Is it too much to hope Arsenal buy a striker as well as Mudryk?

Is It Too Ambitious To Expect Arteta To Sign A Striker Alongside Mudryk?

Arsenal’s need for an attacking signing this winter is exacerbated by Gabriel Jesus’ injury, which will keep him out for a while. If Arsenal are to effectively replace Jesus, they must sign a natural striker, but transfer rumours suggest that they are desperate to sign Shaktar Donetsk winger Mykhailo Mudryk.

So, if Arsenal completes the signing of Mykhailo Mudryk, do you believe Arteta would have effectively bolstered his attack? If you don’t, and feel Arteta still needs to sign a striker after Mudryk joins, perhaps what Fabrizio Romano has to say on Give Me Sport is what you need to hear.

When asked if Arsenal should sign another striker alongside Mudryk, the European Transfer Guru replied, “I think it depends on opportunities at the moment. I don’t see them signing a player for €100 million in that position [striker].

“Yes, the Gabriel Jesus injury is more serious than expected, but in two or three months he will be back available again.”

Considering these claims, it is clear that a striker is required, but Arsenal would only consider bargain deals or even loan deals.

Daniel O


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  1. Star srikers aren’t exactly in surplus in the market are they?
    The notion, that we can buy 2-3 players, who can just “slot in” to secure us the PL title is rubbish.
    We need to make sure, we keep our project on track first and foremost, and if we can add players, who suit the profile, and who eventually will strengthen us and won’t hamper the development of our young stars, then I am confident, we will add.
    But it is not just a matter of money. It is a big challenge.

  2. I’m honestly sick of this transfer talk and nothing coming out of it, murdyk was supposed to be a definite no matter what but kroenke needs to put the money where there mouth is yet again,before he’s a atched up by someone else, and then it’s oh remember Arsenal were interested in him just to add to the list of coulda beens , either act on it or stop waisting the fans hopes as we have a fantastic opportunity to win the league just now but we need a couple more players to do it and I mean big spends kroenke!!!!

    1. Arsenal need to beef up the squad. However, your comment lacks perspective.
      How is reasonable for Arsenal to simply pay the quoted figures to get this player without careful consideration and negotiation?
      His current “value” is nowhere near what Shakhtar want for him.

    2. the mouth is too wide though, a player who will not be a regular starter in a team, takes away all our transfer budget (top 4 means we will have extra budget in summer for sure). For value for money, Sangare or Danilo as Partey backup, and winger like Zaha(EPL proven) or Martin Terrier/Diaby (young, cheaper) would be good.

    3. You do realise the Kroenkes have absolutely no say over who they sign??? Thats Edus job they just write the cheques. You Kroenke haters need to actually learn how a football club is run and operated before shooting your mouths off…. it only shows how stupid you really look.

      1. I’d have thought it was obvious, but as KSE signs the cheques to release monry, they do have a say in HOW MUCH Edu can pay.
        That amounts to having a say, in reality! As someone, you, who is an apologist for Kroenke and son, I have no wish to say more to you. I prefer fans with intellect to discuss with!

  3. Ideally that’s what the club needs it’s not a luxury it’s a need. Saka and gabbi are overloaded while nketia will need support he’s not a robot

    1. Henry started out as a striker. As a teenager in Paris he was playing in teams 2 years above his age. He only moved out to the wing after Wenger was sacked at Monaco.

  4. For me the ideal scenario would be to sign Mudryk and get a Joao Felix on loan as a stop-gap insurance to Jesus’ absence and any mishap to Nketia.
    But the most likely one is that no striker will be signed. In the case of an Nketia absence, Mudryk or Smith-Rowe would be pushed wide left and Martinelli ro the middle, which would still be a fair compromise but could jeopardise our chances of success

    1. Nah I’d rather use Joao’s millions as downpayment for the other Joao at Watford. He’s fast, can be chaotic too and doesn’t mind chasing the ball all over.

  5. With more than half of the seasons games still to be played & the competition for top four greater than ever, Arteta & (I hope Kronke) will know that this is not a given, but essential for AFC’s progression. That there’s a now an outside chance that we might even win the PL, they’d be complete mugs not to strengthen the squad as much & as quickly as possible in an attempt to achieve this. My worry is that to save £’s they wait until near the end of the January window by which time we might have dropped points that earlier signings might well have avoided.

  6. I say we look for a striker who is a free agent , no one comes to my mind now but l believe one or two of such should be in the market, his age shouldn’t be any concern so far he is a striker that has a good history of scoring goals.
    Secondly Mudryk is needed as I think MA wants to try out martinelli in the striking position while mudrk plays out in the left.
    Alternatively we could recall Nicholas Pepe , he can score goals and could be used as a striker.
    All in all I wouldn’t want us to spend crazy money on a non tested over hyped commodity who would come and add little to no value to our current squad , take for instance Vlahovic, we seem yo have dodged a bullet (an expensive one ) there.

    1. How is Vluhavic over hyped?? he scores at a rate of a goal every two games which is more then every player at Arsenal. Also he clearly is playing for a manager at Juve who cant get the best out of that team and has been injured a fair part of this season so far. The only knock i have on gettin Vluhavic is does he press as much as Jesus does as i think that has been crucial to our success this season. We need to trust in that Arteta has a plan for these targets and from what we have seen of how he has transformed this club i have confidence in any player he brings in

  7. With the quantity of wingers at our disposal, I can only think of one reason of us going for Mudruk before an urgent need such as the midfield position. And the reason being that MA thinks Mudruk is a future world beater and too good of a player to miss.

    1. I think its very clear why Arteta wants Mudryk. ESR is Martinellis back up and Mudryk will back up Saka. Nelson is as good as gone i believe and Arteta will keep him around this season till a academy player like Kidd Hart develops some more and gets his chance next season and you can add Pepe to that list of players that are as good as gone. I think Arteta wants to bring in genuine target man type striker to add a differnt element to the squad. One thing we have lacked since Giroud was sold is someone in the box capable of nicking a goal hence why Vluhavic is a target.

  8. As I am not a mind reader, I tend to find the transfer window pretty tedious. I would, however, like to think that after 3 years at the helm, both Arteta and Edu have a pretty good idea of what is required and will do their best to get the player(s) signed if the signs are right.

    Much was made about not strengthening this time last year, particularly in relation to not replacing PEA. At the time I felt he wouldn’t be missed and I stand by that. In his head he had already left us. Was it inexperience in failing to secure a replacement when the main target didn’t fancy it here, or a definite plan B to carry on and hope for the best until the next transfer window?

    With hindsight, I think our failure to secure PL football was inexperience last season, whereas this year, much has been learned and crucial signings have helped change the dynamic completely. Both White and Odegaard, for example, were nearly there then, but look transformed this year. The team believe they can win this year, but last year their nerve let them down at a crucial time. The ManC duo certainly brought a winning mentality with them as has another year playing together and learning from a coaching staff. Hedging my bets, that doesn’t mean that not strengthening is advisable, but whoever it is should not be a knee jerk reaction

    1. Finally someone with a sensible comment and half a brain. I think the best thing the club did last january was not panic and buy for the sake of buying instead they waited for their specific targets. Yes it certainly may have cost us top four last season but would have left us with a player on a high salary with a big transfer fee that we dont want. The club has literally spent all of Artetas time getting rid of those players at the club and the second we get a sniff of success moron fans demand spending stupid money on anyone.

  9. Need a backup for Partey and a winger.

    If AFC fail to do so, our schedule becomes brutal with the added games from Europa and Cups. (History is a clear reminder on this front, and even Mikel is not invincible yet)

    Get it done and it will be a battle to the finish line this year!

    1. Last time I checked we had Mo as Partey’s backup. It’s xhaka’s role that’s been a worry ’cause Sambi might need more time than everyone expected. Ben White is multi talented and could easily slot in at CDM if worse comes to worst.

  10. I can only see us getting a striker if it is a cheap signing and player willing to be behind Nketiah in the pecking order. Brerenton Diaz or Terrier someone of that ilk.

    As widly reported 2nd official bid has now been made for Mudryk so now we just wait, hopefully Shakhtar accept it and the deal can be completed before the Friday midday deadline allowing him to be available to play in the FA Cup match against Oxford United. Then I believe will move on to midfield targets which I hope we go for Amrabat who I’m confident we could get for around £35M-£40M Danilo as the fall back option should that not be the case.

    1. For the past few days, you’ve been all over the place about this Ben Brereton Diaz stuff. The moment I see your name on the comments section, I begin to lookout for his name and you never disappoint. Can you please stop?

      1. That is clearly not true as I have not mentioned him in the ‘past few days’ I have however, name dropped him in the recent past and why the hell does it trigger you so much is the real question.😒

      2. Just checked, I name dropped him on the 28th Dec and made a comment previously regarding him on a boxing day article with a bit more depth, since then not a word until this article. So that puts your bs claim to bed. Who are you to tell me what I can or can’t post anyway?

        1. It doesn’t trigger me. He just has never been in any conversation about our club and probably never will

  11. I feel it’s safe to say another attacking player needs to be brought in with Jesus injury, Nelson injured, and ESR fitness an ongoing issue.

    We can’t overplay Martinelli, Saka, and Nketiah.

    Another CM would be gravy, but that may have to wait for the Summer.

  12. As a Gooner for life,that I am. I will want Arsenal to seize this rare opportunity before them to win the Epl title this season.
    And which currently is flying across past their face. And seize it with both hands holding on to it very tightly. So as to not allow it out of their grasps to fly away.
    In this wise, Arsenal should by all possible means at their financially disposal go bigger in this Jan transfer window market. And sign some 3 top quality players who they can sign. And sign them to reinforced their 1st team squad this winter for an enhanced Epl, ELC and FA titles charge to win the treble this season,
    for Arsenal to surety their 3 title wins charge this season and guaranteed them to all be in place to win the 3 at season’s end. And win them unfailingly.
    Arsenal MUST therefore reinforced right and correctly this January window to sign a new top quality rightwinger. Which they are revisiting this winter by bidding to sign Mykhalio Mudryk from Shakhata Donetsk. And it’s good as they have submitted a 2nd bid to sign the 21 year old RW. Hopefully, Shakhata will accept the Arsenal 2nd bid.
    Arsenal will do well this winter if they reinforced their midfield department with a new top quality Dmf signing for top quality options.
    And finally, for a top striker options and to provide cover. Arsenal should also sign a new top quality top league goals scorer striker this winter,. So as to not leave any stone unturned to have an adequate team reinforcements this winter winter.
    I have read on the net that Arsenal are weighing uo the possibly of taking striker Jao Felix at Ateletico Madrid on loan this winter. In a move that is a right one if Arsenal make it to a logical conclusion.

  13. YES Daniel O, it is! Some naive folk seem to think Kroenke has become Father Christmas. I KNOW he is still the GRINCH!

  14. Damn, the next 4 weeks are interesting to say the least:

    Newcastle (H)
    Spurs (A)
    Man United (H)
    Everton (A)

    Chelsea (A)
    Man United (A)
    Spurs (H)
    Wolves (H)
    Spurs (A)

    If we can grind wins at home and at Everton, I think we can afford to lose points at the Spuds Stadium which is always difficult match nevermind the form.

    1. Can’t wait to hear the announcement of mudryk. I believe the process
      MA and Edu will give us the smile 😁
      That’s what we deserve this year..

    2. I think there is a real possibility when Man City rock up to the Emirates Stadium on Feb 15th our lead over them will have increased to at least 10-12pts. Although we have a tough run theirs is horrendously difficult.

  15. I believe a striker is more important than buying Mudryk, the reason being we have enough talented players on the wings and depending only on Nketiah to carry on the load would be a bit too much. If we sign Mudryk and dont sign a striker, I feel MA will use Martinelli to rotate with Nketiah for the striker position.

  16. Georgio Giacomakis (a striker in the Groud mold) has refused a new contract at Glasgow Celtic. He is a proven goalscorer in the Eridivise and Scotland and at 29 would be a very affordable low cost option for Arsenal FC.

  17. we have a great striker in Jesus, but he not being used in a pure striker role sadly. So what’s the point of buying one if they won’t be used as one

  18. Mydryk is too expensive and I think arsenal should look for an alternate. The guy got more exposure from being associated with Arsenal and his team wants arsenal to overpay for him. No. This is a team sport and we can and should find a capable replacement.

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