Is it worth Arsenal bringing in Joao Felix for just six months?

Is Joao Felix the man Mikel Arteta is going for to replace Gabriel Jesus?

It is not surprising that Joao Felix will leave Atletico Madrid during the winter transfer window. What’s new is where he’s going. A curious Gunner may ask, “Is he on his way to Arsenal to replace Gabriel Jesus?”

Although many of us would jump at the chance to bring Joao Felix to the Emirates if we were in Arteta’s shoes, that may not happen. You’re probably wondering why I say that. According to multiple reports this week, the forward was set to leave Atletico on a multi million loan deal.

According to the Express, the Gunners believe that paying a loan fee for a player who will most likely leave them in the summer and return to his former club would be a waste of money.

Other than that, Kike Marin also recently tweeted this: “According to my information, #Arsenal has sounded out his signing, but Arteta has doubts and prefers another LaLiga striker…”

These two claims are no coincidence; they just try to say the same thing: “Forget about Felix replacing Jesus.”

Daniel O


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  1. Joe Felix would be a welcome body for six months but not at the present cost of the loan.

    Can’t see we keeping him any longer than the afforded six months as he is too similar to Jesus.

    1. He isn’t similar to Jesus. I didn’t really like his style of play as he goes quiet a lot of times. He isn’t the kind of player that fights like Jesus. He is more like the ozil type of player that plays well when the team is playiñg well.

      1. Yes Brazilian are inherently a work horse, guess Felix chooses the wrong club for his style of play,

        Have you seen him played prior to joining Athletico, some clubs are a cemetary for talents.

  2. No way! That poverty club is really milking this thing. Joao is their problem, if they insist on these obnoxious amounts then every other club should walk away. This is exactly how the market is inflated with slightly above-average players being priced at Messi, Mbappe, Ronaldo level. United most likely to take such a crazy deal! For a team that paid 60 mil+ for a player initially priced at 37 mil, i wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up paying 35 mil for joao

  3. Thank goodness that our clubis now, at long, long last, being run professionally! And that includes financially so!

    The absurd idea that we would even entertain a few months long loan , unless we were certain to be allowed to buy Feliz AND at a non extortionate price, belongs firmly to the past.

    Guys some of you still may not realise but we NOW have PROFESSIONALS in charge making PROFESSIONAL decisions!

  4. Diego Simeone runs a physical regime and Mikel Arteta runs a tactical regime. Joao Felix might do well but the financial risk is high. We certainly don’t want a drop of poison in that pure bucket of milk that is Arsenal 2022. Only Arteta can see through him.

  5. Yes. Felix is a quality player. And we need a forward of a quality higher than Eddie if we want to win the PL Title. We need to use this transfer window to focus on winning the title. We can work on our future during the summer transfer window.

    1. Eddie Nketiah is the most misjudged striker around. He has never been given an extended run of games for anyone to truly judge whether he is good enough to be the main man or not. Jesus is clearly better overall, but Nketiah could score so many goals [a role he is better than Jesus at] that Jesus may have a difficult time regaining his place after his return.

      He is trusted by Mikel Arteta and that is good enough for me. If the team wants to get a different type of striker for competition since Nketiah and Jesus are similar in some ways, then fine. However, we will now be in a position to tell how good he is or not between now and when Jesus returns. We may be pleasantly surprised! He has started well.

      I feel that Nketiah is easily dismissed by a lot of people, the same way Arteta was and has been without a proper trial. Time will tell.

    2. I think, we need a back-up for Nketiah;)
      He could well prove to be our main striker, untill Jesus comes back, even if we get someone extra.

  6. He is a highly technical attacker with good work rate, but I believe his performance against Morocco could tell us more about his abilities

    In my opinion, he is a very good jack-of-all-trades in the front-line, but he doesn’t really excel in one department. En-Nesyri was the game-changer in the match with his aerial ability and Felix couldn’t penetrate Morocco’s defense

    I guess that’s why Arsenal prefer to chase Mudryk, who’d likely be a good backup for Martinelli

    If Felix is more affordable, we could try him out as we did with Odegaard. Unfortunately, the reported 15 M fee is too high for a six-month loan

    1. I think En-Nesyri is a top class CF imo Gai.
      He gives you different dimension in attack..
      He is very fast
      Very physical…
      Cannot be easily bullied by any defender… cannot be outmuscled…
      And pretty strong in air…
      We should be having at least one of that type of out and out CF with us..
      We do tactical players like Jesus and Saka and Martinelli but having player like En-Neysri is no harm
      He is very similar to Erling Haaland..

      1. I also believe En-Nesyri could create more impact for us than Felix or Mudryk, because he is the CF type we currently don’t have

        His performance in World Cup showed that he is pretty good in aerial duels. I don’t think we can always score from open play, so it’d be better to have a towering attacker like him in set-pieces

        He is also left-footed, so we could attack differently with him as our main pivot. If Saka and Marquinhos are injured, he could also play on the right wing

  7. Absolutely with Jesus out from what I’ve read could be late February at the earliest it makes perfect sense ,he’s a class player just playing for the wrong team .
    If he does not work out off he goes back .

  8. Felix may be one of the best options available to us, all things considered.
    Getteing a good striker in Janurya is very, very difficult I think. Not just because, there aren’t many on the market, but also several top clubs seem to be looking for strikers.
    But I don’t see him as a back-up for Jesus neccessaríly.
    Maybe a back-up for Nketiah in case he gets injured or fatigued???

  9. Think we have to go for it in this transfer window you never know when we will get this opportunity at least 3 top quality signings needed to give us the chance to maintain the challenge for the prem league!

  10. João Felix is a top notch player who needs a creative style of football to thrive. Six months with no obligation to buy would probably win us the league. The fee though needs to be sensible. Always remember we are just a couple of injuries from oblivion, but if we buy who we need, we can win the EPL…….THIS very season. Don’t pass up on the chance.

    1. The human mind does not do troubleshooting very well. We have played 15 games and have 23 to go. We WILL get injuries, tiredness and loss of form. At the back we have good cover. Midfield and up front we desperately need to deepen and strengthen. That is how life works. We need at least two players, preferably three. Don’t be fooled by just having a bare 11 or 12 to win us the league. That’s why Felix and Mudryk with give us a real chance of keeping this thing going.

  11. No way for the sums going around with regards to loan fee and his wages. Plus we need a striker who can score goals , scoring is not his strength. I hope we don’t make this mistake. Where is he going to play as well? I would rather keep Eddie upfront then put Felix there.

  12. If we are paying a loan fee then no way am i paying all his wages. Simeone signed him to that deal he now has to suffer from it or Atletico get another manager!!! Is it just me or is that team dying out for a manager to put them over the top and consistently win things?? its not like they dont have talent and havnt bought players over the years.

  13. Mykhalio Mudryk and Jao Felix are obviously top quality players. Who if Arsenal sign them in the next winter transfer window should certainly makes Arsenal stronger both in team starters and squad depth for the 2nd half of this season’s campaign..
    So therefore, let Arsenal do all they can positively to get the deals to sign the duo players for Arsenal this winter done.
    And hopefully, the money negotiations to sign these players between the selling clubs and Arsenal will be reasonable to permit Arsenal get over the line the doing of these two deals they are pursuing very early in the window when it’s opened.
    So that Arteta can fully concentrate on the team games playing. But not be distracted with paying attention on his team reinforcements while competitions are on.

  14. I don’t want any £100m player near the team unless it is kylian. I’d rather sign a Danny ings type on an 18 month deal

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