Is it Wenger’s system that failed Giroud, and every other Arsenal striker?

Olivier Giroud was much maligned by Arsenal fans in his five years at the club. He scored over 100 goals for the Gunners but he was called names like lamp-post and donkey every time he failed to score but he continued to play his heart out for the club and scored numerous important goals.

But now he has moved to Chelsea as part of the chain that saw Aubameyang arrive at Arsenal, and it would appear that this is one of the best things that could have happened to him, as he will get much more game time and can cement his place in the France squad for the World Cup.

Oli has only played twice for Conte’s team so far, but it seems he is fitting in perfectly with their system and it raises the question that perhaps Wenger could have made better use of the Frenchman’s strong points. He set up a goal for Eden Hazard in the 3-0 win over West Brom, and the super-talented Belgian midfielder had nothing but praise for Giroud after the game. ‘He’s a great target man,’ Hazard said. ‘One of the best in England, so when we pass the ball to him we can go around him – not just me, Willian and Pedro too. ‘He’s a good point of reference. So let’s play together. But it’s not just him, we have Alvaro too and I can play as a striker.’

But Giroud himself also highlighted the difference between Arsenal and Chelsea when he admitted that he was used to being left on his own up front without the undoubted support he will get from Chelsea’s midfielders, like Hazard. ‘We try to have a good understanding on the pitch,’ Giroud said. ‘Everything was not perfect because it was the first game. I’m happy but there is still room for improvement. I was very happy to set up the goal for Eden.

‘It’s simple to have a good understanding with him because he smells the game, he smells football. With him, Pedro, Willian or whoever plays as the number 10, we always try to have a good understanding.

‘It’s easy for me because the two number 10s play closer [to me] than I’ve played in the past, and that’s very important for our game.’

And that is obviously very important to Giroud’s game as well. At Arsenal Mesut Ozil plays deep and tries to find the super pass that will result in a goal, but otherwise Giroud had to rely on our wingbacks or midfielders to find him with a cross or a lob while he is surrounded by defenders. We have also seen this with Lacazette, who is often isolated on his own in the opponents penalty area, and I am thinking Aubameyang may also suffer the same way. If Wenger is so quick to call Arsenal an attacking team, then where is the support for the lone striker? With our setup it is more a surprise that Giroud still managed 100 goals but could he have been our superstar if he had the same support he will get at Chelsea?

Darren N


  1. McLovin says:

    Wenger is failing every fan at the moment. Well has for many years already.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Yet the fans stick to Arsenal, despite most of them know that they have been milked shamelessly by the club. Some players left (such as Henry) because they knew Arsenal were going to a wrong direction, only them can escape

      1. Midkemma says:

        TH14 had an issue with his ex wife, she wanted to milk TH14 for every penny she could and TH14 was made to pay her millions.

        That happened at the same time he was leaving, care to give that a thought or just want to bash Wenger without thinking fully?

        TH14 didn’t leave because of Wenger.

        People like you are not real supporters, gotNOidea, your a troll.

        1. gunner22 says:

          so true pal, those bashing Wenger can be counted on this site, the thousands who attend every match and the millions worldwide are the true arsenal fans which matter.This site is too boring with only Wenger bashing and no positive comments.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Arsenal have different strikers in ten years that played and trained under Wenger’s system. But Arsenal could not maximize the use of their strengths.

    Ranieri knew his players’ strengths at Leicester and created a system that suits their unique abilities. Had Vardy joined Arsenal two years ago, he could have been barren because nobody could support his explosive runs in team.

    New people with new ideas and ambition for major trophies are highly required at Arsenal.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Got RvP to perform well when he stayed fit.
      Oooh look, less than 5 seconds to think of a CF to prove you wrong.

      Let your hatred of Wenger blind you.

      Need to take a step back and use your head, think about things. You are clearly knee jerk posting.

  3. Phil says:

    The only striker that thrived at Arsenal in the last 10 years was Van Persie and he soon realised that in order for him to compete for the big prizes he had to move on.30 odd goals for Manure the first season he is there and he wins them the league.With the form he was in and the team that he led in his last season it needed 2-3 players and we could have won the title ourselves but that was Wenger and nothing has changed for the positive since.We WILL NOT win anything big all the time he remains at the club

    1. jon fox says:

      Phil, Will not and have not, at least not since dinosaurs roam back in 2004 the earth.

      1. Phil says:

        Oh Jon – Those were the days
        It’s wrong Wenger is still employed because of past achievements.Ive been following your comments re the DELUDED ONE being out at the seasons end.Im with you in believing it will happen.

    2. Ken 1945 says:

      So we move the goalposts yet again to prove a point.
      Winning the Fa cup three times in four years was not winning anything big (along with the three community shield we competed in)?
      Tell that to all the clubs and fans who have won it. Remember Maureen two years ago?
      He knew how important it is to win one of the three trophies up for grabs each season.
      Look at how the media jumped on the bandwagon when we were knocked out this season. But it wasn’t a big competition so it doesn’t matter does it? Likewise if we lose to City next week, that won’t matter either will it?
      But I bet the same people will come on abusing the manager for losing yet another important game.
      It seems that anything Wenger achieves is dismissed out of hand in order to advance a point of view.
      Wenger has his MANY faults just like every other manager in the world, but it seems that once the magic wand is raised and he goes, we are going to get the new messiah.
      If one doesn’t agree with the Wenger out views, they are called dinosaurs from 2004, I suggest that from 2004 we have seen the rise of the Neanderthal Arsenal “supporter”, completely blinkered in their thoughts and destined for extinction.

      1. Phil says:

        KEN-Your point is totally relevant and very difficult to disagree with your view.What the Spuds wouldn’t give to have 3 FA Cups and 3 Charity Shields in 4 Seasons.They Are maniacal at the moment at having won nothing (and don’t worry-they will go all SPURSY and win nothing this Season.So of course you are right- but only up to a point.
        It’s the fact Wenger has not built on the Cup Wins.We Could and should have gone forwards since beating Hull in 2014 but other than 2nd place to Leicester when ALL the top teams blew it we have gone backwards.The same defensive problems are still there,the same uncertainties re formations and selections are still there.In my mind it’s because Wenger is still there
        Just my view but accept your argument.

      2. jon fox says:

        Ken , you are clearly content with not even seriously challenging for the major titles we could get with a proper man in charge. Why are you so satisfied with less? Is your expectation of our world famous club so moderate? And why? Many of us know that we have a huge fan base, 80+ years worldwide reputation and are bang in the city of London, the worlds most attractive city to young footballers from abroad(and at home). Only a non ambitious owner, puppet board and totally incompetant manager hold us back year after year. I know you disagree but I WARRANT very SOON NOW, there will be huge fan protests at Emirates, esp once we lose twice to Man City. You are in a very small minority who want Wenger to stay and I seriously suggest the club are clearly laying the framework down for next season and life without Wenger. Moreover , it is clear the only reason he was offered a two year contract last summer was to avoid the nonsense in the last few months of last season which did so much damage to our team harmony. I say you enjoy living in thr past era but very few others do and you will shortly be one unhappy fan when your hero is dismissed from his job, probably in May, though I hope before that personally. Though I have no doubt they will try to save his face by calling it mutual consent , which will clearly be a lie and easily seen through by fans. I can easily read the signs but it seems you do not want to , rather than cannot. In true Wenger fashion!

  4. muffdiver says:

    meh id say for 10 mil giroud was a success
    freebies available this summer:

    stefan de vrij
    max meyer
    Achraf Hakimi
    diego reyes
    Kepa Arrizabalaga

    1. gotanidea says:

      De Vrij: Lazio is currently in 5th position in Serie A, so he might be a good defender

      Meyer: Maybe Arsenal could use their German staffs and players to persuade this young talent

      Hakimi: Played as starter several times for Real Madrid and young

      Bernard: Don’t know him

      Reyes: ?

      Arrizabalaga: ?

      Rafinha: His contract ends in 2020 and is playing for Inter. A very good player but I can’t see how Arsenal can snatch him

    2. McLovin says:

      Kepa signed an extension…

      Freebies at the moment though:

      Alex Song, Samir Nasri, Kolo Toure


  5. Gelz says:

    De vrij, kepa and Hakimi, first. Choice CB, Gk and back up RB, would go for Mayer as well but he’s another number 10 and we have enough of those already.

  6. jon fox says:

    So Wenger has a system then? Well that’s a revelation! What system could that be I wonder; one for milking his personal bank account with over £9 million unearned club wages, year after unsuccessful year, is the only system any sane fan can associate with Wenger. You will be telling us next he has actually heard of the word”defence”. Pull the other one!

  7. Mogunna says:

    We have one system issue ; a big hole in our central defense & midfield central defense.
    Today we have one player free training with us for a month to keep his form. He is the solution to midfield center defense who will help central defense and lounge attack.
    He happens to have been educated and play at arsenal for over a decade.
    His name is Song. But we may lose him for another team in a minute if not done bc we simply have a stuborn and retarded managmt and board…
    I said it, we are a special team. We fight for 6 place with no one to catch us nor for us to catch; in a league on our own. Impressive!

  8. Midkemma says:

    Is it Wenger’s system that failed Giroud, and every other Arsenal striker?

    So not every striker has been failed then?

    Wow, that was simple to answer XD

    Here is a better question which I think is closer to what was intended…

    “Has Wenger not been able to get the most out of strikers for the past decade?”

  9. ThirdManJW says:

    I never understood why Wenger signed him in the first place, and then kept on as first choice striker for another 4.5 years, after that first season, when you could clearly see he didn’t suit Wenger’s own system.

    Wenger’s so obsessed with possession that Arsenal have now become a parody of themselves! Passing for the sake of it, and you’d be lucky to see a shot from us in the first half of most games, especially on target! That’s why Audameyang barely touched the ball against Spurs.

    1. Sony says:

      Spurs tottaly destroyed us second half not becouse of passing for sake of passing, but for not being able past the damn ball at all.

      1. Ken 1945 says:

        So carry on with that theme and ask yourself why they couldn’t do it?
        The second half (in which we lost the game)was completely down to the players not doing what they did in the first half.
        So then, the question is …did Wenger tell them to go out and play that way, or did the players, once again, let him down?
        If they could do it for 45 minutes, why not for 90?
        lacazette should have actually scored at least one goal, maybe two in his cameo appearance up front, but I guess that was Wengers fault as well?
        I fail to understand why people do not accept that the club were trying to sign defensive minded players, you just have to read comments from other clubs and their players.
        I am amazed that wenger out brigade always go back in time to a date that suits their arguments
        Lets delve back just a few further years: Anelka, Henry,Wrighty (read the influence Ian says Wenger had on him).
        But that doesn’t suit the argument so let’s ignore it!

        1. khitb77 says:

          Let’s look at the shambles that has been Arsenal’s defence since Campbell and Toure left.

          Wenger has allowed our side to basically concede the same goal a hundred times.

          We have no proper defensive midfielder to shield the defence.

          Our defence look like school kid chasing the ball, they consistently fail to track players and they are regularly beaten to the ball.

          Wenger is to blame for all of our problems on the pitch. Whether it be poor tactics, playing players out of position, showing loyalty to underperforming stars etc etc.

          1. Ken 1945 says:

            So are you going to give him credit for the 5 Fa cup wins since 2004, the the 5 community shield wins since 2004, qualifying for the champions league twenty years in succesion , including the final in 2005-6?
            Averaging a position of 3.6 since the premier league was formed (only bettered by Manure)?
            Winning the FA cup more times than any other manager in its history?
            No of course you won’t because it doesn’t fit your blinkered argument.
            (I won’t mention transfer profits (Anelka as an example), building of a new stadium).
            Of course he has his faults, but who was it that put the Invincibles together? Oh yes it was …….

          2. jon fox says:

            Feeling lonely on this site are you Ken ; trying to fight the good fight all by yourself while EVERYONE ELSE is cruelly turning on your “hero”!

          3. Ken 1945 says:

            Sorry Neanderthal man,but just read the views again old boy.
            If you could supply me with FACTS regarding your claims it might be different, but as you just churn out the same old same old it does get boring.
            Here is a challenge, go to Untold Arsenal and there will be “tens of thousands” of supporters wanting Arsene to stay.
            There will be supporters praising our uncorruptable board and saying Arsene is worth 90million a year. I made this up so it suits my views!!!
            If you want to have a grown up debate, go back to Phils comment and his views.
            I agree with most of what he says, but that’s because he puts it over in an intelligent and respectful way that can be understood, unlike you.

  10. st sass says:

    it’s amazing ex arsenal players are out there for freeeee

  11. Billy says:

    Yes Wenger use to get the best out of strikers, unfortunately not since RVP, who left when he realised that Arsenal/Wenger was going nowhere.

    Off note, the great aussie spin bowler Shane Warne was asked why he was retiring, he replied , I had advice from Ian Chappell his old captain who said, people should ask, why your retiring and not when. Wish Ian had spoken to Wenger.


    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      Just out of interest Billy, Ian Chappell gave that advice to Shane Warne, but Ian Chappell was long retired when Shane Warne played first class cricket, so was never his captain. Ian Chappell is still one of the most knowledgible and fair cricket pundits out there.

  12. The best striker in wengers system would be a false 9, not a real striker. Arsenal do not base Their playing on serving balls to a striker. We just pass and pass and then keep passing the ball until we find the option among 10 defenders. Sadly wenger doesnt seem to realize that fact as he keeps bringing in strikers when we really need to strenghten dm and cb positions urgently

  13. khitb77 says:

    Wenger has failed every player thanks to his awful tactics.

    Just look at the wasted talent in our squad over the years. I wholeheartedly believe that any of our players playing under a different manager would improve.

    You only need look at “lesser” teams that beat us, they have inferior players but they have a system that works, the manager will pick players to fit his system, the players are well drilled at the system and they have a game plan.

    Our players just seem to run around, they lose their shape all the time, turn off defensively more times than I can remember and generally are completely disorganised.

    Now, if Wenger sees what we see, why the hell hasn’t he changed the way we play in the last 8-9 years? We still concede the same goals, week in week out.

    Nothing will change in terms of our performances and ability to challenge for the Premier League until a new manager is hired.

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      So are you going to give him credit for what he has achieved and what he is still achieving.
      Last years cup final when we beat the champions 2-1 by playing them off the park is an up to date example of how our team can play.
      This year when we played Spuds off the park as another example.
      Of course he has faults and I feel as sick as you when we play like we did against Forest, that was unnaceptable, but he will be blamed if we run out of pies next!!!

  14. Rkw says:

    Wenger has a system?!!!.. I missed that … When did it happen??

  15. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    I am critical of Arsene Wenger’s apparent inabilty to coach defense; however his strength has been in managing attack. In support of Admin’s post, the thing I have always found perplexing is Arsenal’s inabilty to play to Giroud’s strengths by attacking down the wings and crossing into the box.

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