Is it Walcott NOT Giroud that Arsenal need to sell?

I am a little confused about some of the recent Arsenal transfer rumours, because many in the football media seem to think that Arsene Wenger is about to allow the transfer of our France international star Olivier Giroud to go through, with reports like the one yesterday in The Mirror suggesting that the big centre forward is going to sign for our Premier League rivals Everton for about £20 million.

They might be right of course, and the report says that a scout working for the Merseyside club are very confident that Giroud will soon be their player, but for me it does not make sense. Even with the Gunners about to complete the transfer of Alexandre Lacazette from Lyon I cannot see the logic in letting Giroud go.

For one thing he is a different type of player and gives Arsenal a completely different option up top, unlike Theo Walcott who maybe should be the player that Arsenal are looking to offload now that we have this new striker with pace and plenty of goals.

For another thing, both Wenger and Giroud have spoken recently about him staying and he only recently signed a new long term contract, so have the papers got it wrong? Will it be Walcott who makes way for the new striker?

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  1. I’m praying that Wenger is buying the players because he believes we need reinforcements not to appease the fans. The last thing l want is to have all these magnificent players and us failing to get the best out of them because our dear manager wants to ensure that his loyal sons get game time….

    1. I’m fine with him appeasing the fans as long as we get who we need. I actually don’t care what the reason is as long as he gets top quality players to complete the team

      Wenger’s system has been a failure for over a decade. He has failed to get reinforcements for a decade. He never replaced Viera. He never got a top CF after RVP (until now)

      Fans have suffered long enough

  2. Walcott should be offloaded, wage-wise. But if Ox doesn’t stay and Wenger doesn’t buy a player on that position, I’d rather see Ollie leave.

  3. YES
    Oh yeah.
    Is good

    U make me a happy
    U sell a the whippet

    Me no like.

  4. It amazes me why people always mention Theo Walcot when discussing players to be sold. I believe that most of this fans do not understand the importance of Walcot in the team . Walcot as a winger scored 19 goals for Arsenal (second highest to Sanchez) last season with fewer number of matches and fans want him sold! I do not understand that logic when it is goals that win matches and trophies .There is no winger in the EPL that scored like that last season.
    Giroud wants more more game time as we are moving towards World Cup Year, so do not blame him if he goes. Theo should not be sold unless he wants to go in order to get game time in another Club for the same reason that Giroud wants to leave.

    1. @Samuel Ogungbayi – Walcott was indeed our 2nd Highest Goalscorer with 19.

      But that’s not the whole truth, off the top of my head I can remember Walcott scoring against:

      – 3 Vs. Southampton C Team.
      – 1 Vs. Sutton.
      – 1 Vs. Lincoln
      – 1 Vs. Ludorgerts (however you spell it).

      Plus he’s a wide man, and if we stick to the current formation with no wingers. Then I can’t see where he’ll fit in other than maybe a “Cup Game Striker”…

      Plus, he’s on £140,000 a week, so if he went we could potentially keep Sanchez.

      Overall, I’d say sell Walcott and keep Giroud as sub/rotation striker.

      1. What about these…

        – 1 vs Bayern Munich
        – 1 vs Liverpool
        – 1 vs Chelsea
        – 2 vs Man City

        1. Not 1 off those goals won us a single game. It’s funny you mention that he scored against Bayern Munich we lost that fixture 10/2 who cares who scored mate. I mean really come on

        2. He can score which is good. But he has next to no ability on the ball. He can’t be bothered tracking back, when he does he allows the player ample time to pick out a ball/man. When we are up against it, it looks pitiful. A midfielder needs more to his game than being able to finish off chances that he should be putting away. They are not goals born from great dribbling or massive desire. He gets in the right place at right time, that’s a great knack to have, problem is CF is the only role where you can put up with a player only having this one ability. He can’t do it at CF though. To win the league, to be that much better, Walcott needs to go. He is a liability more often than a savior. If we are to brush past City Chelsea Manu Tott Liverpool, we need midfielders who know their duty, and who’ll give it their all in fulfilling those duties. 140.000 a week is too much for a bench player, we could get a very good player for that money.

    2. Sorry bro, Walcott isn’t good enough. His goals meant little as few won us games. He was more frustrating than spectacular. We’ve had enough patient for him and I can’t see him fitting into the new formation. If he was in another top club, am sure he would’ve been sold for long, we need top quality player. 140,000 for a squad player is too much

  5. Methinks that we have suffered so much in the attack that we now gloss over the midfield. Everyone is concerned about the attack. Who’s gunner replace CaZorla. You trust Ramsey and Elneny? i don’t Since we have La caZZa , for now Sanchez is still here, whether Walcott or Giroud stays is not my worry. my worry is the midfield now. i say get a creative midfielder and maybe Carvalho for defensive midfield. Sell Ramsey,Wilshere and Coquelin.


  6. Giroud won’t want to stay as a number two on the bench even though I think he is a great sub offering a different outlet up front.
    Theo I think, will be happy to be used intermittently and of course can play attack, winger and midfielder.

  7. Let’s keep both of them and keep Sanchez. Sell Lucas, Cambell, Akpom, Debuchy, Gibbs, 1 of the GKs, And keep the rest of the team. We need to use different 11 in the Europa leagues and the following weekend’s Premier Leagues matches (we must rotate the attackers). Since injury from close fixtures has been one of our recent worries, we need to be proactive.

  8. I don’t understand why people think Theo needs to be sold. The problem with Theo is that most of us had very high expectations when he first signed based on his form then, which didn’t replicate at Arsenal. For me, Theo is good, and let’s accept him as Theo and forget the “next Henry ” hype. He has consistently scored within 15 goals in the past three or four seasons, he is a player we need, especially with Europa, which needs a very big and proven squad to challenge and also concentrate in domestic league and cups. Campbell on the other hand is a winger who has not offered us goals and isn’t a proven scorer, I know he offers us some trickery , but isn’t a religious scorer, so I would keep both Giroud and Theo and offload Campbell painfully. After all we also have Iwobi who is developing well and doing a very good job than Campbell …COYG

    1. Totally agree. Not sure why These clowns have downvoted your comment. We need a big squad to challenge in all competitions. Giroud and Walcott are great squad options as are completely different. Lacazette and Sanchez make up the four strikers we need.

      People that say sell theo….who are you going to replace him with???

    2. It’s not that Walcott isn’t a good squad player. That he is. But we’re paying him 140k a week to sit on the bench…. Money could be better used elsewhere.

  9. How Walcott came to be a football player who earns 140k is a mystery to me. Giroud should stay, but if he thinks he is to good to sit on the bench.

    Byeee donkey. all the luckl to you. You might got us some goals, but i will never forget all the sitters you have lost us during the time at Arsenal.

    Not to forget going 15 games without scoring a goal. Stoping Ozil breaking his assist record, and us losing the epl title to

  10. Theo is a very good player and our best right winger

    But He makes too much money. His salary does not reflect the way he has played. That’s the only problem I have. It was a ridiculous salary increase. Theo makes more than Giroud and slightly less than Alexis (until Alexis signs a contract). Wenger has made it more difficult for us to keep Alexis and Ozil by paying Theo more than he is worth due to Premier League salary rules.

    But again i am happy Theo staying. If Mahrez comes then it will force Theo to improve. Theo would be an excellent SuperSub.

  11. My plan if i was Wenger would be:
    Keep Alexis for the remaining year of his contract
    Keep Ox
    Keep Ozil (i think he will sign a new deal)
    Buy Lemar or Mahrez
    Buy a top CM
    With the signing of Lacazette a front 4 of Alexis, Ozil Mahrez and Lacazette would surely challenge for the league and should easily het back in top 4 and meeping players like Walcott and Giroud should be a must considering we are in the Europa League. Next season if we get nack into CL try and sign Griezmann (Lacazettes BFF) to replace Alexis. You never know with a good positive season Sanchez just might sign a new deal too. I would love to see Isco come in for Cazorla (RIP) too. Anyway back to reality, i hope Arsenal announce Lacazette soon.

  12. I think we should try and keep the current squad. If we want to base our selves on teams like city and Chelsea. They all have an abundance of players for each position. Selling our 2nd highest scorer is ridiculous. Even if he has not lived up to his full potential. We should keep giroud and Walcott as like it or not they both played huge parts in our gane last season. Perez Gibbs debuchy jenko should all be sold. We should have a minimum of 2 players for each position. Walcott as a squad player is bloody good. Let’s get Thomas lemar in to take over and provide computing. I also think ox is over rated and has not and will not actually do much for the team apart from run to the bi line and put in a few crap crosses. I mean seriously guys 9 goals in his whole career at arsenal and I’m sure his assist rate is not much better


  13. Giroud and Walcott had a better goals and assists ratio per games than Özil. Özil doesn’t defend and goes missing in the big games. Hahahaha why do so many of you turn a blind eye to these facts?

  14. I love Walcott but he ruined his own career when he demanded to play as a centre forward as one of the condition to extend his contract which is expiring in a year (part from the 140k pay).
    Wenger relented & played him in the role he demanded but he performed poorly as a striker in so many games that affected our title challenge badly..
    Wenger had since changed his position back on the flank but he never really recapture his brilliant form (for Arsenal & England) before he got long term injury in Jan 2014..
    With Arsenal playing 3-4-3 (or 3-4-2-1), with Ox & Bellerin as leading candidate for the right wing back, I don’t see Walcot in the picture..

  15. William 100k per week
    Radio Mane 90k per week
    Firming 90k per week
    Adams Traore 25k a week
    Wilfred Zaha 60k, being offered 120k
    Walcott 140k per week

    Tell me you would still pick Walcott?? Lets be serious guys.He is a decent squad player but not for that value, he is not a 140k per week player

    1. Sorry about this auto correct on my phone, names should read
      Sadio Mane

      1. I’ve never understood what Walcott’s hold is on Wenger. Why is he still at Arsenal. It took him 11 years to reach 100 goals last season. At the same point, Giroud already had 93 in 6 seasons and Sanchez at 60 in just two. So don’t tell me that Walcott is a star player just because he had one decent season at 19 goals. Which, by the way, after 11 seasons as a first team player still,isn’t good enough. He’s still easily knocked off the ball and still requires, on average, about 3 to 4 shots, to just score 1.

        Hes only on 140pw because he and his agent took full advantage of the period when we were a selling club and could afford to lose him after RvP, Nasir, Fabregas…

        Honestly, would Walcott get into Citeh, Chelski, Manure or even Spuds right now? No. Yet he’s still good enough to be at Arsenal!

        Giroud has no legs but he’s a unique striker with an amazing touch and our point man for headers in the box. Keep Giroud, sell Walcott and buy a better squad player. Better still keep Walcott and use him if and when necessary. But no more pay rises!

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