Is it time that Arsenal fans started giving Ozil some credit?

Ozil’s best performance? by Dan Smith

People often use Ozil’s body language as a stick to beat him with. So, it’s only right we talk about his demeanour when it’s positive. He couldn’t hide his joy when he realised a free-flowing passing move was going to lead to a third goal. In a space of a few minutes we had produced the type of football which is his ethos, a style that he believes his how the game should be played.

Some cynics will say for the salary he’s on, he should be deciding these types of games and hasn’t done it often enough since extending his deal. I have always defended him, some fans taking it out on him that others were not doing their jobs properly. Too often the German has been in midfield’s that are too easily bullied, sometimes showing up not prepared to battle. However, we did not spend 49 million on him to be our enforcer, his role is to assist and in terms of that statistic he’s one of the best in Europe. I believe we underestimate what he brings to the side, but I can’t deny he hasn’t always had the right mentality when facing adversity. That’s what makes Monday Night perhaps his best performance in an Arsenal shirt. 1-0 down to Leicester and being outplayed, our captain took the game by the scruff of the neck to make sure we ended the half on a high.

It’s what his critics say ‘he doesn’t do enough’. Perhaps before behind at home to the Foxes, our playmaker would have left it to someone else to lead the fightback. It’s been a hard few months for Oil. He feels let down and not supported by his country, so he needs to feel the love from all gooners at the moment. On the 79th minute when he got subbed he got that love from gunners who perhaps had witnessed his best performance in the red and white.

Dan Smith


  1. Yusufady says:

    That ozil pass though…

    It feels like Orgasms

    1. Blago says:

      If you have played football before, you understand what sort of player Ozil is, and you will appreciate his style.

  2. Phil says:

    Dan-I just love Mesut Ozil as a footballer and for me it is no coincidence that his best performance of the season so far is when he is played as a floating No10 and Ramsey is on the bench.A virtuoso second half performance that shows what he can do.Just play him in his best position and we would expect more performances like we saw last evening.

    1. JJPawn says:

      The first half was poor, and Arsenal should have been down 0-2. Playing from the back is so awkward that even teams like mid-table Leicester look amazing. Playing high should have led to another goal. Liverpool would have gone up 3 nothing with this type of weak play at the back.

      After a run of so-so play Emery makes the correct move: 3-4-1-2!

      With the changes, most Leicester attacks died in the closed off mid-field with four Arsenal players. So, the second half changed, as Arsenal passes were forward more, and attacks began in mid-field with so much control of the ball with Ozil now getting the feed in a natural roaming position, even playing deep at times to help bring the ball up. This the best half they have played so far with attacking football despite facing a good fast team like Leicester. Sure they are not Liverpool, so Arsenal had to win this game.

      Iwobi—–Torriera—Guendozi—-Xhaka [Should be Welbeck instead of Xhaka.]

      As I have noted, Emery has been lucky to experiment against weak teams so far. He has found what he should have seen early: 3-4-1-2 with both Auba and Laca in the side and Ozil free to roam.

      Emery still needs a central defender, and having the skipper return will be a good for Arsenal as Koz will be focused and healthy. This is still Wenger’s side, only they are playing with more fire as they believe in the run, and there is no distraction with the fans behind the team with no dumb disloyal “Wenger out” signs.

      Emery’s key idea of playing from the back is what is holding this team back. They just need to clog the middle and get two quality players for the mid-field and back-line.

      However, it is Emery’s unwillingness to worry about the budget that is making a difference in contrast to Wenger’s desire to sign and sell the British players. Wenger would have reasoned that Ramsay has to be signed and sold, or he will walk away, and Arsenal will lose money. But, Emery is not in charge of spending… so he does not care if Ramsay is staying or going.

      Ozil’s happiness is evident. Emery should let Ozil be Ozil not some winger that the number 10 is not.

      There is a chance of sneaking past the top sides, just as Wenger had predicted: once the top sides cancel each other out there is space for a dark horse. If only Emery had properly competed against City and Chelsea with neither settled at the time…

      1. AndersS says:

        Playing out from the back is actually starting to work. We have scored some fantastic goals, where we have played the ball all the way form our own third. The space to do this comes from playing out from the back, as the opponents are stretched.

        But we still gave too many chances away for 2 reasons yesterday. Our left side in defense with Lichtsteiner and especially Holding was not good enough. Holding is too slow, and when we play high, and the attackers and midfielders don’t put enough pressure on by pressing, Holding gets caught out.
        But our pressing is a work in progress, and if we get Koscielny, Sokratis and Monreal back, we can be much stronger.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          How long did Arsene Wenger have to sign Ramsey to a new contract? It wasn’t Unai, Sven or Raul who let Ramsey run his contract into the last 12 months.

      2. jon fox says:

        Imagine if we had Emery the year Leicester won the title. THEY WOULD NOT HAVE DONE IF WE HAD EMERY THEN!

        1. ken1945 says:

          Jon imagine if we had sold Ozil, Bellerin and Iwobi?
          All three are players you have completely written off since Emery arrived and when Wenger signed them.
          As I saw Ozil celebrating his goal, I wondered if you (and others) would retract your claim that he was “depressed”?
          If that didn’t show you how much he loves the club, then nothing will!!

          Just remind me who was managing City. Liverpool, Chelsea, Spuds and United when Leicester won the title?
          Not exactly rookies were they?
          Yet we finished 2nd, above all of them.
          So let’s not keep harping back to incessantly regurgitate the same old Wenger this and Wenger that tirade.

          Just enjoy the brilliance of Emery and how he is coaching the players, including your so called deadwood individuals, that Wenger identified as being worthy of wearing the shirt.

          I have always said that Emery should be given time and space to assess the players he inherited and it seems that he is rather enjoying the experience.
          With the five excellent signings from the summer, the first team squad AND the youngsters coming through, I certainly think he will show everyone that this club STILL has the opportunity to add to its list of trophies won.

  3. Break-on-through says:

    Let’s hope this Mesut Ozil shows up for the Liv match just so we can say pipe down already. He should be confident going into the next game all the same, same goes for others in the side. Always the next game, next game is the focus, I like that about the best players they don’t ease up.

    1. Sue says:

      Like he did last season when he scored against them

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Exactly, next game though, because I hate even having to debate it with them as I’d rather they piped down and agreed with us.

  4. famousfromdubai says:

    Conte’s first two games for chelsea was against us and liverpool and he lost both. correct me if i am wrong. Point is. he switched up and boom won the league. i am not saying anything but something keeps telling isnt another deja vu with una emery name on the beat.

    On the Topic: Ozil plays better when those around him at the least do their job. see how iwobi wqs syncing with him. Ozil is a beauty to watch when the players do aite. and as it stands the players are doing very well

    1. Sue says:

      Yes correct & we hammered them ?

  5. Sue says:

    Ozil was sublime…. he doesn’t deserve all the bashing, he even got his pecs out at the end of the game, couldn’t ask for more

    1. GB says:

      He was wonderful, followed closely by Iwobi, Bellerin, Auba and our new left back Xhaka?

  6. Eddie Hoyte says:

    I’ve never doubted his ability or commitment. I hope he keeps it up, absolutely amazing footballer. I’m a big fan of his, we all know when plays at his best, you can’t bench him for any other 10 in the world (other than Maybe Messi) but the problem is him performing week in week out. Still I have no complaints tonight. I love the game and beautiful football.
    Boy o boy am I the only one who saw dominance in the midfield duo of Torerria and Guendozi?? I know it’s a match we won already but I love what I saw.
    I’ve said it that we’ll get that 13 win in a row before playing Liverpool, This season our attack is more deadlier than Liverpool’s, so I hope we take advantage and destroy them. And like I said during starting of the season, I stick to us finishing 2nd or 3rd with us winning the Europa league. I have this pure good vibe and belief this season. Can’t wait for Thursday for some more good football, Welbeck and Smith Rowe, up to you boys!!

    1. JJPawn says:

      Torerria and Guendozi: they were part of middle four in a 3-4-1-2.

      1. Namo says:

        @JJPawn, in the game I watched, we had Bellerin, Mustafi, Holding and Litchsteiner as our back four. Later, Litch was substituted and Xhaka moved into left back. What’s this about a 3-4-2-1 formation? Where did you see that?

        1. GB says:

          Not sure myself but even the commentator on sky said we’d gone to a back three when Xhaka came on. I think Bellerin played more wing back than fullback.

  7. Kenyanfan says:

    Its very clear. To get the best out of Ozil dont play him on the wings but at no.10. But lol. Ramsey will be back and will push OZil out wide once again.
    If at all Ramsay should start for arsenal it should be xhaka’s position and that should not be negotiated.He is not okay with it , let him leave and i cant see any top team in EPL that guarantees him a first 11 football at no.10.

    1. JJPawn says:

      Iwobi—–Torriera—Guendozi—-WELBECK [Should this line will be better.]

      1. Kenyanfan says:

        Switch iwobi for welbeck and then bring on mikh at the right

  8. adi says:

    I don’t see the whole debate of giving players credit?

    Aren’t we already? Look at the fans cheering for him? Every player has been getting their credit, even Mustafi.

  9. Break-on-through says:

    You should not have asked this question because we should be all basking in the delight we just witnessed. The moment I seen the question, I thought to myself, here we go, give them an opening. It was an extraordinary performance by the man, as well we have others who are regularly taking stick, so we don’t need to go down this road.

  10. Magombola says:

    Ozil is on ???

  11. iffybright says:

    So just because of a good second half performance, we should start worshipping him……
    He caused the first goal scored by Leicester….
    he failed to at least track his man…..
    Only Arsenal can tolerate his lackadaisical and his lazy attitude…….
    Torreira and Iwobi has been magnificent right from the start of season……
    Even the much criticised Bellerin has performed more better than Ozil……
    But yet, Ozil fanboys are blind to see this……
    To hell with Ozil
    Get me Loftus Cheek in January and see a better improved midfield with technics and Grit…..
    I envy Manchester City Midfield…..
    I want our midfield to take the shape of Manchester City…..
    I want better Ball players with strength, pace, and Skills…
    Ozil will disappear again against Liverpool….

    1. Rkw says:

      That’s right let’s bring back Walcott and giroud and Sagna and flamini and chambers and recreate the golden decade that has just ended .. Loftus cheek for ozil … just can’t make some people up

      1. iffybright says:

        When you don’t have any good to say to back up your point, you start bringing up irrelevant things to say…..
        you are out of point RKW……
        Wait till weekend and see if your God Ozil will dominate the midfield against Naby Keita…….
        Imagine having a midfield players in the mould of David Silva and Debruyne for Arsenal…..

        We could win the premier league If we can get Doucoure, Loftus cheek and a winger like Martial in January…….

        Ramsey and Xhaka out…..
        ozil to follow…..

        To hell with Ozil
        David Silva Debruyne pogba coutinho are far better than him

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Yes, we’ve all watchedhow penetrative the German National team has been without Mezut Ozil. They can’t score a goal for love or money!
          iffybright, you should join the Hoeness fan club; now there is no Ozil, he believes the Bayern Munchen players in the National team are getting unfair criticism for their performances. What a hypocrite.

          1. GB says:

            Agree he’s talking rubbish

        2. Sue says:

          Pogba?????!!!!! ??????????? think you’re on the wrong side iffy…very iffy!!!

        3. Namo says:

          @Iffybright, you’re the one talking like someone who doesnt have the faintest idea about football. Loftus Cheek for Ozil? What’s the basis for your comparison? And you keep saying “to hell with Ozil”, and that sounds good to you?
          You need to stop the “hate”.

        4. Bobby says:

          Your Loftus Cheek can’t even get a game in a Chelsea midfield of Kovacic and Ross Backley

    2. Jay says:

      You are definitely a hater. Loftuscheek for Ozil?
      Definitely deluded

      1. GB says:

        Iffy a spud maybe

    3. Sue says:

      He scored against Liverpool last season

    4. Maks says:

      Loftus Cheek??? Ha ha ha no thank you…. we dnt need another limited player as Ramsey, or you want Barkley maybe? cos he is the same breed as first two.

    5. kingdot says:

      go to man city, Ozil over Loftus Cheek day in day out.

    6. Sal says:

      uncalled for after that performance, captain’s performance !! you should be ashamed to call yourself an arsenal fan, they guy just had an amazing game dictating play creating, working hard, scoring and you are here putting him down really? what do you get from that? we are on a winning streak why? really some of you why?

      very happy with the team and the manager who changed the game once again, you saw what happened to chillwell in the second half when iwobi was on the right, and that juicy double sub that’s tactics!!

      if you want man city mid you can easily go support them you are guranteed trophies and can brag every season about buying players for 60 or 80 mil just don’t come here and try to turn us into them! as for iwobi all critics have dissapeared and if you are still not supporting bellerin after the number of assist he has provided thus far, well you’ll look really silly at the end of the season guranteed!! and don’t worry that’s when i’ll remind some of you how badly you know our OWN players!! for the time being support and enjoy winning!!

  12. Dare Omoode says:

    Hmmm,I did not doubt your comment about ozil dissapearing especially in big match,according to you iffybright,it depends on the team formation and players around him,watch Liverpool and man u play against leceister city they find it difficult to win,but we outplayed them and scored 3 good goals,with toreirra in the middle+ Guendozi,the midfield become cohesive allowing ozil to flow freely,let’s give credit to ozil,he deserved it,looking forwards for more scintillating performance from the team.

  13. Boscielny says:

    This guy is not a Gooner, admin should handle this, he loves e opposition n dislikes our players, this is why some people don’t go on these sites coz hearing a fellow gooner praising Man City on our platform is rubbish

    1. ozziegunner says:


  14. iffybright says:

    All this Ozil fanboys are already angry…..
    Am a Nigerian….
    Am a die hard gunner right from year 2000…

    just imagine the way Ozil fanboys have been reacting since yesterday, you will even think Ozil was the best player on the pitch…..
    Iwobi was the best player yesterday…..
    He was the one doing most of the penetration, Milkrtyarn also…….
    What is the problem with all this Ozil fanboys…..
    Why was he short of suitors when his contract was about to run down last season compared to Sanchez that was been chased by all the big clubs……
    Ozil is a liability
    Ozil is a luxury player….
    No ambitious can tolerate a luxury player
    That is the reason why no big clubs can’t sign him up…..

    Congratulations to Iwobi once again for Winning the Man of the match award…..….

    If is left to all this Ozil dogs, they could have collected the award from Iwobi forcefully and give it to their God Ozil…….

    1. Sue says:

      I don’t recall Iwobi assisting or scoring last night…enlighten me…..
      You need to take a chill pill mate

      1. iffybright says:

        He got the man of the match award…….
        Sorry if that hurts you
        Sorry Sue

        1. Sue says:

          What I don’t get is you say you’re a die-hard gooner… so you should be buzzing about us winning yet again, 2 points off the top. Ozil won us the game whether you like it or not! I’d be buzzing if Iwobi had won it for us (Well after being resuscitated first ??)
          Come on Iffy rejoice!!!!!! COYG

          1. iffybright says:

            Yes am happy we won after that first half scare…..
            what I don’t like is this praises that goes all around whenever Ozil play just fine….
            Some of our players have been playing very well since September….
            players like Iwobi Torreira and Lacazette
            The praises they have been getting is not even up to half of the praises Ozil got……

            Yesterday game is still the only match Ozil had played well since the season started…..

            I want our fans to be plain and free of sentiments when analysing games

          2. Sue says:

            But players are praised when they deserve it Iffy, just read the comments on here!

          3. Gily says:

            People say Arsenal was dominated in the first half, and I wonder which match they watched. I have even taken time to watch the match again, and the statistics was not wrong in the slightest bit. Arsenal dominated them from beginning to the end, and in the 2nd half, it was almost as if Leicester didn’t do any training at all.

          4. jon fox says:

            You seem to be jealous of one of our OWN players! Very odd thinking, IF INDEED any thinking has been attempted. A strange point of view. As Sue said, you should be rejoicing Ozil was so good. Why aren’t you?

          5. Bobby says:

            Whatever you think, Ozil was in a different realm yesterday and that is the fact just like its a fact some players like you rightly mentioned have been doing well for some time now but nobody has ever come close to the masterclass Ozil gave on Monday. Did you see the flick for the third goal, it was delibrate and not showmanship if you understand the game, it meant the LC defense had to track back instead of attacking the ball and did you also noticed he was calling for the ball from Belerine desperately ?! yet, he knew he didn’t want the ball and allowing the ball roll over took out the entire LC defense and he took out the goalkeeper complete for the easiest of tap in. Did you notice how happy he was as if he was the one that scored and the entire team celebrating with him ? they knew the goal was his creation. You just need to understand the game to appreciate when a footballer is above his equals

      2. Sal says:

        iwobi’s undroppable at the moment sue, and he was way superior tha miki but to say ozil is anything but WC then you haven’t seen much of him in the past seasons: the first goal was all him against the run of play, and that finish cmon WC , that pass for the second goal to bellerin leaving five players ball watching cmon give credit, the guy has probably the best vision in the game, only a handful of players can read the game like him and those players are ballon d’or winners so i don’t get it, it seems a scapegoat is needed even when we win and we won well!!

    2. Midkemma says:

      Why say you are a Nigerian?
      What did that add to the discussion other than giving some useless bit of information which might be attacked by narrow minded people?

      Unless you hoped for that?

  15. iffybright says:

    Telling the admin to block me is like a player on the field of play telling the centre referee to give an opposing player a red card….
    Allow the Admin to do his job……..
    Am not a fan of England National team, but when I see a good player like Loftus cheek, I don’t hide the fact………

    i don’t allow sentiments to be the deciding factor of my judgement……
    I once loved Ozil when he was still at Real Madrid….
    He worked hard for Real Madrid….
    He knows Mourinho doesn’t tolerate any nonsense

    But here at Arsenal, he turned himself to god…
    He became untouchable at Arsenal
    He became Unblamable….
    Wenger is the cause of all this…..

    when I see a pint size David Silva doing everything on the field of play, Week in week out , I get more mad on Ozil………

    I can say this anywhere, No big Club or no ambitious Club can tolerate this present Ozil…..
    That is why he will always be short of suitors except Fenerbahce or beskitas……..
    Can you imagine those shit clubs

    1. Sal says:

      you might consider them shit clubs but trust me i wish we has their support, especially when i read fellow gonners looking to belittle our players when it’s not even needed, by the way besiktas fener have an amazing fan base that stadium is rocking unlike our own!!

    2. Gily says:

      There is time for everything. If somebody does something well, just praise him. If someone does badly, it is time to criticise or advise him. It shouldn’t be otherwise.
      For me Ozil is pure class through and through any day any time, with the exception of his sulking sometimes.

    3. Bobby says:

      you just admitted you are in the opposition so case closed

  16. joe14 says:

    If you’re an arsenal fan and you’re bitter at this period, football will never make you happy, find another sport to support.

  17. Auba Arsenal of Lagos says:

    Iffy my brother,you need to take it easy.arsenal is not Chelsea nor man city we are the “classy arsenal’ if you have an issue with arsenal Bobo port to citeh OK?leave us with our ozil.I’m a heavy critique of ozil and Ramsey but no one that understands football will ever compare ozil to loftu -whatever .and yes ambitious clubs can tolerate ozil coz of his quality he only requires a very good manager to know when to play him full time & when not.

    1. De-ra says:

      Bless you! . Any fan that says a player of ours should go to hell aint a fan….
      Seriously Loftus??? I have read it all…

  18. iffybright says:

    I need a good answers to this question
    if I can be cleared on this, I will gladly surrender….
    The question is this






    1. De-ra says:

      You love Arsenal to a fault, yet you say a player of ours should go to hell?? Man your love sucks unfortunately….
      Phil has stated here, several times if i may add, that to get the best out of Ozil, he must be played in his No 10 position, and a solid Dm has to be present in the side (to cover up his weakness)
      And really??? When he plays poorly he is still praised here?? Man where have you been when he was getting slayed here on this very site???
      I do accept the fact that he should be more consistent, but since this is the first time he has played in the No 10 position, with a good dm in the side this season, i do believe we might just get a more consistent Ozil. Geez he even chased down a loose ball last night, i guess if that ball went to hell he might have chased it also???
      Be more constructive with your criticism bro….dont be a Micheal Owen…..

      1. De-ra says:

        And how has it working out for Sanchez???
        Regarding Ozil’s contract issue, i personally feel that not all big clubs were willing to pay him what Arsenal offered, and it was public news what Arsenal were willing to offer. Do not forget his age, and that was his last chance at getting that amount. Ask yourself how much your loved players KDB, Silva, Pogba earn. A normal manager managing any of the players above, should not upset the squad by handing that kind of cash to a new player. Hence the reason Mrs Maureen aint a normal manager?. The major issue is how the contract was handled by Arsenal, but thats a totally different conversation. You say you want and practice equality….i saw earlier your praise for Hector B and Iwobi, if you are willing to offer praise to them, understanding that they have both improved, why cant you understand that there is a possibility that Ozil is improving and offer praise! I cant even say he is improving yet as this is the first time this season he has played in the No 10 pos.
        Man, i weak for you…

      2. iffybright says:

        You haven’t answered my question…..

        So there has to be some conditions put in place for Ozil to play well, automatically that makes him a luxury player…..
        Even in Germany national team, Ozil plays from the right flank……
        Kroos khedira holds the central midfield
        No coach in his right senses will sacrifice Kroos for that lazy Ozil……
        you said Ozil playing at right wing makes him play poorly……..

        play any of isco Silva Debruyne coutinho in that area, they will still play very fine……..

        Even when Ozil was still in Real Madrid, he played most times from the right…. He played very well in madrid, that was because Mourinho never gave him the chance to feel like a God….
        Mourinho never made him feel untouchable…….

        When Emery starts making him fight for his shirt, I believe we going to see that old Ozil…..

        His starting shirt should not be automatic, he must fight for it

        1. De-ra says:

          First off, are you really an Arsenal fan??
          When Emery starts making him to fight for the shirt??? Again, are you really an Arsenal fan?? I ask again because one of things Emery has been credited for is making sure EVERY PLAYER, fights for the shirt, a true Arsenal fan would have noticed this in his first few weeks here.

          Example, how many times has it been stated that to get the best out of Pogba (one of your loved players) a this type of player and that type of player must be bought. Matic was brought in, Fred was brought in, Fellaini was used to accomodate his weakness, Mata at a point was played from the wing for Pogba to be tested in the No 10 role. So if we are to go by what you have been saying, all these should not have been done to get the best out of your best player??
          Man City also has players that cover up for the weakness of KDB and Silva, one of them is Fernandinho (criminally underrated)
          Do not confuse interchanging positions with playing on the wings for the most of 90mins, as it obviously seen in the way Man C play. Do kindly check again regarding the position Ozil played his best football for Madrid…..for me it was def not from the wings…and again you cant compare the level of Man C and Real M players to ours!
          Kroos, do you know the amount of players that have helped in bringing out the best of him??
          I am critical of Ozil when need calls for…..yesterday was not one of them needs….
          And man do you spout crap atimes? Mrs Maureen did not give him the chance to act like a God??? Do you know the amount of Mega stars Madrid had before Ozil arrived??
          You even say when he played on the wing for Madrid he was good. Guess why?? Because of the kind of players he was fortunate to play with. Compare the teamates of those players (bar Pogba) to ours!! Big difference yh??
          I give up with you dear lover of Arsenal

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Iffybright, how many times did Ozil win German player of the year? Who was the fastest player to 50 assists in the EPL? Who is the highest scoring German player to have played in the EPL?
            With regard to Alexis Sanchez, how well has he performed for Manchester United (a so called big club) since he left Arsenal? Do you think Manchester United supporters think he is value for the salary he earns?
            Yes Ozil has wraknesses like all players, yet many supposed experts on football rate him highly and he has the awards to demonstrate the fact.

        2. Kenyanfan says:

          You are simply a mumu or you have consumed alot of juju to realize that players are good in their own capabilities. You cant compare the Real Madrid that ozil played for with the Arsenal he has been playing for. All the Silvas and Coutinhos dont have the likes of xhaka ,Coquelin and flaminis behind them. They have quality players behind them and now we have one in Toroira.
          Talking about Pogba, he hasnt done anything to convince me he is better than ozil and second, both he and De bruyne dont play similar position with Ozil.
          Heard you talk of Cheek.You have to convince us you are a football fan and was in your sobber state of mind because we are talking about quality vz Available cheek, football brains and IQ vs physical appearance. You better reexamine yourself because you are now a double stardard human. You were busy bodying saying that if Ozil is that good why didnt the other big teams come for him. Now, if your Cheek is that good, why arent the big teams after him?
          Let your Plateau United sign him.
          lastly,in one of your threads you said Sanchez left and is now playing for a big club.
          Sobaccording to you arsenal is not big?What fan in the world would view his /her rival club a bigger club?
          You now say manutd is a bigger club and arsenal is just but another league team?? Get out of here.
          Never ever even if the bitter truth was the fact. Re-examine your fanitism

        3. jon fox says:

          I would stop digging my self further into that hole, Iffy lad! Most on here find your “thinking” suspiciously strange to say the least. Jealous of one our own players? Now I have heard everything. Are you SURE you are a Gooner? Serious question, are you? I have often questioned Ozils committment but would never think or write as you have. When ANY Arsenal player is brilliant I am thrilled , as are all TRUE Gooners , So I ask that question quite seriously!

        4. Bobby says:

          He just fought for it on Monday and here you are talking trash about it, you are so contradicting. Sanchez has suitors and a fat salary at MU but how has he ended up ?!

    2. Lance says:

      Iffybright, Ozil was short of suitors as you say because Arsenal wouldn’t or had no plan to sell him. You are free to criticise him when he plays badly but on Monday night, he was imperial.

  19. jon fox says:

    On Ozil I will be frank, as is always my way. Yesterday his second half perf was thrilling and reminded us all how rarely of late this standard of performance has happened. Of course I will gladly praise last night; how could I not as a Gooner! But I will not go overboard in raptures until this level of performance(or something close to it) becomes the norm , not the exception. For his talent , which no sane person can deny, and his huge wage, we are entitled to expect, from EVERY player, not merely Ozil, 100% committment every week. To my mind, yesterday was the first time THIS SEASON that we got this from Mesut. The goodwill towards him is rightly great from almost all of us, in part, because he has been treated shockingly by the German football authorities over the “non -true German”( whatever that is supposed to mean!!) nonsense. In another part too, because players with his natural sublime talent do not come around that often. We are talking Bergkamp, Henry, Pires standard, but this makes the disappointment when he disappears from games all the more acute. It is good that such Gooners as the distinctly clued up Phil have stuck firmly by him and I applaud that loyalty. Personally , I demand more regular committment ( not necessarily actual form, but committment) from ANY player, even those who have only a fraction of Ozil’s natural talent. And of course, ALSO from him. LAST NIGHT WE GOT IT IN SPADES AND WE WERE RIGHTLY PURRING , AS WAS HE. I propose to reserve my judgement until he achieves this standard of play FAR MORE REGULARLY and also , even more important in some respects, COMMITTMENT too!

    On another matter, last night, we realists should not forget that it was only thanks to the ref that Holding was not sent off for a second yellow and a pen given for that clear handball, which would surely be a very different story, had that happened. I always believe in total honesty with myself, despite my love of our mighty club And that non decision, changed the game for us.

    1. Phil says:

      Jon-The voice of sense and reason as always.
      For the first time this season Ozil was played in his natural positionAfter that it was up to him.He worked hard in the first half but credit Leicester for getting their tactics and formation right.They are a very decent side and there is no doubt we rode our lick with a couple of decisions going our way.But when you need your top players to step up Ozil did this.His goal was made to look easier than it was and that score came at the best possible time for us.
      The second half was just vintage Ozil.He showed what he can do and rightly received the praise he deserves.BUT.There is no doubt he simply HAS to keep performing as he did last evening.As much as I love Mesut Ozil the player he MUST make sure the effort is there in every game.
      I’ve always said he is our best player.That includes when Sanchez was at the Club and how many would he have scored last evening with the way Ozil was opening Leicester up in the second half?Commitment is key.If the effort is there every game and he is played in a No10 role then he will have a team built around him.
      Finally I would add how as soon as he was replaced by Ramsey how much less we created.Sort of sums it all up for me.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        What does Lacazette have to do to be awarded a penalty this season; be hit over the head by an opposition defender wielding the cross bar?

      2. jon fox says:

        Agreed Phil. I almost physically wept when Ramsey replaced Ozil. I accept resting Ozil with the game effectively won was sensible. But why Ramsey? I would have brought on Smith-Rowe instead. Once AM-N if fully fit it will be a different choice than merely Ramsey. Oh bliss!

  20. Babasola says:

    Truth be told
    There are many Ozil FanBoys
    I’m sorry @phil and @sue most notably
    But it’s not bad to have a player u love
    Just that these are usually the pple that harslhy slate players like Iwobi, Xhaka, Mustafi
    Iwobi is arguably our most consistent player this season
    Xhaka and Mustafi has had more good displays than Ozil this season
    This match is Ozil’s first good display this season
    Yet they are quick to jump on his praise bandwagon
    If u are lenient and patient with Ozil be the same with the others
    Cos he’s definitely and surely as inconsistent (if not worse) as them all

    1. Sue says:

      At the end of the day Babasola Ozil won us those 3 points last night….. if Iwobi wins us the 3 points at Palace on Sunday, then I will praise him!

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