Is it time to for David Raya to replace Ramsdale and make his Arsenal debut?

Mikel Arteta faces difficult decisions following his team’s 2-2 draw with Fulham. It could be time for him to make some changes in his starting lineup because what’s the point of having excellent players on the bench if the ones on the pitch are squandering their chances?

Aaron Ramsdale is one player whose starting place could be in jeopardy. The Englishman has impressed as Arsenal’s No. 1. Still, there is growing concern about his form, as evidenced by the recent 2-2 draw with Fulham, in which he conceded to an Andreas Pereira goal, which found him way out of his position between the sticks.

When Raya joined, some claimed that Ramsdale shouldn’t make mistakes, as one mistake could leave him out. Well, the time is ripe for Arteta to make a bold move and start new signing David Raya in goal for the upcoming match against Manchester United at the Emirates.

A change in goal for Arsenal could be a sign that anyone can be dropped, so you ought to be at your best. Starting David Raya would send a clear message to the team and the entire football world: Arsenal demands excellence.

Raya starting would not be a step back. The ability of the Spaniard to command his area, make critical saves, and read the game provides him with a competitive advantage that Arsenal might exploit.

Giving Raya a chance against Manchester United would demonstrate Arteta’s faith in him and provide Raya with a platform to demonstrate his abilities.

With Ramsdale exhibiting indications of weakness, the time has come for Arteta to show his commitment to fielding the finest players.

Finally, adding David Raya to the starting lineup would increase the stakes for both goalkeepers. Ramsdale’s reaction to this challenge could be a watershed moment in his Arsenal career.

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    1. Yes, Fulham’s goals weren’t Ramsdale’s mistakes and it’d be too risky to play our new GK against Man United

      I’m sure Arteta knows about who made those mistakes and will play safe in the upcoming EPL game

      1. Gai, Ramsdale has a bit fault in the first goal against Fullham he showed naivety with the distance to his goal line but denying Traore a goal was fantastic save from him.. However his mastakes in Arsenal 3 games is never enough to bring in Raya now. Ramsdale experience with us playing ManU can’t be undermined. Beyond training sessions , I guess Arteta would want to see how Raya performs for Arsenal in real match situation ie in Cup games coming soon baring injury to Ramsdale though. Against ManU I hope Ramsdale knows how to bypass opposition press by making use of our tall players.

        1. Yes Sylva, Raya should play in the cup competitions first. We’ll also have UCL group stage games for him

  1. Of course, as irrespective of RAMSDALES positioning, SAKAs fatal pass left their forward running free on goal with no covering defender behind him.

    Saka, not Ramsdale, was clearly at fault for that goal. Just tell the truth and stop blaming the wrong person, SOME of you on JA

    At least YOU saw and wrote the truth. MANY OTHERS DID NOT, FOOLISHLY.

    1. You haven’t experiment a system in mere league cup and you want to use it against man u whose player are hungry to play against arsenal may be you want us to concede more goals than usual. We all know how good is Raya but not in this case, early and late equalizing goal is something Arteta have work on it and he should always tell the boys to have total concentration and not underrating team.

  2. So does Saka need replacing because it was his pass that led to Ramsdale conceding the goal, also Zinchenko for being culpable in their second goal?

  3. Arteta is to blame for trying to mimic pep and play a system that doesn’t work for the team trying to be to clever and its costing us we will not challenge for anything if we continue this way and fail Arteta needs to go!

  4. Yes,Rays should and will start against for SaKa,yes he was the one who lost possession but Rice’s pass was not the best option but over hit it too.

  5. Last season, we lamented time and time again about goalkeeper-manager’s fault which cannot be excused if we are to pick individuals on why we lost the trophy last season. Give-away balls and leaving goal position as a keeper were some of support for decision to replace Leno with Ramsdale but soon as Leno left, Ramsdale began to dance at set-pieces and giving balls away; not just the Ramsdale we welcomed! The point is that what many see does not appear to abate implicating the manager that he doesn’t see; doesn’t care; or it’s his instruction. We must be serious but we need to see efforts and serious one at that. David Raya came at a blessed time. He has to replace Ramsdale asap. Additionally our team, I repeat, must see every team as challengers so that we learn to start every game with the first whistle and end ‘after’ the last whistle of the referee.

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