Is it up to Ozil to EARN bumper new Arsenal contract?

While the Germany international star, who Arsene Wenger smashed the Arsenal transfer record to sign from Real Madrid a few years ago, was one of a number of high profile Gunners to enter the final year of their current contracts during the recent summer transfer window, there was far less talk and far fewer Arsenal transfer rumours about Mesut Ozil than there were about our Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez and the new Liverpool player Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

As Wenger struggled to keep the Ox and Alexis in north London he did not appear to have much to do in the way of fending off transfer bids for the German play maker, but at the same time we seem no nearer to getting Ozil to put pen to paper on a new deal to keep him at the club.

So will Ozil be heading off on a free transfer at the end of the current campaign, as one report in The Mirror this week has claimed, saying that contract talks between the Gunners and our number 11 have broken down? It is certainly a possibility, although Ozil seems happier with his role as an Arsenal player than Sanchez does.

Another Mirror report in which the boss denies that talks have broken down and suggests that they are just slow going, claims that the reason no new contract has yet been agreed is because of the difference between what the Arsenal board are offering Ozil in the way of salary and what he and his people are asking for.

Some Arsenal fans, and possibly Wenger himself, will say is that the German has not exactly been showing himself to be worth the same sort of money we were willing to pay Alexis to sign a new deal and the lack of offers from other clubs for him supports this idea.

Is it in fact the case that it is not Arsenal FC but the player himself that needs to step up and show the sort of form that will get him the contract offer that will secure his future as a gunner?



  1. Dan says:

    Ozil like Sanchez is not interested in signing a new contract both will be gone in jan get use to it!!!

    1. neil says:

      Ozil needs to put to rest any lingering doubts re his ability…. stats are great to show number of assitsts etc and one can argue he needs someone to put those away… however he needs to turn a big game in Arsenals favour rather than just shining against the minnows… Chelsea on Saturday would be a great game to do that !

    2. BuddReloaded says:

      Ozil is not interested in signing a new contract in the amount Arsenal offers/offered him. By the looks of it, Arsenal offering is the highest otherwise he would have go somewhere else by now. I am not sure how much Arsenal is offering him but it is minimum 150k and probably maximum of 180-200k. He knows that going for free somewhere in the EPL will increase his chances to be paid more. Trouble is that there’s not much demand for his services from the top 5 teams, teams willing to pay in excess of 150k/week.
      I would like him to retire at Arsenal but seriously, can’t be bothered if he go. Hope we will get some double digit assists this season from him.

      1. waal2waal says:

        all we really have is approximations, unreliable tabloid hints, assumption and guesswork. I’d prefer he signs until we identify someone better, comparable and has his measure in terms of being world cup calibre.

  2. ArseOverTit says:

    Yep, Ozil and Sanchez will earn new contracts elsewhere.

    Ozil to turkey, Sanchez to Spain.

  3. Mobella says:

    Ozil won’t extend and i can’t blame him for that. The number of time British pundits and ex players lay into the guys is alarming considering a bunch of them didn’t achieve as much as him in their playing days.

    1. JJPawn says:

      The English cannot play proper international level football and should have no business commenting on Ozil, who is a cog in the German machine with actual cups. Ozil would be correct in leaving a place that has a one dimensional understanding of the game.

  4. Antony Douglas says:

    Arsenal has left too late to negotiate Ozil and Sanchez contract. The club will lose millions if they dlon’t sell them. Cash is still king.

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    Doesn’t Ozil have to do something to “earn” a new contract?

  6. waal2waal says:

    only a week a go i read a MIRROR news article article saying how citeh had beaten lpool by 4-nil: but on closer inspection it transpires that the winning margin was in fact 5 goals. which leads me to my salient point, we can get a hint of the truth from tabloids like the mirror but we must never accept that what we take from the mirror is true as with the mirror news header above they have an inclination for jumping the gun and running a story before bothering themselves with the facts.

    *we cannot know about ozils contract situation IF our source is Mirror News Snippets which far as detailed accounts go, its a source that gives us nothing substantive. As its stands “we’ve got ozil and there nothing sinister to it, he is committed.

  7. Arsenal_Girl says:

    After Leicester’s magical season I was an Ozil supporter because of his 19 assist season. Unfortunately Wenger played Walcott up front and Giroud went a dozen PL matches without scoring. Also, Wenger didn’t sign a top striker before the season started

    But since then Ozil has not replicated that, nor does he score enough goals like Fabregas, Mahrez. Even during his 19 assist season, I think he scored 5-6 goals

    Also, Ozil does not like to track back and defend. He is only interested when he gets the ball.

    Ozil must have another Top season this year or it may be better to let him go.

    Can you imagine Ozil replicating his 19 assist season with Lacazette, Alexis and Theo all at their very best.

    It looks like Ozil and Alexis are going in the summer. If that is the case, assuming we get Lemar, we will also need top replacements for Alexis and Ozil in addition to Lemar

    1. waal2waal says:

      1/4 of a million p/wk is enough to see he remains at arsenal particularly as germany international coach is being touted as our future manager – perhaps ozil is interested in that. he does appear settled here to me, just needs to put effort in learning more of the language and he’ll find london is an exciting place to be, of course that’s if you can afford it.

  8. Stiemey307 says:

    Ozil is almost worthless. His inconsistency week in and week out is frustrating to any Gooner. His claim that stats show the distances covered is proof he works hard is rubbish. Someone can spend 90+ minutes running around inside the center circle and rack up distance. He is lazy in his defensive play, gives up too easily when he looses the ball, and his body language is toxic to the team. When he decided to have a great game, it is usually against the smaller clubs. I say sell him in January, regardless if we have a replacement, and look forward to next season.

  9. The barrel says:

    I’ll be happy if Ozil goes. No club has been d for him, but he needs 300k/week, for playing against minnows. Ozil is a name. Let him leave in peace to small teams like Galatasary. No big team from England or Spain will bid for Ozil. Poor lazy Ozil, just enjoy 150k/week and ship up.
    Better Arsenal fight to keep Sanchez. Ozil should be followed by Giroud, Ramsey, Debuchy, and Coquelin to exit door

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