s rubbish.

      If he is being oppressed by Wenger then why doesn’t he quit? It’s easy, if you are not happy and no one is holding you at gun point then you can walk away anytime, isn’t it?

      Bould is clueless too, just sitting on the bench and never out to motivate his players, when was the last time he stood up and did anything? He could have talked to his defenders to stay behind in the last 3 games but he did not.

      I just think he could not give a monkeys about it, he is part of the problem. He would rather shut up and keep his job than speaking out and lose his big wages? I just think Bould is comfortable where he is, just blend into the background and no one will notice, if no one is noticing you then it helps you stay in the job and continue earning your big wages. Smh

      1. How about you shut the f*ck up were just going by what ex-arsenal players who know bould personally have said.
        Whether bould is a c*nt or not for staying has 0 relevance to the point im trying to make.
        Arsene doesnt give his coaches much say so henrys appointment wont change much unless arsene is sacked!

  2. Klopp in town this week,let’s hope he has a one way ticket and stays to sort out the mess Wenger has got this club in.

        1. Look the AKB president has finally poked his head out.Sumo, the vice president is taking refuge in the bunker

        2. Do you still believe arsene should see out the rest of his contract?
          Or do you think he should pack his bags after this season?

          1. This team is short of 2-3 players to go on to achieve something great and our star players to return to form.

            You know it.

            1. The point is 2 of those 3 players could, f*ck that SHOULD have been acquired in the summer but wenger chose not to and we have suffered dearly for that.
              Also he just cant win big games, yesterday we fielded a team way superior to man uniteds yet we lost AT HOME.
              After every game he recycles the same lines, not efficient and defensively naive, why on earth isnt he doing anything about it.
              Why is every goal we concede from a cross or a counter attack, why do we keep making the same mistakes.
              You’re right we are 2-3 players away from doing something great but with the team we have right now we should be comfortably in the champions league places and competing till atleast feb-march.
              Wenger is bitterly underachieving with the players he currently has at his disposal.

        3. My man, @NY!!! How are you? There are some very serious things I’d like to tell Wenger personally, but it’s quite impossible to meet him in person, so I do hope you pass the massage across for me, since you very much have the privilege of dining with him on a regular basis.

          Hope u don’t mind; do you?

          1. @kaf
            If you ain’t got enough stones to address the source of your impotency head on, then don’t try and bring it to me. Cuz I could care less…

        4. They want klopp, what are klopps,,,,,, achievements in a league of only two teams, they are two points away from rock bottom, i know some of their fans might already screaming klopp out, u aobs make me laugh, u have let too much of the antiarsenal media talks get into your head, i remember a lecrae song, FALL BACK( but this time from stupidity)

  3. Forget the front end sort out the defence!!

    On Arsenal’s Website:
    Wenger: “I feel so sorry for the fans”.
    Is this the first time he’s ever said this? Empathising with the ticket buying fans surely not?

  4. @mrlean. Love Klopp but as long as we have the existing board no chance I reckon.
    The guy wears tracksuits and is vocal and emotive, I love this but does it fit with our image?
    Currently we have a stoaic suit wearing manager.

  5. @th14. This has got to be true about Bould, I cant believe he’d be so inept.
    Just telling A couple of the players to always stay back in their half would be a start.

    If he has not power to influence the players, leave.
    I guess it would cost him and tidy wage and he’s probably tied to a contract but who wants to do a job when their not allowed to do it properly.
    It would send out a powerful message Bould quitting.

  6. Henry winter on sky sports this morning,arsenal are a fading force and it’s time for Wenger to move on,we need more journalists like him writing and talking the truth about the current state of our club.

  7. What if Arsenal loses the next game against BVB (quite likely) and away to West Brom? Would that be the last straw? Could Wenger still be manager after that? All of a sudden, the game against BVB is looking like the most important game of the season, win that, and the boys will believe again, but lose that, we’ll be in serious crisis.

  8. 17 points from 12 games,the worst start we have had in the premier league with the third highest paid manager in the world in charge.
    Value for money ?
    Wenger out !

  9. It does not matter what any of you people think – its irrelevant.

    The board of directors are the ones who will make the decision and not you.

    And the board of directors want Wenger to stay on – they will NEVER fire him and he will NEVER leave.

    He is in place for another two years and my guess is that they will offer him another bumper long term contract before then which he will accept without a doubt.

    Wenger IS Arsenal and the board value him far more than the miserable, ingrate fans – in their mind, the fans should just pay their money and shut their mouths. If they don’t like it then stop going to the games, no one forces them to attend and besides there are ten idiots to replace the one idiot who refuses to pay to watch the garbage that Arsenal call football.

    To tell the truth, Arsenal are an upper mid table team that has been over achieving the last few seasons – now other, better teams have caught them and passed them the fans are getting upset about it. The fact of the matter is that Arsenal are just occupying their natural place in the league.

    Arsenal are just plain rubbish…

    1. Many fans throughout the history of football have forced the boards hand. That is utter bullocks. The customer is KING!!!


  11. Do I need to remind that Mourinho also got an escape route from Madrid? That’s right, he got sacked though it was said they terminated the contract on mutual agreement. But he’s doing pretty well for Chelsea.

    Simeone looks extremely talented manager. However I think most often it’s not about who we want but who’s actually available. Simeone seems like a definite no go, until Athletico Madrid starts playing bad (be that even for one season) and he will be crucified like Klopp this year.

    Guardiola’s more known for ‘walking’ in the team rather than build it. The teams of Barca and Bayern were already filled with superstars who he can well handle it seems. Well Arsenal is not full of superstars so I doubt he’d never be interested coaching Arsenal.

  12. I stuck to my word after defeat at swansea i vowed never to watch another arsenal game while Wenger remains in charge i saw the goals this morning and its like watching repeats u keep seeing the same mistakes every game and the clueless manager does nothing to rectify it so glad never watched whole game be the same wed and every other game until change is made. Wenger do us all a favour and f..k right off back to France!

  13. I said it before. I will say it again. There is a minority force bullying fans at the Emirates stadium. Well if London won’t do it, we have to. At all away games banners out. At home games boycott. Fans abroad get together in your respective countries and protest send your videos to Fanzone youtube etc. Make your voice heard.

  14. In a self harming sort of way, it is getting quite funny seeing Arsenal’s season unfold.

    Don’t expect any TOP TOP TOP signings in January, it will only result in more disappointment.

    I’m sure at the end of the season there will be some meaningless statistic that will be quoted by Arsene or Arssenal FC to indicate the Arsenal are on the right track, and more false promises of TOP TOP TOP signings in summer. Then Arsene will go absent on the last day of the transfer window leaving his transfer team to sign no-one of note 🙁 More of the same really.

  15. Oh dear, from BBC website:

    “Paul Mitchell: Southampton talent chief to join Tottenham

    Southampton’s head of recruitment Paul Mitchell is set to join Tottenham Hotspur, reports BBC Radio Solent.
    Mitchell, 33, has handed in his notice and is expected to link up with former Saints manager Mauricio Pochettino.
    Spurs, who have spent £135 million in the last 18 months, are currently 12th in the Premier League table and trail leaders Chelsea by 15 points.
    Mitchell joined Saints in 2012 after doing the same job at MK Dons following his early retirement because of injury.
    He will be responsible for identifying new talent at Spurs following a busy summer of recruitment with Southampton after they lost key players.
    Among the players Saints brought in were Graziano Pelle, Dusan Tadic, Sadio Mane and Toby Alderweireld.
    Saints lie second in the league, just four points behind Chelsea following their recent 2-0 victory over Leicester.”

    1. Mitchell is a bluff. Talk to a Saints fan for a bigger picture or read Saints blogs.

      Okay so what i know i shall share.
      Tadic and Pele were Koemans players previously in Netherlands and Koeman identified them not Mitchell.

      Mitchell has bought in only one quality player i.e. Victor Waynama.

  16. Arsenal is Fckud with Arsene in charge.

    Wenger must leave before it’s too late, bring in a new manager before January window and let him bring in reinforcements.

  17. “Is it time for Thierry Henry to return to Arsenal?”

    It is not time for anybody to come back until Wenger goes. He is a dictator and Thierry Henry will just do whatever Wenger wants, the “Wenger Way.”

    Without Wenger blocking his efforts, Steve Bould would have locked tight our defence before now.

    When WENGER leaves, people like Bergkamp, Adams, Keown, Thierry Henry can all return and have free reign to rectify the problems.

    At the moment not one man can change a thing at Arsenal, this includes Kroenke and everybody else on the board. Any staff who questions Wenger’s way and decisions is replaced by a person who does not question Wenger’s way and decisions.

    Steve Bould is not happy at Arsenal, he was one of the Famous Back Four at Arsenal when Wenger arrived. We all expected our defence to be sorted out with his appointment as Assistant Manager, but Bould having not done this underlines more than anything else the problem Wenger is and has been for years.

  18. Arsenal are set to offer England midfielder Jack Wilshere, 22, a new five-year deal that will put him among the club’s top earners with wages of around £150,000 a week – BBC sport.

    Thats the kind of thing that brainless french spastic would do – offer a new contract to the most over rated footballer of the last ten years and in doing so making it practically impossible to sell him on.

    Wilshere is useless – if you put a traffic cone in the middle of the pitch it would complete more vital passes than him.

    I despair.

    Arsenal are finished.

  19. Many a fan here are clueless about football. If you watched yesterday’s match, you will know that when luck is not on your side in football, there is nothing you can do. He just needs to work on his decision and allow some underperformed players watch from bench. Klopp is going through the same, pep had his hard time too. Patient fans.

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