Is it Wenger’s fault Arsenal are stuck in a loop?

It is that time of the season again and Arsenal fans are getting the same sinking feeling. At least we are still in the FA cup, although our failure to see off Hull City at home means we might not be in it for much longer and it has forced Arsenal to squeeze one more game into an already congested fixture list.

It really is beginning to feel like the Gunners are stuck in a loop, where we get ourselves into a good position in the Premier League table until the second half of the season sees us take an early bath from the Champions League and and lose any realistic chance of winning the title.

Up until a couple of years ago these was an early FA cup exit thrown in for good measure, so there is definitely a recurring theme here and it is really starting to get on my pip and Iā€™m sure that many other Arsenal fans feel the same way.

But what are the reasons behind this annual slump? In previous years there have been various theories such as a raft of injury problems but you cannot really say that this time. In fact we should be flying after getting the likes of Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck back and only have a handful of players out.

There is one constant, of course, and that is that Arsene Wenger has been in charge. There is his reluctance to spend money in the January transfer window, of course, but is the general malaise and lack of desire and fight actually coming from the boss and filtering down to the players?

Everyone makes mistakes and funny things happen in football, but if the same mistakes keep happening to the same manager year after year, surely something has to be done. But will the club have the guts to act?


  1. with wenger, man city will lift the ucl b4 arsenal..
    i like pochettino/ koeman at arsenal rumours.
    i think even roberto martinez has bettr tactics than wenger now a days..wenger can no longer arise the fightng spirit of heart broken players…Let him go,
    evry one knows that wenger has great history wth arsenal but as the years are passing his great history is fading away..he should leave early

    1. i have to be Honest……… If asked whom to pick between pochettino or koeman

      i’m going with the spuds boss

      he’s more tactically adept …..and he did it at saint marys back then and now at the white hart Lane!

      1. Wenger is a hoarder.
        He hoards so much that he does not realise that his house is full of crap .
        He does not know when to call it quits with his failed experiments . All those young players in the team are not going to amount to much . At best they will become average EPL players.
        He is caught in a vortex of failure and cannot see the problems in his team .
        Whereas other managers continuously optimize their team during the transfer window by rrmoving under performer , wenger rewards them.
        Example were the brendhtner , djorou and denilson , Sendoros. These players were handed contracts far bigger than their ability thereby leading to us not being able to get rid of them .
        The club el nieny came from were surprised when Arsenal showed interest because they thiink that he was a mid table standard player .

    2. We are officially the long ball team of the league.
      The midfield is practically dead so that our defenders have resorted to hoofing it .
      On another note , the manager should play elnieny and Coq behind Ozil . Tell them to just sit and let Ozil pick passes from deep.
      Drop Ramsey , bring Joel back into the team and 4 -3- 3


    1. Yeah, expect even more until right before the Swansea game.

      However, it wouldn’t take long for the entire mood among the fan base to do a complete 360 degrees change. Watch the fans go into ecstasy when and if we beat the the Spuds. and then all about Wenger’s failings will be forgotten until the next loss at least.

      It is the life of a fan.. the life of an Arseanl fan.

      1. But that wouldn’t change that fact that Arsene Wenger is an egotistical maniac who would rather prove a point than desperately making sure the club begins to win the biggest titles in the world.

        10/10 he will remain AFC manager as long as he wants.
        10/10 he will continue to do whatever suits his ego (good or bad for the club).
        10/10 he will not change much and will still gamble with plenty of inconsistent average players.
        10/10 we will still find ourselves in a similar situation with the club and Arsene, sometime next season.

        1. Only 2 things that he will make his position at the club untenable are:

          1) He doesn’t win any title at all this season. Then his arrogant decision/gamble to add only Cech to the squad will blow right in his face. Then he will have no excuse as to why he wasn’t able to win a season as open and soft as this one even with Sanchez, Ozil, Cech and enough funds to add another worldclass player.

          2) The Spuds finish above us. This one is most certain to ensure Wenger’s exit as the pressure will crank up right at home in North London. It will be too unbearable for Wenger and the board members.. they will have to do something really drastic.

          Only saving grace for Wenger this season is to make sure to win the FA cup at least and hope that the Spuds do not finish above us. And frankly, that is very doable!

      2. It would be the 8th wonder of the world if our current team would beat the current spuds at whiteheartlane

  2. The simple answer is that the but has to stop with AW because he has been the boss and the one constant over the past x numner of years. What I had hoped was that he was cleaver and brave enough to analyse his mistakes and over the last 2 or 3 seasoms they have been terrible. I use Kim Kalstrom as a joke, along with only having Sonogo as backup for Giroud, but we keep gettingthese type of huge stupid errors which can only ne due to him trying to micromanage everything about a vast empire that has become Arsenal. He did wonders for the club I love, but he needs to stop being so arrogant quickly put in place what would be best for the club he says he loves as much as I do.

  3. How can we blam any one else? He won’t buy players when he has the money and the players he buys in January Windows don’t fit or he won’t play them. We have another major share holder who the bourd say he’s not our kind of person? What the f–k is that all about. Arsenal as a brand is making tons of cash but it’s not being used in the right way. Ozill won’t stay and A S won’t stay because if we don’t buy 5 would class players we won’t keep up. Kloop gone pep gone 2 great managers. Pep will buy who he wants and I mean whoever he wants and you have Chelsea who will spend big as will Liverpool and so on. GP takes AW games and it’s not fair. We moan about BFG so AW plays GP we lose so yet again he drops him. Done for one reason because AW likes BFG simple. Enough now we need a new set up a new team of leaders and for the love of god a number 2 that don’t just sit there with his fingers up his back side. Morden game now and AW just don’t understand it

  4. I’m one of those fans that always side Wenger even during his bad times but we have been deceived and brainwashed for sometime now

    If we don’t win the title now’, I doubt we’ll win it under Wenger..

    Leicester and Spurs are ahead of us… We caused all this. We should have been on number one spot with a lot of points but we goofed and bottle things up a lot during this season…

    Wenger is a great manager and we thank Him for all He has done thus far but it’s time to Gooooo. It’s better Wenger leaves while if we pass through transition period if need be… So hard to be an Arsenal fan this days. Argggh.

  5. Time to fight and bite you bdsstara. Your reputations(Arsenal players) and ours as fans is at stake. 6points by Saturday evening from our 2 games and we’re back in the mix.WHam won’t give an inch so we can trust in them to beat the spuds.
    Go go go you gooners.

  6. Wenger is a very selfish and self deluded manager who only cares about making more money for the management of arsenal and getting more bonus for his greedy self. Arsenal was the only club who did not buy an outfield player in the summer,with wenger deceiving himself that the club was in great shape all because he wanted to make money for himself and the board. WHAT A SELFISH AND GREEDY BUNCH THEY ARE!.barcelona who has one of the greatest club sides the world has ever seen still went out to strength their club,but our self deluded management and coach decided to tell the fans lies that they was money to be spent but we did not need to buy players. Until the board of arsenal and their puppet coach is gone arsenal will continue to regress till our 4th position trophy is no longer assured.

  7. “…but is the general malaise and lack of desire and fight actually coming from the boss and filtering down to the players?”

    I’d answer yes to that question. But it is only part of the explanation, albeit a major part.

    Players like Ramsey, Oxlade, Walcott and co are taking the most important things for granted too often because they occupy a very comfortable position in the club. This is also a reflection of the Manager Arsene Wenger (who himself occupies a very comfortable position at the club). He took our golden opportunity this season for granted when he arrogantly, egotistically refused to buy a single outfield player to freshen things up at least.

    Wenger is the same man who loaned in an injured and average Kim Kallstrom when we were right in the middle of a title push and needed another goal-scorer to supplements Giroud’s effort. That year, he took for granted our opportunity to win the title. I think this attitude will naturally flow to his players many of whom are products of his system/training.

    You can speak and talk all you want about mentality. But it is your actions that will serve as the most influential example for the players.

  8. This season really really proves Wenger has lost it. Any manager from the top ten clubs would have won more points than him. He is way too much focused on being a good servant for his master Satan K. He should be his accountant, not a football manager.

  9. Sure it is Wenger who can’t or doesn’t know how to win in modern day footbaall. The game has passed him by. He went from cutting edge when he just arrived to deluded and naive nowadays.

    But who’s fault it is Wenger has been allowed to waste the last 10 years? Not Wenger’s. You can hardly blame the man for wanting to collect 5 million a year.

    We have an owner to match Wenger’s lack of ambition and drive. Wenger should have gotten a goodbye part 7 years ago.

  10. Wenger considering benching Sanchez for the Swansea game – best decision ever. But wait… who takes his place??

  11. “Round like a circle in a spiral
    like a wheel within a wheel
    Never ending or beginning
    on an ever spinning reel…
    As the images unwind,
    like the circles that you find in
    The windmills of your mind” *1.

    *1 Writers.Bergman, Michel Jean Legrand,

    1. To be fair and logical
      99% of clubs would love to be
      a club like Arsenal “stuck” in a
      Community shield winning
      FA Cup winning, Top 4 EPL
      and round of 16 ECL loop.
      But of course we are football fans
      who’s hearts rules our heads
      and where logic has no place
      and where facts and the truth
      will never be permitted
      to compromise our opinions.
      And may this always be so šŸ™‚

    2. Hahahahaha

      / / / / / / / / /
      / / / / / / / / /
      / / / / / / / / /
      / / / / / / / / /
      / / / / / / / / /
      / / / / / / / / /
      / / / / / / / / /

      Raindrops of deLusion!…. Watch NYG and DNZ drained by it

      1. wow NYG and DNZ so as supposed fans of one of the richest and well supported club in the world, you are happy to only win FA cups and achieve a constant 4th place when shit clubs like Chelsea and Man City get success. Don’t matter if it is bought, the point is in a very short time, they have built up their profile and have surpassed us. Who remembers the Invincibles? Us older supporters but who else

  12. AW is not buying because the style of passing pocession football he is using does not require expensive players. He is ok with some mistakes at the back as long as we can score to compensate them. He is ok with missing scoring opertunities in front as long as we create enough chances….certainly one or two will be converted.
    To a manager who is also intersted in maximizing club financial profit, this style is attractive…..
    BUT….what happens when the teem is not performing well to create enough chances? or the opponent has more quality players than ours? or the opponents players have more motivation and enthusiasm than us?
    Answer: everthing falls appart. There is no plan b…simply because we dont have the type of players to implement it and/or AW does not believe that his players can implement it. Or on those situations, sometimes we get lucky and our players can convert once and we end up winning or the referee sends off an opponent player and we get the advantage.
    One day, this may work….are we welling to wait to see if this day will ever come?

  13. Only thing that seems to spark them is a protest. Banners out! And we go on a winning streak.

    Thank you Arsene. But the time has come. Let’s erect the statue and get the ceremonies over and done, So we can move on.

    Revamp! Revamp! Revamp!

  14. I will stop being politically correct saying we are grateful for the great years with ARSENE and blah blah blah…. the fact is this man is bringing the Club down, it’s almost a generation since we Won something of significance, the FA Cup was not WIGAN who won it right before we did 2 years in a row… If he at least tried then I would say darn….but the man is stuck in his own little world and sticking it to the Fans year after year…this situation we are in it’s deja vu every year the same story…enough is enough Rainieri with a fraction of the funds available to us is a brink away of winning the PL against the Oil Clubs, Russian Oligarchs so that is no longer a excuse…..WENGER do yourself a favor and to every ARSENAL fan that once admired and respected you and leave with dignity….we are tired of being the laughingstock of the PL

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