Is it too early for Arsenal to offer Walcott a new contract?

Sign Dat Ting! 2013

Sign Dat Ting! 2013


Walcott finally signed that contract on the 18th January 2013 nearly two full years ago, and the England international was reported to have won an increase to £90,000-per-week to persuade him to stay. Since that day Walcott has started 22 League games (and 10 as substitute) and has spent much more time on the treatment table than he has on the training pitch. And this is not just a recent phenomenom. If you ignore Walcott’s first breakthrough season when he started just 5 games, Theo has averaged only 15 League starts a year for the last 8 campaigns and this report shows that Walcott has had 14 separate injuries in the last five years

Now we all know that Walcott has always been an exciting player to watch and extremely fast when he is fit, but it would seem he is also very fragile, just like Robin Van Persie was for most of his Arsenal career. Walcott is definitely Arsenal through and through and we would all hope that he will stay fit and stay with the Gunners until the end of his career, but I am just a little bit wary about negotiating an improved contract with a player that has managed just ten League starts in the last 18 months.

Walcott looked sharp and scored a well-taken goal yesterday , but just remember that was his first goal in FOURTEEN MONTHS. Shouldn’t Wenger wait until Theo has proved his fitness over a period of time before offering him a contract?

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  1. AlmiR says:

    LOL, whats this nonsense, he is 25, best age for player, wenger knows this and probably he will extend this month with coq and arteta, now we are in different situation, we are signing big names, we have great squad, every player would love to play for us, thats reason why so many players atm want to play for us, arsenal dream LOL, where were those players 2 or 3 seasons ago, they know we are getting there with best, i belive next season will be amazing!!!

    1. JAmerican says:

      Yes I completely agree, I see us finally having that complete squad at the beginning of next season. For me it’s clear to see that Wenger wants the CL trophy before he calls it quits and he’s no doubt taking us there “quietly”…

    2. Kotte says:

      We alwys say that for the so called ‘NEXT SEASON’ I think ths season is goin to end amazingly coz we cn stil retain the FA CUP n in the CL we cn dream to progres a little further…dnt dream n expect too much for nxt season cz u dnt knw what wil happen in the future!

      1. davidrusa says:

        Your cynicism does not amuse many of us! Please save us from it. If you have nothing useful to say save your energy and don’t write because you are not forced. It is not good to come to this site to express only pessimism. What kind of fun are you? You mean to see the squad today is similar in quality to the one of two seasons ago? If that’s what you beleive then you must be one of the most delusional fellows. Look at the team from the goalkeeper to the strikers. Do you sincerely believe there is no improvement or you had not realised it? If it’s the latter you can be forgiven but if you seriously think the team is as it was or even worse then I think you belong to another planet, possibly Jupiter!

  2. Budd says:

    He’s just at the right age to have a new, increased salary on a new contract. Besides, yesterday was not his first goal after 14 months as he scored in the FA Cup as well.

  3. Invincibles49 says:

    Hey admin! I am smoking poor quality stuff mahn. Or may be i have become too used to. It does not hit anymore. yours Look good. What stuff do you smoke ? Can you ship some ?

  4. AlmiR says:

    I really like our new fitness coach, our team have much more energy compering to last year, you could see against Villa, they were very tired, while our players were cruising finnaly some things are paying off, we just need to fix this stupid injury thing and we are there, FFS chelsea lose 2 players and they are nothing, same to city without yaya they are 4th place team, we played without 10 players at one time LOL, crazy

    1. Ks-Gunner says:

      I am tired these youngsters who want to prove them selfs by tackling good footy talents away.

  5. 007 says:

    I don’t think this time around he will behave as he did the last time.

    With WC signings coming in such as Sanchez and Ozil plus others players stepping up such as the Ox, OG, Akpom and the introduction of Welbeck who wouldn’t want to be part of this project. Arsenal now has ambition and if we can avoid the injuries we can definitely win tittles.

    This is the best club for him, we support him through injuries and through fine health. A 3 year extension would do for now.

  6. JAmerican says:

    OT: I really think we should snap Paulo Dybala up at the earliest convenience, fans are calling for Lacazette and rightfully so with his goal tally this season but I actually took the time out to watch at least a couple of Palermo’s games where he featured and I see Arsenal quality through and through. He’s 21 and South America are known to produce some great attacking players… Give him Podolski’s number.

    1. Ks-Gunner says:

      He is dope. Big talent.

      1. Ks-Gunner says:

        he has also a killer of a left foot +

  7. durotemy says:

    Sign dat tin walcott..O.T do anyone know any tottenham blog just like

  8. Ks-Gunner says:

    New contract but not an improved one. Lad needs to work at his football when we are not in the possesion of the ball.

  9. SUNNY13 says:

    What is wrong if we tie him for longer time. We are one of the richest club in the world. Why would be concerned about that financial issue. He is almost at a level of being world class and I agree that injury is a concern but it is always associated with Arsenal. See now Sanchez is injured in training and may miss NLD. Bullshit.
    Walcott is too good to be not to offer a contract and we will be devastated if he does not sign the thing gain

  10. BKtheGreat says:

    Wot??! Walcott is the type a player that can turn a game on its head, u don’t get rid if that, his coming to his best year, Wud be stupid to let him go, the longer the contract the better

  11. lewiswhittaker says:

    i can sense some dislikes coming on here.

    i have bad mouthed walcott and his performance for nearly all of his arsenal career.

    he gives the least amount of effort of all arsenal players on the pitch.i remember Pires, who gave so much going forward that you ignored that he was lazy with his defensive side of the game. walcott isn’t half as good going forward and even worse tracking back. he has never fully committed to a 50/50, if he doesn’t quickly beat a man he turns back to his right back, showing no skill, he is the fastest guy on the pitch in most games but jogs when he attempts to track back and shows minimal effort to win the ball.

    players these days need to have both side to their game, hence jose getting rid of the lazy mata.

    william, oscar, hazard, young, rooney, valencia, navas, milner, sanchez, ox, carzola, welbeck, to name a few all aggressively track back and have a defensive side of heir game.

    walcott needs to learn this fast otherwise i wouldn’t start him over, ox, welbeck, sanchez, gnabry and ever rosicky at this moment in time. a 5 minute showing in a 90 minute game is not deserving of a new contract.

    1. HA559 says:

      I agree with most of this. Walcott is a final third player. Even Chamberlain who I used to say early in the season as lazy, now gives more in defence than Walcott. When walcott plays on the right, it is a defensive liability on that side, it won’t matter against smaller teams but will in the big games. Ozil did more defending than Walcott yesterday, So he should start vs Tottenham. I know Sanchez doesn’t play much on the right but it is better to have him there to look after Bellerin.


      Then Coquelin paired with either Rosicky or Ramsey, I’d say Rosicky since he is up for the north london derby games more than Ramsey.

    2. jonestown1 says:

      I don’t entirely disagree with your analysis – but it should be said that a fit and in form Walcott will probably score more goals than Ox, Welbz, Gnabry and Rosicky combined.

  12. HA559 says:

    Extend his contract, but don’t give him a pay rise just yet. He hasn’t played much since his last extension and wage increase.

    Like it or not we finally have atleast 2 players in each position in the team. They may not be the best, but it gives a good depth in the squad. Coquelin and Bellerin have fought their way into the first team squad and that has become a real bonus, especially for wenger who now won’t get a DMF. I’m actually surprised that Wenger didn’t say that Coquelin and Bellerin are like new signings yet. All of a sudden all of the back four space can be covered by not only 1 or 2 players but 3 players, some positions by 4 players. Coquelin also can play in either fullback positions. If we can keep this squad together through the summer, good things will happen next season, maybe even this season as well?

  13. Twig says:

    Of course, it’s not. Unless you want to see him join the Spurs.

  14. cheeterspotter says:

    Bang on re Walcott. He does need to work on the teamwork side of his game.The wingbacks attack as well as defend so there’s no reason why he doesn’t try to help the wingback when he’s under pressure.Tackling may not be his thing but numbers when defending helps the cause.Attack as a team defend as a team..

  15. fred cowardly says:

    Wenger should make another WC signing this summer to show Walcott and other players that he is ambitious. Also, give Walcott a reasonable increase in salary.

    That should do it.

    Walcott would prefer staying here so reasonable steps like the above should be enough

  16. I would sell him and buy a winger who can stop being a sicknote.

    If Players were only paid for games they are available for I bet Walcott would not be out for as long.

    At most, players should get 5k per week during weeks they are unavailable. If you were lounging on your couch watching Arsenal while crocked week after week, how would you be feeling you could be earning 80k at that moment if you were playing. Then think how you’re down 160k the following week and so on. I know I would not be on the couch but getting physio and doing training.

    Alternatively, contract players for fixed number of games and until that number is played the contract does not end. Pay player a fixed wage per game played.

    Watch the difference in time playing and time skiving.

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